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Digital Accessibility

The Web Governance Council tasked an Accessibility Working Group with evaluating ways to ensure inclusive and accessible web experiences for our users. This work culminated in the development of a new digital accessibility team and digital accessibility policy.

Key milestones

  • Working group sanctioned: The Web Governance Council agreed that digital accessibility should be a priority and area of focus. In October 2020, an official working group was sanctioned to begin their work. This working group was chaired by Lori Packer and Brian Harrington.
  • Benchmarking and auditing: Throughout 2021, the working group conducted audits, baseline measurements, and benchmarking exercises to better understand current state and consider solutions.
  • Policy development: The working group helped draft a digital accessibility policy, and shepherded it through various review processes. The new policy is effective as-of January 1, 2024. With this, the working group transitioned into an Accessibility Task Force to support implementation and cultivate a community of practice.
  • Creating a Digital Accessibility team: In 2023, a Director for Digital Accessibility and a Digital Accessibility Developer were hired, reporting to Central Communications. This new team collaborates with the Accessibility Task Force on supporting inclusive digital spaces across the University.
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