O – R

All George Eastman Circle members are automatically recognized as Rochester Loyal members. The George Eastman Circle Honor Roll is accessible by members only.

O - R
Marie L. Oakleaf and Donald A. Oakleaf
Mary Ann Oakley and Stephen Oakley
Dr. Ann B. Oaks `78 (MA), `86W (MSE), `87W (PhD)
Ann S. Oates `89S (MBA) and Dr. Theodore K. Oates II
Grant W. Oberdorf
Kathryn M. Oberlies and Lawrence J. Oberlies
Brian Obi
Kathleen Obi
Rosemary O. Obi
Sandra F. Obi
Sanita Obradovic
Dr. Adrienne O'Brien
Arlene O'Brien
Caitlin P. O'Brien `11E, `11
Carolyn M. O'Brien and Frank N. O'Brien
Daniel E. O'Brien Jr. `16^
Diane O'Brien
Elaine Z. O'Brien
Esther O'Brien
Geraldine H. O'Brien
Dr. Janna R. Gewirtz O'Brien `09, `13M (MD) and Dr. Travis G. O'Brien `13M (MD)
Jo Ann R. O'Brien and Donald W. O'Brien Jr.
Dr. John F. O'Brien `67 (PhD) and Patricia O'Brien
Kelly J. O'Brien and James C. O'Brien
Marilyn O'Brien
Mary Ann O'Brien
Michael J. O'Brien `91S (MBA) and Colette M. O'Brien
Monica O'Brien and Peter G. O'Brien
Patty L. O'Brien
Paula O'Brien and Thomas O'Brien
Dr. Peter O'Brien
Rae B. O'Brien
Sharon O'Brien
Dr. Suzanne R. O'Brien `11N (PhD) and Edward O'Brien
Thomas E. O'Brien
Timothy M. O'Brien
William J. O'Brien
Douglas D. Obrochta
Robyn E. Occhiogrosso P`18 and Paul F. Occhiogrosso P`18
Dr. Orpha C. Ochse `48E (MM), `53E (PhD)
Mary I. Ockenden and Arthur A. Alvut
Dennis O'Connell
Mary O'Connell and William O'Connell
Matthew J. O'Connell P`23
Regina O'Connell
Roy J. O'Connell `65 and Helen H. O'Connell
Dr. William B. O'Connell Jr. `67W (MA), `73W (EdD) and Elinor B. O'Connell
Christopher E. O'Connor `79, P`14 and Deborah A. O'Connor P`14
Doris S. O'Connor `51, `52N
Jill M. O'Connor and Chuck P. O'Connor
John B. O'Connor `81S (MBA) and Martha T. O'Connor
Joseph M. O'Connor `88 (MS)
Karen O'Connor
Kathryn A. O'Connor `80 and Joseph E. O'Connor Jr.
Maureen H. O'Connor
Megan E. O'Connor `11
Michael P. O'Connor
Richard F. O'Connor
Robert B. O'Connor
William J. O'Connor Jr.
David R. Ocorr `51 and June R. Ocorr
Phyllis Oddi `55N
Margaret A. O'Dea and William R. O'Dea
Diane H. Odel and William F. Odel
Julia B. Odenbach P`11 and John M. Odenbach Jr.
David Odle Sr.*
Frank Odoi
Jennifer O'Donnell
Joseph O'Donnell
Ruth T. O'Donnell
Carole O'Donoghue and James F. O'Donoghue
Lorrie O'Donovan P`89 and Thomas E. O'Donovan P`89
Philip Odusote `14S (MBA)
Kimberly Oechsle
Francine Oelbaum
Stephen L. Oesch
Rosemary Oesterly and Gerald C. Oesterly
Dr. Alan E. Oestreich `69M (Res)
Swan E. Oey `87, P`23 and Stephanie Oey P`23
Molly Collins Offner P`23
Dr. John Y. Ofori `95 (MS), `96 (PhD)
Ruth G. O'Gawa `55N, P`83, P`89 and Dr. Gilbert M. O'Gawa `57M (MD), P`83, P`89
Amy C. Ogden `73W
Kenneth R. Ogden
Maryann D. Ogden and Randell J. Ogden
Mary Lou Ognibene and Samuel W. Ognibene
Dr. Steven J. Ognibene `04M (Res) and Corinna L. Ognibene
Joseph O'Grady
Uzoma Ohajekwe
Frieda O'Hanlon P`88, P`10
Cathleen O'Hara and Lloyd O'Hara
Gena H. O'Hara
Takahide Ohkami `87 (MS)
Dr. Richard Ohnmacht `86M (MD)
Eleanor H. Oi `13S (MBA)
Walter Y. Oi Family P`13
Margie O'Jea and Kevin M. Bain
Dr. Jeremiah D. Okal-Frink `15W (PhD)
John R. O'Keefe `79 (MS)
Joseph E. O'Keefe `51
Kevin M. O'Keefe
Marlene J. O'Keefe
Patricia V. Goodwin and George Okrent
Kathleen M. Olbrich `88S (MBA) and Dennis B. Olbrich `89S (MBA)
Michael D. Olcott
Jeffrey C. Olds
Joshua M. Oleksyn `03 and Kimberly Oleksyn
David Oles `14^
Caitlin C. Olfano `12^ and Dr. David Maystrovsky `10
Carole R. Olifiers and Kevin A. Olifiers
Joan P. Oliphant and John B. Oliphant
Cynthia A. Oliva and Nicholas Oliva
Dr. David J. Oliveiri `81S (MBA) and Marianne Oliveiri
Carol V. Oliver and Eugene T. Oliver
Charles D. Oliver
Jean L. Oliver and Lawrence S. Oliver
Laura L. Oliver
Nancy Oliver and William R. Oliver
William Oliver P`07, P`08
Barbara E. Olk `73 and Dr. James I. Zisfein `73
Kristine Ollies
Linda Olmstead
Mary Olney
Nancy J. Olney and Thomas H. Olney
Dr. Carol L. Olnick `84, `88M (MD)
Margaret S. O'Loughlin
Peggy A. Olrich and Robert Olrich
Moira Olscamp and Francis X. Olscamp
Alice Olsefski
Beverly H. Olsen and William C. Olsen
Charlotte Olsen
Karl Olsen
Nancy J. Olsen and Harlan W. Olsen*
Susan E. Olsen `57, `64W (MA) and Thor O. Olsen
Dr. Timothy J. Olsen `01E (MM), `05E (MA), `05E (DMA)
Amy Olson
Jeanette S. Olson `65W (MA) and Russell L. Olson
Jeffrey Olson
Patricia A. Olson and Daniel A. Olson
Peter B. Olson `52
Shirley R. Olson
Steven R. Olson `79S (MBA)
Suzanne A. Olson
Hope W. Olsson and Gudmund Olsson
Ulla-Britta Olsson `70W (MA) and Dr. Harold E. Olsson `68M (MD), `72M (Res)
Raymond L. Olszewski
Robert J. Olyslager `73 and Karen Olyslager
Cormac O'Malley
Margaret O'Malley
Charlotte J. O'Mara
Robert Omeal
Joel M. Omino `21^
Mauricio Onate
Susan M. Onderdonk and Robert D. Onderdonk
Cheryl O'Neil
Daniel G. O'Neil `83
Elaine M. O'Neil
Kathleen A. O'Neil
Nancy J. O'Neil `89N (MS) and Daniel C. O'Neil
Sandra L. O'Neil
M. Joan O'Neill
Raymond B. O'Neill `74 and Denise A. O'Neill
Thomas M. O'Neill
Seiko Ono P`21 and Aaron A. Gerow P`21
Nancy Onofrey and Stephen Onofrey
Jeffery S. Onze `11W (AC) and Erin Onze
Susan Onze and Richard Onze
Cindy Oplinger
Margaret Oppel
Marcia Z. Opperman and Willliam M. Opperman
Gary L. Orbaker
Julie Orchard
Peter Ordal `04
Margaret A. Ordiway
James O'Reilly
Leslie A. O'Reilly `96
Dr. Richard J. O'Reilly `68M (MD) and E. Jean O'Reilly
Michael W. Orem
Sandra G. Orengo
Dr. Allan A. Orenstein `73M (MD) and Dr. Jane G. Orenstein
Donna W. Orioli and Robert A. Orioli
Charles Orlando
Dianna B. Orlando
Tracy K. Orloff `04 and Scott Orloff
April Orlowski
Dr. Beth A. Orlowski
COL Albert G. Orman `55
Elisabeth M. Bischoff-Ormsbee P`16 and John Ormsbee P`16
Kimberley Oropeza and Daniel Oropeza
Eileen O'Rourke and John R. O'Rourke
Margaret A. O'Rourke
Harrison G. Orr `59E (MM)
J. Leslie Orr
Michelle Orr
Susan Orr and Ted Orr
Joyce Orrico
Karen M. Orrico
Everett Orsini
Norine A. Orsini `57, `75W
Daisy Ortiz P`06
Denishea Ortiz and Orlando Ortiz
Sandra Ortiz
Mary M. Ortolani
Ellen Osadciw and Peter Osadciw
Bonnie Lee Osborn and Roger Osborn
John H. Osborn `82
Diane Osborne P`92 and Harold D. Osborne P`92
Maribeth Osborne
Matthew E. Osborne `92 and Kristen M. Osborne
Janet L. Osgood and Richard N. Osgood
Barbara H. Osher
Dr. Robert H. Osher `76M (MD) and Debbie Osborne
Dr. Temitope A. Oshodi `11M (MD)
Michael D. Osiecki `80, `82S (MBA)
Anthony W. Osinski `11
Elizabeth M. Osinski and Thomas Osinski
Dr. Thomas L. Osinski `16M (MD)
Andrii Osipa `18 (MS)
Martha M. Osowski `84S (MBA), P`17 and John J. Osowski
Richard E. Osseck `77, `78 (MS)
Brian P. Ossias `91 and Whitney Clark
Linda F. Ossias `64, P`91 and Dr. A. Lawrence Ossias `61, `66M (Res), P`91
Dr. Deborah J. Ossip P`08, P`10 and Dr. Steven M. Gonek
Elizabeth A. Osta and George D. Van Arsdale
Jean Osterling
Barbara K. Osterman `83S (MBA) and Scott J. Osterman `73
Carol M. Ostrander
Richard Ostroff
Pamela H. Ostrosky and James Ostrosky
Elizabeth J. Ostrow P`24 and Alec P. Ostrow P`24
Sandra Ostrowski and Edward F. Ostrowski
Elaine Ostrowski and Joseph W. Ostrowski
Rosemary O'Sullivan
Carol J. Oswald and George E. Oswald Jr.
Lawrence Ota
Barbara S. Otero
Lydia P. Otero
Brenda O'Toole and Martin O'Toole
Mary A. Ott
Jean Ottalagana and Richard Ottalagana
Henrietta Otterbein
Vivian Ottney and David Ottney
Mary A. Ottnod and Carl L. Ottnod
Dr. Li-Tse Ou `72M (PhD) and Chiu M. Ou
Stanley J. Ovens
Mary R. Overfield and Dane A. Overfield
Vanessa M. Overfield and Philip J. Overfield
Maimu V. Overmoyer and Lloyd Overmoyer
Dr. Catherine Ovitt and Dr. Dirk P. Bohmann
Soon G. Ow `79
Ann B. Owen `62, `78 (MS) and Dr. John R. Owen `66 (PhD)
Barbara S. Owen
Bliss E. Owen
Carole M. Owen
Eileen Owen and Graydon Owen
Jessica Owen
Karen A. Owen
Thomas J. Owen `78
Beverly A. Owens
Jean M. Owens and Paul C. Owens
Rebecca A. Owens
Susan M. Owens and John P. Owens
Dr. Sarah C. Oxnard `73M (MD) and Dr. Thomas F. Oxnard `71M (MD)
Barry Oyer
Joshua Oyer
Richard Oyer
Zagadou D. Oyotode
Deniz S. Ozbas and Umit Ozbas
Paul J. Ozminkowski
Virginia S. Pacala
Pauline A. Pace and Lawrence J. Pace
Julie A. Pacella and Matthew A. Pacella
Ethan P. Pacheck `15^
Elizabeth Pacheco
Iris J. Pacheco
Joseph E. Pacher
Martha N. Pacilio `78M (MS) and Dr. Louis V. Pacilio `79M (MD)
Mary K. Pacilio and Anthony Pacilio
Patricia Pack P`10
Laurie Packer
Dr. Marvin S. Packer `65
Lori L. Paddock
Patricia E. Paddock and Lon E. Paddock
Sandra Padget and Richard Padget
Letha Padgett
Marcia J. Padiak
Ada Padilla
Nancy Padilla
Jeff Padlick
Ann Padula and Bob Padula
Dennis A. Pagan
Michael R. Pagan `17^
Diane B. Paganelli and John A. Paganelli
Gerald S. Paganin `74 and Roxanne Paganin
Kailey Pagano
Christine A. Page and Kenneth E. Page
Daryl D. Page `53
Jean M. Page and Allan C. Page
Margaret S. Page*
Stephanie Page
Carol J. Pagliuso
Marian Pagnattaro
Cathleen E. Paiement and Robert E. Paiement
Lisa Paille and Jeffrey F. Paille
Dr. Frederick L. Paillet `68, `69 (MS), `74 (PhD)
Victoria Paine and Phillip Paine
Nina Painton and Richard C. Painton
Gillian Paku
Dr. Stephen B. Pakula `64M (Res) and Laurie S. Pakula
Carola Pakusch
Kondalarao Palaka `93S (MS)
Peggy Y. Palamar `91S (MBA) and David Palamar
Geraldine Palella
Annie Palermo
Chasity Palermo
Joseph C. Palermo
Mary A. Palermo
Michael D. Palermo `20S (MS) and Marilyn Palermo
Nancy Palermo and James A. Palermo
Nicholas Palermo
Ruth S. Palermo and Donald G. Palermo*
Mary C. Paliotti
Priscilla Paliotti
Beverly Palladino and Joseph Palladino
Christina Palma
Frances C. Palma and Richard M. Palma
Jean S. Palmateer `81 and Brian P. Palmateer `82
Helen Palmatier
Amy Palmer and Dwight M. Palmer
Bonnie Palmer and William J. Palmer
Donna Palmer `67, `76W (MA) and Dr. Harvey J. Palmer `67
Janice S. Palmer
Judith C. Palmer `71 and Dr. Frederick B. Palmer `72M (MD)
Meribeth Palmer and Howard Konar
Ralph S. Palmer
Ronald E. Palmer
Steven Palmer
Sylva L. Palmer and James L. Palmer
Barbara Palmeri
Gloria A. Palmiero and Vincent Palmiero
Margaret H. Palombella and William J. Palombella
Marisol Palomo `16^
Michaela Palucci and Anthony Palucci P`87
Channing A. Paluck `03E (MA) and Amy Hatch
Dr. Donna R. Palumbo `09M (Flw)
Stephen E. Paluszek `79
Nancy Palvino P`85
Yin Pan
Nancy Panasiewicz
Raymond J. Pancarowicz `75E
Karen A. Panchyshyn
Christine Panek and Robert C. Panek
Charlene Panella
Deborah T. Pang P`21
William Panipinto
David W. Pankenier `68
Dr. Bernard J. Panner `61M (Res) and Molly S. Panner
Valerie P. Pannier `61 and LtCol Richard F. Pannier `60
Karen Panosian and Alan Salmons
Dr. Joy J. Pansari `06W (MS), `12W (AC), `17W (EdD)
Dr. Seth M. Pantanelli `03, `04 (MS), `09M (MD), `13M (Res) and Valerie Pantanelli
Natalia V. Pantoja
Angela J. Panzarella
Jennie M. Panzarella
Mary Panzer and Louis Panzer
Dr. Robert J. Panzer `80M (Res), P`09, P`13 and Nancy J. Panzer P`09, P`13
Dominic Paparone
Alex G. Papastrat `09, `11 (MS)
Dean M. Pappas `96S (MBA)
Karen D. Pappas and James P. Pappas
Margaret Paradis and Robert Paradis
Sarah Paradiso
Joanne Paratore
Tamara Pardue and John Pardue
Robert S. Pardyjak `64
Sarah E. Pare `11S (MBA) and Adam O. Pare
Susan Parente `95
Dr. Barbara A. Parey `74, `78M (MD)
Eleanor C. Parfitt `47
Marie D. Parina and James R. Parina
Dolores M. Paris and Anthony J. Paris
Helen Paris
Pamela J. Paris and Andrew L. Paris III
Stacie M. Paris
Diane K. Pariser `71
Kenneth M. Pariser `70
John Parisi
Margaret M. Parisi `03, `13S (MS), `15S (MBA)
Molly A. Parisi and A. Luke Parisi
Wendy Parisi
Bonnie L. Park
Gloribel Arvelo-Park `89 and Robert C. Park `88, `90S (MBA)
Henry K. Park `90
Katherine J. Park
Dr. Kenneth K. Park `69 (MS), `72 (PhD)
Rosa Park `17^
Dr. Robert G. Parke `70, P`04
Dr. Barnett R. Parker `72S (MS), `76S (PhD) and Linda Margolin
Davis E. Parker `67W (MA) and Jane H. Parker
Diana Parker P`94, P`96
Edythe A. Parker `75N
Eric S. Parker `71 and Margaret S. Parker
Holly Parker
Jean A. Parker
Josephine Parker
Joyce R. Parker
Karen Parker
Maria L. Parker and Douglas Parker
Mary L. Parker and Norman J. Aroesty
Nancy Parker and Richard Parker
Dr. Robert E. Parker Jr. `52 and Joyce E. Parker
Robert H. Parker Jr. `83S (MBA)
Scott Parker
Barbara Parkes and Walter T. Parkes
Brenda A. Parkes and Thomas Parkes
Kristin Parkes and Michael T. Parkes
Philip L. Parkes
Geoffrey S. Parkhurst `14S (MBA)
Audrey J. Parkman and Paul Parkman
Bruce J. Parks `87 (MS) and Susan W. Gilday
Bruce W. Parks `92S (MBA) and Cynthia Parks
Dr. Jean M. Parks `79 (PhD)
Mildred Parks
Thomas W. Parks `71
Charles Parlato
Dolores F. Parlato
Nancy C. Parmeter and Steve L. Parmeter
Carmella L. Parrinello
Diane Davies Parrinello `61, P`85, P`87, P`91, P`93 and John R. Parrinello `60, P`85, P`87, P`91, P`93
Sandra G. Parrish and Ronald R. Parrish
Sharon Parrott P`23 and Ari Blumenthal P`23
David Parrotta
Toni Parrotta and Ray Parrotta
Lisa Parry
Mary Ellen Neun Parry `63 and Peter D. Parry
Jillian Parshall
Patricia Parslow and Peter D. Parslow
Esther H. Parsons `60E and Robert W. Parsons
Linda Parsons
Stephen Parsons `02S (MBA)
Deborah Partington and Keith Partington
Helen Partridge
Kathleen D. Partridge and Roy W. Partridge
Lanny L. Partridge
Lin Pascarella and James Pascarella
Patricia Pascarella
Lynda K. Pasco and Gary R. Pasco
Christina L. Paskie P`23 and Daniel W. Paskie P`23
Dr. Elizabeth A. Paskowski `90
Barbara A. Pasley `76N and Brian E. Pasley `76
Karen M. Pasquarella P`06, P`08, P`21 and Stephen T. Pasquarella P`06, P`08, P`21
Dr. Ettalee Pass `79W (EdD), P`99 and Dr. Harold Pass P`99
Marcia A. Passafiume
Anthony Passamonte
Caterina Passamonte
Charles Passamonte
Carmella A. Passero and Patrick F. Passero
Sylvia M. Passmore `52N
Tiffany Passmore and Shawn Passmore
Arthur G. Pastor Jr. `68 and Suzanne C. Pastor
Anthony Pastore
Judith S. Pastorell and Allen W. Pastorell
Dorcas G. Patanella
Laura Patanella and Russell Patanella
Thomas J. Patchett `92W (MS) and Grace Patchett
Shirley Patchin and Donald E. Patchin
Dr. Amit Patel
Arpan A. Patel
Harish Patel
Heather Patel
Neesha Patel and Dr. Parag Patel
Thakor V. Patel
Faustina M. Paternico and Robert M. Paternico
Michael Paterno
Judith Paterson
Elaine R. Patiky
Robert Patmalnee
Lori Patric and David K. Patric
Lowell C. Patric `67, `68S (MBA) and Nancy Patric
MaryJean Patric `68W, `72W (EdM)
Dr. Diane F. Patrick P`18 and Michael W. Patrick P`18
Josephine Patrick `82 and Richard Patrick
Judith Patrick and Norman Patrick
Laura J. Patrick `91S (MBA) and Daniel W. Patrick `91S (MBA)
Meghan M. Patrick `18^
Norilyn Patrick and Donald Patrick
Richard Patrick
Dr. Maria Magdalena Patru `06M (MS), `09M (PhD) and Dorin Patru
Dr. Deva N. Pattanayak `70 (MA), `73 (PhD) and Anuradha Pattanayak
Emily L. Patterson
Thomas W. Patterson `14S (MBA)
Kelley M. Patton `04S (MBA)
Nancy Patz
Aaron I. Paul `57
Gloria E. Paul and James Paul
James C. Paul
Karen E. Paul `18N (MS)
Keith D. Paul `79 and Ellen Paul
Patricia E. Paul and Ronald T. Paul
Lynn C. Paulson
Susan J. Pauly and Jeffery J. Pauly
Gaetino Paura
Dr. David M. Paushter `75
Virginia J. Pauza
Dr. Polykarpos Pavlidis `08S (MS), `12S (PhD)
Patricia Pawlick
Thomas D. Pawluk
Jean M. Paxton and Thomas Paxton
Dr. Gary H. Payman `94, `98M (MD) and Dove Payman
Aliene H. Payne
Anna Payne
Barbara A. Payne and Gerald Payne
David Payne
David M. Payne `91
Dr. Donald I. Payne `64E (DMA)
Helen B. Payne `72W (MA)*
Dr. John A. Payne `68M (MD)
Samantha A. Peachey `17^
Dorothy Peacock and Robert L. Peacock
Sheral L. Peacock and James B. Peacock
Patricia Peake and Everett F. Peake
Mary A. Pearl
Ingrid P. Pearson `82N (MS)
Judith Pearson `58 and Dr. C. Arthur Pearson `60M (MD)
Susan E. Pearson `91S (MBA) and Scott A. Pearson
Brittany Pease
Gilbert A. Pease `78E and Kathleen A. Pease
Lynn Pease
Charles E. Peaslee Jr.
Joanne M. Pechie and George J. Pechie
Alexander N. Peck `82 and Janell D. Peck
Anne Peck and Robert J. Peck
Dr. Bradley K. Peck `82M (MD) and Sharon D. Peck
Glenn D. Peck
Gregory Peck
Helen Peck
Joan L. Peck and Ronald H. Peck
John Peck
Kathleen A. Peck
Lauren Peck and Perry Peck
Ruth D. Peck and Russell A. Peck
Steven Peck
Jacqueline L. Peckham `92 and Dr. Michael J. Tan `95
Jody L. Pecor P`09, P`11, P`17 and Stanton G. Pecor P`09, P`11, P`17
Helene E. Pecora and Angelo Pecora
Ronald Pecora
Elisa Pecoraro
Dr. Henrik Pedersen `74 and Maria Pederson
Jean Pedersen
Gary R. Pedeville `88 (MA) and Cindy Stroehmier
Dr. Barbara S. Pedley `74 and Dr. Timothy A. Pedley
Sylvia A. Pedrick
Evelyn Y. Pedrin P`11
Mary Pedulla
Dennis M. Peel `62, `66 (MS), `73S (MBA) and Brenda Peel
Susan Peeler and Larry A. Peeler
Mary L. Kapp-Peeples `74E (MM) and Dr. Wade A. Peeples Jr. `76E (MM), `86E (DMA)
Janet S. Peer `68N and Dr. Richard M. Peer `69M (MD), `75M (Res)
Mary J. Peeso and Gerald C. Peeso
Mary Pegan and Robert Pegan
Linda Peglow
Dr. Marcia B. Pehr `72N, `72
John A. Pehta `71
Ruth E. Peifer
John Pelava
Joel M. Pelcyger `68 and Eleanor Pelcyger
Dr. Stanley C. Pelkey II `96E (MA), `04E (PhD), `06 (MA) and Heidi Pelkey
Frank A. Pellegrino
Patricia Pellegrino
Florence M. Pellerite and Joseph R. Pellerite
Terese A. Pelletier
Dr. Lori Jeanne Peloquin `82 (MA), `85 (PhD), `02M (PDC) and Dr. Allen T. Retzlaff Jr.
Dorothy Pelow
Lisa G. Pelta and Edward J. Pelta
Alicair Peltonen and Brian Peltonen
Jack Peltz
Dr. John S. Peltz `10 (MA), `13 (PhD)
Linda Pembroke and Vaughn C. Pembroke
Meryl H. Penalver `82N and Juan R. Penalver `82
Randall Penberg
Dennis R. Penge
Dr. William A. Peniston `97 (PhD)
Marian Penman
Anne Hayes-Penner and Thomas L. Penner
Nancy E. Penney `74W (MA) and Dr. David P. Penney
Engelbertus Pennings
Bryan A. Pennington `05 and Emily Flanders
Dr. Elliot C. Pennington `05
Curt Penoyer
Samuel G. Pentolino `93
Denise A. DeSantis-Penwright and James L. Penwright
Margaret M. Peo `21^
Dr. Luke J. Peppone `99, `11M (MPH) and Elizabeth A. Peppone
Genevieve Perednis
Dr. Elizabeth Perelstein `10
Barbara B. Peres
Raymond E. Peress `68
Dylan M. Peretz `16^
Gabriel Perez `06
Michelle M. Perez `92
Rafael Perez
Dr. Robert J. Perez `55 and Judith A. Perez
Robert Peri
Dr. Henry J. Peris `84W (EdD) and Sharon Peris
Anne S. Perkins
Marion Perkins
Adam J. Perkiomaki `13, `16S (MS)^
Mary Anne Perks and William H. Perks
Donald A. Perl `64
Steven M. Perl `78
Dr. Rachel A. Perla `89
Dr. James Perle
Dr. Mark G. Perlroth `57 and Karen A. Perlroth
Mary Jo Perman
Janka H. Perniss `99E
Christina Pero `99, `05W (MS)
Donald L. Pero `52
Linda M. Pero
Peter E. Pero
Elizabeth N. Peronne `15N and James Perrone
Dorothy A. Perotto `80 and Phil Perotto
Dr. Jane V. Perr `80M (MD)
Ann Marie Perrello
Annette Perrin
Christina Perrin
Douglas C. Perrine
Anthony L. Perrone
Barbara Perrone
Deborah Perrotta
John J. Perrotti `91S (MBA) and Lisa Perrotti
Sharon Perrotto and Paul E. Perrotto
Amy L. Perry
Beth A. Perry
Charmian S. Perry
Constance K. I. Perry `87 and Kevin J. Perry `87
Dorothy Perry
Jamie Perry
Linda Perry
Mary Ellen E. Perry
Mary M. Perry
Phyllis L. Perry
Richard Perry
Rosalie G. Perry `88, `91S (MBA) and William H. Perry
Ross Perry
Sadie V. Perry and Phillip H. Perry Sr.
Berly L. Persia `74E (MA)
Robert T. Persia
Sonja F. Personale and Richard C. Personale
Alan R. Persons
Wende Persons `79W (MSE)
Debra L. Perticone and Steven J. Perticone
Margaret Perticone and Frank Perticone
Karen E. Pesch
Rosemary Bieler-Pescrillo and David Pescrillo
Dr. Irena Pesis-Katz `07M (PhD) and David S. Boyce `89, P`21
Lucille B. Peskin `67
Jamie Peskor
Paula M. Pete and Stephen J. Pete III
Cathy J. Peters `81N (MS), `00N (PMC)
Frederick E. Peters III
Gordon B. Peters `56E, `62E (MM)
Juergen N. Peters `53
Kenneth J. Peters `87
Marcia B. Peters and Michael G. Peters
Mary Jo Peters and Dr. Gary H. Peters
Patricia Peters and Gerald Peters
Robert E. Peters
Sandra Peters
Sarah M. Peters and Peter Peters
Shirley J. Peters and Donald E. Peters
Tracey L. Peters and Dale Peters
Jenny Petersen
Paul E. Petersen
Betty Parmerter Peterson `54, `55N
Bradley Peterson
Christine A. Peterson P`21 and David I. Grand P`21
Gail R. Peterson and Richard J. Peterson
Gary R. Peterson
Dr. Jay Peterson `65E, `66E (MM)
Jennifer N. Peterson and Scott Peterson
Jonathan R. Peterson `09W (MS)
Lloyd Peterson
Robert A. Peterson `73S (MBA) and Marjorie Peterson
Shannon Peterson
Dr. Thomas C. Peterson `83M (MD) and Laurene Mraz-Peterson
William Peterson
Sue B. Petito P`12E, P`12, P`17E and Christopher S. Petito P`12E, P`12, P`17E
Christine M. Petote and Donald L. Petote
Lois A. Petote
Nicholas Petrakis
Dr. Sandra Petralia
Sharon C. Petralis and Vincent Petralis
Yvonne Petrella
Christie Petrenko
Carolyn Petrie and Mert Petrie
Rev. Dorothy A. Petrie and Dr. Kerry O'Banion P`08
Sue Petrison
Amy Petrone and Guy Petrone
Mary Karen Petroske `98W (MS) and Brent Hoover
Nicole Petruccelli
Anthony J. Petrucci
Grazia Petrucci
Donald N. Pett
Theresa A. Petta and Joseph R. Petta
Linda L. Pettenski
Charles Pettibone
Ann W. Pettinella and Edward J. Pettinella
Carole A. Pettinger and John F. Pettinger
Dr. Mark A. Pettit `12M (MD)
Janice Pettite and Chet A. Pettite
Marilyn Petz
Douglas Pfaff
Gloria P. Pfahl
Dr. Gary V. Pfeiffer `61* and Barbara Pfeiffer
Kay Pfluke and Phillip J. Pfluke
Charles Pfrommer Jr. `65 (MS) and Joan Pfrommer
Susan M. Pfund
Dr. Madhav S. Phadke `71 (MS)
Edward Pham
Katherine Phelps
Laura M. Phelps
Marie A. Philbrick and Channing H. Philbrick
Patricia S. Philipp
Dr. Sarah K. Philipp `09M (MD) and Eric Schweigert `04
Cheryl Philley and Scott Philley
Ronald S. Phillippi `05
Ann Phillips `88 and R. Todd Phillips
Arlene M. Phillips `63
Bernadette M. Phillips P`22 and Timothy M. Phillips P`22
Carrie L. Phillips
Cheryl Phillips
Christopher C. Phillips
Donald M. Phillips
Egbert W. Phillips*
Elizabeth V. Phillips
Jeanne Phillips and Russell Phillips
Katherine Phillips and Don A. Phillips
Kimberly Phillips
Kimberly Phillips `04
Nancy Phillips and Jack Phillips
Nancy A. Phillips
Richard A. Phillips `61 (MS)
Dr. Roger D. Phillips `84 (MA), `87 (PhD)
Samantha Phillips
Donna M. Phillipson
Chaiyudh Phromsiri
John C. Piarulli
Linda S. Piatek P`23 and Zenon J. Piatek P`23
Jose A. Piazza `85S (MBA) and Johanna Piazza
Lucas Piazza `12^
Joseph Picalila
Cristina Picca
Susan Picchi and Brian Picchi
Kathleen A. Picciano
Kevin Piccini `79E
Mildred B. Piccione
Joseph D. Picciotti Jr.
Shannon Piccone and Matthew W. Piccone
Colleen M. Pichette `18N
Angela B. Pichichero P`00E
Kay Pick `66, P`91
Beverly J. Pickering
Dr. Anthony L. Picone `74M (MS), `79M (MD), `79M (PhD), `85M (Res) and Susan Picone
Carol A. Piddisi and Murphy Piddisi
Myong Piecuch
Debra A. Piedici and Patrick R. Piedici
Sandra Piedmonte and David Piedmonte
Phyllis I. Pieffer `70E (MA)
Kathleen Piehler and Michael Piehler
Steven C. Pieper `65* and Gail W. Pieper
Jeff M. Pier
Merle M. Pieramico and Nick A. Pieramico
Barbara A. Pierce `60
Beverly L. Pierce*
Danielle Pierce and Colin T. Pierce
Deirdre Pierce
Inge L. Pierce and Daniel Pierce
Joy M. Pierce `54E and James D. Pierce
Dr. Preston E. Pierce `84W (EdD)
Ronald F. Pierce
Samantha L. Pierce
Tara M. Pierce
Susan A. Pierce-Ruhland P`13E and Dr. Richard A. Pierce-Ruhland P`13E
Tony Pierleona
Barbara A. Pierotti and Francesco Pierotti
Dr. Charles H. Piersall Jr. `70S (MBA)
Shana L. Pies `05W (MAT), `19W (AC)
Emily B. Pietras P`11 and John E. Pietras P`11
Ronald Pietrzak
Anthony D. Pietrzykowski
Rachael Pietrzykowski
Dianne Pignataro and Richard Pignataro
Margaret Pignato
Dr. Michael C. Pignato `79D (Den) and Diane C. Pignato
Pearl A. Pike
Dawn F. Pilato and Robert Pilato
Lisa A. Pilato `19N (MS)
Roberta A. Pilato
Dr. Ben Z. Pilch `69M (MD) and Deborah Lee Pilch
Maureen Piles
Valerie Pille
Bruce H. Pillman `92 (MS) and Ann Pillman
Catherine Pilskalns and John Pilskalns
Valdis Pilskalns `73 and Deborah A. Pilskalns
Patricia E. Pimm and Richard O. Pimm
Aimee L. Pina
Dr. Robert S. Pinals `56M (MD)
Kelly Pinckney
Laurie B. Pincus and Peter Pincus
Ingrid Pineda and Dr. Oscar C. Pineda P`02
CAPT Wendy H. Pinkham `84
Carole J. Pinkley
Carol S. Pinneo and Richard Pinneo
Dr. Seth D. Pinsky `78 (PhD), P`10 and Carol McCloud P`10
William M. Pinzler `68
Trisha L. Piontek P`22 and Michael D. Piontek P`22
Michael E. Piontkowski
Rishi Piparaiya `96
Kim M. Pirger `92W (MS)
Marilyn Pirkle
Lou Ann M. Pirrall P`22 and Robert E. Pirrall P`22
Beverly A. Piscitelli and Anthony V. Piscitelli
Robin C. Piser `11S (MBA)
Steven P. Pitler
Deborah R. Pittinaro `88N, `95N (MS) and Patrick L. Pittinaro
Carla Pitts
E. Lee Piver Jr. `61, P`91, P`93 and Donna Piver
Jane Piver `72N
Susan Pixley and Richard H. Pixley
Melvin H. Pizer `65 and Dorene Pizer
Carolyn M. Place
Charles W. Place `86, `92S (MBA)
Marie Place and Terry Place
Joseph J. Placious
Joanne Placito and Charles Placito
Susan A. Plandowski and Michael Plandowski
Dr. Donald L. Plank `67 (PhD)
Amalia Plantone
Ann Marie Platania
Norma B. Platt and John W. Boettcher
Marie A. Platten
Dr. S. Michael Plaut `69 (PhD)
Dr. Kathryn L. Plax `96M (MD)
Russell B. Pleasants `81S (MBA)
Bruce Pleckan
Daniel K. Pleckan
Dr. Gloria L. Pleger `65 (MS), `70 (PhD) and Karl F. Pleger
Brian C. Plesser `96
Anatole Pleten `75 and Mary Pleten
Heike Pleten and John Pleten
Nancy Plis
Susan Plopper and Christopher Plopper
Cynthia J. Plotzker and Arthur J. Plotzker
Charles Plovanich
Ann C. Plucknette and Todd D. Plucknette
Thomas J. Plucknette Jr.
Janice Plue
Susan C. Plumb and James D. Plumb
Roger T. Plunkett
Mary K. Pluta and Ronald A. Pluta
Nancy Pluta
Charles Plyter Jr.
Gary Plyter
Judy Plyter and Perry Plyter
Dr. Carol A. Podgorski `80, `85M (MS), `90 (PhD), `05M (MS) and Michael Carroll
John Podleski
Jenna N. Podlucky
Sonja C. Poe `58N, `61W
Gail E. Pogal `83, `97S (MBA) and David A. Pogal
Dr. J. Jeffrey Poggi `86M (MD) and Elizabeth Van Doren
Patricia J. Pogue `72 and David L. Pogue `72
Richard Poh
Allan Pohl
Cheryl M. Pohlman
Merle Pokempner and Mark Fleisher
Carol A. Pokorny P`12E, P`15E and David J. Pokorny P`12E, P`15E
Elizabeth Polaikis
Dr. Donald B. Polan `52M (MD), `68M (Res)*
Francis E. Polanski `61E and Sandra Polanski
Daryl J. Polatas
Dr. Ellen L. Poleshuck `91M (PDC) and Daniel R. Kinel
Dr. Victor A. Poleshuck `74M (Res), P`91 and Joyce Poleshuck P`91
Anna M. Polimeni and Brian D. Dennis
Audrey L. Polinsky P`17E and Elliott L. Polinsky P`17E
Ronald C. Polisoto `63
Wanda Polisseni
Barb Polito and Dave Polito
Thomas J. Polito
Rosemary T. Polizzi and Ronald S. Polizzi
Dr. Lee D. Pollan
William Polle
Dr. Richard H. Pollen `56M (MD), `60M (Res) and Sandra C. Pollen
Karyn A. Pollino
Jacqueline Pollot
Linda L. Polmateer and Dale E. Polmateer
Alan A. Polster `68 (MS)
Jay Polston
Kathryn Poluch
Dianne Polvino
Dr. Donald J. Polzella `67
Dr. Daniel Pomerantz
Howard L. Pomerantz `73
John E. Pomeranz `65, P`91 and Renee D. Stein
Ann Pomeroy
Maureen A. Pond and Douglas F. Pond P`97
Cynthia Pontbriant
Christian Ponti `16S (MS)
Betty B. Poole and Jeffrey B. Poole
Kathleen A. Poole
Dr. Suzanne Cassata-Poole `91D (Den) and Raymond G. Poole
Matthew C. Poore `97
George A. Poormon
Alexandra Popa
Dr. Charlene A. Pope `01W (PhD)
Lisa M. Pope P`21 and David T. Pope P`21
Joanne Popeck and Don Popeck
Noreen P. Popivchak and Richard Popivchak
Joel E. Poplawski
Carolyn A. Popnik
Brandon Popper
Bruce E. Popper `74
Paula Popper
Elizabeth Poppleton and Steven M. Poppleton
Carola Porcelli
Susan C. Porcelli and Frederick Porcelli
Nancy J. Porcellio `81N
Peter R. Porcino `73
Rodrigo J. Porras `19^
Mary Lou Porretta and Vincenzo Porretta
Janette A. Porretti and Robert N. Porretti
Joyce Porrey and James A. Porrey
Carolyn Portanova `74W (EdM)
Barbara L. Porter `70
Henry C. Porter `57 and Barbara L. Porter
Judith M. Porter
Mary Porter and Dr. George Porter
Pamela A. Porter `69N, `69 and James L. Porter `69
Patricia Porter
Carol A. Portice `75E
Suzanne E. Porubek and John A. Porubek
Nancy E. Posick
Heidi Post and John Post II
Dr. Jonathan F. Post `76 (PhD) and Susan Post
Linda Postler
Kathy S. Postma and Reverend P. Okke Postma
Paul L. Poteralski
Ajish Pothen `96
Ronald J. Potrzebowski
Beth A. Potter `03N
Bruce R. Potter
Donna Jean Potter
Elizabeth M. Potter
Emma H. Potter `63N
Frank R. Potter
James D. Potter
Janet Potter `53 and Richard N. Potter `54
Louise M. Potter and Roger K. Potter*
Marlin B. Potter III
Patricia S. Potter and Harmon S. Potter Jr.
Raymond S. Potter
Thomas L. Potter `71 and Mary M. Potter
Brenda Murphy Pough
Boo Poulin
Stacy Poulios and Plouto Poulios
Rosemary T. Povec and Roger S. Povec
Rebecca Povio and Brian Povio
Philip T. Powderly
Ann Powell and Edwin Powell
Katherine L. Powell and Dale A. Powell
Martha C. Powell `60E (MM)
Pauline M. Powell
Susan Powell and Thomas J. Powell
Jessica L. Powell-Eig `03E
Barbara Power
Cynthia M. Power P`21 and Richard S. McKinney P`21
Sharon E. Power and Chester G. Power Jr.
Carolee S. Powers and Robert H. Powers
Carolyn Powers
Dawn W. Powers and Patrick J. Powers
Joan F. Powers and John F. Powers
Judy Powers P`05 and David N. Powers P`05
Kevin Powers
Mary E. Powers
Susan B. Powers
Dr. Ellen Powley `67E and Dr. E. Harrison Powley III `65E, `69E (MM), `75E (PhD)
Kathleen C. Powlowski and Albert Powlowski Jr.
Stanley D. Poyer
Louis-Jack Pozner `68 and Rona Pozner
Robert S. Pozniakas
Oscar X. Pozo `96S (MBA)
Patricia G. Pragel and Michael Pragel
Sally S. Praino and Dr. James E. Praino
Lynn B. Prame P`92
Lydia J. Prass `64
Stanley R. Praszkowicz
Thomas M. Prato
Douglas J. Pratt `91, `98S (MBA) and Nadia Pratt
Jenny A. Pratt
June Pratt `43N
Loretta G. Pratt `83 and Douglas H. Pratt
Steven J. Pratt `96, `97 (MS)
Deborah Pratt-Gnage
Jessica L. Pray `00
Judy A. Pray
Dr. Jeffrey L. Prebluda `78M (MD)
Walter L. Predmore Jr. `64
Roger G. Preece `89W (MSE), `91S (MBA)
Marcie A. Pregulman `82
Julian Premus `84 and Lucy Premus
Alison S. Prenetta `85
Dr. Harry J. Presberg `60M (MD) and Shirley Presberg
Helen C. Presberg `68W (MA) and Dr. Saul Presberg
Carol L. Prescott `90 and James G. Prescott
Morgan Presley
Julie Press P`23 and Alan L. Press P`23
Fujiko O. Presseau P`96 and Robert J. Presseau P`96
Barbara F. Presser `75 and Dr. Stephen E. Presser
Christina A. Preston
Deborah B. Preston and David E. Preston
Debbie Pretty and Robert Pretty Sr.
Dr. Colby Previte `08M (Res)
Dr. Gregory Previte
Susan Prezioso and Anthony J. Prezioso
Angela M. Price
Denise R. Price `93
Derek Price
Dr. Harry J. Price `63
Jeremy Price `93 and Lisa Price
Kathryn Price
Patrick J. Price
Robert G. Price Jr.
Sandra L. Price `15N (MS)
Scott Price
Kathy M. Pricola and James M. Pricola
Dr. Bradford Priddy `00M (Res) and Mary Anne Valdecanas
Gina M. Prince
Joann Prince
Kathleen K. Prince
Linda M. Prince and Ronald M. Prince
Maureen L. Prince `15N (MS)
Thomas Prins
Brenda J. Prinsen
Nicholas D. Priolo
Dr. Lee A. Prisament `80M (MD), P`19 and Marcia Rappaport P`19
Deborah A. Pritchard and Gary E. Pritchard
Debra Groch Pritchard P`22 and Jeffrey Pritchard P`22
Susan K. Pritchard P`03E and Donald L. Pritchard P`03E
Terra Pritchard
Marissa Privitere and Thomas A. Dulmage Jr.
Galo M. Proano `83S (MBA) and Cynthia Proano
Roberto E. Proano `93S (MBA)
Michael Proctor
Thomas Proctor `61 (MS) and Norma Proctor
Frances Giambra Proeto
Dr. Vera B. Profit `69 (MA), `74 (PhD)
Jessica Proia
Patrick Proietti
Alice P. Prong
Jeanne M. Prorok and Robert J. Prorok
Mary J. Proschel
Elizabeth M. Proseus and Leith D. Proseus*
Nancy Lou Proseus
Susan Proseus
Pat Prota
Jacqueline C. Protano and Charles Protano
Neil M. Protter `94S (MBA) and Heather Protter
Janet T. Provino and Francis G. Provino
Janet I. Provost P`15 and William M. Provost P`15
Dr. Peter M. Prowda `66
Carole D. Prozeller and Judd C. Prozeller
Elliott V. Pruitt
Darcy Prunoske
Sara B. Pruss `99 and David DeSwert
Deborah J. Prutzman
Sharyne Prutzman
Anne Pryor
Kirstin M. Pryor `96W (MS), `18W (AC)
Karen Przepiora
Anne C. Ptak `71
Johanna L. Publow `62
Sueann Pucillo and Anthony G. Pucillo
Patrick D. Pudetti
L. David Pudup `77S (MBA)
Dr. Mary Pudusseri and Jose Pudusseri P`03
Kim C. Pugliese `91S (MBA) and Scott J. Pugliese
Margaret L. Pugliese and Robert Pugliese
Shana Pugliese
Margaret Puglisi and Bernard Puglisi Jr.
Mary Ann Puglisi-Martinez
Mirella Pujalt `98
Marsha E. Pulhamus `77N, `83N (MS) and David A. Pulhamus `76
Frances A. Pullano `75
Candace M. Pullen `02, `06N
Linda Pullen
Dr. John Pullman `77M (MD) and Susan Pullman
Elizabeth Pullyblank
Donald A. Puluse `57E and Jeana L. Anderson
Royetta E. Pulver and Russell T. Pulver
Daniel Pulvino
Rachel Laber Pulvino and Richard Pulvino
Claudia L. Puma and Joseph F. Puma
Nina Puopolo and John N. Puopolo
Merjema Purak `18^
Harlan R. Purdy
Joanne Purdy and Craig Purdy
Arthur L. Purinton II `66S (MBA) and Janet L. Purinton
Sreehari Purna `15S (MBA)
Trudy Pursel
Barbara J. Purvis `83S (MBA)
Brent Purvis
Rebecca L. Purvis and Robert E. Purvis
Clyde L. Putallaz `69
Edward S. Putnam
Frances C. Putnam and Todd Putnam
James D. Putnam `99S (MBA) and Lara Putnam
Ellen L. Pyle P`16 and Nicholas Pyle
Slawka I. Pylyshenko `62
Kathryn Pynn
Jung S. Pyo P`21 and Keum H. Pyo P`21
Bo Qi `06S (MBA)
Dr. Hai Qing `13D (Den) and Mei Zhu
Christine H. Quackenbush and Larry D. Quackenbush
Dr. Margaret Quackenbush `82E (DMA)
Hope M. Quallo `81N (MS)
Pamela A. Quamo and James Quamo
Henry B. Quantrille
Rebecca J. Quarm and John J. Quarm
Karen A. Quartaro
Anne Quarterly
Anne K. Quartley and Thomas M. Quartley
Sharon M. Quataert and Michael Quataert
Barbara Quattro and Dana P. Quattro
Silvio Quattrociocchi
Nancy Qubain `60
Georgia K. Queri and Thomas K. Queri
Lisa A. Quetchenbach `87, P`23 and Stanley A. Quetchenbach `91, P`23
William S. Quick `71E, P`13 and Jacqueline C. Quick P`13
Beverly Quigley and James F. Quigley
Nancy Quigley
Mary Ellen Quinlan and Patrick J. Quinlan
James Quinlisk
Carol Quinn
Dr. Jennifer Quinn `85
Karen J. Quinn `79W (MSE)
Leonard F. Quinn `76, P`95, P`99 and Cheryl E. Quinn P`95, P`99
Mary L. Quinn `69
Robert W. Quinn `71
Maria Quintal
Louise Quinzi P`90, P`99
Nicole A. Quinzi `03S (MBA) and John D. Quinzi `90, `99S (MBA)
Carolyn M. Raab and Leo Raab
Natalie W. Raab and Charles P. Raab
Sherri L. Raab and James P. Raab
Eliana Rabinowitz
Jesse S. Rabinowitz `66
Theodore P. Rabkin `68 and Susan G. Rabkin
Laura Rabuck
Nancy Race
Serena Rachels
Janice W. Rachfal and Jerald J. Rachfal
Jay Rachfal `87 (MS) and Margaret T. Rachfal
Lisa O. Rachmuth `86
Gary J. Rackley
Dr. Esther Racoosin `84
John Radesi
Suzanne M. Radesi and Richard L. Radesi
Carol T. Radford
George Radford
James R. Radford
Dr. Mark A. Radice `84E (PhD) and Jean C. Radice
Edward J. Radkowski `67 (MS)
Donna Radlowski and Mark Radlowski
Megan Radtke
Miruna M. Radulescu `20^
Dr. Bradley A. Radwaner `76
Mark D. Raeside
Linda Raff and Dr. Michael L. Raff
Laura A. Raforth
Bethany J. Rague `18N (MS)
David A. Ragusa `68, `76W (EdM) and M. Connie Ragusa
Krista Rahelich and Gerald S. Rahelich
Christeen L. Rahmlow and Michael Rahmlow
Mary Kay Rahmlow and James W. Rahmlow
Susan Rahn P`21 and Jeffrey W. Rahn
Dr. Mark H. Rains `79 (PhD)
Emma N. Rainwater `11
Marcia K. Rajca
Ralph S. Rakieten `70
Judy Rakoska
Helen S. Rakove `68
Katherine Raksin `02 and Alexander Raksin
Heather H. Ralph and Steven T. Ralph
Jennifer Ralph
Ellen L. Ralston
Cynthia N. Rambert
Rafael Ramirez
Dr. Francisco Ramirez-Valle `99
Meenakshi Rampal and Dr. Amrit Rampal P`99
Carol C. Ramsayer `70, `73W (EdM) and Dr. George R. Ramsayer `72 (MS), `75 (PhD)
Dorothy Ramsey and Jarold Ramsey
Mary J. Ramsey `69W, `75W (MSE)
Loren J. Ranaletta `81M (MS) and Janet Ranaletta
Dr. Andrew J. Rand `11M (MD)
Craig Rand
Dr. Cynthia M. Rand `06M (MPH)
Philip S. Rand
Susan E. Rand `76 and Dr. James Rand `77M (Res)
Dwight Randall
Jacquelyn Randall
Joyce A. Randall and Paul Randall
Peggy Randall
Sharon A. Randall
Wayne Randall
Lillian M. Randazzo
Mary M. Randisi and Charles P. Randisi
Patty Randle and William Randle
Mr. and Mrs. Logan Randolph
Lori Randolph
Marlene G. Ranelli
Sue W. Raner
Kristine D. Ranieri and Victor Ranieri
Lisbeth Rank and Ronald J. Rank
Patricia Rank
Mary D. Rankin
Helen Ranks and Donald L. Ranks
Dr. Richard R. Ranney `69D (MS), `69D (Den) and Patricia Denoto
Sharlene Ransford and Michael Ransford
Aurek L. Ransom `17^
Rebecca Rapa
Irina Rapaport and Pinkhas A. Rapaport
Bonita A. Rapini and Louis Rapini
Karen Rapone
Nancy J. Rapoport `67 and John Rapoport
Mary M. Rapp `71, `79W (MA) and Dr. Howard Kirschenbaum
Barbara K. Rappaport `74W (MA) and Richard A. Rappaport `64
Stacy A. Rappold and David C. Rappold
Emma Rarich
Helen Ras
Jane E. Rasbeck and Leon Rasbeck
Dr. Husayn A. Rashid `75M (Res), P`05 and Susan Rashid
Naushaba Rashid `89
Rola H. Rashid `93 and Christopher Amann
Christine A. Rasi and Dominick J. Rasi
Jonathan J. Raskin `02S (MBA)
Kim Rasmussen
Abigail L. Rasnick and Saulbert F. Rasnick
Cynthia Ratajczak
Judith Ratcliffe
Carol S. Rath and Larry D. Rath
Kristie Rath
Maya Rath
Susan Rathman
Dr. Richard J. Ratliff Jr. `73E, `75E (MM), `82E (DMA)
Jennifer K. Ratner `97
Dr. Stephen Rattien `65 (MS)
Lois J. Rau
Maris S. Rauber and John E. Rauber
Dr. Alan E. Rauch `71
Joan F. Raus and Robert W. Raus Sr.
Jamie Rauscher
Natalie Rause
Susan Rautine and Arvo Rautine
Donna Rava
Sofa Ravin
Maxine Rawden and Robert T. Rawden
Steven Rawden
Rev. Judith S. Ray `71N
Kathleen Rayburn
Noreen A. Raymo and Joseph E. Raymo Jr.
Dr. Colleen A. Lenard Raymond `92 and Dr. Daniel P. Raymond
Jennifer A. Raymond
John D. Raymond
Judith M. Raymond and Gene D. Raymond
Janice L. Razaq `66E
Wendi S. Re P`21 and Robert J. Re P`21
Dr. Julie Lindeman Read `90N, `95N (MS) and Dr. Howard C. Read `88
Michele M. Read and Mark Read
Deysi Reagan
Judith Reagan and William Reagan
Daniel S. Reale `76
Dr. Vincent F. Reale `78M (Res) and Nancy F. Reale
Daniel K. Reardon
Mary C. Reardon
Dr. Steven B. Rebarber `85M (MD), `86M (Res)
Anne L. Reber*
Robert Reber
Shirley Reber and William F. Reber
Patricia A. Rebholz
Johanna K. Rebres
Joanne Recca `85
John Recchia
Linda L. Rector and John E. Rector
Alona H. Redden
Carol A. Redden
Dr. David J. Redding
Judith Redding and Dr. Spencer W. Redding
Richard T. Reddington Jr.
Swanda P. Reddington and David W. Reddington
Jerry P. Reddy `94S (MBA)
Saroja T. Reddy and Muralidhar T. Reddy
Dr. T. M. Reddy
William J. Reddy `80S (MBA) and Diane N. Reddy
Andrea M. Redenz `93
Margaret Redka `79N (MS) and Dr. James Redka `77H (Res)
Mary L. Redline `51N, P`87
Ryann Redmond
Dr. Robert T. Reeback `62, `65 (MA), `68 (PhD)
Beverly A. Reed `60W
Bruce E. Reed
Carol Reed
Catherine E. Reed `70
Diane Matison Reed and Michael Reed
Donna S. Reed and Gary Reed
Ellen Reed
James G. Reed Jr.
James I. Reed
Joyce E. Reed
Judith A. Reed and Gordon F. Reed
Nancy C. Reed
Stephen Reed
The Honorable Tom Reed
John C. Reeder `97S (MBA) and Trina W. Reeder
Mary Rees `66 (MA) and James D. Rees `57, `65 (MS)
Mary Ann Rees
Donald Reese
Robert P. Reese `90 (MS) and Wendy J. Reese
Jan Reetz
Jane I. Reetz and Thomas F. Reetz
Stanley J. Refermat `67 (MS), `80S (MBA) and Anne R. Refermat
Pamela Regan and Robert Regan
Jeffrey A. Regelman `85 (MS)
Bruce Regnosky
Gayle M. Reh and Brian D. Reh
Susan Reibstein `76 and Richard J. Reibstein `73
Dr. Eric G. Reichard `78
Ilse Reichert `62H (DPL)
Naomi R. Reichert and John W. Reichert
Dr. Lisa M. Reichman `79, `81 (MS), `84M (MD), `88M (Res) and Dr. Richard C. Reichman
Austin Reid and Jake Reid
Carol Reid and Richard C. Reid
Clinton D. Reid `88
Joyce A. Reid `57
Patti B. Reid `83
Marcia R. Reiff
John Reigelman
Kimberly A. Reilly and Patrick Reilly
Dr. Michael H. Reilly `61, `67 (PhD) and Holly Kenworthy
Norma Madayag-Reilly and Gary M. Reilly
Rosemary Reilly
Taryn Anne Reilly `93, `95 (MS) and James Reilly
Klaus J. Reimann
Andrea J. Rein `86N
Martha W. Reinagel and Raymond A. Reinagel
Lynn A. Reiner
Joseph C. Reiners Jr. `65W (EdM) and Lorraine Reiners
Daniel Reines `80
Linda S. Reinfeld `64E, P`92
Jonathan P. Reinhardt `92
Laurie Reinhold and Martin Reinhold
LTC Richard K. Reinholtz
Colleen Reisinger
Dr. Jerald L. Reisman `76M (Res), `77M (Flw) and Sara Reisman
Michael B. Reiss `93
Paul G. Reiter
Nancy V. Reitkopp
Beverly S. Reitz P`05 and Philip Reitz P`05
James P. Reitz `98 and Elizabeth Reitz
Kathleen Reitz and Edward A. Reitz
Ezriel Reitzfeld
Lloyd A. Relyea `71 and Ruth M. Relyea
Nancy-Jo Rembaum
Mary A. Remchuk and Gary W. Remchuk
W. Brodie Remington `70, P`98 and Sapienza Barone
William Remington
Rosemary G. Remus P`16, P`21 and Kenneth P. Remus P`16, P`21
Margaret M. Remynse-Chou `18S (MBA)
Elizabeth Ren `18S (MS)
Robert B. Renbeck `65 (MS)
Catherine R. Rende P`22 and Kenneth G. Rende P`22
Julie E. Renica
Patricia A. Renno and William Renno
Vincent A. Renzi Jr. `76, `78S (MBA) and Camille A. Renzi
Christopher E. Repetto `89
Earl L. Repp
Jacqueline Repp
Dr. Aristides A. Requicha `67 (MS), `70 (PhD)
Geraldine Resch and Joseph T. Resch
Allison S. Resnick `15^
Sandra Resnick `74 and Walter A. Pickhardt `74
Ellen B. Resnick-Lewis `73
Susan J. Ressel
Julia A. Restivo
Patricia Rettew
Dr. Frank A. Revetta `70 (PhD) and Joann M. Revetta
Jodi Revill P`25 and Herbert V. Revill III P`25
Amy E. Reville P`18 and Michael W. Reville P`18
Eileen J. Reville `18^
Rebecca M. Rewakowski `05
James Rex
Rebecca L. Reyhani `00
Kaye Reyn and Christian Reyn Jr.
Marcia W. Reynders and Henry W. Reynders
Bonnie Reynolds
Brittany Reynolds
Carol E. Reynolds and William J. Reynolds
Carol L. Reynolds and James A. Reynolds*
Dr. David G. Reynolds `05 (MS), `09 (PhD) and Andrea Reynolds
Deborah Reynolds `77, `81W (MSE) and Lawrence H. Reynolds `77
Denise L. Reynolds and Jeffrey Reynolds
Iveth M. Reynolds `12S (MBA) and Mark A. Reynolds
James A. Reynolds
Janet A. Reynolds and Donald J. Reynolds
John P. Reynolds `68S (MBA) and Michele T. Reynolds
Nancy J. Reynolds and Gary Kuter
Patricia Reynolds and Paul A. Reynolds
Dr. Sara J. Reynolds `86M (MD)
Dr. Susan D. Reynolds `87M (MS), `87 (MS), `92 (PhD) and Dr. Paul R. Reynolds
Susan M. Reynolds `74N (MS)
Jo Ann Rheinheimer and Jim Rheinheimer
Scott Rheinheimer
Kevin W. Rhoads
Michelle A. Rhoda
Pamela Rhoda and Donald E. Rhoda
Nancy Rhode
Ruth Harper-Rhode and Kevin Rhode
Alice Rhodes `51E
Frank Rhodes
Karen Rhodes and Robinson T. Rhodes
Kathryn L. Rhodes `01, `12S (MBA)
Juliette Rhodes-Cummings
Ann F. Rhody `84E (MM)
Deborah Rhoten and Spencer L. Studwell
Alyssa Rhow
Priscilla Rial and Edward E. Rial
Manual P. Ribeiro
Deborah A. Ribson P`09, P`14 and Thomas C. Ribson P`09, P`14
Laura R. Ricci
Scott F. Ricci
Kimberly J. Riccio and Mike Riccio
Curtis L. Rice Sr.
Diane S. Rice
Edward M. Rice `72, `74S (MBA)
Jean Rice
Nancy K. Rice `58
Rev. Robert W. Rice `57 and Jeanne L. Rice
Rora Rice
Dr. Sylvia Rice `85D (Den)
Thomas E. Rice
Dr. Kenneth E. Rich `71M (PhD) and Lauren C. Rich
Noelle Rich
Robert E. Rich Jr. `69S (MBA) and Melinda Rich
Rosa A. Rich
William D. Rich `74
Theresa S. Richard
Bari Richards and Alan Richards
Gregory W. Richards
Jo Ann H. Richards
Julie A. Richards `90S (MBA) and Jeffrey S. Bosley
Katherine Richards P`23E and Ronald Richards P`23E
Michael J. Richards
Cristy B. Richardson and William W. Richardson
David N. Richardson `84S (MBA)
Dean M. Richardson `65
Judith A. Richardson and David L. Richardson
Margaret Richardson and Kenneth J. Richardson
Dr. Martin B. Richardson `70, `88 (Flw)
Mary C. Richardson `67
Maureen Richardson `67, `67N, `89N (MS)
Michelle Richardson
Nicole Richardson
Steven F. Richardson
Dr. Thomas M. Richardson `07M (PhD)
Veronica Richardson
Tim Richenberg
Mary Jane Richens `60E and James W. Richens `60E (MM)
Gail T. Richeson `66N and Dr. John F. Richeson `69M (MD), `76M (Res), `79M (Flw)
Dr. Nicholas D. Richie `61
Barbara T. Richman `78 and Charles J. Richman `78
Cheryl A. Richter `88
Christine Richter
James Richter
Jess A. Richter `92
Samantha Richter
Florence Rick
Michael H. Rickert `76
Heather L. Rickett and Kevin Rickett
Missi Rickett
John Ricks
Anne M. Ricotta
Judy Ricotta and Lawrence Ricotta
Pamela Ricotta
Joseph A. Ricottone
Barbara B. Ricozzi and Mario Ricozzi
Timory H. Ridall `94N and Mark Ridall
Rose Marie Riddell
Rhoda E. Ride and Gerry Ride
Jeanne W. Rider
Lesa A. Rider P`22 and Hugh G. Rider P`22
Philip Rider
Dr. David N. Ridge `74 (MS), `76 (PhD) and Paula Ridge
Cynthia Ridgeway
Nikisha Ridgeway
Janice B. Ridley and Douglas Ridley
Jean Ridley
Henry Rie `53
Jane Rieben* and Daniel S. Rieben
Marika A. Riedl and Wilhelm E. Riedl
Rose M. Riefer
Dr. Hubert F. Riegler `75M (Res) and Nancy Riegler
Justin Rielly
Ann Riemer and Robert W. Riemer
Valerie Riemer and Roger E. Riemer
Dr. Curt A. Ries `64M (MD), `66M (Res)
Dr. Erik P. Riesenfeld `95, `01M (MD)
Edward A. Riess `70
Dr. Stephen I. Rifkin `63, `67M (MD)
Peter A. Rigacci `77
Amy L. Rigatti `90, `96 (MS)
Peter S. Riger `65
Cecelia Riggi and Mark P. Riggi
Joseph M. Riggio
Frederick Rightmeyer
Renee A. Rigoni and Gary W. Rigoni
William J. Riina `74, P`04
Susan R. Goldberg Rike P`23
Clyde Riley `60
Gail Riley
Dr. Gregory J. Riley `68M (MD), `72M (Res) and Maryann Riley
Irene Riley
Sandra Riley `55N
Patricia H. Rimar `80N and James Rimar
Dr. Evangeline L. Rimbach `56E (MM), `67E (PhD)
Mary Jane Rimmele and Martin J. Rimmele
Matthew P. Rimmer `56, `61 (MS)
Neil T. Rimsky `74 and Marilyn Kneller-Rimsky
Joanna Rinasz
Rudy Rincon
Dr. David Rind `86M (MD)
Karen M. Rinefierd `76, `77W (MSE)
Dr. Joan M. Ringerwole `67E (MM)
Barbara A. Betlem Ringuette `64 and Lee T. Ringuette
Dr. Richard A. Rink `67 (MS), `72 (PhD)
Nicholas Riola
Linda H. Riordan `73 and Michael P. Riordan
Julia T. Rios P`17 and Francisco H. Lopez P`17
Frederick A. Ripley
Joanna Ripley
Michael Ripple `18W (MS)
Angela Rischpater
Barbara G. Risser and Fred E. Risser
Jordan Rissew
Jennifer Rissone
Christopher S. Ritchie `82
Courtney Ritchie
Arlene Ritter and Donald G. Ritter
Jean Ritter
Shelly Rittling and Joseph Rittling
Melanie Ritzman
Dr. Peter S. Rivenberg `77 (MA), `84 (PhD)
Emily Rivera
Kathryn Rivera
Luis Rivera
Patricia A. Rivera
Terra Rivera
Joan Rivers and Robert Rivers
Linda A. Rivoire `79
Barbara J. Rizzo and John C. Rizzo
Carol J. Rizzo and Richard C. Rizzo
LTC Christopher M. Rizzo `92, `93 (MS) and Meagan Rizzo
Ellen A. Rizzo
Judy Rizzo
Laura Rizzo
Phyllis Rizzo
Richard Rizzo
Susan A. Rizzo and Richard P. Rizzo
Thomas R. Rizzo
Ralph D. Roach
Dr. Stephanie S. Roach `88
Valerie S. Roach and Roger D. Roach
Shirley E. Roat and Glenn Roat
Heidi E. Robb
Johanna Klein Robbenhaar `86E
Brianna Robbins
Bridget Robbins
Cheryl D. Robbins and Gary T. Robbins
Doug Robbins
Douglas B. Robbins
Emily Robbins
Eva Robbins
Gay Robbins
Lauren Robbins
Mary C. Robbins
Dr. Rochelle L. Robbins `72
Jodi G. Roberson and Jonathan Roberson
Beverly Roberts and William Roberts
Carol J. Roberts `68
Conrad A. Roberts `72
Eleanor Roberts
Jacalyn D. Roberts `74, `76 (MS)
Rabbi Janet Roberts `73 and Dr. Eric Stern
Jean B. Roberts `58N
Jeanette Roberts
Jeffrey P. Roberts `68
Joann B. Roberts `05N
Dr. John N. Roberts `74E, `75E (MM)
Karin L. Roberts `81
Martha I. Roberts
Pamela Roberts
Philip K. Roberts
Roseann Roberts `75N (MS)
Sally J. Roberts
Susan C. Roberts and Ronald C. Roberts
Dr. Susan J. Roberts `68N
Dr. William L. Roberts `79M (MD)
Christopher W. Robertson `96 and Gina Robertson
Donna Robertson `59E (MM)
Joan Robertson
Louise Robertson
Pauline Robertson `59, `60N
Susan Robertson and William Coppard
Verna L. Robertson
Corrine Robideau and Robert Robideau
Donald Robin
Gordon R. Robine
Dr. William N. Robiner `76 and Susan M. Robiner
Donna Bilgore Robins and Andrew Robins
Ann M. Robinson `05 (MA)
Cheryl Robinson and Gary Robinson
Dan E. Robinson `87S (MBA) and Anne Robinson
Don L. Robinson
Joann Robinson
Joyce E. Robinson
Kathlynn Robinson
Lynn M. Robinson
Mary Lipscomb Robinson `62, `69 (MA)
CDR Meredith Robinson `91
Oksana Robinson and Richard A. Robinson
Sharon D. Robinson
Yvonne F. Robinson
Michael T. Robo `14^
John M. Robortella
J. K. Robson
Lucille T. Rocco
Patricia Roche and Andrew J. Roche
Nathaniel D. Rochester `87
Deborah J. Rock
Julie A. Rock
Kathleen M. Rock and Richard Rock
Barbara Rockefeller and Larry Rockefeller
William M. Rockefeller
Dorothy Rockwell
Dr. Susan V. Rockwell
Teresa A. Rockwell and Lloyd E. Rockwell
Carol E. Rodas and John Rodas
Lorraine Rodas
Dr. Rachel A. Rodenbach `16M (MD)
Dr. Thomas G. Rodenhouse `73M (Res)
Adam Rodger
Anne M. Rodgers
Dana B. Rodgers Jr. `61
Sharon L. Rodgers `68
Stephanie T. Rodgers
Dr. Stanko Rodic
Monique Rodrigue
Anthony Rodriguez `16S (MBA)
Katy Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez
Blanca Rodriguez-Castillo P`20 and Luis V. Rodriguez P`20
Ariadna Rodriguez-Hefke `91S (MBA)
Isabelle Rodwell
Teresa Rodziewicz
Lauren S. Roecker `83 and David Roecker
Dr. Silvia Roederer `80E and Dr. Leslie T. Tung `75E (MM)
Kathleen E. Roeland and Steven C. Roeland
Valerie Roeland
Donald Roemermann
Henry R. Roenke III
Patricia A. Roesch `61
MaryLou Roeser and Harold G. Roeser
Linda R. Roessler `69N, `69 and Dr. Alan B. Roessler `71M (MD)
Steven T. Roff
Nancy Cohen Roffman `73 and Joel Roffman
Michelle Rogachefsky
Sandra J. Rogalski
Payton M. Rogelli
Dr. Alexander J. Rogers `98M (MD), `01M (Res)
Dr. Barbara J. Rogers `73E and Richard D. Weis
David W. Rogers
Dr. David W. Rogers `89E, `97E (PhD)
Faith Rogers and Christopher A. Rogers
Helen Rogers `52, `53N
Lawrence Rogers
Lorelie Rogers
Michael Rogers
Nicole Rogers
Patrick J. Rogers `91S (MBA) and Cynthia J. Rogers
Ruth R. Rogers and David J. Rogers
Dr. Susan M. Rogers `06W (PhD) and Scott Regan
Traci A. Rogers `00, `01W (MS)
Valerie Rogers
Dr. Warren F. Rogers `83 (MA), `87 (PhD)
Lynne Rogerson `73S (MBA)
Ann Rogger
Grace Roggow and Cody Roggow
Dr. Alan J. Rogoff `71, P`15 and Eva Rogoff P`15
Dr. Steven A. Rogovic `00
M. Alexandra Rohall `82 and Steven Rohall
Aviva B. Rohde P`20E, P`20 and Dr. Brian D. Higgins P`20E, P`20
Dr. David W. Rohde `71 (PhD) and Barbara M. Rohde
Mary Husting-Rohe P`20 and Thomas Rohe P`20
James Rohloff
Judith Rohr and Thomas Rohr Sr.
Dr. Debbie A. Rohwer `94E (MM) and Dr. Mark E. Rohwer `94E (MM)
Vicki Roiz
Patricia Rojas
Olivia Rojorojo
Paul J. Roland
Keith M. Rolenaitis
Christine A. Roll P`24 and Richard J. Roll P`24
Katherine B. Roll
Mary J. Roll
Patricia K. Rolland and Bruce Rolland
Angela Rollins `17^
Christopher Rollins
Marie Rollinson
Cynthia Rollman P`23 and Dr. Richard Rollman P`23
Dr. William P. Rolls `80M (MD) and Claudia Cashman
Elaine M. Romack
John Roman
Russell P. Romano
Patricia L. Romanowski and Gerald H. Romanowski
Cynthia J. Rombaut and Kenneth J. Rombaut
Peter P. Romeo
Dr. Carla A. Romney `92S (MBA) and Stuart M. Beard
Stephen J. Romocki `88S (MBA)
Norbrian T. Ronase `10E
Clifford I. Rones `78
Wendy L. Ronhovdee
Dr. Bruce E. Ronkin `79E and Janet Zipes
Joanne R. Ronzo
Dr. Linda B. Roochvarg `81M (MD)
Bryan J. Roof
Brenda J. Rooks and John Rooks
Anna Rooney P`24E and Joseph Rooney P`24E
Deborah Rooney P`21
Dr. Allen W. Root `60M (Res)
Katherine S. Root `95M (MS) and Donald P. Root
Martha Root and Patrick J. Downey
Dr. Zenaida S. Roque
Richard S. Rosa `76
Joanne Rosati P`11 and Robert J. Rosati P`11
Robert E. Rosdahl `77 and Barbara Rosdahl
Joyce Rose and David G. Rose
Dr. Judith Rose `83W (EdD) and Dr. Philip I. Rose
Kathleen J. Rose P`12
Lewis Rose
Sharon L. Rose `65W and Martin Rose
Rosanne Rosella
David S. Rosen `85E (MM)
Ellen L. Rosen and Dr. Harry N. Rosen
Ellen R. Rosen `79 and Charles M. Konar `77
Dr. Jonathan I. Rosen `74 and Joy Koda
Melissa D. Joyce-Rosen `91S (MBA) and Jay Rosen
Dr. Paula S. Rosen `66 and Andrew Rosen
Philip B. Rosen `76 and Lois N. Rosen
Richard S. Rosen `75
Dr. Tove S. Rosen `61
Cindy Rosenbaum `75
Bernice Rosenberg*
Michelle B. Rosenberg `97
Nellie J. Rosenberg
Samuel N. Rosenberg `84 and Jennifer Rosenberg
Dr. Shana L. Rosenblatt `95
Susan E. Rosenblatt and Dr. Robert L. Rosenblatt
Beatrice M. Rosenbloom P`91, P`95 and The Honorable Richard D. Rosenbloom P`91, P`95
Dr. Karen S. Rosenbloom `91W (MS), `95W (PhD) and Keith R. Wilson
Richard H. Rosenbloom `71S (MBA)
Rabbi Seymour J. Rosenbloom `66 and Cindy Rosenbloom
David G. Rosenblum `68
Jane I. Marks Rosenblum `77 and Richard K. Rosenblum `77
Jeffrey S. Rosenblum `84
Debbie Rosenfeld and Robert Rosenfeld
Lisa Rosenfeld `16^
Marcia L. Rosenfeld `71W (MA) and Harry Rosenfeld
Anne H. Rosenow
Gloria M. Rosenstein and Irving Rosenstein
Lawrence M. Rosenstock `65
Barry P. Rosenthal `70 and Joan K. Rosenthal
Brent D. Rosenthal
Eric J. Rosenthal `01
Esther Rosenthal `58E (MM) and Henry M. Rosenthal
Peter J. Rosenthal `95S (MBA) and Judy Rosenthal
Jeanne Rosenzweig
Robert A. Rosholt `74S (MBA)
Lisa M. Rosica `93M (Res)
Dr. Randy N. Rosier `77M (MS), `78M (MD), `79M (PhD) and Michael A. Robertson
Hedy B. Rosman P`20 and Michael R. Rosman P`20
Michael E. Rosman `81 and Jessica L. Kasten
Julie A. Rosner and Lawrence H. Rosner
Myra Friedman Rosofsky `68
Sergey V. Rosolovsky `97S (MBA) and Natasha Rosolovsky
Dr. Andre Rosowsky `61 (PhD) and Erlene Rosowsky
Anne C. Ross `65N and Anthony P. Ross
Bonnie Sue Ross
Brenda W. Ross
Carol R. Ross and John B. Ross
Carole E. Ross `73 (MA)
Dr. Charles M. Ross `48M (MD) and Peggy Ross
David Ross
David W. Ross
Dr. Deborah L. Ross `80 (PhD)
Judith L. Ross `63E, `70E (MA)
Margaret R. Ross `59
Marian E. Ross
Marilynn Ross
Mary Ross and Dr. Robert E. Ross
Myra Ross `74 and David S. Ross `73
Dr. Roger A. Ross `67 (MS), `70 (PhD)
Sarah Ross
Dr. Teresa E. Ross `88M (MD), `91M (Res) and Jason M. Ross
Meredith Morgan-Rossborough and Don Rossborough
Ralph Rossborough
Anne T. Rossi
Charlot A. Rossi and Romualdo J. Rossi
Irene Rossi and Carmen Rossi
Jamie E. Rossi
Janice E. Rossi
Leslie Rossi and Thomas I. Rossi
Louise Rossi and Peter T. Rossi
Mark V. Rossi
Maryann Rossi and Gary Rossi
Michael N. Rossi `90
Noreen Rossi
Peter J. Rossi `64 and Ann A. Rossi
Helen Rossiter and George Rossiter
Deanna R. Rossman and Steven A. Rossman
Dr. Edward D. Rossmann Jr. `69 (PhD)
Dr. Marc A. Rossow `96D (Den) and Lisa A. Rossow
Bryan D. Rotach `03, `08S (MBA)
Vincent J. Rotella
Gabrielle S. Roth `86
Gary W. Roth
George W. Roth
Matt Roth
Dr. Peter L. Rothbart `79E and Linda Uhll
Janet Rothbeind and Harvey Rothbeind
Dr. Lewis Rothberg `77 and Dr. Shelby Nelson
Marcia B. Rothberg P`06 and Dr. Paul G. Rothberg P`06
Susan J. Robbins Rothberg `75 and Sidney Rothberg
Charles W. Rothfuss `63, `68W (MA) and Joyce Rothfuss
Dr. Rodney J. Rothlisberger `67E (MA)
Steven A. Rothschild `63, `70S (MBA) and Sharon Rothschild
Genevieve Rotoli
Barbara Rotolo and Thomas Rotolo
John Rotondi
Lisa M. Rott P`21 and Steven J. Rott P`21
Trudy A. Roughgarden `68
Gail M. Rourke
Dorothy A. Rouse and Bruce C. Rouse
Sally J. Rousseau and Louis Rousseau
Dr. Lawrence J. Routenberg `71 and Rise K. Routenberg
Carol Rowcliffe
Jennifer G. Rowcroft P`21 and Paul R. Rowcroft P`21
Cindy A. Rowe P`21 and Martin A. Rowe P`21
Joseph Rowe
Patricia Rowe and Timothy Rowe
Linda Rowell and Dennis Rowell
Eric M. Rowland
Sandra Ehret Rowland `02S (MBA)
Victoria Rowland and Michael Rowland
Heather Rowley
Lisa S. Rowley and James G. Rowley
Christina H. Rowntree P`22 and David C. Rowntree P`22
Theresa M. Rowohlt `92 and Todd W. Rowohlt `94
Cheryl Roy `77W (EdM)
Dawn E. Roy `99
Usha S. Roy `92
Marie Royer and Greg Royer
Steven Royer
Helen Rozanski-Savin `87
Tarryn D. Rozen P`25 and Eric I. Rozen P`25
Elizabeth D. Rozestraten
Dr. Clair Rozier `85E (DMA) and John C. Reid
Robert J. Rozler
Naomi G. Ruben P`20 and Scott A. Ruben P`20
Dr. Alice Rubenstein `72W (EdD) and Dr. Andrew W. Steinbrecher `70W (EdD)
Jacqueline Rubenstein
Dr. Seth A. Rubenstein `79
Dr. Paul T. Rubery `94M (Flw), P`12 and Dr. Andrea Ciliotta-Rubery P`12
Dr. Cheryl J. Rubin `79 and Gordon Borteck `79
Dr. Daniel J. Rubin `56
Dr. Joan S. Rubin P`10 and Dr. Tai Kwong P`10
Joyce C. Rubin `73
Pat K. Yuzawa-Rubin `76, P`05, P`07 and Jacob J. Rubin P`05, P`07
Angelina Rubino
Harriett Rubins and Dr. Jonathan Rubins
Peg Rubley
Mary Rose Rucci
Carolyn Rucinski and David W. Rucinski
Theresa Rucker
Sheryl L. Ruckert `75N and Dr. G. Theodore Ruckert
Alisha Rudd
Nikki Rudd
Maxine M. Rude and Robert P. Rude
LeAnn Rudenski
Meridith S. Ruder
Rita L. Rudnick `78
Alan R. Rudolph `74
Andrea L. Rudolph `70, P`09
Lynn M. Ruell and David L. Ruell
Carolyn M. Ruffing `99M (MS), `10N and Charles Ruffing
Donna Rugg and Miles Rugg
Eleanor P. Rugg and John V. Rugg*
Paula A. Rugg `77W (EdM)
Roger B. Ruggeri Jr. `61E
Deborah Ruggles
Mary L. Ruhl `93
Michael Ruisi
Suzanne E. Ruisi
Carmen Ruiz
Raymond E. Ruiz
Kevin Ruliffson
Bonnie Rumfelt
Scott E. Rummler `84
Peter Rumrill `65, `83S (MBA), P`88
Catherine Cool Rumsey
Irmgard Rumsey
John B. Rumsey
Mackenzie Rumsey
Brad Runfola
John J. Runfola `12S (MBA)
Joanne M. Rupprecht `51 and Walter E. Rupprecht
Constance M. Ruscio `56
Karen Ruscio
Patricia A. Ruscio and Richard J. Ruscio
Lauren B. Rush `99
Marlene Rush and John R. Rush
Linda M. Rushlow and Thomas E. Rushlow
Maryann Rusk
Pamela L. Russ `63, P`96 and Nancy Stutsman
Robert W. Russ `64, P`96
Alice M. Russell `54 and Stephen L. Russell `59, `79 (MS)
Elizabeth L. Russell and Charles W. Russell
John C. Russell `63, `65W (MA)
Kathleen B. Russell P`95 and Edmund Russell P`95
Lynn Russell
Natasha Russell
Ranta L. Russell `78
Susan C. Russell `69W and David W. Russell
Tammy Russell
William J. Russell
Vincent Russello
Dan G. Russi `81S (MBA) and Carol Russi
Alexis Russo
Antonio Russo
Sandra P. Russo P`21 and Gian C. Russo P`21
Dr. Vincent J. Russo `62 and Frances A. Russo
Sandra A. Russolese and Charles Russolese
Wallace R. Rust
William A. Ruth
Dr. Rochelle L. Ruthchild `64 (MA), `76 (PhD)
Dianne C. Rutigliano `14N, `18N (MS) and John A. Rutigliano
Nathan Rutz
Rebecca Rutz
Jeanette Ruyle `72, `72N
Gariyeta R. Ruzhanskaya and Semen D. Ruzhansky
Ann T. Ryan `84 and Anthony W. Ryan `85
Dr. Anne Bowman Ryan
Daniel V. Ryan III
Frank J. Ryan
Ginny Ryan and Jeffrey S. Curran
Jean L. Ryan `13S (MBA)
Jeannine Ryan
Joan D. Ryan
Joan K. Ryan and James D. Ryan
Kathleen White-Ryan `83N (MS) and Michael F. Ryan Jr.
Lori Ryan and Michael J. Ryan
Michael R. Ryan
Patrick T. Ryan `80
Rebecca L. Ryan
Dr. Richard M. Ryan `81 (MA), `81 (PhD) and Miriam J. Gale
Sheila H. Ryan
Timothy Ryan
Amy Rybczynski
Jean B. Rybinski and Timothy J. Rybinski
Bruce R. Rychwalski
Angela Ryck `16 (MS)
Valerie J. Ryder `69 and Richard Baldock
Flo Rymanowski and Val Rymanowski
Dr. Justin V. Rymanowski `07M (MD), `11M (Res), `12M (Flw) and Dr. Jennifer Rymanowski
Kathleen Rymanowski
Stephanie Rynders and Erik Rynders
Eivind P. Rynning*

An asterisk (*) denotes the individual is deceased. A caret (^) denotes the individual is a young alumnus.

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