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Honorees C - D

All George Eastman Circle members are automatically recognized as Rochester Loyal members. The George Eastman Circle Honor Roll is accessible by members only.

Rochester Loyal Honor Roll (C - D)
COL Ned H. Cabaniss IV `63
Susan Cable* and Donald A. Tubman
Dr. Deborah B. Cabral `76
Marilyn A. Caccamise and Gerald A. Caccamise
P. David Caccamise `65W (MA), P`92 and Eleanor B. Caccamise P`92
Theresa J. Caccamise
Michael J. Caccuitto III `91
Casper Caceci
Michele L. Caceci and John Caceci
Christina Cadille and Richard Cadille
Phyllis E. Cady
Therese A. Caffery `78, `83N (MS) and Dr. Laurence B. Guttmacher `81M (Res)
Jean A. Caffrey
Dr. David H. Cahan `74M (MD)
Dr. Brigid M. Cahill `77M (PDC)
Rotraut Cahill `67 (MA)
Russel R. Cahill
Sheila Cahill
Ruth P. Cahn `68E and William L. Cahn `68E
Alana Cahoon
Ellyn P. Caiazza and Tony Caiazza
Sandra P. Cain
Dr. Eric D. Caine P`98
Carol E. Cairns `67N, `67 and Dr. Robert W. Cairns `70 (PhD)
Sheila Cairns and Stephen E. Cairns
Eugene F. Cairo P`08
Edward W. Cala
Joanne M. Cala
Dr. Belinda S. Calabia P`19 and Dr. Stephen N. Hiroshige P`19
Holly M. Calabrese
Janet M. Calabrese and Robert A. Calabrese
Laurie Calabrese and Scott Calabrese
Mary C. Calabrese and Rocco S. Calabrese
Robert H. Calabrese and William W. Castle
Sally A. Calabrese
JoAnne Calabro
Dr. Michael A. Calabro `67
Barbara A. Calanni
Julie Calcagno
Salvatore G. Caldarise `82, `83 (MS)
Leslie H. Calder and Geraldine Calder
Carolyn Calderon and Sollie Calderon
Dr. Robert A. Caldwell `72 and Bets Caldwell
Nancy L. Calhoun P`19E, P`20
Robert T. Cali `76 and Andrea J. Cali
Matthew S. Calihman `93
Tobie C. Calkins and Harlan D. Calkins
Linda L. Call and Gerald G. Call
Margaret Call and Nathan Call
Christine Callaghan
John L. Callaghan
Dr. Clinton Callahan `03D (Den) and Shay Callahan
Patrick Callahan
Diane Callan and Michael Callan
John R. Callan
Veronica A. Callan and Mark Callan
Joann M. Callanan and Raymond Callanan
Dr. Cynthia H. Callard `01W (EdD) and John Callard
Rhonda V. Callard `77E (MM)
Dr. Rosemary Callard-Szulgit
Mary A. Callaway and Paul R. Callaway
Anita Callens
Harriet M. Callery and Patrick W. Callery*
Thomas M. Callihan `93S (MBA) and Wendy A. Callihan
Susan Callin and Imre Kohn
Dr. Cathy Callis `68E, `71E (MM), `80E (DMA)
Christopher T. Calloway
Craig I. Calloway `91
Stephen W. Calloway
Kathleen M. Calnan `83N, `00N (MS)
Dr. Jennifer L. Calnon `09D (Den) and Dr. Christopher W. Calnon `09D (Den)
Thomas J. Caluneo
Kathleen Calus and Richard Calus
Dr. Barbara R. Calveric `70
Michael L. Calvete `69
Dr. Laura M. Calvi and Dr. Jonathan W. Friedberg
Melissa I. Camacho `99
Ryan M. Camacho `05 (MA), `08 (PhD) and Melinda Camacho
Nicole R. Camara `04 and Ross M. Camara `03, `04
Anthony Camarata
Charlene Cambisi
Antoinette E. Camelio
Benedict Camelio
Carl J. Camelo Jr. `66, `68 (MA)
Dr. Deepa R. Camenga `05M (MD), `09M (Res) and Daniel E. Camenga `07S (MBA)
John Cameron
Shirley H. Cameron
Sara C. Camille
Scott H. Camillo `03, `06W (MAT) and Stephanie H. Camillo
Gail Camiola
Jane Camiolo
Jean L. Cammer*
Patrick J. Cammilleri `80, `87W (MS)
Karen A. Camp and Thomas R. Camp Jr.
Karen J. Haber Camp P`15 and Michael D. Camp P`15
Marie R. Campanella and James T. Campanella*
Salvatore Campanella
Donald Campanelli
Karen L. Campanis and Nicholas Campanis
Dr. Arthur M. Campbell `49E (MM), `59E (PhD)
Clint W. Campbell
Colin C. Campbell
Dr. David C. Campbell `71M (MD) and Ines G. Campbell
Dolores Campbell `52
Dr. Douglas G. Campbell `46E (MA), `57E (PhD)
Eleanor F. Campbell
Elizabeth D. Campbell `07S (MBA)
Gary R. Campbell
James A. Campbell `79 (MS), `84 (PhD) and Melodye W. Campbell
Dr. Jeffrey D. Campbell `79 and Cynthia M. Campbell
Dr. Joel F. Campbell `75
John Campbell
Dr. Kathleen A. Campbell `93M (MD) and William C. Reed II
Kimberly L. Campbell `00
Madeleine D. Campbell
Mary Ellen Campbell and Melvin R. Campbell
Meriel F. Campbell `88N (MS)
Richard W. Campbell Jr. `58E
Susan Campbell
Susan Campbell `57H (DPL)*
Susan A. Campbell and George Campbell III
Dr. T. Scott Campbell `99M (Res)
Dr. Thurid M. Campbell `63D (Den) and Dr. Earl W. Campbell Jr. `62M (MD), `63M (Res)
Tina Campbell and Arden P. Campbell
Virginia Campbell `47E (MM)
William M. Campbell `69S (MBA)
Kevin A. Camphausen
Lois L. Camphausen
Emily E. Campito `06, `14M (Res)
Rose Campoli
Laura J. Campomizzi and Vincent S. Campomizzi
Brent Canfield
Brenton M. Canfield
Mariya A. Canham
Laura G. Cann
Michael Cannan
Alan Canne
Karen P. Canning P`17 and Edwin A. Canning P`17
Gary P. Cannon
Geraldine Cannon
Dr. John Cannon `87M (MD), `93M (Res)
Julie A. Cannon
Penny J. Cannon and Patrick J. Cannon
Thelma J. Cannon
Dr. Trinitia Y. Cannon `03M (MD)
Christopher M. Cannucciari `06S (MBA)
Gertrude M. Canny
Katherine R. Canny `11^
Mauro Canori `90S (MBA)
George L. Cantin `62E, `64E (MM)
Jane Cantin
Lila Cantor `14^
Richard S. Cantor `62
Barbara M. Cantrall `58N
Regina Canuso P`11 and Erwin Reiner P`11
Brian M. Canzanella `06E (MM)
Mary N. Capacci and Dr. Paul D. Capacci
Karen Capan and Bruce Capan
Christine A. Capani `89E
Claudia P. Caparco
Elyse M. Capell and Walter R. Capell
Mary L. Morello Capellini*
Jane Capellupo and Lynn Ousterhout
Janet Capen `68N
Marlene C. Capes-Bettin `96 (MA)
Lisa Capizzi and Steve Capizzi
Peggy Caplan and Michael Caplan
Dr. Steven E. Caplan `75M (MD), `77M (Res), P`02
Angela P. Capone
Kim Capone
Julie A. Capossere `87 and Wiilliam R. Capossere
Joseph Capovani P`19
Donna Capozzoli and Jim Capozzoli
Rita J. Capozzoli
Lea Cappella and Anthony Cappella
Lorraine Cappellino
Nancy Cappellino and Franklin R. Cappellino
Anthony N. Cappetta `98S (MBA)
Mary Ellen Cappon
Roberta H. Cappon and Michael J. Cappon
Sharon M. Cappon
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Capponi
Thomas J. Capra
Veronica Capriotti
Connie E. Capuano and Ted R. Capuano
Kristin L. Capuano `08N (MS)
Patrick S. Capuano `90S (MBA)
Phyllis H. Capuano and Joseph Capuano
Elaine Caputo
Brenda Ortolaza-Caraballo and Isai Caraballo
Andrew Carafos
Joanne Caraher and Daniel W. Caraher
Virginia Carballada and R. Carlos Carballada
Michael Carbary
Robert Carberry `80S (MBA)
Frank A. Carbone
Sandra A. Carbone
Gay Carbonneau
Charlene Carcaro `82N (MS)
Melissa A. Cardamone `02E (MM) and Joseph M. Cardamone III
Sally J. Cardella and Frederick A. Cardella
Scott A. Cardiner `74
Victor F. Cardo
Monica Cardon and Frank Cardon
Francisco J. Cardona
Frances Carducci
Paulette Carello
Vincent J. Careri
Dr. Virginia B. Caress `64 (PhD) and Dr. Edward A. Caress `63 (PhD)
Dr. Albert A. Caretto Jr. `54 (PhD)
Carol A. Carey and Dave Dwyer
Christine Carey and Christopher C. Carey
Christopher Carey
Jean M. Carey
Shirley Carey
Dina Carfagna
Robert T. Cario
Dr. Alan T. Cariski `73M (MD)
Dr. James P. Carl `81
Jerel R. Carli
Patricia A. Carli
Judith E. Carlin and Roger C. Carlin
Nancy J. Carlin
Barbara A. Carlisle
Robert L. Carlisle Jr. `68 (MA)
Renuka P. Carlitti `87 and Rocco P. Carlitti `87
Jeanne G. Carlivati and Philip P. Carlivati
Amy Carlo
Barbara P. Carlson
Catherine Carlson and Craig Carlson
Catherine B. Carlson
Eric C. Carlson `87
Gerald E. Carlson
Joyce M. Carlson
Kara L. Carlson `93W (MS)
Lois M. Carlson `57N and Brian L. Carlson
Mary L. Carlson `70
Dr. Robert V. Carlson `69W (EdD) and Donna Carlson
Wayne R. Carlson `80
Carol E. Carlton `65, `67W (MA) and Allan M. Carlton `63
Carolyn M. Carlton and Douglas Carlton
Dr. Janice C. Carlton P`19 and Dr. Jeffrey P. Howard P`19
Nancy K. Carlucci and Stephen J. Carlucci
Lawrence R. Carmer
Susan A. Carmichael and David J. Carmichael
Cheryl R. Carnahan `69E (MA)
Jean H. Carnavos `84S (MBA) and Christopher M. Carnavos
Dr. Timothy D. Carnes `01M (MD)
Jean M. Carnese `92 and Joseph Carnese
Erica Carnevale
Gerald F. Carney
Milburn Carney
Kevin M. Carolan
Pauline Caronna
Maryann E. Caroompas `61N
Deborah A. Carpenter and Thomas L. Carpenter
Ellen C. Carpenter and Terry Carpenter
Joan Carpenter and Frank Carpenter
John C. Carpenter `60W (MA) and Sue V. Carpenter
Mary Carpenter
Robert W. Carpenter `51
Elaine F. Carpin and Dennis Carpin
Kathy Carpino and Nick Carpino
Kimberly Carpino
Steven A. Carples `76
Amanda J. Carr `16^
Cathy L. Carr
David C. Carr `00S (MBA)
Dolores Carr*
Janet M. Carr and John J. Carr
Joseph V. Carr Jr.
Karen Carr
Mary Frances A. Staub-Carr and Dennis P. Carr
Nicol D. Carr
Pat Carr and John Carr
Sharon B. Carr and John Carr
Susan N. Carr and Richard Carr P`98, P`00, P`07
Theodora Carr
Josephine A. Carra
Kaitlin Carragher `12^
Robert J. Carragher `77 and Beth Tuttle
Ronald B. Carran `69E and Julie D. Carran
Leigh A. Carrasco `96W (MS)
Anne M. Carrera and Samuel J. Carrera
Helen Tranter Carrese `50N
Lynn M. Carrier `08^
Myra Carrier `56, P`90, P`91, P`95 and Dr. Robert H. Carrier `58M (MD), `66M (Res), P`90, P`91, P`95
Nancy G. Carrier `85
James S. Carrigan
Arlene M. Carroll `78S (MBA) and Mitchell E. Jones
Brian Carroll
Elizabeth A. Carroll `94
Kaeri Carroll and Robert Carroll
Kay M. Carroll `66 and J. Mark Harran
Mark M. Carroll `68 and Barbara A. Carroll
Michael L. Carroll
Patricia A. Carroll
Patricia C. Carroll and Raymond J. Carroll
Shirley N. Carroll
Thomas S. Carroll `90S (MBA) and Lucy S. Carroll
Patricia M. Hoey-Carrothers P`16 and CPT Steven M. Carrothers P`16
Maureen Carruthers and Richard D. Carruthers P`07
Donna Carson and Robert Curry
Donna Carson and F. James Carson
Kathryn Carson
Beatrice Carter `52
Christopher Carter
Clayton W. Carter
Corrie S. Carter
Diana L. Carter and James R. Carter
Donna Carter
Eric Carter
George Ann Carter and James A. Carter
Harriet H. Carter and Jeff C. Carter
Jere Carter `58
Dr. John Z. Carter `73M (MD) and Loren Jensen-Carter
Juleen L. Carter
Julie C. Carter P`15E and Yasin K. Sarayrah P`15E
Marie M. Carter `86E (MA)
Stuart H. Carter `82E (MM)
Dr. Steven L. Cartwright `82 (PhD) and Pat Heffron-Cartwright
Colleen M. Caruana `99, `11N
Elizabeth S. Caruso `89N (MS)
Giuseppe Caruso
Gloria Carusotti
Melissa B. Carvajal `87
Betsy Carver and John P. Carver
Ellen Jean P. Carver `61
Frank O. Casaceli `65W (MA) and Lucille Casaceli
Ronald B. Casamento
Maria Casapini and Robert Jacobs
Vicki W. Casarett
Dr. Nina B. Casaverde `98 and Pablo Casaverde `98, `99 (MS)
Mary J. Casbeer `53N
Marie A. Casciani and Angelo Casciani
Patricia M. Casciani and Samuel J. Casciani
Matthew L. Casciano
Dr. Wayne F. Cascio `74 (PhD)
Amanda Case `10^
Audrey S. Case
Barbara J. Case `58 (EdM)
Heidi Case and Antone R. Case II
Judy Case and Ray Case
Kevin N. Case
Mary Fletcher Case and Edward G. Case
Maryjoan Case
Dr. Roberta M. Case `69
John Casella
Nicholas Casella
Susan J. Caselli and John A. Caselli Jr.
Susan L. Casement and John R. Casement
Anne Casey and Daniel Casey
Brendan C. Casey `92S (MBA) and Suzanne Casey
Edward S. Casey
Jeremiah J. Casey
Dr. Christina N. Cashimere `02M (MD), `05M (Res)
Sandra L. Cashimere and Joseph R. Cashimere
Dr. Terry F. Cashmore `73M (MD)
Joseph G. Casion `96
Aloma Y. Cason `74
Dr. Roger M. Cass `65M (Res) and Diane J. Cass
Rebecca Z. Cassara
Kathleen A. Cassata
Linda P. Cassata
Madlyn Cassata
Peter C. Cassebeer
Paul J. Cassella
Maria A. Cassetta
Sandra Cassetta and Paul Cassetta
Virginia Cassetta and Douglas L. Wilson
Donna L. Cassidy and Ronald G. Cassidy
Marcia Cassidy and Arthur L. Cassidy
Mary E. Cassidy `73W (MA)
Richard R. Cassidy
Sandra J. Cassin and John A. Cassin
Francine Cassorla and Joseph Cassorla
Mary Ann Cassotta*
Benjamin Castaneda
Dr. Deena M. Castellion `89
Nick Castello
Cesar Castillo `03S (MBA)
Nina M. Castillo P`13 and Dr. Daniel I. Weber P`13
Dr. John M. Castle `85, `89M (MD)
Musette S. Castle and William H. Castle
Patricia P. Castle
William P. Castle `86 and Jill Castle
Alice Castner `48 and Charles R. Castner
Frank Castrignano
Carmita V. Castro P`17 and Luis M. Castro P`17
Dr. Nancy L. Castro `86W (EdD)
Carol Caswell
Jennifer G. Catalano `96, `97
Loretta Catalano
Angela M. Cataldi
Shirley Cataldi
Carlos N. Catanach `97
William C. Caterham `76
Angela R. Caternolo and James L. Caternolo
Annette Cathey
Audrey C. Catlin
Renee Catlin
Bonita R. Caton and Brenon P. Caton
Laraine Caton and William E. Caton
Marilou Catracchia and Matthew Catracchia
Gregory J. Catrett `73E
Richard Cattadoris
Darlene M. Catteau
Dr. Rochelle G. Catus `78, `82M (MD), `86M (Res) and Dr. Sharon J. Hawthorne `79
Mrs. Sharon Lee Caufield `68W
William E. Caufield*
Robert F. Caughey `14N
Marisue Caupp and Richard Caupp
Richard M. Cavagnol `64
Cynette S. Cavaliere and Thomas M. Cavaliere
Carol Cavalieri and David M. Cavalieri
Raymond S. Cavallaro
Rosalie J. Cavallaro
Deborah Cavanagh and James Cavanagh
Paul S. Cavanaugh
Carolyn W. Cavaroc `64
Richard E. Cavers
Elaine Cavuoto and Daniel J. Cavuoto
Peter Caya
Margaret E. Cayford
Dr. William H. Ceckler `51, P`78, P`82, P`85 and Mary Ceckler P`78, P`82, P`85
John Cedarleaf
Diane Celento and Bruce Celento
Romolo Celli
Russ M. Cembrinski `88S (MBA)
Amy Centofanti
Caroline Centofanti
Anna M. Centola and Bruce A. Centola
Bethany A. Centrone `98 and John Centrone
Gale Cenzi and Richard Cenzi
Monika A. Cepulis `14^
Cinzia A. Cera P`19, P`19E and Michael T. Fasullo P`19, P`19E
Joyce M. Ceradini
Dr. Lisa Cerami
Carol Cerasoli
Sharon B. Cerasoli
Danielle L. Cerimeli `92
Dr. Sharon R. Bidwell-Cerone `87N (PhD) and James Cerone Jr.
Glenn C. Cerosaletti `91, `03 (MA)
Michele T. Cerqua and Steven Cerqua
Peter F. Cerquone `63 (MS) and Gail Cerquone*
Ana Cervantes P`18 and Roman Cervantes P`18
Joan K. Cervini and John A. Cervini
Kaijian Cervini and David A. Cervini
Mary T. Cesarano
Michele J. Chabot `70
John C. Chadbourne
Pritpal S. Chadha
Barbara Chadwick
Roxane Chadwick and Gary Chadwick
Miriam D. Chafart `94, `95W (MS)
Barbara A. Chaffee and Walter A. Chaffee
Steven R. Chaffin `87
Florence T. Chaintreuil
Daniel M. Chait `89, `90S (MBA), P`18 and Amy Chait P`18
Kim M. Chait P`18 and Mark L. Chait P`18
Mitchell A. Chait `77
Suzannah L. Chalick `92E
Dr. Valerie N. Chalifour `90M (MD), `93M (Res) and Bruno P. Chalifour
Dr. John M. Chalmers `92S (MS), `95S (PhD)
Linda Chalmers and Gregg R. Chalmers
Denise M. Chamberlin
Dr. Jerry R. Chamberlin `74M (Res)
Nelson L. Chamberlin
Susan Chamberlin
Elizabeth A. Chambers and John R. Chambers Jr.
Dr. Gail S. Chambers `67, `81S (MBA), `82W (MSE), `87W (PhD), P`00 and Bruce B. Chambers `67, P`00
Susan M. Chambers
Ashley Champion and Matthew S. Champion
Benjamin S. Chan `02
Catherine K. Chan P`14E and Stephen Chan P`14E
Cory Chan
Lisa Chan and Michael Y. Chan
Patrick S. Chan `81 (MS)
Yim Oi Chan `93 and Ken V. Lew `91
Yin Chan
Zita Y. Chan P`17 and Howard H. Chen P`17
Maghar S. Chana `73 (MS)
Hinda B. Chandler `72
Anjali Chandra `09^
Roberta Chaneske and Jason Chaneske
Allen Chang
Amy T. Chang `99N, `02N (MS) and Dr. Richard I. Chang `01M (Res)
Dr. Chiu S. Chang `71 (PhD)
Elizabeth P. Chang and Jack C. Chang
Po-Yu Chang `08 (MA), `13 (PhD)
Suzanne E. Chang `89N (MS) and Dr. Vincent D. Chang `88M (Res)
Ya-Chen Chang and Raymond E. Bishop III
Yu-Chi Chang `08S (MBA)
Patrick Chan-Lam
Steven H. Chansky `66 and Linda E. Chansky
Julie A. Chantra and John L. Chantra
Dr. Serena H. Chao `98M (MD)
Charlotte G. Chapin and Robert E. Chapin*
Kathleen Chapin
Thelma B. Chapin and Harold Chapin
Mark H. Chaplin
Anne Chapman
David Chapman `05
James E. Chapman `88
Jane T. Chapman and Russell D. Chapman
Janice Chapman `56 and Dr. Derek D. Chapman `62 (Flw)
Jean H. Chapman
John W. Chapman
Marian K. Chapman `72 and William A. Chapman `72
Susan E. Chapman and Robert M. Chapman
Tim Chapman
Wendy Chapman
Roberta S. Chappars `64 and Stephen G. Chappars `63
Dr. Edward H. Chappelle Jr. `80D (Den)
Lou Chappelle
Dr. Raymond L. Chaput `65M (MS) and Diana E. Chaput
Carolyn Chard `61
Dr. John T. Chard `66M (Res)
Lynne Charette
Mary C. Charipar and Gerald E. Charipar
Jean M. Charland
Leanne W. Charlesworth
Joseph F. Charlton `76S (MBA)
Diane Shayler Charney and Dale Charney
William Charnholm P`97E
Natasha Chart
Anna Mary Chase
Dr. Harriet R. Chase `54E (MM)
Joan J. Chase and Warren Chase
Robert S. Chase
Thomas F. Chase `54E
Michelle L. Chasse
Rose Marie Chastek and Andrew Chastek
Dr. Patricia M. Chatard `66 (MS), `70 (PhD) and Dr. Peter R. Chatard `60M (MD)
Shianne M. Chatarjee `12^
Linda A. Chatelle and Anthony J. Chatelle
Sara M. Chatelle and James P. Chatelle
Leroy Chatmon
Rachel J. Chatterton and Ryan S. Chatterton
Rodney Chau `14^
Isthier M. Chaudhury `11^
Roseanne Chauncey and Richard Chauncey
Stefanie L. Chautin `97 and Jason Chautin
Susan E. Chavanne `91, `94N, P`20 and Michael S. Chavanne `91, `92S (MBA), P`20
Dr. Robert S. Chavkin
Ann Chazan
Richard S. Chazan
Chin Hong Cheah `95, `96 (MS)
Alice P. Check `77 and Thomas F. Check `77
Dr. Christine M. Checkosky `84, `89M (MS), `91M (PhD)
Patricia A. Cheesman
Harold Chelchowski `11^
Daniel R. Chemers `66
Anita Y. Chen
Dr. Bill H. Chen `68 (MS), `70 (PhD)
Dr. Chun-Wei Chen `09M (MS), `11M (PhD) and Huei-Ju Liu
Dr. Chyuan-Chung Chen `69 (MS), `73 (PhD) and Yu Ying Chen
Fang C. Chen `69 (MS)
Dr. Gwendyline Y. Chen `67 (PhD) and Dr. David H. Chen `66 (PhD)
Helen X. Chen P`16E and Dang Lu
Huijuan Chen `93 (MS), `96 (PhD)
Hung Chen
Jason Chen
Keath T. Chen `82 (MS), `86 (PhD)
Stephanie S. Chen
Suio-Ling Chen `67W (EdM) and Dr. Chiou-Shiun Chen `64 (MS), `68 (PhD)
Dr. Tien-Tsung Chen `76 (PhD)
Wei Chen P`17 and Jim Q. Jiang P`17
Weirong Chen P`18 and Changan Zhang P`18
Ying Chen P`15 and Yulin Yao P`15
Yu Chen Chen P`14 and Chih Peng Wu P`14
Dr. Zhong Chen `83M (Flw), `88M (PhD) and Dr. Gang Dong `88M (PhD), `91M (MS), `93M (PhD)
Gretchen Chenenko and Steven Chenenko P`08
Elizabeth A. Cheney and William F. Cheney
Gweneth A. Cheney and Elmer O. Cheney
Jean C. Cheney
Jenifer Cheney
Amy C. Cheng `98
Teresita H. Cheng
Yuk Y. Cheng `77, `79 (MS) and Eunice Cheng
Rosemary J. Chengson `94S (MBA)
Harriet M. Chenkin `84
Janet L. Chenoweth P`15, P`19 and Douglas E. Chenoweth P`15, P`19
Phyllis S. Cherebin `81
Eleanor Cherin and David J. Cherin
Dr. Paul Cherin
Susanne A. Cherkis
Elizabeth A. Chernack `97
Betty J. Cherock and John F. Cherock
Eugenia Cherouski `52E
Margaret Cherr* and Dr. Donald Cherr
Paul W. Cherry `58E (MM)
Robert D. Cherry
Anjuli R. Cherukuri `08^
Robert P. Cherwonik
Carl H. Chesley `62
Amy Chesonis and Algimantas Chesonis
Margie R. Chessin
Caroline N. Chester P`17 and Robert M. Chester P`17
Dr. William Y. Chey
Dr. Devendra S. Chhabra `65 (MS)
Marjorie C. Chiafery `73W (MA) and James A. Chiafery `73S (MBA)
Winnifred Chiarella
Elly S. Chiariello `95S (MBA) and Peter J. Chiariello `96S (MBA)
Thomas P. Chiccino
Donald C. Chichester `71 and Bernice Chichester
Antonio Chichi and Rosaria Chichi
Julianne M. Chiesa and Dan M. Chiesa
Simon Chiew `02
Elizabeth A. Chifari `73
Brian Chiger `04 and Eleanor Chiger
Sally Child `73, `79 (MS)
Loreina K. Childress `94
Carol Childs
Cynthia S. Childs and Andrew B. Childs
Deborah Childs and James F. Childs
Margaret L. Childs
Rita L. Childs `50
S. Eric Childs `67 and Dr. Paula S. Childs
Dr. Arthur E. Chin `71, `78M (PhD)
Edmund P. Chin `80
Isoda M. Chin
Florence Chino `48E (MA)
Shu-Ming Chiou P`11 and Hsin-Hsiung Huang P`11
Kathryn A. Chipperfield `74 and Lynn Chipperfield
Ramalinga R. Chirra `65 (MS) and Lakshmi Chirra
Gene A. Chisholm
Linda Chisholm `75W (EdM)
Elizabeth A. Chittenden
Gail P. Chitty and Alton Chitty
Dr. Lois Chiu `99 and Dr. Nicholas C. Dang `00M (MD)
Wendy W. Chiu `97
Pamela W. Chiverton
Beverly M. Chizek and Robert M. Chizek
Stanley Chizuk
Jennie A. Chmielewski
Geum Hee Cho P`14 and Hyo Duk Kim P`14
Charles J. Chodak `74
Eun K. Choi P`18 and Hee C. Choi P`18
Hannah M. Choi `99
Dr. Kevin W. Choi `84
Kyung B. Choi P`06 and Eun K. Choi P`06
Dr. Yong C. Choi `67M (PhD) and Tae S. Ro-Choi
Barbara C. Cholette and John Cholette
Jennifer L. Chomicki `93
John Chomyak `85
Dr. Jinhwa Chon `87E
Mary L. Chormann `84N (MS) and Craig R. Chormann `77S (MBA)
Kathleen A. Chott `82
Jennifer C. Chou `13^
Dr. Wajid Choudhry `01M (Res)
Dawn M. Choudri P`09, P`13 and Anand G. Choudri P`09, P`13
Dr. Franklin S. Chow `79M (MD)
Jack Chow
Dr. Tai-Low Chow `70 (PhD)
Ripa R. Chowdhury `14^
Amy J. Tanenbaum-Chrein P`17 and Lloyd D. Chrein P`17
Cynthia A. Christa
Doris M. Christa
Francis A. Christa
Esther M. Christensen `53H (DPL)*
Margaret Christensen
Ruby Christensen
Dr. Scott L. Christensen `92M (MD)
Virginia A. Christensen
Ashley M. Christiano `14N
Barbara Christiansen and Niels K. Christiansen
Marybeth B. Christiansen P`09 and Daryl S. Christiansen P`09
Pauline Christiansen
Christina A. Christianson `06
Mark A. Christianson `98S (MBA) and Valerie G. Christianson
Dr. Allen Q. Christie `87M (MS), `89M (PhD)
James C. Christie `99S (MBA)
Mary M. Christie and Richard C. Christie Jr.
Dr. Michael L. Christie `91M (MD), `95H (Res), `12M (Res) and Lisabeth Frarey
Amy L. Christman `97E
Rebecca S. Christman P`16 and Mark A. Christman P`16
Kathleen D. Christner and John H. Christner III
Barbara A. Christopher
Bernie Christopher
Julie D. Christopher
Paul E. Christopher `84 (MS), `93 (PhD), P`10
Susann Brown and Terence J. Chrzan
Becky Chu `16^
Betty Chu and John T. Chu
Fu-Lin Chu `71M (MS) and Dr. William P. Chu `70 (PhD)
Lon M. Chu `86
Man-Wai Chu `94
Dr. Corazon N. Chua `79M (Res)
Yung-Ho Chuang `87 (MS), `92 (PhD) and Chang-Syang Chuang
Claudia E. Chudacoff `85E, `87E (MM) and Alan A. Wonneberger
Barbara Chudanski and Michael Barber
Laura Chulak Georgianna `95
Amy Y. Chung `06E
Mark J. Chung `86
Anne M. Church
Dr. Charles C. Church `78M (MS), `83M (PhD)
Monica E. Church `95N and John W. Church III
Nancy B. Church `61 and Dr. Larry B. Church `61
Stephanie E. K. Church `96 (MS) and Robert C. Church
William W. Church
Dr. Bruce H. Churchill `90M (MD)
Kathleen Churchin P`18 and Mark Churchin P`18
Irene M. Churukian
Nancy A. Chwiecko and Richard D. Tannen
Margaret Ciaccia
Sharon E. Ciaccia
William Ciaccia*
Judy C. Cianciola
Martine Cianciotto
Philip Cianciotto
Michael J. Ciaraldi `83 (MS)
Dr. Theodore P. Ciaraldi `77M (PhD)
Victor G. Ciaraldi `81 (MS)
Christopher Ciardi
Dianne Cicero
Judith Cicero and Dr. Joseph C. Cicero
Josephine Cichelli and Leo Cichelli Sr.
Dr. Michelle S. Cicilline and Craig Morrell
Gary A. Cicoria
Peter Cicoria
Thomas J. Cicotta
Teresa J. Ciejek
Kornelijus G. Cieminis `73 and Linda Cieminis
Martha J. Cieszynski and Walter Cieszynski*
Janice L. Cifelli
Darryl J. Cigelnik `72
Alphonse R. Cilano
Michele Ciliberto and Frank Ciliberto Jr.
Rose Ciliberto and Frank Ciliberto
Rosalyn M. Cilman
Lucio L. Cimbalo `50E and Lucile T. Cimbalo
Annette D. Ciminelli
Frank J. Ciminesi `71
Kristen Cimino
Mary A. Cimino
L. S. Cincola
John C. Cinelli `76, `79, P`09, P`11 and Franca I. Cinelli P`09, P`11
Lou Cinelli
Susan M. Cinquino and Anthony L. Cinquino
Madonna Cintineo
Violeta Ciocanu P`17
Pasquale P. Cioppa
Wilma Cipolla `52E (MM) and Frank J. Cipolla `51E, `57E (MM)
Rhonda Cipollone
Suellyn M. Cipparuolo and Salvatore F. Cipparuolo
Frank J. Cipriano
Linda M. Cipura
Tiffany Paine-Cirrincione and Steven Cirrincione
Mary Lee Cisco
Sandra Z. Citarella and Alan Citarella
Dr. Constance F. Citro `63, P`93 and Dr. Joseph F. Citro `62, `64W (MA), `73W (EdD), P`93
Nicole Ciufo
Deborah J. Ciulla
Marilyn J. Ciurca
Susan M. Ciurzynski `97N (MS), `11N (PhD), P`19 and Ryan J. Ciurzynski P`19
Louis V. Civiletti
Barbara L. Clabeaux
Danielle N. Clabeaux `16W (MS)
Theresa Claeys
Dr. Peter J. Clagnaz `77M (MD)
William L. Claiborn `64 and Berta Finkelstein
Dr. Danielle Clair `98M (Res)
Kelly A. Clair
Anne T. Clancy
David R. Clapper
Joan Clar and Robert Clar
Kerri L. Clar and James L. Clar
Lonnie D. Clar `61
Barbara A. Clarcq and Jack R. Clarcq
June Clare and Bill Hammond
Dr. Steven P. Clarfield `73 (PhD) and Patricia Clarfield
Bernadette Clark and Patrick F. Clark
Catherine L. Clark and John R. Clark
Daniel R. Clark `76
David E. Clark*
David K. Clark `64
Doris F. Clark `60
Erin O. Clark `11^
Gerald D. Clark `62 and Elizabeth V. Clark
Gregory Clark
Guy T. Clark `72
Jane S. Clark and Ronald E. Clark
Janet E. Clark
Janet W. Clark and Richard J. Clark
Jean M. Clark
Jeanne Clark P`17E and John Clark Jr. P`17E
Jon Clark
Joyce Clark and David F. Clark
Joyce S. Clark
Kirsten E. Clark `97
Laura Clark
M. Dale Clark `48E, `62, `57E (MM)
M. Rosemarie Clark
Margaret W. Clark
Marla F. Clark and Thomas W. Clark
Mary Lu Clark
Maryanne Clark
Michael D. Clark `63W (EdM) and Mary E. Clark
Dr. Nancy L. Clark `94M (MD), `97M (Res) and John Clark
Peter P. Clark `71
Richard W. Clark `60
Dr. Russell H. Clark `58M (MD), `60M (Res) and Nan V. Clark
Sharon Clark `68H (DPL) and Rodney A. Clark
Tillena G. Clark `81
Virginia M. Clark and Dr. Richard Mittereder
William H. Clark III `65
Dr. William W. Clark `10N and Patricia F. Clark
Bonita A. Clarke and Douglas H. Clarke
Dr. Christopher S. Clarke `80 (MA), `86 (PhD) and Victoria Clarke
Dr. David B. Clarke `70 (PhD)
Elizabeth Clarke `49N
Jessica D. Clarke
Kathleen S. Clarke `87W (MS) and Robert P. Clarke Jr.
Richard D. Clarke
Cheryl D. Clarkson `68 and Dr. Brian H. Clarkson `68D (Den), `69D (MS)
Karen M. Clary `90, `00M (Res), P`20 and Matthew D. Gross `89, `98M (Res), `00M (Res), P`20
Rhonda Clary and Kevin R. Clary
June M. Clase
Martha D. Clasquin
Carol A. Class and Clipson H. Class
Gary W. Clausen
Bonny A. Claxton and Kenneth J. Wilkinson Jr.
Elizabeth Clay
Laura F. Clay `94 (MA)
Dr. Reuben A. Clay Jr. `64M (MD) and Jennifer Clay
Camille C. Clayton
Charles J. Clayton
Joan Cleary Miron P`18 and Robert J. Miron P`18
Barbara Cleary
John Cleary
Kathleen A. Cleary `67N
Mary Beth Cleary `96
Pamela A. Cleary and James Cleary
Dr. Paul P. Cleary `69 (MS), `71 (PhD) and Jeanette C. Cleary
Peter J. Cleary
Tabatha Cleckner
Lee H. Clem Jr. `78S (MBA) and Kathy V. Clem
Ruth Clemens
Dennis Clement
Dr. Marie M. Clement `67E
Gabriella Clemente `16^
Barry B. Clements
Tarrant K. Clements and Jacque E. Clements
Marie K. Clemons and Gilbert Clemons
Sheel H. Clerk `15^
Dr. Geneva L. Cleveland `06
Mary C. Cleveland and James H. Cleveland
Katharine R. Cliff
Lynette Cliff
Catherine Clifford `77 and Thomas K. McConnell `76
James D. Clifford `62 (MS) and Paula J. Clifford
Jane N. Clifford and Gerald Clifford
Margaret C. Clifford `53E (MA)
Sharon G. Clifford and Thomas R. Clifford
Anne L. Cline
Jerrold A. Cline `05S (MBA) and Lisa Grossman-Cline
Lisa Cline
Carol Clingan P`08 and Thomas G. Clingan P`08
Eric E. Clingan
Rick Clingerman
Kevin J. Clinton `98, `99 (MS)
Sarah E. Clinton `97 and Joshua D. Clinton `96
Perry V. Clissa `72E and Cherie L. Clissa
Nowell Clooksin
Barbara Cloonan `67W and Robert J. Cloonan
Rhoda L. Clopman
Dr. Gary S. Clorfeine `71M (MD)
Jean Close
Jean C. Close `77, `78S (MBA)
Joan Close
John P. Close
Susan Y. Close `76S (MBA) and Jay T. Close
Carol Clothier
Ellen Clouser
Dr. Michael R. Clover `79 (PhD)
Sharon Clum and Gary L. Clum
Philip C. Clune
Joanne Coast and James M. Coast*
Catherine L. Coates `75 and Steven Martin
Owen P. Coats
Virginia B. Coats `45E (MA)
Jenny E. Coax P`93, P`97 and Dr. Warren Coax P`93, P`97
Barbara L. Cobb and Richard E. Cobb
Carole B. Cobb `90S (MBA) and Vaughn R. Cobb
Josephine C. Cobb and Marion R. Cobb
Dr. JoAnne L. Cobler `83M (MD), `86M (Res), `89M (Flw)
Christine E. Coburn `80N
Eugene F. Coburn
Geraldine M. Coburn
Patricia Cocca and Patrick M. Cocca
Alan Cocchiara
Gregory T. Coccitti `13S (MS)
William Coch
Teresa Cochran `68 and Daniel C. English
Carol L. Cochrane
Dr. Charles G. Cochrane `51, `56M (MD)
Elisa M. Cockburn and Juan Cockburn
Mary Ann Cocola and James Cocola Jr. P`01
Vienna P. Cocuzzi `55E, `57E (MM)
Betty Codding and David Codding
June D. Codding
Richard Codding
Dr. R. Dean Coddington `51M (MD)
Autumn D. Coe `13^
Catherine V. Coe
Vada Coe
Kay Coe and William F. Coe
Gale F. Coffee `61E
JoAnne Coffey and William J. Coffey
Josephine Coffey* and Robert J. Coffey
Karen Coffey and Douglas Coffey
Dr. Mark D. Coffey `80E (MM), `84E (DMA)
James G. Coffin `72 (MS)
Louisa B. Coffin `51, `52N and Edgar D. Coffin Jr.
Robert J. Coffman `82
Janice M. Cogar `72N
Dr. John D. Cogar `71
Peter A. Coggiola `76, `79N, `87N (MS)
Jeffrey J. Coghlan
Alan B. Cohen `73
Barbara Cohen and Irving J. Cohen
Dr. Barry G. Cohen `66
Bruce L. Cohen
Dr. Bruce W. Cohen `88
Carol E. Cohen `68W
Charlotte Cohen `54 and Stuart N. Cohen
Daniel R. Cohen `91, `96S (MBA)
Dr. Donald L. Cohen `55
Doris E. Cohen `54
Doris L. Cohen `59W and Marshall G. Cohen
Gerald S. Cohen `65
Gloria Cohen `48 and Pincus Cohen `49, `51 (MA), `60W (EdM)
Gwendolyn E. Cohen
Helen Cohen
Jeffrey M. Cohen `10^
Joan Cohen and Robert L. Cohen
Jonathan A. Cohen `90
Julie G. Cohen P`17 and Philip J. Cohen P`17
Dr. Lauren A. Cohen `71
Linda Cohen
Dr. Mark Cohen `81 and Michelle Cohen
Dr. Matthew C. Cohen `70
Morton H. Cohen*
Dr. Noal Cohen `59 and Ann B. Cohen*
Sharon B. Cohen P`17 and Eric J. Barker P`17
Margery C. Cohen-Jacoby `76
Arthur L. Cohrs `61E (MM)
Deb Coia and Gary Coia
Michael K. Coil `73 (MS)
Mabel Coilpillai and Manuel Coilpillai
John J. Coistek
Rachel M. Coker `96
Francis J. Colacino
Thomas S. Colahan
Aria Colaizzi
Bosiljko Colak `99S (MBA)
Christine E. Colaluca `92 and Richard J. Colaluca `92
Jane Colangelo
Elizabeth Colantoni and Gabriele Colantoni
Brenda Colaprete P`00, P`14
Lenora A. Colaruotolo `79, P`12, P`13 and Dr. Anthony Colaruotolo `73, P`12, P`13
Carine Colas `89
Elizabeth A. Colasurdo
Frank J. Colavecchia P`07
Myra Colbert and Kenneth Colbert P`07
Patricia Colbert
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Colburn
Marilyn Colby
Stephen A. Colby `98S (MBA)
Ang S. Cole
David S. Cole `90
Diane Cole and Ernest Cole
Ian D. Cole `03
James T. Cole
James W. Cole
Kathy Cole
Margaret C. Cole `49N (DPL)
Mary Jo Cole and Michael W. Cole
Norinne M. Cole
Robert W. Cole `67E, `70E (MM)
Dr. Ronald J. Cole `62M (MD) and Charlotte S. Cole
Ronda L. Cole `70E
Sarah Cole
Thomas G. Cole
Edward Colella
Bruce Coleman
Carol Coleman and Daniel Coleman
Cindy Coleman and Drew Coleman
Cynthia Coleman
Elizabeth Coleman and Thomas J. Coleman
Gerald B. Coleman `72S (MBA)
Jaime S. Coleman
Jamie Coleman
Jeffrey L. Coleman `98S (MBA)
Dr. John R. Coleman Jr. `57 and Rosemary G. Coleman
Kathleen V. Coleman and Raymond C. Coleman
Kathy T. Coleman P`12 and Mike J. Coleman P`12
Laura Coleman
Muriel N. Coleman
Patricia H. Coleman and Rich Coleman
Robert Coleman
Robert L. Coleman `59E
Rosemary S. Coleman
Michaeleen E. Coles and Jeffrey G. Coles
Dr. Margaret T. Colgan `53M (MD) and Dr. Frank J. Colgan `53M (MD)
Ruth Fleischmann-Colgan and Richard W. Colgan
Barbara Colicchio and Roy E. Colicchio
Katherine Collette
Dianne Collier
Frances L. Collier and Thomas Collier
June H. Collier and Warren Collier*
Susan J. Collier
Kathleen A. Colliflower `78S (MBA)
Rev. Winifred Collin and Dwight R. Collin
Donna L. Colline
Mary Ellen Collinge
Michael P. Collins Sr.
Dr. Calvin J. Collins `66M (Res)
Constance M. Collins
Edward F. Collins
Hilda L. Collins `78N, P`11 and Dr. Michael S. Collins `79M (MD), P`11
Isaac A. Collins `94
Janice G. Collins and Corydon C. Collins
Rev. Joy Collins and Dr. Margaret M. Finn
June D. Collins
Kathleen M. Collins `91
Lillian E. Collins
Linda R. Collins `62W (EdM)
Mary E. Collins `63E, `05E (MA) and Thomas M. Bohrer `85S (MBA)
Dr. Nancy H. Collins `77M (PhD) and Gene C. Collins
Paul M. Collins
Richard N. Collins `82 (MS)
Ronald E. Collins
Somsri A. Collins and Charles D. Collins
Terry C. Collins
Dr. Thomas D. Collins `71M (MD)
Thomas G. Collins `64
Bonnie F. Collipp `57N and Dr. P. Jack Collipp `54, `57M (MD)
Christopher J. Collison `00 (Flw)
Susan R. Collyer and John P. Collyer
Carol B. Colombo and David G. Colombo
Dr. Clare Colombo `86M (MD)
Meg Colombo and Richard Colombo
Sam Colombo
Belen Colon
Luis Colon
Cecilia Colosi and Richard Colosi
Patricia M. Colosimo
Nancy A. Colsman
Linda C. Colton P`99 and Don Colton P`99
Christine Coltrain and Brad Coltrain
Barbara A. Colucci `73
Suzanne M. Colucci
Dominic Coluzzi
Elizabeth Colvin and Kenneth Colvin
Gerald Colvin
Patrick Combo
Larry R. Combs `61E
Laurel B. Combs
Michael J. Comella
Brenda R. Comisar `98S (MBA)
Jean M. Comiskey and Michael G. Comiskey
Bernard M. Commisso
David C. Compertore `87 and Lee Ann Compertore
Roy Compertore
Nadine M. Compisi
Barbara H. Compitello
David M. Compton
William A. Comrie `08^ and Nazmia Comrie `08^
Betty A. Comstock
Dr. Gordon Comstock `80H (Res) and Ginger Comstock
Mary Comstock `48
Leah E. Conant `13^
Jennifer R. Condame
Elizabeth Conde
Cheryl Condello
Teresa Condello and Richard Condello
Dr. John J. Condemi
Maureen Condoluci
Kathryn A. Condon `80
Kelly Condon
Mary J. Condon P`13E, P`15E and Mark V. Condon P`13E, P`15E
Sandra M. Condry
Ellen K. Cone `53E
Jo Cone `69 and Howard M. Cone II `79S (MBA)
Michael L. Cone
Dr. Judy A. Congdon `90E (DMA), `91E (MA)
Charleen Conidaris
Lauren Conidaris
Matthew M. Coniff `10W (MS)
Kathryn A. Coniglio and John M. Coniglio
Anita R. Conklin P`16 and George H. Conklin P`16
Charlotte J. Conklin and Robert Conklin
G. Curtis Conklin Jr.
Gayle F. Conklin
Norris Conklin
Charles L. Conley Jr.
Clinton J. Conley `77
Judith W. Conley and Michael J. Conley
Mary Ann Conley
Paul L. Conley
Mary L. Conlon and John Conlon
Carl Connad and Dr. Darwin E. Prioleau
Bill Connal
Catherine F. Connaughton
Amy Connell and Rogan T. Connell
Cynthia B. Connell and James S. Connell
Patricia Connell
Dr. Ryan W. Connell `05M (MD), `08M (Res) and Amy N. Connell
Joseph P. Connellan `70S (MBA) and Sandi Connellan
Eileen Connelly
Joyce P. Connelly
Kathleen Connelly
Laura Hammond-Conner and Terrance Conner
Susan M. Conner
Dr. John R. Conners `81 (MA), `83 (PhD)
Dr. Mark G. Conners `90D (Den) and Karen H. Conners
Thomas Conners Jr.
Gary T. Connolly `90
Lori L. Connolly and Gerald F. Connolly
Patricia Connolly
Susan M. Connolly `81 (MS) and Douglas P. Connolly `86S (MBA)
Carol Connor and Jon Connor
Jane C. Connor
John J. Connor P`17
Judith A. Connor `71
Kenneth R. Connor Jr. `77 and Patricia E. Connor
Gary S. Connors `77S (MBA) and Carol A. Connors
Kevin R. Connors `98M (MS)
Sally A. Connors and John M. Connors
Sherie Connors and David Connors
Catherine A. Conover `86
Corinne J. Conover
Dr. Craig S. Conover `86M (MD)
Robert G. Conrad `72, P`07
Marian Conradt and Daniel J. Conradt
Barbara L. Consler `89S (MBA)
Mary L. Consler
Charles A. Constantino `66 (MS), P`93 and Elaine Constantino
Dr. Anne P. Constantinople `66 (PhD)
Joan L. Constanzer
Deborah J. Consul
Dr. Barbara Conta `75M (PhD) and Robert L. Conta `71 (MS)
Grace Contant
Marilyn D. Berkman Contant `69
Iva Conte
Iva C. Petruzziello-Conte P`18, P`20 and Walter Conte P`18, P`20
Kathleen Conte
Nicholas R. Conte `93
Dr. Abib T. Conteh `77M (MD)
Karen A. Conti
Marjorie A. Conti and Peter T. Conti
Matthew J. Conti
P. Richard Conti `58
Susan Contois
Charles J. Contreras
Cynthia L. Conturie `81 (MA) and Dr. Yves G. Conturie `83 (PhD)
Linda Convery
Daniel Conway Jr.
Dr. Colleen M. Conway `88E, `92E (MA) and Dr. Thomas M. Hodgman `96E (DMA)
Donald S. Conway `63W (MA) and Carol H. Conway
Donna Conway
Lori G. Conway `78N, `83N (MS) and Dr. Robert M. Conway
Sue A. Conway
Claire Conwell
Esther M. Conwell `44 (MS), `11 (HNR), P`77*
Ann Marie Cook
Catherine P. Cook and George L. Cook
Donald K. Cook
Elaine M. Cook
Elizabeth Cook
Elizabeth B. Cook `93W (MS) and Spencer J. Cook Sr.
Janice A. Cook
Linsday L. Cook and Jeff D. Cook
Raymond Cook
Robert E. Cook `48
Rosemary Cook and David W. Cook
Sherrye M. Cook* and Donald R. Cook
Thomas H. Cook
Farrell E. Cooke `14^
Linda L. Cooke and Daniel P. Cooke
Maren L. Cooke `83
Nancy J. Cooke
Peter H. Cooke
Roy Cooke
William J. Cool
Dennis R. Cooley `94 (MA), `95 (PhD)
Evelyn L. Cooley
Sandra Cooley
Dr. Jane W. Coolidge `88N (PhD)
Shirley A. Cooligan and Ronald L. Cooligan
Alice Coon
Anne C. Coon and Craig J. Zicari
Carol D. Coon and Bruce D. Coon
Cheryl A. Coon
Elsie M. Coon
Helene Coon and Donald A. Coon III
Jean H. Coon `61W (MA)
Jeanne N. Coon and David Coon
Marian M. Coon and Joseph E. Coon
Caroline F. Coone `06
Patricia A. Cooney and James M. Cooney
Carol Y. Coons and William F. Coons
Elizabeth Coons `83 and Jeffrey S. Coons `85
Lori T. Coons and David E. Coons
Sally Coons P`19 and David A. Coons P`19
Ann M. Cooper and Robert F. Cooper
Arlene G. Cooper
Debra M. Cooper
Dolores Cooper and William A. Cooper
Elnora Cooper and Calvin Cooper
Kathryn S. Cooper `67, `68W (MA) and R. P. Cooper
MariKay Cooper
Mary D. Cooper and Robert Cooper
Dr. Philip A. Cooper `70
Dr. Walter Cooper `57 (PhD)
Zephyr Cooper and Martin Cooper
Sharon R. Cooperman P`18 and Tod D. Cooperman P`18
Michael N. Copanas `72
Dr. John G. Cope `61M (MD)
Charles G. Copeland
Christopher Copeland
Karen B. Copeland `03E and Andrew M. Frueh `03
Corinne M. Coplan `58
Dr. Myra L. Coppage `01M (MS), `06M (PhD)
David Coppen
Carol R. Coppini
Thomas P. Coppola `73
Colin Corbett `10^
John L. Corbett `87S (MBA)
Lisa Q. Corbett `77N, P`17E and Dr. Richard W. Pfeifer `79M (PhD), P`17E
Patricia J. Corbett
Richard D. Corbett
William D. Corbett `89
Margaret Corbin
Dr. David E. Corbit `67M (MD)
Diane Corcoran
John B. Corcoran
Patricia Corcoran
Susan Corcoran `65W and Charles C. Corcoran Jr. `63
George Corda
Joanne Cordaro P`10, P`16
Jennifer Cordi `93
Marie L. Cordner `70
Dr. George J. Corella and James Frackenpohl
Ronald E. Corey Jr.
Gail J. Corey
George P. Corey
Kenneth E. Corey `81N (MS) and D. Leah Corey
Dr. Patrick S. Corey `05
Rita W. Corey `69 and Norman F. Corey `69
Martha A. Coria `97
Samuel D. Coriale `75S (MBA)
Charles D. Cork
Elizabeth Corkish
Christine A. Corliss P`18 and Matthew J. Corliss P`18
Carl B. Corman `84
Polly Cornblath `74, P`06 and Mark B. Manin `74, P`06
Margaret E. Corneau `65N and David C. Corneau
Matthew P. Cornelia `54
Larry A. Cornell
Dr. R. William Cornell `64D (Den) and Chloe T. Cornell
Timothy H. Cornell
Dr. Gail A. Corning `60 and Dr. William C. Corning `64 (PhD)
Marilyn B. Cornish
Nicole Cornuta
Judy Cornwell and Donald Cornwell
Dr. William M. Corrao `72M (MD) and Carol A. Corrao
Mikaela Correia
Peter G. Correll `79
Joseph Corriea
Christopher M. Corrigan
Mary Ellen Corrigan and Richard W. Corrigan Sr.
Amber Corsaro
Robert Corsaro
Michelina A. Corsi and Albert L. Corsi*
Yvonne R. Cort `78, P`14 and Dennis S. Cohn P`14
Joann N. Cortese and Dr. J. Ronald Cortese
Joseph Cortese
Tom Corteville
Katharine Corti and William A. Cooper
Lauma Cortina and Don Cortina
Dr. Thomas R. Corwin `70 (PhD)
Timothy J. Cosgriff
Andrew L. Cosgrove `91
Michaela Cosgrove and Thomas Carey
Monica A. Cosgrove and Arthur J. Cosgrove
Bernadine R. Cosier
Stephen Coslimon
Roberta Cossar
Dr. Jeffrey R. Cossin `78M (MD)
Patricia A. Cost and Frank Cost
Helen J. Costa
Charles M. Costanza
Fred P. Costanza
Heather Costanza
Marie Costanza and Jay Costanza
Dr. Mary E. Costanza `68M (MD)
Samuel J. Costanza
John Costello
Kathleen Costello and David A. Costello
Mary B. Costello and William Costello
Timothy J. Costello `77, `78S (MBA) and Louise T. Costello
Terry Costich
Ruth Coston
Linda L. Laliberte-Cote P`08 and Claude A. Cote P`08
Dr. John D. Cotnam `69W (EdD) and Barbara Cotnam
Raymond J. Cotroneo `59
M. Jane Cotsonas and T. Allen Cotsonas
Elizabeth A. Cotter and James W. Cotter
Jill Cotter
Dorianne Cotter-Lockard `78E
Kay A. Cotton and George Pringle
Valerie Cotton and J.M. Cotton
Sam Cottone
Janet C. Couch `59, P`91 and Robert Couch P`91
Betty J. Cougevan* and Brian P. Cougevan
Daniel W. Coughlin `62
Eileen Coughlin
P. O'Dea Coughlin `59, `60N
Carol A. Coulter `65, `70 (MA) and Dr. David M. Coulter `67, `71M (MD)
John K. Coulter `60 (MS)
Linda Coulter P`94, P`95 and John W. Coulter Jr. P`94, P`95
George R. Courson
Dr. Daniel J. Courtade `82M (MD)
Lillian A. Courtheoux `40
Andre A. Coutu
Julie A. Covach and Dr. John Covach
Katherine K. Cove P`00
Shirley A. Covert
Duane Coville
Shelly L. Coville and David Coville
Sandra C. Covitch `72 and Michael J. Covitch `73 (MS)
Joan Cowan
Jacqueline M. Cowden `56E, `61E (MM) and Dr. Robert H. Cowden `59E, `60E (MM), `67E (DMA)
Mary E. Cowden `79S (MBA)
Dr. Tracy E. Cowden `95E (MM), `00E (DMA) and Douglas Seaman
Randi Cowen and Richard B. Cowen
Lesley Cowenhoven
Edythe B. Cowgill
Jill A. Cowie P`16, P`18 and Benjamin D. Haskell P`16, P`18
Barbara C. Cowles
Cornelia A. Cowles
Colleen P. Cox `84
Deborah M. Cox and Steven W. Cox
Dr. Elizabeth M. Cox `91M (MD), `94M (Res) and Dr. John F. Cox III `95M (Res)
Frances Cox
Gail M. Cox
Dr. James E. Cox `72M (MD)
Marthe Cox `81E
Sharon A. Cox and James A. Cox
Shirlie C. Cox `55E, `57E (MM)
Tero L. Cox
Vickie D. Coykendall and Steven Coykendall
Ruth L. Coyle
Tiffany N. Coyle `15W (EdD)
Jonathan D. Coyles `01
Deborah E. Coyne and Gregory R. Coyne
Dorothy A. Coyne and Edward M. Coyne
Jeanne S. Coyne
Kristie Robertson-Coyne and Christopher Coyne
Ted Coyne
Margaret B. Cozzens `62
David H. Craft `09S (MBA)
Rita Cragg
Dr. Carin A. Craig `73
Gregory L. Craig `83
Michelle Craig
Dr. Suzanne B. Craig `74
Terri M. Craig and Robert E. Craig Jr.
Carol M. Crain
Lucille Craine
Julie M. Cramer
Eleanor M. Crandall*
Holly J. Crandall `64 and Dr. Jeffrey B. Crandall `63, `70M (Res)
John Crandall
Justin D. Crandall
Kathleen E. Crandall and William C. Crandall
Linda A. Crandall `95N and Peter Crandall
Cheryl M. Crane
David E. Crane `66S (MBA)
David W. Crane `69W (MA) and Donna M. Crane
Diane J. Crane and Andrew L. Crane
Nancy D. Crane
William O. Cranshaw `81S (MBA)
Peter C. Crary `93 and Sharon M. Crary
Joyce A. Crase P`18
Michele R. Craven `69, `77W (EdM) and Dr. Robert A. Craven `69 (MA), `74 (PhD)
Philip A. Craven
Karen B. Crawford
Lawrence Crawford
Paula C. Crawford and Michael T. Crawford
Richard R. Crawford `55 and Martha Crawford
Dr. William R. Crawford `62M (MD)
R. S. Craxton P`13
Claudia A. Crayton and Bruce E. Crayton
Catherine S. Crean P`16 and Richard P. Crean P`16
Dr. John M. Crean `82
Patricia A. Crean and David T. Crean
Dr. William R. Creasy `82 (MS), `86 (PhD)
Louise M. Creatura and John A. Creatura
Lia Crede
Susan V. Crego and Frank T. Crego
Gale M. Creighton `58E, `68E (MM)
Diane Crellin and Donald C. Crellin
Leonard F. Crellin
Ann K. Crerand
Mary Grace Crerand
Joyce E. Crescent
Rochelle Cresov
Laurette M. Cressler `86 and Dr. Dana K. Cressler `87
Kathy Ann Cretekos and Nicholas Cretekos
Kathy Creveling and Clyde M. Creveling
Margaret Crevey
Dr. Zully T. Criado-Hedreen `88D (Den)
Jacqueline M. Crichton
Nancy K. Crichton
James Cripps
James C. Cripps
Margaret G. Crisafulli
Julianne E. Crisante `88S (MBA) and Robert Craig
Cris M. Crisanti
Rachel Crispell
David J. Crispino `82 (MS), `85 (PhD) and Julie M. Crispino
Harrington E. Crissey Jr. `66 and Yelena Sergeeva
Frederick Crist
Susan Crist and Ethan Crist
Jean C. Cristantello
Kathleen S. Cristman and Scott F. Cristman
Lisa Critchley and Walter Critchley
Dr. Caroline A. Critchlow `94W (MS), `09W (EdD)
Mary Critikos
Callie Crittenden
Joanne Crocker
William E. Crocker `68E
Dr. Joseph V. Crockett `00W (EdD)
Joyce C. Crofton
Joyce H. Cromwell and Mitchell A. Cromwell
Linda R. Cromwell `69 and Robert G. Cromwell
Alan J. Cronheim `72
Dr. Brian C. Cronin `97M (MD)
Jean Cronin
Melissa Cronin and Mark S. Cronin
Amanda B. Cronkhite `99 and Gonzalo Bolivar
Geraldine J. Crooker and Richard J. Crooker
Elizabeth Croop
Marilyn Croop and David L. Croop
Catherine K. Crosby and Edward Crosby
Judy Crosby
Margret L. Crosby P`12, P`14 and Michael M. Feinberg P`12, P`14
Barry A. Cross
John W. Cross Jr. `66
Dr. Wendi F. Cross `96M (PDC) and Dr. Donald Kamin `85M (PDC)
Karin R. Cross-Smith `90
Patricia A. Crouch and Kevin T. Crouch
Margaret Crounse and Peter A. Crounse
Eleanor Crouse and Dutch Clement
Noreen Crouse and Alan Crouse
Andrew J. Crouthamel `83
Antoinette Crowder
Janice Crowder
Beverly Crowell
William A. Crowle `79E
Adela M. Crowley
Anita Crowley* and Hugh Crowley
James J. Crowley
Kate Crowley
Kevin M. Crowley
Patricia K. Crowley
Patrick M. Crowley `70 and Kristina K. Crowley
Susan M. Crowley and Thomas J. Crowley
Thomas L. Crowley `76
Helen A. Crown
Susan E. Crowther `66 and John J. Crowther
William R. Crowther
Warren L. Croyle `81
James F. Crum `56
Michael S. Crumb `79E, `84E (MA) and Debra L. Crumb
Betsy Crumity
Robert Crumrine
Stephanie B. Cruvant `72W and Dr. David A. Cruvant `72
Efren Cruz
Lori H. Cruz and Ramon L. Cruz
Lucy Cruz and Gilberto Cruz
Lawrence R. Cryer `76 and Randie S. Katz
Jeanne L. Crysler P`18 and Barrett L. Crysler P`18
Etelka V. Csagoly and Paul F. Csagoly
Margers Cubins
Daryl D. Cubitt
Annemarie Cucci `14W (MS)
Kristin Cuccia
Serena Cucinotta
Lucy Cucurullo and Albert J. Cucurullo*
Carin Cuddeback
James E. Cuddeback
Sharon P. Cudlin
Rosanne T. Cudzilo and John E. Cudzilo
Sumilu B. Cue `90
Alice S. Cuff
Liping Cui `08 (MS), `11 (PhD)
Dr. Eva Culakova `95 (MA), `99 (PhD), `07M (MS)
Diane L. Culbert `87 (MS)
Linda J. Culbertson and James Culbertson
Sylvia J. Culbertson and James F. Culbertson
Erinn Culhane
M. Bailey Culhane
M. B. Culhane
Ellen M. Cullen `15W (MS) and Daniel Cullen
Linda M. Cullen `85E
Mary Cullen
James E. Culler
Mary L. Culley `52, `56 (EdM) and Donald T. Culley `58
Joseph M. Culotta `46, `59 (MS), P`89 and Mary Jane J. Culotta
Thomas R. Culver `89 and Polly J. Culver
Donna J. Cumbo
Elaine P. Cumbo
Kara E. Cumiskey `89 and Dr. Andrew M. Cumiskey `89
Judith A. Cumming and James W. Cumming
Sally F. Cumming `73W (EdM)
Carol A. Cummings
Cassandra Cummings and Jeremy Cummings
Charles B. Cummings `69
Janice Cummings
Joyce Cummings
Kathleen M. Cummings `73
Mary Cummings
Michelle M. Cummings and Mark A. Cummings
Phyllis A. Cummings
Sharon A. Cummings and James J. Cummings Jr.
Yvonne Cummings
Diane Cundra
Daniel Cuneo `10^
Erika B. Cunliffe P`17 and Neal S. Peachey P`17
Scott Cunning
Julie Malley Cunningham
Cheryl A. Cunningham
Clare E. Cunningham
Dr. Diane M. Cunningham `90M (Res) and Paul E. Cunningham P`11, P`18
Helen M. Cunningham and Jeffrey C. Cunningham
Jennifer Cunningham
Marjorie Cunningham and Robert L. Cunningham
Mary E. Cunningham
Robert R. Cunningham
Thomas K. Cunningham `72
Kathy Cupo
David J. Cupriks `99M (MS)
Charles Curatalo Jr.
Vincent A. Curcio
Linda K. Curiale `84N
Sondra D. Curione
Janet Curlee
August Curley `80M (MS)
Christopher Curley
Linda M. Curley
Nancy L. Curnutt and Jerry Curnutt
Darlene M. Curran and Gerald C. Curran
Patricia S. Curran
Alison Currie and John Currie
Dr. Allan D. Currie `73M (MD)
Evelyn M. Currie `45, `46E
Nancy Currier and Ed Currier
Natalie Curro
Connie Curry and Alex Curry
Dale Curry and Gerald Curry
Marie B. Curry `86
Dr. Mary Jane Curry and Moritz Wagner
Suzanne Curt
Donald C. Curtice
Jessica J. Curtin
Claire G. Curtis and Edward P. Curtis Jr.
Jean M. Curtis
Jonathan B. Curtis `16^
Kathleen C. Curtis `82, P`17 and Edward B. Curtis `93 (MA), P`17
Lorraine Curtis and David Curtis
Neil A. Curtis*
Mary T. Curwen `54, `55N and Dr. Peter W. Curwen `54
Don J. Cushing `67S (MS) and Patricia A. Cushing
Robert D. Cushing `58
Kenneth P. Cushman `68E
Adam Cushmaro `15^
Kelly M. Cusimano `00, `01W (MS) and Daniel G. Wesley `94
Salvatore P. Cusimano
Richard E. Cusker `88S (MBA) and Dorothy Cusker
Donna Cusolito*
Christie Cutaia and Joseph Cutaia
Marie D. Cutaia
Sharon M. Cuthbertson `69E
Dr. Mark R. Cutkosky `78 and Pamela A. Reasner
Dr. Alan T. Cutler `77 (MS), `83M (Flw)
Steven W. Cutler `79 and Isa Cutler
Gilda L. Cutry and Joseph Cutry
Thomas Cutter
Dr. Gina A. Cuyler `92M (MD), `95M (Res) and Lloyd B. Cuyler
Doris A. Cybulski P`09 and Thomas A. Cybulski P`09
Eric D. Cyffka `12^
Ian N. Cyr `03
R. R. Cyr III `01S (MBA)
Cary Cyrkin
Pearl Cytryn
Jerry J. Czarnecki `95 (MS)
Tracie A. Czebatol
Lois Czekai and Edward R. Czekai
Michele M. Czekala
Sheryl Czekanski and Eric Czekanski
Edward Czerniak
Irene Czerwiec
Ronald Czyzycki
Michael D. Dabramo `72
Dr. Albert D. D'Accurzio Jr. `75M (MD), `78M (Res)
Dr. Amalia Z. Dache-Gerbino `14W (PhD)
Melissa N. Dackis `11 (MA), `14 (PhD)
Dr. Sandra K. Dackow `73E, `77E (MM), `87E (PhD)
Ann L. Dadey and William Dadey
Dr. Rita Dadiz
Amy B. Dadush
Sandra J. Dagan
Delbert Dagel
Corinne M. Dagen `03 and Justin A. Dagen `02
Charles R. Daggs `47*
June Daggs
Anna Dagmar (Johnson) `00E
Anthony J. D'Agostino
Barbara R. D'Agostino and John P. D'Agostino
Dina D'Agostino
Enrica Dagostino and Gino Dagostino
Irene R. D'Agostino
Karen L. Dahl `63
Jean A. Dahlben P`07
Barbara C. Dahlberg `05N, `09N (MS) and Steven Dahlberg
Dr. Ruth N. Dahlke `69E (MM), `75E (DMA)
Shan Qiu Dai P`19 and Yueen Dai P`19
Ann M. Dailey
Daniel F. Dailey `76
Jane L. Dailey and Harold E. Dailey Jr.
Jean M. Dailey and James M. Dailey
Taylor L. Dailey
Carolyn A. Dain
Nancy Dainty `54N and Harry E. Dainty
Susan Dodge-Peters Daiss and John Daiss
Janice H. Daitz and Robert A. Daitz
Deborah L. Dake P`18 and Scott A. Dake P`18
Yoshiko D. Dalal and Edul Dalal P`03
David A. Dale
Dr. Edith L. Dale `89M (MD), `92M (Res), `93M (Res) and Dr. John L. Genier `89M (MD), `92M (Res), `93M (Res)
Dr. Robert C. Dale `76M (Flw) and Dr. Joann T. Dale
Helen Dalesandro and Anthony Dalesandro
Paul Dalessandris
Donald D'Alessandro
Elaine Daley and Gerald F. Daley
Mary Ann Daley `55 (DPL), `56N, `80N (MS) and T. Joseph Daley
Nancy Daley and Larry Jessup
Kathleen Dalheim
Mary Ann Dalrymple and Glenn A. Dalrymple
Dr. David J. Dalton `59E, `61E (MM)
Matthew Dalton
Adelaide Daly `50N
Debra J. Daly and Charles B. Daly II
Eileen Daly
James C. Daly `64M (MS) and Carol A. Daily
Susan T. Daly and Robert C. Daly
June A. D'Amanda
Kathy Damann and Kevin Damann
Christine L. Dambra and Joseph J. Dambra
Alice D'Ambrosia
Patricia R. D'Ambrosia
Anthony D'Ambrosio
Charlotte Damick and Thomas D. Damick
Joan Damick `56H (DPL) and Peter J. Damick `59W (MSE)
Catherine D'Amico
David D'Amico
Grace A. D'Amico* and Gerald B. D'Amico
James D'Amico
John D'Amico Jr.
Lisa D'Amico `83 and Richard J. Davis `82
Louis J. Damico
Rosetta Damico
Tracey P. D'Amico and Gerald J. D'Amico
Dr. Kimberly J. D'Amore `86M (MD) and Dr. John J. D'Amore `86M (MD)
Dr. David A. Damschroder `77E (MM)
Joann T. Damuth
Richard A. Dana
Dr. Daniel T. Danahy `64, `68M (MD) and Barbara J. Danahy
Maria E. Danek `69N (MS)
Dorothy Danelle
Carmen D'Angelo
Dr. Christopher T. D'Angelo `98M (MD), `04M (Res), `07S (MS)
Josephine Dangelo and Nicholas Dangelo
Linda D'Angelo and Cosmo F. D'Angelo
Lorraine D'Angelo
Mary J. D'Angelo
Susanne D'Angelo and Michael D'Angelo
Dr. Carl T. D'Angio `94M (Res) and Donna D. D'Angio
Ginny Riedman-Dangler and Jim Dangler
Mary E. Dangler
Patricia F. Dangler and Gregory Dangler
Gale S. Daniel `72 and Charles D. Daniel `70
Dr. James Louis Daniel `68
Vincent and Kathleen Daniele
Chester Daniels
Kenneth I. Daniels `68
Lena M. Daniels and Charles W. Daniels
Patricia J. Daniels
Dr. Roswell G. Daniels `47M (MD)
Simone A. Daniels `99 and Derek X. Seward `98, `09W (PhD)
Ruth Ann Daniluk `52N
Dr. Ruth Danis `60
Debra Dann
Ronald E. Dann `70
Sarah Dann and Chris Dann
Patricia G. Danna and Victor L. Danna
Roberta Dannenfelser-Flowers
Dr. Thomas J. Dannhauser `88 (Flw) and Mary Ann Dannhauser
Nicola F. D'Annunzio `90S (MS)
Diane R. Dansen
Eric R. Danton `98
Ashley M. Danyew `10E (MM), `15E (PhD) and Stephen T. Danyew `10E (MM)
Theresa Danylak
Catherine D'Anza and William F. D'Anza
Hoa Dao
Thanh Kim Dao
Dr. Rita F. D'Aoust `76N, `84N (MS), `94N (PMC), `06N (PMC), `08W (PhD) and Raymond W. D'Aoust
Lynetta Darby
Bernice Darcy and John J. Darcy
Sheila M. Darcy
Kenneth C. Dardenne
Eileen Darienzo `75, `75N
Jean D'Arienzo
Felicia F. Darkwah
Jennifer O. Darlak and Robert S. Darlak
Betty Darling
Charles F. Darling
Martha J. Darling `51
Pierre Darmon `81 (MS), `85 (PhD), P`14, P`18 and Naomi I. Klein P`14, P`18
Emily E. Darnieder `15N
Maria D. D'Arpino and Joseph D'Arpino
Doris Darron
Marlene Dashkoff P`02, P`06 and Neil Dashkoff P`02, P`06
Michael J. Dashnaw `98S (MBA)
Robert Dass
Beth D. Dassa P`18E and David Dassa P`18E
Steven Datthyn
Dr. Alan M. Dattner `66
Charles J. Datz
Ramon Datz
Timothy F. Datz
Janette Dauenhauer
Dr. Rhett L. Daugherty `93M (Res) and Erin Daugherty
Rhonda D'Augustine
Dr. Matthew R. Daul `09M (MD) and Kara Daul
Janice Daum
Michael M. Daum `83, `94S (MBA)
Paresh J. Davda `74S (MBA)
Anthony A. Davenport `51
Dr. Donna Davenport
Marjorie A. Davenport `50, `51N and Dr. Gordon Davenport `48M (MD), `50M (Res)
Meredith Davenport
William Davern
Doris W. Davey and Dr. Frederick R. Davey
Frances Davey and Larry A. Davey
Lorna M. Davi
Marie Davias
Renee D. Davias
Dr. Claude David
Rebecca David
Stephen W. David
Tamala M. David `06N (MS), `10N (PhD)
Bill Davidge P`12, P`13
Alan C. Davidson
Alix E. Davidson `08^
Dona Davidson
Edith A. Davidson `62N
Dr. Edward R. Davidson `77 and Veronica Davidson
Dr. Frederic M. Davidson `69 (PhD), P`91, P`94 and Linda C. Davidson
Jacqueline Davidson and Howard M. Davidson
John Davidson
Kenneth M. Davidson `76
Mary B. Davidson `59W
Roger H. Davidson Jr. `78
S. Gerald Davidson `52
Kathy C. Davie and John E. Davie
Mary Ellen Davie and Richard Davie
Ernestina M. Davies and Dr. Patrick T. Davies
Judith P. Davies and Donald L. Davies
Meredith Davies `67W (MA)
Robert J. Davies
Susan M. Davin and Terrence W. Davin
Alice G. Davis
Ann B. Davis and Renwick Davis
Catherine M. Davis and Glenn Davis
Debbie Davis
Donna Davis
Dorothy G. Davis `80S (MBA) and William M. Davis Jr.
Edward J. Davis
Emery J. Davis
Gregory A. Davis `99 (MA), `04 (PhD)
Henry Davis
Jacqueline Davis and Jack Glickman
Jacqueline J. Davis and Thompson E. Davis
James R. Davis
Jean F. Davis `67E, `79W (MA) and Willie O. Davis Jr. `75W (MSE)
Joan M. Davis
Jody Davis and James C. Davis
Dr. John S. Davis `64M (Res)
Kadriye Davis `75, `78 (MA)
Katherine M. Davis `71
Kathleen W. Davis `95N (MS)
Laura L. Davis and Laurence Davis Jr.*
Laurence C. Davis III `93S (MBA) and Shelley M. Davis
Madelyn O. Davis `70, P`99, P`04 and Michael S. Davis `69, P`99, P`04
Margaret A. Davis P`18 and James H. Davis P`18
Marjorie E. Davis `85
Mary F. Davis
Nancy A. Davis and Edward R. Davis
Pamela W. Davis
Paulette Davis
Peter J. Davis Jr. `72
Dr. Rachel Davis and Dr. William E. Davis
Dr. Robert C. Davis `62
Dr. Robert S. Davis `74M (Res) and Ingrid Mikk
Robin Davis `85N and Dr. Thomas Davis `86M (MD)
Roger B. Davis `75, `78 (MA)
Sylvia Davis
Vernon W. Davis
Amy L. Davison and Jerald L. Keller
Dr. Brian H. Davison `79
Carol F. Davison*
Maureen Davitt and Mark Davitt
Kristin Dawe
Matthew E. Dawe `14S (MBA)
Patricia Dawes
Benjamin M. Dawson `69, P`07
JoAnne L. Dawson `74E (MM)
Dr. Robert L. Dawson `58
Shirley M. Dawson and Lawrence H. Dawson
Brennan D. Day `12S (MBA) and Liz F. Day
David H. Day
Dr. Deborah L. Day `81M (Res) and Dr. Daniel K. Day `80M (Res)
Linda W. Day `90E
Stanley K. Day `75E (MA)
Dr. Sandra Dayaratna `00M (Res)
Iris C. Dayer `86, P`15 and Roger E. Dayer `86, P`15
Andrea M. Dayton P`19 and Bradley S. Dayton P`19
Benjamin B. Dayton `48 (EdM)
Marcelo G. De Almeida `14S (MBA)
Richard De Asis `04S (MBA)
Barbara A. De Baun `92 (MS)
Carol S. De Braal and John W. DeBraal
Emily De Buck
Ellen De Buono
Annette De Carolis and Paul De Carolis
Sherri L. De Coronado `82M (MS)
Anthony De Croce
Elizabeth A. De Fazio and Bruno De Fazio
CPT Ward W. de Groot III `70S (MBA) and Claire S. de Groot
Anny Ostau De LaFont and Dr. Ignacio Franco
Dr. Marlene De Lancie `42, `46M (MS)
Patricia R. De Lorenzo and Joseph D. De Lorenzo
Kaila J. De Maria `09, `15N^ and Nikolaos B. De Maria `09^
Isabel De Mars `95S (MBA)
Thelma S. De Palma
Bonnie J. De Paolis
Anne E. De Papp P`17 and Daniel G. Dadourian P`17
Dr. Zsolt G. De Papp `59M (MD)
Newton H. De Pass
Christopher T. De Rose `01
Dr. Jason P. de Roulet `09M (MD) and Suzanne E. de Roulet
Dr. Annabelle M. De St. Maurice `08M (MD)
Susan Deacon
Louis Deaett `02
Catherine A. Deagman `00S (MBA)
Betty Jean F. Dean `91S (MBA)
Bruce S. Dean `43 and Nancy H. Dean
David Dean
Ken Dean
Nancy K. Dean and G. R. Dean
Shirley J. Dean
Barry A. Deane
Geraldine P. Deane
Joanne M. Deane
Dr. Peter M. Deane `89M (MD), `92M (Res), `95M (Flw) and Kate Deane
Patricia A. DeAngelis
Mark T. Deangelo `09^
Christine A. Dear `71 (MA) and Donald A. Dear
Kathleen A. Dear `87S (MBA)
Harriet L. Dearden `40E
Marion F. Dearnley `60, `66W (EdM)
Linda A. Deats and Michael S. Deats
Dr. R. Gary Deavel `70E (PhD)
Judy E. Debay
James A. DeBella
MaryAnn Debellis and Anthony DeBellis
Pam DeBellis and James S. DeBellis
Marjorie S. DeBerardinis
Jo A. Deblinger `72W (EdM)
Ralph E. Debolt
Dominic J. Debonis `85, `88S (MBA)
Jacqueline E. DeBrine and James DeBrine Jr.
Bonnie K. DeCarlo and Donald J. DeCarlo
Patricia A. DeCaro and Dr. James J. DeCaro
Nicholas Decausemaker
Dr. Edward L. Deci
Dr. Bruce L. Deck `71, `73 (MS)
Judy L. Deck
George Decker
Dr. Jill A. Decker `89
Joanne Decker
Juilee Decker and Greg P. Decker
Linda Decker
Dr. Mark J. Decker `71
Mary Jane Decker and John P. Decker
Michele A. Decker
Richard G. Decker `72E
Dorothy G. DeClerck and Robert C. DeClerck Sr.
Anne V. DeClue and Vincent DeClue
Eric J. Decoste `04, `09 (MS)
Kathleen M. DeCramer and Bob DeCramer
Iaonnis Dedes
Susan DeDuck and Peter F. DeDuck
Lillian L. Dee
Marie-Elena Deeney
Joseph Defazio
Dr. Christopher DeFilippi `88M (MD)
Carol L. DeFilippo
Wanda Defiore
Loretta R. DeFisher and Marvin C. DeFisher
Donna DeFord
Elaine J. Deforte and Stephen Deforte
Leonard M. DeFrancesco `62W (EdM)
Margaret D. Defranco `64H (DPL), `80N (MS), P`14 and Dr. Theodore G. Ford Jr. `61M (MD), P`14
Micheline DeFranco and Gerard DeFranco
Randy DeFrank
Michael J. Degenhart `88S (MBA)
Donald A. Degraw
Sharon M. Degregorio and Nick Degregorio
Susan F. DeGregory and Richard W. DeGregory
Rebecca Degro-Carbonel
Elizabeth S. DeGroff and Dr. Leslie DeGroff
Dr. Kathryn S. Deguire `54E
Cody Dehaan `10, `13 (MA)^
Jean L. DeHaven and Dr. Kenneth E. DeHaven
Dr. Richard L. Dehm `69S (MBA) and Suzanne Dehm
Dr. Jonathan D. Dehner `70M (Res)
Carol H. DeHond `60N and Barry A. DeHond
Christine C. DeHond
Hollie E. Deifer `63E
Alyster Deingeniis
Carol Deinhardt `78S (MBA)
Salim C. Deir `00S (MBA)
Lawrence Deis
Barbara H. Deisering and Rodney J. Deisering
Donna Deisinger and Michael P. Deisinger
Dr. Jaime DeJesus `76D (Den)
Marcia K. DeJesus-Rueff `16W (EdD) and Richard DeJesus-Rueff
Diane DeJong
Joan M. DeJonge
Linda J. Dekker `62
Andrew Del Duca
Lisa M. Del Gaizo and Michael P. Del Gaizo
Marian J. Del Giorno and Peter S. Del Giorno
Catherine I. Del Russo `78E
Martha DeLain
Linda N. Delaney and William F. Delaney
Nicholas Delaney
Doris Delano
Dr. Erwin Delano `56 (MS), `66 (PhD)
Roberta J. Delano `84
Judith P. DeLany P`18E
MaryLou DeLapa and Robert DeLapa
Kenneth L. Delaura
Sarah A. Delbridge P`16
Faith Delehanty
Lena DeLelys
Monique Delettrez and Jacques Delettrez
Joanne A. Delibert
John A. Delibert
Marguerite Delibert and James L. Delibert
Kathleen Dell and Dr. David Norman
Maureen R. Dell
Miriam Dell and Kenneth M. Dell
William Dell
Margot Della Pietra and Anthony Della Pietra
Dr. Alina R. Dellanzo `09D (Den)
Dr. Elizabeth A. Dellers `85M (MD), P`16 and Dr. Andrew T. Smith `82, P`16
Patricia A. DeLong and Robert J. DeLong
Jody DeLoria
Barbara J. Delorme
Beth Delpapa
Patricia H. DelRegno
Kimberly M. Delsordo P`19 and Daniel A. Delsordo P`19
Kathleen A. DeLuca and Frank DeLuca
Patricia DeLuca
Mary Ann DeLucenay and Scott DeLucenay
Rita DeLucia and Dr. James DeLucia
Frank A. Delvecchio
Constance DelVigna `75E
Marjorie DeMallie and Richard B. DeMallie Jr.
Mark DeMara
Linda P. Demarche P`18 and Christopher J. Demarche P`18
Barbara A. DeMarco and Richard M. DeMarco
Marie DeMarco and Dr. Charles DeMarco
Paula A. DeMarco `70 and Dr. Anthony M. DeMarco `70M (MD)
Maryann Demaria P`19 and William P. Demaria P`19
Rose A. DeMaria and Robert A. DeMaria
Joseph DeMart
Dr. Jane Dematte D'Amico `81
Anne DeMayo and Hyman DeMayo
Jane B. Demeis
Eric J. DeMeo `13^
Agata Demers
Sheron DeMetsenaere* and Thomas D. DeMetsenaere*
Debi Demeusy and John Demeusy
Christopher DeMillo
Charles A. Demilo `87
Regina Demina
David G. Deming P`18
Michelle DeMino
Dr. Hailu Demissachew `01M (Res)
Jessica L. DeMitry and Mark R. DeMitry
Richard P. Demitry
Gianoula Demkou and Nikolaos Demkou
Janice DeMocker `74N (MS), `84W (EdD), P`79 and Dr. John C. DeMocker `51, `55M (MD), P`79
Edward J. Demott
Joseph DeMott
Carrie A. Demoulin `15^
Zhi Dempsey P`16 and John E. Dempsey P`16
Dorian S. Denburg `76
Andrea E. DeNeen `93
Kathleen Dengal and Ronald C. Dengal
Carol V. Dengler P`15, P`18 and Stephen H. Dengler P`15, P`18
John H. Dengler
Kathy Deniega P`18 and Willie Deniega P`18
Abby Dening and Dennis R. Dening
Matthew J. Denker `07S (MBA) and Laura Beth Lincoln
Dorothy Denman and Charles Denman
Diane G. Denning `00W (PhD) and Edward M. Denning
Emily G. Denning `85
Kathleen Denning
Susan R. Denning and Martin F. Denning
Arlene H. Dennis
John S. Dennis
Robert H. Dennis
Walt Dennis
William J. Dennis Jr. `74
Diane S. Dennison and Richard S. Dennison
Laurie Dennstedt
Jennifer Densen `76E (MM)
Jessica L. Densmore `92
Thelma Densmore and Harold Densmore
Amy E. Dent P`17 and Timothy M. Dent P`17
Gretchen F. Dent and Robert Dent
Dr. Richard D. Dent `66M (MD), `70M (Flw) and Jeanne N. Dent
Penny A. Dentinger
Anthony J. Dentino
Dr. J. William Denton `77E (DMA)
Judy Ann DePalma
Lawrence E. DePalma
Paul DePalma
Gale DePaolis and Dr. Michael DePaolis
Lucille DePool `39E*
Irene Deprez and Thomas W. Deprez
Robert F. DePrez `53 and Marion M. DePrez
Hope S. Depuy
Pamela S. Deraddo and Sullivan C. Deraddo
Steve DeRaddo
Sister Connie Derby
Nicole F. Derby
Michael A. Dereu
Patricia A. DerHovsepian `60E (MM), P`91E, P`94E and Jack DerHovsepian P`91E, P`94E
Mary C. DeRitis `72W (MA) and Joseph DeRitis
Eugene R. Derleth*
Melissa A. Derleth `97N, `11S (MS)
Karen G. Dernoga and Stanley Dernoga
Dr. Joseph M. DeRoller `77 (PhD) and Martha M. DeRoller
Marie A. DeRosa
Joseph A. DeRose `87
Sue E. DeRose and Michael J. DeRose
Cindy P. D'Errico and David D. D'Errico
Eileen Dershowitz P`18 and Steven Dershowitz P`18
Kathryn K. DeRue and Thomas K. DeRue
Susan M. Derylak `89
Marcia Des Jardin `16^
Carmen A. DeSa
Ankur D. Desai `99
Kalpana B. Desai P`17 and Jayesh R. Desai P`17
Lauren Desai P`19 and Ankur M. Desai P`19
Amanda DeSain
Arlene Desantis
Karen DeSantis
Priti S. Deshpande P`17 and Sameer V. Deshpande P`17
Janet R. DeSimone `62N, `62
Dr. John P. DeSimone `68M (MD) and Diana J. Desimone
Sarah E. DeSimone `90N and Jerold A. DeSimone
Dr. Paul J. Desjardins `76D (Den) and Catherine F. Desjardins
Kathleen L. Desko
Beverly DeSmith `55 and Robert H. DeSmith `53
Valera D'Esopo and Robert D'Esopo
Jack W. DeSoto `61
Moises Desousa
Richard J. Desroches `85 and Marie Desroches
Renee E. Desrosiers P`09, P`12, P`13, P`14 and Kenneth Desrosiers P`09, P`12, P`13, P`14
Dr. John J. DeTraglia `64 and Cynthia L. DeTraglia
Scott M. Detraglia `02S (MBA) and Sarah Detraglia
Dane R. Detrick `72 (MA) and Virginia Detrick
Christine Dettman and Robin Dettman
Gregory G. Dettman
Suzanne Dettman
Monica Dettore P`17
Dr. Peggy D. Dettwiler `91E (DMA) and Dr. Jurgen Thym
Margaret L. Detty and Michael Detty
Christine V. Deturck and Paul D. Deturck
John A. Detweiler `96S (MBA) and Christine Detweiler
Jennifer T. Deuel and Jeff M. Deuel
Holly E. Deusenbery and Anthony Deusenbery
Nathaniel M. Deutsch `73
V. Sumati Devadutt `64, `66W (MA)
Rajiv Devanagondi
William F. Devaney
Evellyn J. Develder
Dr. Tatiana K. Deveney `14M (MD)
Margaret D. Dever
James A. DeVinney
Sharon Devita `87, `95S (MBA)
Christopher H. DeVoe `80S (MBA)
Francine Devolder
David E. Devos
Jeffrey A. DeVoyd `81
Peter B. Devries
Valerie DeVries and Thomas C. DeVries
Janet Dewart and Bill Dewart
Gail DeWeaver
Helga E. DeWeese
Dr. John D. DeWeese `62, `66M (MD)
Patricia A. DeWeese `60N
Christopher Dewey
Jeanne M. Dewey `87N
Josephine B. Dewey
Robert M. Dewey
Dr. Aaron G. Dewitt `06M (MD), `09M (Res), `10M (Res)
Lois DeWitt
Megan A. Dewitt `12, `13 (MS)^
Jenifer A. Dewsnap
Dr. Roy Dexheimer `69W (EdD) and Frances J. Dexheimer
Thomas H. Deyager
Kathleen DeZago and Marco DeZago
Robert Dezen
Lisa M. Di Domenico
Anthony J. Di Fiore Jr. `84
Joan M. Di Giovanni and Lawrence M. Di Giovanni
Rosa Di Lettera and Antonio Di Lettera
Beverly J. Di Liberto
Dr. Patricia M. Di Lorenzo `73, `81 (PhD)
Katherine H. Di Pietro and Joseph J. Di Pietro
Eleanor Diamond and Dr. Edward Diamond
Margaret Diamond
Margot L. Diamond `87 and Howard G. Saltzman `86
Dr. Pamela F. Diamond `85M (MD) and Dr. Eric N. Diamond `78, `86M (Res)
Peter W. Diamond `93S (MBA)
Sharon M. Diamond and John Diamond
Dr. Tracy L. Diamond `00, `02M (MS), `04M (PhD) and Dr. Joshua M. Diamond `00, `04M (MD)
Linda A. Dianetti and Leo Dianetti
Gabrielle Diangelo `16^
Andrea Dias P`19 and Michael Dias P`19
Orlando Diaz Jr. `14E^
Melisa Diaz `14^
Robert W. Diaz `98S (MBA)
Anita L. Dibble
Jeanne M. Dibble and Gerald Dibble
Ronald W. Dibble
Michael DiBella
Rose DiBella and James E. DiBella*
Carol Dibenedetto
Guido DiBenedetto
Ann M. DiBiase and Franklin Dibiase
Salvatore DiBiase `64W and C. Myrna DiBiase
Mary D. DiCesare and Leonard J. DiCesare Jr.
Mary E. DiCesare
Alberta S. Dick and Mendal W. Dick
Brian D. Dick `81S (MBA)
James M. Dick
Joseph F. Dick
William and Patricia Dick
Christine J. Dickerson P`05, P`12 and Kenneth G. Dickerson P`05, P`12
Denise Phillips-Dickinson and Charles C. Dickinson
Sharon A. Dickman and Michael L. Wentzel
James E. Dickson II
Dr. Robin K. Dickson `76 and William P. Dickson
Alison M. Dickson-Kozloski `94, `00S (MBA)
Thomas J. DiCostanzo
Mary F. DiDonna
Michela M. DiDuro
Jane H. Dieck
Elizabeth D. Diehl `86 (MS) and Dennis M. Diehl
Sharon D. Diehl and Robert P. Diehl
Joan E. Diem
Kathryn H. Diener and William J. Diener
Mary Diener
Dr. Richard A. Dienstbier `69 (PhD)
Thelma C. Diercks `57E (MM) and Dr. John H. Diercks `50E (MM), `60E (PhD)
Thomas D. Dieringer `11^
Barbara J. Dierna and Richard J. Dierna
Carol M. Dieruff
Dr. Federico Dies `66M (PhD) and Rosa Maria C. Dies
Nancy J. Dietrich P`98 and Richard C. Dietrich P`98
Ronnie D. Dietrich
Susan R. Dietrich `59E (MM)
Charles V. Dietz Jr.
Holly L. Dietz P`13 and Dr. Paul F. Dietz P`13
Laura H. Dietz P`18 and David R. Dietz P`18
Nathan E. Dietz `97 (MA), `99 (PhD)
Mary T. Dietzen `56N
Patricia Difabio
Max DiFiore
Lisa DiFrancesco
Richard C. DiFranco
Kari DiGiacomo
Mary L. DiGiacomo-Cohen `85
Filomena DiGiambattista
Anthony Digirolamo
Barbara Dijames
Joseph Dilal Jr.
Joseph G. Dilallo
Catherine DiLaura
Dr. Thornton V. Dilcher `74M (MD)
Nancy DiLeo and Patsy Dileo
Dr. Emanuel J. Diliberto Jr. `72M (PhD)
Phyllis DiLiberto
Dr. Bonnie T. Dill `65
Cynthia M. Dill
Dr. Loren H. Dill `81 (MS), `82 (PhD)
Sandra M. Dill
Anna M. Dillon
Judith A. Dillon and William Dillon
Nancy Dillon
Terese Dillon P`17 and Kevin Dillon Jr. P`17
Johannah E. DiLoreto and Daniel DiLoreto
Alberta DiMarco and Richard J. DiMarco
Andrea DiMarco and David Dimarco
Barbara DiMarco
Gerard D. DiMarco `96S (MBA) and Terrina D. DiMarco
Karen Z. DiMarco
Katherine E. DiMarco and Joel R. DiMarco
Ronald DiMarco
Carol D. DiMarsico
Deborah A. DiMartino
Rose DiMarzo
Teresa DiMarzo
Lilia DiMasa
Dr. Michael T. Diment `92M (Flw)
Sylvia K. Dimick
Frank DiMino
Ann DiMitro and Anthony DiMitro
Dr. Lynda J. Dimitroff and John K. Archer
Barbara Dimmick and Henry W. Williams Jr.
Ethan Dimmock
Dr. Arthur W. Dimock `73 (PhD)
Wayne M. Dimock
Anthony J. D'Imperio
Heather D'Imperio and Anthony D'Imperio
Christine DiMuro
Rosemarie DiMuro and Jerold Boddy
James P. DiNardo
Jeanine Dinardo and Tom DiNardo
Mary S. Dinardo* and Patrick E. Dinardo
Patricia DiNardo
Dorothy J. Dinehart
Dr. Murray H. Diner `69D (Den)
Maureen Dinero `68, `72W (MA) and Donald A. Dinero `66
Chunfang Ding `96S (MBA)
Jian Ding P`16 and Xiaofeng Wu P`16
Mary Therese K. Dinga P`18 and Michael J. Dinga P`18
Sue A. Dingee and Terrance Dingee
Herbert Dingle
Sheila M. Dingman and Thomas J. Dingman
Todd Dingman
Catherine DiNicola
James A. DiNieri
Sandra DiNitto
Ronald DiNoto
Evelyn M. Dinottia and Stephen Dinottia
Italo D'Intino
Thomas B. Dintruff `57 and Loretta P. Dintruff
Frank M. Diorio `89S (MBA) and Nancy Diorio
Annette DiPalma and Stephen DiPalma
Elaine DiPaola
Amber DiPasquale
Mary DiPasquale and Charles DiPasquale
Peter S. DiPasquale `52 and Virginia DiPasquale
Sandra M. DiPasquale
Sebastian A. DiPasquale
Felicia A. DiPierro
Maria Dipisa and Giacomo Dipisa
Mary A. DiPonzio
Debbie DiPrima and Joseph G. DiPrima
Anne DiProsa and John DiProsa
Patricia N. DiRisio and Nicholas J. DiRisio
Dr. Thomas R. Dirksen II `60D (Den), `61D (MS), `68D (PhD)
Rose Diroma and Anthony J. Diroma
Dr. Michael R. DiSalle `93M (MD), `96M (Res) and Lynn DiSalle
Erica DiSalvo
Karen E. DiSalvo
Leonard DiSalvo
Marge Disalvo
Sandra DiSalvo and Charles A. DiSalvo Jr.
Kenneth E. DiSanto `71S (MBA) and Sylvia A. DiSanto
Marsha DiSanto and Alex DiSanto
Wendell V. Discher `51 (MS) and Mary J. Discher
Dr. Frederick W. Dischinger `63M (Res) and Muriel J. Dischinger
Dr. George A. Disney `78M (MD)
Joseph Dispenza
Jacqueline DiStefano
Charles A. Dittmar `52, `68S (MBA)
Karen M. Ditucci `14W (MS) and Anthony J. Ditucci
Dr. Anthony J. DiVasto `53 and Maria DiVasto
David B. Diver `86
Shaquana P. Divers
Epifania DiVincenzo and Remo DiVincenzo
John P. Divincenzo `93S (MBA) and Erin S. Divincenzo
Susan DiVincenzo and Michael DiVincenzo
Angela V. Dixon P`13, P`15 and Timothy A. Dixon P`13, P`15
Ann L. Dixon `56
Brian W. Dixon `12^
Henry C. Dixon
Judith M. Dixon
Judith M. Dixon `63N and John B. Dixon `72
Marvin L. Dixon
Scott C. Dixon
Sharon Dixon
Virginia Dixon `63N, `63
Janice Dlugosh and Thomas Dlugosh
Dr. John M. Dluhy `66M (Res)
Robert G. Dobberstein
Kenneth Dobbin
D. Matthew Dobbins `95 and Laurie Dobbins
Karen J. Dobbins and Stephen Dobbins
Janet L. Dobbs `87S (MBA)
Alyce K. Dobie and William C. Dobie
Ann M. Dobson
Bessie W. Dobson
Christopher D. Dobson `15S (MBA) and Nicole Dobson
Stephen B. Dobson
Dr. Kenneth J. Dobuler `73 and Susan W. Dobuler
Betty C. Dockery
Karen M. Docteur
Paula M. Docteur and Andrew Osborn
Linda Dodd-Nagel
Leroy K. Dodge Jr.
Sally L. Dodgson and Dr. Kenneth Dodgson
Susannah M. Dodson `61
Susan Dodsworth and K. W. Dodsworth
David L. Doe `88
Stephanie Doe and Donald Doe
Carol Doehne `77E
Mark P. Doehnert `75 and Miriam Doehnert
Lynn Doescher
Ann Doherty and Terrance R. Doherty
Sandra J. Doherty and G. Michael Doherty
Tim Doherty
Dr. Brent R. Dohner `83 (MS), `85 (PhD)
Jennie Doi and Derrick Doi
Mary Doino
Julienne F. Dolan `94, `99S (MBA)
Mary H. Dolan `76N (MS) and Dr. Robert J. Dolan
Elliot Dolby-Shields `09^
Suzanne Dolecki and Stan Dolecki
Marlene N. Doling and Dr. M. James Doling
Deborah A. Dollinger and Gregg Dollinger
Louise N. Dolliver
Mark Domagala
Dr. Mary-Therese B. Dombeck `78N (MS), `84 (MA), `89 (PhD), P`87 and James Dombeck
Dr. David A. Dombroski `95M (Res), `00M (Flw)
Patricia A. Dominas and Glen P. Dominas
Roberta A. Dominice
Dr. Celene E. Domitrovich `90
Betty Donahoe and Joseph B. Donahoe
Kelly K. Donahue P`18 and Kent L. Donahue P`18
Lynn M. Donahue `01W (EdD) and Michael J. Donahue
Michael T. Donahue `77
Sandra G. Donahue `66
Valentina S. Donahue
Judy C. Donaldson and Craig Donaldson
Margaret H. Donaldson and Kenneth R. Donaldson
Shirley E. Donaldson
Daryl C. Donatelli `03, `06S (MBA)
David Donatello
Richard C. Donath
Mary Ann Donato
Dr. Jane J. Donawerth and Dr. William Scally P`07E, P`07
Patricia A. Donegan
Mary A. Donius `55E
David Donk
Jeanne M. Donley and Robert S. Donley III
Danielle Donlin and Steven Donlin
Anmarie Donlin-Fields
Dr. Margaret M. Donlon `06M (MD)
Mary Ellen Donlon and John Donlon
Carolyn Donnelly and James Donnelly
Cheryl A. Donnelly
David R. Donnelly `10W (PhD)
Kevin J. Donnelly `67S (MBA)
Megan Donnelly
Patricia M. Donnelly and Alan F. Donnelly
Valerie A. Donnelly and Keith M. Donnelly
Patricia A. Donner and Charles Donner
Douglas A. Donofrio `78
Norene A. D'Onofrio `73 and John J. D'Onofrio
Lois Donohoe* and Tom Donohoe
Mary Donohue
Caroline Donovan
Cindy L. Donovan
James T. Donovan `85
Jo Ann Donovan and Francis E. Donovan
Judy C. Donovan
Katherine E. Donovan and Kreag Donovan
Mark Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Donovan
Michael P. Donovan
Dr. Michael P. Donovan `90M (MD)
Michele M. Donova and Robert J. Donovan
Sharon Donovan
Dr. Susan A. Donovan and Richard P. Donovan
Sanford Donsky
Philip T. Dontino Jr. `87, P`20 and Patricia A. Dontino P`20
Martha C. Doolittle and Matt Doolittle
Nicole R. Doolittle `72N, `72 and Kenneth K. Doolittle
Shirley J. Doolittle `53, `54N and Dr. Kenneth H. Doolittle `56M (MD)
William R. Doolittle `98S (MBA)
Gail H. Doonan and Douglas D. Doonan
Dr. Diana G. Dorai-Raj `60
Dr. Jesse Doran `14M (MD)
Dr. Carol Doran `62E (MM), `78E (DMA) and Michael Doran P`90
Donna M. Dorey and Russell Dorey
Charles Dorland
Kristine A. Dorman `95 and Robert J. Dorman `93N, `15N (MS)
Laura Dorman*
Thomas E. Dorman `59
Dr. Ted A. Doron `70 (PhD)
Dorothy E. Lindsay
Beverlee Dorren
Paul M. Dorscheid `93N, `97N (MS) and Beth Dorscheid
Therese M. Dorscheid and Daniel E. Dorscheid
David E. Dorsey `75 and Nancy T. Dorsey
Laura M. Dose `80
Melissa M. Dossie-O'Sullivan `99
Harry D. Doty
Joy L. Doucette P`17E
Dr. Andree M. Douchin `74 (MA), `79 (PhD)
Dr. John R. Doud `58M (MD)
David W. Dougherty `11M (Flw),`13S (MBA) and Beth Ann Dougherty
Kimberly A. Dougherty and Jerome D. Dougherty
Marie R. Dougherty and Thomas W. Dougherty
Cynthia Doughty
Helen M. Douglas
Dr. Dean C. Douglass `51
Michael A. Douglass `75S (MBA)
Tria P. Dove
Anne Dovert and David Covert
Brenda Dow `61* and Richard V. Dow
Patricia F. Dow `06S (MBA) and Stephen P. Dow
Robert Dow
Susan W. Dow and Ronald F. Dow
Virginia M. Dow and Paul W. Dow
Laura V. Dowd P`12 and David L. Gallogly P`12
Robert A. Dowd `59E and Alice G. Dowd
Robert J. Dowd `15^
Thomas E. Dowd
Jennifer M. Dowdall `89
Iris Dowden and Douglas C. Dowden P`03E
Georgia Dowe
Dr. Earl H. Dowell
John W. Dower II `99S (MBA)
Dr. Scott Dowling Jr. `55M (MD)
Michael Downer `76 and Jane Downer
Holly K. Downes and Brian M. Downes
Linda Downes
Edward S. Downey
Wendy J. Downey*
Emily E. Downie
Dr. Elizabeth A. Downing `73M (MD)
Dr. Keith T. Downing `02M (MD)
Dr. Elinor F. Downs `38M (Res)
Timothy J. Downs `71S (MBA), P`90 and Marilyn Downs P`90
Delmer A. Doyle*
Lauren A. Doyle `98W (MS) and John G. Doyle Jr.
Leslie J. Doyle and Richard T. Doyle
Margaret A. Doyle and Desmond J. Beck
Margaret A. Doyle
Nina Doyle
Dr. Elizabeth J. Doyne `95M (PDC) and Barry Sanderson
Dr. Ann M. Dozier `77N, `80N (MS), `96N (PhD)
Kristin Drabik and Dr. Stan D. Drabik
Edward Drachman
Francis J. Drago `54
Susan S. Drago P`12 and Stephan J. Drago P`12
Andrea M. Drahms P`00, P`06 and Richard A. Drahms P`00, P`06
David C. Drahms `00
Wanda (Carey) Drake and Dana C. Drake
Brian F. Drake `76E and Carol B. Drake
Donna M. Drake and William L. Drake*
Irene H. Drake and Robert L. Drake
Janice Drake and Timothy Drake
Dona J. Drangel `56E (MM) and Alfred Drangel
Katharine M. Draper `53
Nancy J. Draper `52E (MM)
Michael L. Drapkin `79E and Susan Drapkin
Geraldine A. Drasch
Dr. Ines Draskovic `02E (DMA) and Dr. Petar N. Kodzas `99E (DMA)
Whitney B. Drazen `07^
Diane Drechsler and George Drechsler*
Josette Drees
Rose Dreher
Lisa B. Dreimiller and Mark A. Dreimiller
Marie Drennen
Dr. Donney T. Drennon-Gala `88W (MSE), `94W (PhD)
Justin G. Dressel `09 (MA), `13 (PhD)
Heather Dresser
Dr. David M. Dressler `66M (Res), `68M (Res)
Dr. Stephanie J. Drew `84, P`19 and Robert G. Gingher `84, P`19
Daniel T. Drewek `74S (MBA) and Katherine M. Drewek
Judith Drews
Marlene A. Dreyer
Cheryl R. Driscoll and Dr. W. David Driscoll
Jo Anne M. Driscoll `56N
John D. Driscoll `10E^
Kerry A. Driscoll P`17 and Daniel W. Bailey P`17
Barbara W. Drmacich
Jean M. Drobek
Beth B. Dron and James K. Dron
Carolyn W. Droser P`11 and Andrew P. Dzaugis P`11
Dorothy A. Droser `47, P`75, P`81
Dr. Paul E. Droste `61E (MM)
Deborah F. Drucker `74
Dr. Mariann J. Drucker `82, `86M (MD), `93M (Res) and Dr. David N. Drucker `84M (MD), `88M (Res)
Dr. R. David Drucker `74 (MA), `74 (PhD) and Mary J. Drucker
Nancy J. Drum `70 and David L. Drum `70
Marilyn A. Drumm
Alicia N. Drury
Kay P. Drury `63, `65 (MS)
Margo W. Druschel P`14 and Stephen J. Druschel P`14
Karolis A. Druseikis
George Druziako `78 and Elizabeth Druziako
Dr. Wayne A. Drysdale `59
J. Ernest Du Bois `48, `49 (MA)
Noshir B. Dubash `89 (MS), `94 (PhD)
Darlene D. Dube P`18 and Valier J. Dube P`18
Lisa M. Dube-Whitehair `95N (MS), `12N (PMC)
Vera Dubilier `59W
Dr. Joshua Dubler
Barbara L. Dublin P`15
Virginia V. Dublin*
Dr. Jeffrey C. Dubois `03
Peter A. DuBois `80E and Mary P. DuBois
Sandra B. Duckworth* and Charles R. Duckworth
Dr. Martin A. Duclos `89
Sandeep Dudhwewala `95
David D. Dudley `48, `51 (MS)
Jutta Dudley
Laurie Dudley P`05 and Kevin Dudley P`05
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dudley
Sandra J. Dudley `85E (MM) and Bruce J. Dudley `86E (MM)
Linda Dudman `70
Gail Duell and Steven M. Duell
Sarah Duemmel
Jane T. Duerr
Carol A. Duffy and Michael J. Duffy
James H. Duffy `63 (MS) and Mary S. Duffy
Karen F. Duffy-Durnin `84N (MS)
Dr. Richard F. Dufresne `65
Jamie L. Dugan
Sandra Dugan and Rev. James Dugan
Ann E. Duke and Dr. Charles B. Duke
Jo Anne H. Duke `52, `53N
Christine Dukes and Ronald E. Dukes
Rosa L. Dukes and Thomas J. Dukes
Maya Dukmasova `12^
Cynthia M. Duley `93S (MBA)
Jean Duliba and Robert Duliba
Dr. Irl N. Duling III `85 (PhD)
Carolyn M. Dumar `12N (MS)
Daniel Dumar
Glen A. Dumas
Paul R. Dumas `90, `92 (MS)
Carl Dumbauld
Bonnie Dunbar `70
Gertrude Dunbar `49
Dr. Irene N. Dunbar `86 (PhD)
Mary E. Dunbar `75
Frank Duncan Jr.
Alistair M. Duncan `13E^
Christine M. Duncan P`13E and Dr. Ian A. Duncan P`13E
Evelyn Duncan and Dean Duncan
Dr. Kathleen E. Duncan `75, `78 (MS), `82 (PhD) and Dr. William F. Kern `75
Mary E. Duncan and David A. Duncan
Roslyn J. Duncan `61W
Mark E. Dundon `04
Gladys Dunham and Frederick H. Dunham
Dr. Stanley S. Dunkelman `52, `56M (Res)* and Eleanor W. Dunkelman
Neal G. Dunkleberg `66
Dr. Jeanetta Dunlap
Constance J. Dunlop and William Dunlop
Brian T. Dunn `85, `86
Jerold Dunn
L. Max Dunn
Lisa Dunn and Don Dunn
Marjorie S. Dunn P`16 and John J. Dunn P`16
Michael L. Dunn `58
Susan Dunn
Dr. Thomas D. Dunn `64E, `66E (MA)
Toni Dunn
Wendy F. Dunn and Michael D. Dunn
James M. Dunne `03
Keiran J. Dunne `88, `93 (MA)
James M. Dunnigan `73
Susan Dunnigan `70W, P`96 and John R. Dunnigan `68, P`96
Robin Dunnington and James Renfrew
Nancy B. Dupecher `62
Judith A. Dupre
Kelli P. Duprey `93S (MBA) and Peter C. Duprey `93S (MBA)
Gale S. Duque `58
Carol A. Duquette and Joseph R. Duquette
Alison M. Dura `90N (MS)
Elizabeth K. Durand
Dr. Robert Durand `03D (Den)
Peter H. Durant `75S (MBA) and Suzanne B. Durant
Mary Durfee `53* and David S. Durfee
Joan Durkin
Maria A. Durkin `82, `98S (MBA) and Thomas P. Durkin `82
Susan M. Durkin and Sean J. Durkin
Velma C. Durland `49, `50N
Maurice F. Durning `76S (MBA) and Arline H. Durning
Patricia A. Durr `87W (MSE)
Dr. Frederick Dushay `61M (Res)
Mary Jo Dussault
Joyce M. Dustman and Elmer F. Dustman Jr.
Christina A. Dutch `97S (MBA)
Annemarie T. Dutcher and Andrew Dutcher
Stephani E. Dutcher and Jeremy M. Dutcher
Stephanie Dutcher and Richard Dutcher
Elaine A. Dutka `69
Irene Dutko Fioravanti `82N (MS), `92W (MS) and Richard Fioravanti
Patricia Dutt P`17
Dr. Gordon P. Dutter `87 (PhD)
Dr. Cynthia B. Dutton `56M (MD)
Melanie E. Dutton and Rodney L. Dutton
Evelyn Duvall and Eric Duvall P`00
Marilyn K. Duvall
Ronald H. DuVall `69 and Theresa A. Duvall
Kathleen A. Dvorkin
Dr. Ann E. Dwyer
Joan D. Dwyer and Michael C. Dwyer
Sharon Dwyer and Paul V. Dwyer II
Susan L. Dybas
Noel Dyer `99
Christopher Dygert
Marilyn A. Dyjak and Robert A. Dyjak
Dr. Brian J. Dykstra `65E (MM), `69E (DMA)
Andrea L. Dynder Maes `96 (MS)
Florence Dynski
Karen Dyring and Penrose F. Dyring
Kathleen Dziedzic
Dr. Michelle Dziejman `88 and Stephen J. Siegel `85
Katrin I. Dziergwa `07S (MBA)
Lisa L. Dzintars-Pahwul `81
Nancy A. Dziuba and Kevin G. Dziuba

An asterisk (*) denotes the individual is deceased

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