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Gifts from Foreign Entities

Researchers may be presented with gifts from foreign entities, which may include donations of money, property, or resources. There are important considerations and requirements depending to whom the gift is presented.

Gifts to the University

If any employee receives a gift in connection with their research, this should be reported to University Advancement for proper handling. The Department of Education requires the University to report gifts received from foreign sources, with financial penalties for failing to report.

If the gift is intended to support the employee’s research, the University and the researcher may have additional reporting requirements to applicable research sponsors. The University may need to disclose the gift as “Other Support”.

Learn more about how to disclose “Other Support” and contact your ORPA Research Administrator

Gifts to individuals

An employee may need to disclose an individual gift per the University’s Faculty Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy. You can also reference the Conflicts of Interest or Commitment, Gifts and Solicitations section of the University of Rochester Code of Conduct for direction on personal gifts.  For individual gifts, foreign gifts above a minimal value (currently $415 or less) should be reported.

A gift, regardless of value, may need to be disclosed as “Other Support”. Learn more about how to disclose “Other Support” and contact your ORPA Research Administrator

For more details on all of these guidelines and policies, download our International Research Guidelines PDF

Download the full guidelines

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