C – D

All George Eastman Circle members are automatically recognized as Rochester Loyal members. The George Eastman Circle Honor Roll is accessible by members only.

C - D
John Caboot
Dr. Paul Cabral `08H (Res) and Dr. Dallas Nelson `03M (Res), `04M (Flw)
Joann M. Cacace P`22
Stephanie A. Cacace P`23 and Thomas M. Cacace P`23
Bonnie Caccamise and John L. Caccamise
Marshelle R. Caccamise and Dr. Daniel A. Caccamise*
Nancy Caccamise
Theresa J. Caccamise
Michael J. Caccuitto III `91
Casper Caceci
Solae Cadenhead P`21 and Thomas S. Cadenhead P`21
Angelo Caffo
Rosemary Caffo and Lewis Caffo Jr.
Penny M. Cagan `80
Michele Cagliostro
Patricia Cagwin
Dr. David H. Cahan `74M (MD)
Justina Cahill
Rotraut Cahill `67 (MA)
Ruth P. Cahn `68E and William L. Cahn `68E
Lois T. Cahoon
Ellyn P. Caiazza and Tony Caiazza
John J. Cain
Dr. Eric D. Caine P`98
Carol E. Cairns `67, `67N and Dr. Robert W. Cairns `70 (PhD)
Diane H. Cairo and Eugene F. Cairo P`08
Edward W. Cala
Laurie A. Calabrese and Scott Calabrese
Marcia Calabrese
Mary C. Calabrese and Rocco S. Calabrese
Dr. Michael A. Calabro `67
Margaret Calacino
Barbara A. Calanni
David B. Calarco `88 and Lauri Calarco
Joanne Calcote `12S (MBA)
Rev. Benjamin D. Caldwell `80
Cailee M. Caldwell `11 and Joseph J. Subjeck `08
Dr. Robert A. Caldwell `72 and Bets Caldwell
Nancy L. Calhoun P`19E, P`20, P`21E
Mary T. Cali
Robert T. Cali `76 and Andrea J. Cali
Bonnie Callaghan
John L. Callaghan
Ruth E. Callaghan
Catherine Callahan
Kara A. Callahan P`24 and William J. Callahan P`24
Lorraine Callahan
Paula Callahan
Anthony Callaro
Mary A. Callaway
Anita Callens
Dr. Cathy Callis `68E, `71E (MM), `80E (DMA)
Stephen W. Calloway
Kathleen Calus and Richard Calus
Michael L. Calvete `69
Dr. Laura M. Calvi and Dr. Jonathan W. Friedberg
Todd A. Calvin
Carol J. Camarella and Louis J. Camarella Jr.
Charlene Cambisi
Benedict Camelio
Carl J. Camelo Jr. `66, `68 (MA)
Dr. Deepa R. Camenga `05M (MD), `09M (Res) and Daniel E. Camenga `07S (MBA)
Kelly Cameron
Terri A. Camesano `95
Sara C. Camille
Gail Camiola
Christopher G. Camisa `00S (MBA)
Patricia Cammarata and Salvatore Cammarata
Marie Cammilleri
Constance M. Camnitz `50
Howard Camp
Shelly Camp
Stella M. Campanella and Salvatore Campanella
Donald Campanelli
Karen L. Campanis and Nicholas Campanis
Colin C. Campbell
David Campbell
Dr. David C. Campbell `71M (MD) and Ines G. Campbell
Eli Campbell
James L. Campbell
Dr. Jeffrey D. Campbell `79 and Cynthia M. Campbell
Dr. Joel F. Campbell `75
Dr. Kathleen A. Campbell `93M (MD) and William C. Reed II
Lisa Campbell
Mary Ellen Campbell and Melvin R. Campbell
Mary-Lou Campbell `68, `70W (MA) and E. Bruce Campbell
Rebecca Campbell
Susan A. Campbell and George Campbell III
Terry Campbell and Gary R. Campbell
Dr. Thurid M. Campbell `63D (Den) and Dr. Earl W. Campbell Jr. `62M (MD), `63M (Res)
Tina Campbell and Arden P. Campbell
William M. Campbell `69S (MBA)
Hope Campese
Lois L. Camphausen
Joanne Campione
Dr. Emily E. Campito `06, `14M (Res)
Diane S. Campoli
Julia C. Campoli
Asli Can P`22 and Dr. Ahmet S. Can P`22
Olivia M. Canavan `20^
Barbara Canessa and Leland R. Canessa
David P. Cangialosi
Ada Cangiano
Nancy Cangiano `62H (DPL) and Albert Cangiano
Deborah Cannan and Daniel R. Cannan
Michael W. Cannan
Michelle Cannan
Ann M. Cannarozzo and Michael R. Cannarozzo
John C. Canning
Karen P. Canning P`17 and Edwin A. Canning P`17
Susan M. Canning P`22 and Russell J. Canning P`22
Gary P. Cannon
Geraldine Cannon and John A. Cannon
Lisa Cannon
Penny J. Cannon and Patrick J. Cannon
Wendy Cannon
Gertrude M. Canny
George L. Cantin `62E, `64E (MM)
Richard S. Cantor `62
Dr. Richard S. Cantor `74 and Kim A. Cantor
Barbara M. Cantrall `58N
Xiaoyi Cao `19^
Daniel P. Cap `79
Karen M. Capacci and John G. Capacci
Karen Capan and Bruce Capan
Donna Capirchio and Bernard A. Capirchio
Peggy Caplan and Michael S. Caplan
Dr. Steven E. Caplan `75M (MD), `77M (Res), P`02
Angela P. Capone
Kari L. Capone `99E, `99
Bernard J. Cappan
Lorraine Cappellino
Roberta H. Cappon and Michael J. Cappon
Sharon M. Cappon
Thomas J. Capra
Mary L. Caprio
Patrick S. Capuano `90S (MBA)
Phyllis H. Capuano and Joseph Capuano
Margaret Capurso
Elaine Caputo
Brenda L. Ortolaza-Caraballo P`21 and Isai Caraballo P`21
Michael Caracci
Joanne Caraher and Daniel W. Caraher
Virginia Carballada and R. Carlos Carballada
Renee Carbary and Michael Carbary
Robert Carberry `80S (MBA)
Bartholomew Carbone
Theresa Carbone and Frank A. Carbone
Charlene Carcaro `82N (MS)
Hayden M. Carder `17^
Suzanne Carder and Joseph A. Carder
Josephine Cardilicchia and Carlo Cardilicchia
Dr. Jan Cardinale P`21 and Dr. Robert Cardinale P`21
Monica Cardon and Frank Cardon
Janeen Cardona
Lena Cardone
Paulette Carello
C. Christian Cares `72
Dr. Virginia B. Caress `64 (PhD) and Dr. Edward A. Caress `63 (PhD)
Barbara B. Carey and William H. Carey
Mary Jane Carey
William C. Carey
William L. Carey
Antonia Carfagna
Robert T. Cario
Dr. Alan T. Cariski `73M (MD)
Lynn Carista and Edward Carista
Shelly Carithers and Warren Carithers
Carianne Carleo-Evangelist
Jeanne B. Carley and Harold Carley
Patricia A. Carli
Darin Carlin
Judith E. Carlin and Roger C. Carlin
Kathleen Carlino
Jeanne G. Carlivati
Gerald E. Carlson
Hope L. Carlson `10E (MM) and Dr. Edwin Chen
Kara L. Carlson `93W (MS)
Marcella Carlson
Mary L. Carlson and William A. Carlson
Noreen DeMarse-Carlson and John Carlson
Dr. Robert V. Carlson `69W (EdD) and Donna Carlson
Thomas D. Carlson `08
Carolyn M. Carlton and Douglas Carlton
Kent Carlton
Nancy K. Carlucci and Stephen J. Carlucci
Dolores Carmadella-Baum
Jacqueline M. Carman and Daniel Carman
Dr. Cheryl L. Carmichael `05 (MA), `11 (PhD)
Joyce Carney
Marian M. Carney and Terrance M. Carney*
Beverlee J. Levy-Carol `68 and Stanley Carol
Maryann E. Caroompas `61N
Brett Caroselli `14S (MBA) and Dr. Jennifer Caroselli
Ellen C. Carpenter and Terry Carpenter
John C. Carpenter `60W (MA) and Sue V. Carpenter
Nicole Carpenter
Dr. Rita C. Butzer Carpenter `90 and Daniel Carpenter
Robin A. Carpenter `85
Shirley Carpenter and Vincent C. Carpenter
William Carpenter
Verna Carpenter-Sandy
Mike Carpinter
Dr. Darren Carpizo
Steven A. Carples `76
Christine A. Carr
Joann C. Carr and Timothy J. Carr
Joanne M. Carr and Joseph V. Carr Jr.*
Karen Carr
Mary J. Carr and James L. Carr
Nicol D. Carr
Shawn Carr
Josephine A. Carra
Kaitlin Carragher `12^
Robert J. Carragher `77 and Beth Tuttle
Ron B. Carran `69E and Julie D. Carran
Anne M. Carrera and Samuel J. Carrera
Helen Tranter Carrese `50N
Louise T. Carrese and Pasquale E. Carrese
Myra Carrier `56, P`90, P`91, P`95 and Dr. Robert H. Carrier `58M (MD), `66M (Res), P`90, P`91, P`95
Joann Carrigg
Jose Carrillo P`23
Mona L. Carro
Arlene M. Carroll `78S (MBA) and Mitchell E. Jones
Derek Carroll
Kay M. Carroll `66 and J. Mark Harran
Mark M. Carroll `68 and Barbara A. Carroll
Maryann K. Carroll
Michael L. Carroll
Nancy J. Carroll and John Carroll
Patricia A. Carroll
Tracy P. Carroll P`22 and Paul L. Carroll P`22
Patricia Carrozziere and Gaetano Carrozziere
Barbara D. Carson
Donna Carson and F. James Carson
Elizabeth Carson
Joseph P. Carson `76 and Karen Carson
Mary Ann Carson and Richard A. Carson
Frances T. Cartella
Annie L. Carter
Deborah L. Carter and William L. Carter
Donna Carter
Eric Carter
Harriet H. Carter and Jeff C. Carter
Jazmine D. Carter `20S (MBA)
Dr. John Z. Carter `73M (MD) and Loren Jensen-Carter
Kelly J. Carter
Lorin S. Carter
Marie M. Carter `86E (MA)
Richard Carter
Stuart H. Carter `82E (MM)
Kathryn A. Cartwright and William F. Cartwright
Anthony Carusone
Betsy Carver and John P. Carver
Ellen Jean P. Carver `61*
Robert Carwithen
Jane M. Cary `71E (MM)
Ashley R. Casaceli
Ronald B. Casamento
Vicki W. Casarett
Mary J. Casbeer `53N
Patricia M. Casciani and Samuel J. Casciani
Jacqueline Casciano and Matthew L. Casciano
Judy Case and Ray Case
Kevin N. Case
Robert F. Case
Stephanie Case
John Casella
Susan J. Caselli and John A. Caselli Jr.
Susan L. Casement and John R. Casement
Dr. Mary T. Caserta
Edwyna L. Casey
Eugenia A. Casey and Hans W. Neumeier
Marcia L. Casey
Mary D. Casey and Allen G. Casey
Tara P. Casey P`23 and Edward T. Irwin P`23
Dennis Cashin
Dr. Terry F. Cashmore `73M (MD)*
Joseph G. Casion `96
Madaline Caslake and John Caslake
Robin A. Cass and Bill Klingensmith
Madlyn Cassata and Robert Cassata
Madeline Cassavino and Dr. Thomas M. Cassavino Jr.
Paul J. Cassella
Sandra Cassetta and Paul Cassetta
Donna L. Cassidy and Ronald G. Cassidy
Judith A. Cassidy `72N, `72
Phyllis Cassidy and Thomas A. Cassidy
Richard R. Cassidy
Sandra J. Cassin and John A. Cassin
Francine Cassorla and Joseph Cassorla
Pat Castania
Robert J. Castellani Jr. `88
Dr. Deena M. Castellion `89
Evelyn Castello
Concetta F. Castelluzzo and Anthony Castelluzzo*
Shirley Caster
Paul L. Casterline
Colleen M. Castle P`22
Dr. John M. Castle `85, `89M (MD) and Christine Castle
Musette S. Castle and William H. Castle
Patricia P. Castle
Dr. Nancy L. Castro `86W (EdD)
Angela Castronova
Michelle Castronova and Thomas Castronova
Daniel Catalfamo
Carlos N. Catanach `97
Cathy Catarisano
Nancy Catarisano and Leo S. Catarisano
Angela R. Caternolo and James L. Caternolo
William Catherwood
Bonita R. Caton and Brenon P. Caton
Laraine Caton and William E. Caton
Connie Cator and George Cator
Marilou Catracchia and Matthew Catracchia
Gregory J. Catrett `73E
Sharon Lee Caufield `68W and William M. Caufield
Sally N. Cavada `98, `99W (MS)
Amy Cavaiola
Margaret G. Cavalier and Edward J. Cavalier
Carol A. Cavallaro and John Cavallaro*
Raymond S. Cavallaro
Rosalie J. Cavallaro
Christine Cavalletti and August L. Cavalletti
Bruce Cavaretta
Jacqueline C. Cave and Dr. William T. Cave Jr.
Richard E. Cavers
Elaine Cavuoto and Daniel J. Cavuoto
Kathy Caya and Peter Caya
Vlad Cazacu `20^
Catherine L. Cebul-Yansen `12^
Judith Celentani
Delores Celli
Kathleen F. Cellura `65W (MA)
Guy G. Cenname
Arturo P. Centi
Karen Centonze and Dr. John F. Centonze
Dale Cenzi and Richard Cenzi
Carol Cerasoli
Skylar R. Cerbone `20^
Danielle L. Cerimeli `92
Rose M. Cerone
Dr. Sharon R. Bidwell-Cerone `87N (PhD) and James Cerone Jr.
Dominique Cerqua
Joan K. Cervini and John A. Cervini
Emily Cesarano
Ignatius Cesolani
Nicole Cestaro
Michele J. Chabot `70
Catherine H. Chabrier `87
Alexander Chacon
Jose Chacon
John C. Chadbourne
Kara-Anne L. Osselmann Chai `98S (MBA) and Daniel N. Chai `98S (MBA)
Ann R. Chaintreuil and Renier F. Chaintreuil
Mitchell A. Chait `77
Phylis Chait
Jean M. Chakmakas `17^
Dr. John Chalmers `92S (MS), `95S (PhD)
Linda Chalmers and Gregg R. Chalmers
Dr. Patricia Chamberlin `74
Neville G. Chambers `00S (MBA) and Brenda Joseph Chambers
Dale S. Chambery
Ashley Champion and Matthew S. Champion
Benjamin S. Chan `02
Lisa Chan and Michael Y. Chan
Patrick S. Chan `81 (MS)
Deborah S. Chandler P`11, P`17, P`19, P`21
Elaina Chandler
Benjamin B. Chaney
Amy T. Chang `99N, `02N (MS)
Dr. Chiu S. Chang `71 (PhD)
Valerie Chang P`21 and Ya-Tung Chang P`21
Dr. Wayne S. Chanler
Tanatchaya Chanphanitpornkit `15E^
Steven H. Chansky `66 and Linda E. Chansky
James L. Chapin
Judith N. Chapin
Patricia H. Chapin
Tina Chapin and Peter A. Chapin
Mark H. Chaplin and John Strawway
Barbara Chapman
David Chapman `05
James E. Chapman `88, P`22 and Jennifer L. Reisch P`22
Jane T. Chapman and Russell D. Chapman
Joyce E. Chapman and Charles Chapman
Kathleen E. Chapman
Marian K. Chapman `72 and William A. Chapman `72
Sally Chapman
Susan E. Chapman and Robert M. Chapman
Roberta S. Chappars `64 and Stephen G. Chappars `63
James M. Chappell
Cheryl Charboneau and Robert A. Charboneau
Joan Chard and Keith Eddinger
Dr. John T. Chard `66M (Res)
Dr. Daniel A. Charen `16M (MD)
Dr. Jayne R. Charlamb `95M (MD) and Dr. Larry Charlamb
Theresa Charlebois
Casey Charles
Elisabeth A. Charles
Joann Charles and Thomas E. Charles
Michael J. Charleton Jr. `80 and Janine Charleton
William Charnholm P`97E
Denise Charno and John R. Charno
Ryan C. Charno `14W (AC)
Ronald W. Charron
Marjorie A. Chartrand
Joan J. Chase and Warren Chase
Juanita A. Chase `83N
Robert S. Chase
Thomas F. Chase `54E
Sarah L. Chaskes P`24 and Michael B. Chaskes P`24
Linda A. Chatelle and Anthony J. Chatelle
Irene Chatfield
Leroy Chatmon
Lisa Chatt and John Chatt
Rachel J. Chatterton and Ryan S. Chatterton
Connie W. Chau
Elaine Chau
Dr. Linda H. Chaudron `92M (MD) and David Burrows
Emily Chauncey
Roseanne Chauncey and Richard Chauncey
Susan H. Chauncey
Stefanie L. Chautin `97 and Jason Chautin
Martha L. Chaves and Julio C. Chaves
Michael C. Chavrimootoo `20, `21 (MS)^
Dr. Sheema Chawla `11M (Res)
Chin Hong Cheah `95, `96 (MS)
Evelyn K. Cheasman
Alice P. Check `77 and Thomas F. Check `77
Dr. Christine M. Checkosky `84, `89M (MS), `91M (PhD)
Sonya L. Cheema `19^
Dr. Michael G. Cheifetz `66 (MS), `71 (PhD)
Daniel R. Chemers `66
Dr. Bill H. Chen `68 (MS), `70 (PhD)
Dr. Chun-Wei Chen `09M (MS), `11M (PhD) and Huei-Ju Liu
Dr. David W. Chen `96, `00M (MD)
Fang C. Chen `69 (MS)
Dr. Gwendyline Y. Chen `67 (PhD) and Dr. David H. Chen `66 (PhD)
Hsiang Lei C. Chen P`22 and Eric K. Lim P`22
Jie Chen `00S (MBA) and Dawn X. Jiang
Lillian Chen P`22 and Xiaodong Chen P`22
Mary V. Chen and William T. Chen
Minglei Chen `96S (MBA) and Si Jia Jiang
Suio-Ling Chen `67W (EdM) and Dr. Chiou-Shiun Chen `64 (MS), `68 (PhD)
Dr. Terina S. Chen `98, `99, `04M (MD) and Joey T. Chen `98, `03M (MS)
Dr. Tien-Tsung Chen `76 (PhD)
Yanping Chen P`22 and Yuexin Wang P`22
Dr. Zhong Chen `83M (Flw), `88M (PhD) and Dr. Gang Dong `88M (PhD), `91M (MS), `93M (PhD)
Zhujun Chen P`22 and Tao Lin P`22
Elizabeth A. Cheney and William F. Cheney
Thomas J. Cheney
Amy C. Cheng `98
Dr. Roberta Cheng `67 (PhD) and Wen-Jiu Cheng
Teresita H. Cheng
Rosemary J. Chengson `94S (MBA)
Oi Keng Cheong P`21 and Chee Keong Chew P`21
Deborah L. Cherki P`22 and Pierre J. Cherki P`22
Susanne A. Cherkis
Jack H. Chernus `79S (MBA) and Jennifer Chernus
Betty J. Cherock and John F. Cherock
Eugenia Cherouski `52E
Paul W. Cherry `58E (MM)
Justin Cheshire
Stefanie Cheshire
Amy Chesonis and Algimantas Chesonis
Margie R. Chessin
Rina F. Chessin and Daniel J. Chessin
Carol Chester and Michael Rusinko
Caroline N. Chester P`17 and Robert M. Chester P`17
Nancy R. Chesterton and Peter R. Chesterton
Dr. Devendra S. Chhabra `65 (MS)
Jenny Chi P`22 and Chih Wei J. Hu P`22
Marjorie C. Chiafery `73W (MA) and James A. Chiafery `73S (MBA)
Dr. I-Hung Chiang `70 (MA), `72 (PhD) and Yuh Wey Chiang
Olivia Chiang `89M (PDC)
Michelle M. Chiantera and Michael J. Chiantera
Dr. Yu-Chih Chiao `74 (MS), `76 (PhD) and Dr. Wen B. Chiao `75 (MS), `77 (PhD), P`02
Nancy Chiapperi
Marcia Ellen Chiappone
Elly S. Chiariello `95S (MBA) and Peter J. Chiariello `96S (MBA)
Donald C. Chichester `71 and Bernice Chichester
Simon Chiew `02
Brian Chiger `04 and Eleanor Chiger
Jonathan Child
Sally Child `73, `79 (MS)
Margaret L. Childs
Rita L. Childs `50
S. Eric Childs `67 and Dr. Paula S. Childs
Laurie Chillcott and Burleigh Chillcott
Edmund P. Chin `80
Isoda M. Chin
Kimberly Chin
Michael Chin
Dr. Nancy P. Chin `89 (MA), `93M (MPH), `98 (PhD), P`13
Dr. Steven S. Ching `74M (MD), `81M (Res) and Mary D. Ching
Marina Chinn `01S (MBA)
Shu-Ming Chiou P`11 and Hsin-Hsiung Huang P`11
Ronald Chipperfield
Michael A. Chirco Jr.
Ramalinga R. Chirra `65 (MS) and Lakshmi Chirra
Linda Chisholm `75W (EdM)
Elizabeth A. Chittenden and James Chittenden
Dr. Lois Chiu `99 and Dr. Nicholas C. Dang `00M (MD)
Peggy T. Chiu P`00 and Dr. Peter J. Chiu P`00
Sharon F. Chiumento `69, `69N and James E. Chiumento P`98
Pamela W. Chiverton
Wilma Chlebove
Patricia A. Chmielowiec and John A. Chmielowiec
Geum Hee Cho P`14 and Hyo Duk Kim P`14
Dr. Youngsun T. Cho `09M (MS), `12M (PhD), `13M (MD)
Hansel Choae `13^
Albert G. Choate `69
Joyce Choi P`23 and Kenneth M. Choi P`23
Dr. Kevin W. Choi `84
Dr. Yong C. Choi `67M (PhD) and Tae S. Ro-Choi
Dr. Jill M. Cholette `99M (MD), `03M (Res), `06M (Flw) and Todd J. Dirrigl
Jennifer L. Chomicki `93
John Chomyak `85
Dr. Jinhwa Chon `87E
Chang Chong
Dr. Vi-En Choong `95 (MA), `97 (PhD)
Nancy K. Choquette and Michael F. Choquette
Mary L. Chormann `84N (MS) and Craig R. Chormann `77S (MBA)
Marla Choslovsky P`21 and Paul E. Greenberg P`21
Kathleen A. Chott `82
Dr. Mei-en Chou `20E (DMA)
Dr. Franklin S. Chow `79M (MD)
Jack Chow
Michele B. Chow `07
Thomas G. Chrien `84, `86 (MS)
Ann C. Christ and Norman Christ Jr.
Arline B. Christ `79N (MS)
Johanna M. Christ
Laurie Christ and Matthew Christ
Cynthia A. Christa
Ioanna Christanis
Elizabeth Christensen
Suzanne Christensen and Martin C. Christensen
Virginia A. Christensen
Walter F. Christensen Jr.
Linda J. Christian
Mark A. Christianson `98S (MBA) and Valerie G. Christianson
James C. Christie `99S (MBA)
James W. Christie
Barbara A. Christopher
Bernie Christopher
Fu-Lin Chu `71M (MS) and Dr. William P. Chu `70 (PhD)
Lon M. Chu `86
Dr. Corazon N. Chua `79M (Res)
Dr. Yung-Ho Chuang `87 (MS), `92 (PhD) and Chang-Syang Chuang
Claudia E. Chudacoff `85E, `87E (MM) and Alan A. Wonneberger
Patricia D. Chuhta
Dr. Hung L. Chung `07 (MS), `15 (PhD)
Mark J. Chung `86
Audrey M. Church
Lillian Church
Monica E. Church `95N and John W. Church III
Stephanie E. K. Church `96 (MS) and Robert C. Church
Carolyn Churchill
Linda J. Churley
Irene M. Churukian
Deidre D. Ciaccia
Sharon E. Ciaccia
The Honorable Arnold F. Ciaccio `51
John Cianciotto
Dr. Theodore P. Ciaraldi `77M (PhD)
Victor G. Ciaraldi `81 (MS)
Charlene Ciarkowski
Judith Cicero and Dr. Joseph C. Cicero
Mary Cicero
Philip J. Cichanowicz
Linda Cichello
Linda A. Cicoria and Gary A. Cicoria
Teresa J. Ciejek and Robert Ciejek
Margaret L. Cielinski
Kornelijus G. Cieminis `73 and Linda Cieminis
Kathleen Cieslinski
Martha J. Cieszynski
Janice L. Cifelli
Alphonse R. Cilano
Annette D. Ciminelli
Julie Cimino
Kristen Cimino
Mary Ann Cimino and Vincent P. Cimino
Marti Cinque and Donald Cinque
Deborah Cinquegrana and Gabriel Cinquegrana
Dr. Michael Cinquegrani `85M (Flw) and Carol Cinquegrani
Leah Cintineo
Susan M. Ciocci P`22 and Nicholas J. Ciocci P`22
Wilma Cipolla `52E (MM) and Frank J. Cipolla `51E, `57E (MM)
Rhonda Cipollone
Karen A. Cipro and John C. Cipro
Andrew N. Cirillo `12^ and Kaitlin Cirillo
Patti A. Cirillo P`12 and Nicholas Cirillo P`12
Tiffany Paine-Cirrincione and Steven Cirrincione
Anthony J. Cirulli
Mary Lee Cisco
Christopher A. Cistrone `12, `13 (MS)^
Amy Ciszak
Brianna Ciulla and AJ Gall
Dr. Susan M. Ciurzynski `97N (MS), `11N (PhD), P`19 and Ryan J. Ciurzynski P`19
Laura Clancy
Judith E. Claprood
Robert Clapsadl
Lonnie D. Clar `61
Timothy S. Claremont
Dr. Steven P. Clarfield `73 (PhD) and Patricia Clarfield
Winifreda J. Claridades and Rafael R. Claridades
Dr. Jeffrey A. Claridge `96M (MD) and Rebecca Claridge
Brenda Clark
Carolyn J. Clark `72
Catherine W. Clark
Cindie Clark and William Clark
Franklin T. Clark `71
Gregory Clark
Harold Clark
Jon Clark
Joyce S. Clark
Larry Clark
Laura Clark
Loi K. Clark
M. Rosemarie Clark
Mary E. Clark `90M (MS)
Nancy Clark and Daniel Clark
Dr. Nathan A. Clark `04, `07 (MS), `13 (PhD)
Peter P. Clark `71
Reva L. Clark and Carl E. Clark
Richard G. Clark
Richard W. Clark `60
Rosemarie Clark
Stanley H. Clark*
Suzanne Clark `63N (MS) and Dr. Hugh Clark `67M (Res)
Tillena G. Clark `81
Trisha Clark
Dr. Virginia L. Clark `77M (PhD)
William H. Clark III `65
Dr. William W. Clark `10N and Patricia F. Clark
Dr. Christopher S. Clarke `80 (MA), `86 (PhD) and Victoria Clarke
Dr. David B. Clarke `70 (PhD)
Elizabeth Clarke `49N
Kathleen S. Clarke `87W (MS)
Lisa M. Clarke and John Clarke
Mona Clarke
Dr. Karen M. Clary `90, `00M (Res), P`20 and Dr. David P. Stornelli `93M (MD)
Rhonda Clary and Kevin R. Clary
Dawn Class
Kathleen Claudius
Gary W. Clausen
Jennifer L. Clausen and Todd Clausen
Dr. Reuben A. Clay Jr. `64M (MD) and Jennifer Clay
Jane E. Clayton P`25 and Richard E. Clayton P`25
Barbara Cleary
Dorothy K. Cleary and John Cleary
Kathleen A. Cleary `67N
Michele Cleary P`23 and George Tokiwa P`23
Dr. Paul P. Cleary `69 (MS), `71 (PhD) and Jeanette C. Cleary
Dr. Theresa M. Woodworth Cleary `02
Susan N. Clemens `89 and LCDR Peter J. Clemens `89
Linda Clement and Joseph Clement
Dr. Marie M. Clement `67E
Dr. Peter T. Clement `90D (Den) and Nancy L. Baker
Gabriella Clemente `16^
Nathan Clemente
Dr. Gian Luca Clementi `98 (MA), `01 (PhD) and Laura Ascenzi
Kaitlin Clementi and Steven Clementi
Bonita L. Clements
Becky Cleveland
Diane Cleveland and James D. Cleveland
Erica E. Cleveland
Erin Cleveland and Evan Cleveland
Gail Cleveland
Mark Cleveland
Mary C. Cleveland and James H. Cleveland
Nancy Cleveland
Katharine R. Cliff
Jean Clifford `56E
Richard Clifford
Lorraine Van Meter-Cline and Dr. Douglas Cline P`05
Carol Clingan P`08 and Thomas G. Clingan P`08
Janet Clingerman
David Clinton
Anita Clinton-Perez
Nowell Clooksin
Barbara Cloonan `67W and Robert J. Cloonan
Kathleen Cloonan and Robert S. Childs
Dr. Gary S. Clorfeine `71M (MD)
Sharon Close
Susan E. Close
Carol Clothier and Lorraine Hahn
Marlie Clouden
Sarah J. Cloughly `54, `55N
Carole W. Clow and Fremont V. Clow
Philip C. Clune
Alan J. Clunies
Kathleen J. Clute
Deborah D. Clynes and John C. Clynes
Catherine L. Coates `75 and Steven Martin
Virginia B. Coats `45E (MA)
Jenny E. Coax P`93, P`97 and Dr. Warren Coax P`93, P`97
Barbara L. Cobb and Richard E. Cobb
Sandra E. Cobb and Philip S. Cobb
Shaun Cobb
Alan Cocchiara
William Coch
Dennis M. Cochardo
Daniel C. Cochran `08
Dr. James B. Cochran `80E (MM), `92E (DMA) and Robert Baucom
Carol L. Cochrane
Dr. Charles G. Cochrane `51, `56M (MD)
Katherine A. Cochrane and William B. Cochrane
Carol Cocilova
Kristine Cocilova
Lewis Cocilova
Mike Cocilova
Nora A. Coco and Steven F. Coco
Susan K. Coco P`08 and John A. Coco P`08
Mary Ann Cocola and James Cocola Jr. P`01
Vienna P. Cocuzzi `55E, `57E (MM)
Ashley M. Codd
Richard Codding
Ronald R. Cody
Kay Coe and William F. Coe
Mary Ann Coe and Steven G. Coe
Katie Coffee and Nicholas Coffee
JoAnne Coffey
Dr. Mark D. Coffey `80E (MM), `84E (DMA)
James G. Coffin `72 (MS)
Louisa B. Coffin `51, `52N and Edgar D. Coffin Jr.
Janice M. Cogar `72N
Dr. John D. Cogar `71
Peter A. Coggiola `76, `79N, `87N (MS), `19N (PMC)
Alan B. Cohen `73 and Helaine Cohen
Alyssa J. Cohen P`22
Dr. Barry G. Cohen `66
Bruce L. Cohen
Colleen Cohen
Daniel R. Cohen `91, `96S (MBA)
Dr. Donald L. Cohen `55
Gwendolyn E. Cohen
Dr. Jeffrey M. Cohen `10
Linda Cohen
Dr. Linda S. Cohen `78
Marc Cohen
Mark T. Cohen `85 and Helen Cohen
Dr. Matthew C. Cohen `70
Michael A. Cohen `61, P`84
Michele Cohen
Dr. Nadine Cohen `74M (PhD) and Dr. Roger F. Cohen `71 (MA)
Dr. Noal Cohen `59
Norma W. Cohen `62
Pincus Cohen `49, `51 (MA), `60W (EdM)
Rachel E. Stanek Cohen `97 and Seth Cohen
Rae E. Cohen
Robert G. Cohen `72
William J. Cohen `17, `18 (MS)^
Margery C. Cohen-Jacoby `76
Arthur L. Cohrs `61E (MM)
Alane Coia and Lary S. Coia
Rachel M. Coker `96
Suzanne Colacino
Thomas S. Colahan*
Christine E. Colaluca `92 and Richard J. Colaluca `92
Jane Colangelo
Carine Colas `89
Myra Colbert and Kenneth Colbert P`07
Margaret F. Colburn and Douglas E. Colburn
Martha B. Colburn and Mark Colburn
Marilyn Colby
Ann G. Cole and Douglas Cole
Cheryl A. Cole `86, `87W (MS)
Dr. David S. Cole `90
Erin Cole
Dr. John R. Cole `60M (Res) and Cynthia D. Cole
Kathy Cole
Kenneth Cole
Nancy Cole
Norinne M. Cole
Ronda L. Cole `70E
Sarah Cole
Tammy Cole
Thomas G. Cole
Warren Cole
Dianne S. Colelli `99 and William G. Colelli `98
Barbara Coleman
Cindy Coleman
Dawne M. Coleman `88 and William T. Coleman `88
Elizabeth H. Coleman
Jeffrey L. Coleman `98S (MBA)
Dr. John R. Coleman Jr. `57 and Rosemary G. Coleman
Kathleen V. Coleman and Raymond C. Coleman
Laura J. Coleman
Muriel N. Coleman
Patricia H. Coleman and Rich Coleman
Robert Coleman
Ronald Coleman
Michaeleen E. Coles and Jeffrey G. Coles
Mary Colin and William Colin
Patricia Colleluori
Kathleen Collie and Charles Collie
Diane Collier
Frances L. Collier and Thomas Collier
June H. Collier
Kathleen A. Colliflower `78S (MBA)
Somsri A. Collins and Charles D. Collins
Daniel Collins
Diane Collins and Gary Collins*
Gordon T. Collins
Isaac A. Collins `94
Dr. James S. Collins `00M (MD)
Kim Collins
Lillian E. Collins
Maureen Collins and Daniel J. Collins
Melissa Collins and Timothy M. Collins P`23
Michael Collins
Michael A. Collins `03S (MBA)
Dr. Nancy H. Collins `77M (PhD) and Gene C. Collins
Nancy L. Collins
Sally L. Collins `56N
Dr. Stephen L. Collins `70, P`04
Terry C. Collins
Dr. Thomas D. Collins `71M (MD)
Thomas G. Collins `64
Dolores Collister
Robert L. Collister `66E, `72E (MM)
Meg Colombo and Richard Colombo
Samuel P. Colombo*
Lourdes Colon P`23 and Shameed Yadali P`23
Luis Colon
Terri Colone P`21 and James Colone P`21
Christine Coltrain and Brad Coltrain
Christine M. Colucci `73
Martin Colucci
Suzanne M. Colucci
Dominic Coluzzi
Cathleen W. Combs and Thomas J. Combs
Diana C. Combs and Gary R. Combs
Francis Comden
Kathryn A. Comella `95N (MS)
Nancy A. Comella and James P. Comella
Linda Comfort
Shelly M. Comfort P`09 and Patrick J. Comfort Jr. P`09
Brenda R. Comisar `98S (MBA)
Barbara A. Compton and John Compton
Margaret A. Compton `81, `82N and Martin Cheatle
Rachel Compton and David M. Compton
Carol L. Conant `78
Dr. Leah E. Conant `13, `17M (MD)^
Cathleen Concannon `13M (MPH)
Gerald Concannon `94S (MBA) and Mary T. Concannon
Natalie A. Concannon
Jennifer R. Condame
Donald Condello
William P. Conderman
Dorothy A. Condon
Heather Condon
Ellen K. Cone `53E
Jo Cone `69 and Howard M. Cone II `79S (MBA)
Robert W. Confare `64E (MM)
Dr. Judy A. Congdon `90E (DMA), `91E (MA)
Jacqualyn A. Coniglio and Guy V. Coniglio
Charlotte J. Conklin and Robert Conklin
G. Curtis Conklin Jr.
Gayle F. Conklin
Bonnie A. Conley and Richard C. Conley
Charles L. Conley Jr.
Dennis E. Conley
Brian S. Conlon `08
Mary L. Conlon and John Conlon
Catherine F. Connaughton
Cynthia B. Connell and James S. Connell
Eileen E. Connelly and Patrick Connelly
Geraldine A. Connelly and Craig J. Connelly
Laura Hammond-Conner and Terrance Conner
Dr. Stanley S. Conner `69D (Den) and Ingrid J. Conner
Doreen Conners and Donald Conners
Dr. John R. Conners `81 (MA), `83 (PhD)
Jeannette Conniff
Gary T. Connolly `90
Lori L. Connolly and Gerald F. Connolly
Susan M. Connolly `81 (MS) and Douglas P. Connolly `86S (MBA)
W. Terri Connon and Neil W. Connon
Janet R. Connor
Janis DeMay-Connor and William C. Connor
Judith A. Connor `71
Kenneth R. Connor Jr. `77 and Patricia E. Connor
Margaret Connor
Marilyn Connor and John Connor
Toni L. Connors
Gary S. Connors `77S (MBA) and Carol A. Connors
Kevin R. Connors `98M (MS)
Sherie Connors and David Connors
Susan L. Conolly and Dr. Richard Conolly
Corinne J. Conover
Lowell G. Conrad
N.J. Conrad
Carolyn Conrow `74
Elizabeth Conrow and Paul D. Conrow
Kimberly Conrow
Kristen Conrow-Goshen
James A. Conroy
Kathleen D. Conroy `75N and Thomas A. Conroy
Barbara L. Consler `89S (MBA)
Leigh A. Consolie P`24
Wendy Constantine P`24 and Michael Constantine P`24
Charles A. Constantino `66 (MS), P`93 and Elaine Constantino
Dr. Richard S. Constantino `78M (MD) and Jane M. Constantino
Dr. Barbara Conta `75M (PhD) and Robert L. Conta `71 (MS)
Grace Contant
Kelly Contant
George J. Conte Jr.
Iva C. Petruzziello-Conte P`18, P`19, P`20 and Walter Conte P`18, P`19, P`20
Dr. Abib T. Conteh `77M (MD)
P. Richard Conti `58
Cynthia L. Conturie `81 (MA) and Dr. Yves G. Conturie `83 (PhD)
Michael Converse
Caitlyn Conway
Daniel Conway Jr.*
Sheena K. Corrigan-Conway and Joseph Conway
Claire Conwell
Dr. Amanda Cook `19W (EdD)
Ann Marie P. Cook and Timothy Cook
Charlotte Cook
Deanna L. Cook and Donald K. Cook
Denise Cook and Donald F. Cook
Donald R. Cook
Elaine M. Cook and Donald Cook
Elizabeth B. Cook `93W (MS) and Spencer J. Cook Sr.
Florence M. Cook and Larry G. Cook
Jenna Cook
Kathleen B. Cook and Robert J. Cook
Laurie Cook and Aaron Cook
Lindsay L. Cook and Jeffrey D. Cook
Loretta Cook and Randall Cook
Lucy W. Cook and R. Gordon Cook
Maria E. Cook
Dr. Mary Lou Wranesh Cook `72N, `78N (MS)
Raeanne Cook and Dean Cook
Raymond Cook
Rosemary Cook and David W. Cook
Toby L. Cook and Charles E. Cook
Wendy R. Cook
Farrell E. Cooke `14, `19N^
Linda L. Cooke and Daniel P. Cooke
Rosemarie K. Cook-Manley `99S (MBA)
Marian C. Cool
Dana Cooley
Dr. Dennis R. Cooley `94 (MA), `95 (PhD)
Evelyn L. Cooley
Julie N. Cooley P`20 and Dr. Ryan L. Cooley P`20
Robin R. Cooley `96
Sandra Cooley
Dr. Jane W. Coolidge `88N (PhD)
Jeffrey L. Cooligan
Cindy M. Coomber
Robert Coombs
Anne C. Coon and Craig J. Zicari
Carol D. Coon and Bruce D. Coon
Christopher J. Coon `08
Helene Coon and Donald A. Coon III
Jean H. Coon `61W (MA)
Joanne J. Coon P`08 and Craig Coon P`08
Karen A. Coonce
Carol Y. Coons and William F. Coons
Kristen M. Leskow Coons `06, `07 (MS) and Casey Coons
Sally Coons P`19, P`21 and David A. Coons P`19, P`21
Cecilia P. Cooper `05
Dolores Cooper and William A. Cooper
Elizabeth M. Cooper `96
Joan A. Cooper and Michael H. Cooper
MariKay Cooper
Octavia Cooper
Dr. Philip A. Cooper `70
Ricky O. Cooper
Rose A. Cooper `10S (MBA)
Susan M. Cooper and Alfred Cooper Jr.*
Virginia R. Cooper and Jeffrey Cooper
Dr. Walter Cooper `57 (PhD)
Michael N. Copanas `72
Charles G. Copeland
Erica Copeland
Laurie J. Copeland and Carl Copeland
Angela R. Copening
Corinne M. Coplan `58 and Roger Coplan
Elinor N. Copp
Elizabeth D. Coppola `95, `98W (MS)
Cathleen M. Corbet
Jane S. Corbet
Megan Corbet
Dr. Colin Corbett `10
Jeane M. Corbett
John L. Corbett `87S (MBA)
Lisa Q. Corbett `77N, P`17, P`17E and Dr. Richard W. Pfeifer `79M (PhD), P`17, P`17E
William D. Corbett `89
Dr. David E. Corbit `67M (MD)
Elizabeth Corcoran
Grace M. Corcoran `18S (MS)
Jackson Corcoran
Susan Corcoran `65W and Charles C. Corcoran Jr. `63
Michael P. Cordaro
Dr. Jennifer Cordi `93
Ann M. Cordy and Robert P. Kraus Jr.
Janice Corea and Carey Corea
Dr. George J. Corella and James Frackenpohl
Catherine A. Corey `61, `62N
Mary K. Corey
Judith Corin
Carol Corlett
Carl B. Corman `84
Polly Cornblath `74, P`06 and Mark B. Manin `74, P`06
Margell Corneau `65N and David C. Corneau
Matthew P. Cornelia `54
James Cornelius
Dr. R. William Cornell `64D (Den) and Chloe T. Cornell
Rebecca A. Cornell
Tom M. Cornell
Dorothy Cornish
Jo Cornish
Marilyn B. Cornish
Mary Jo Cornish and Theodore F. Hertel
Audrey A. Cornwall and David W. Cornwall
Ann E. Cornwell and Carlton A. Cornwell Jr.
Christina M. Cornwell `09N
Judith S. Cornwell and Donald Cornwell
Dr. William M. Corrao `72M (MD) and Carol A. Corrao
Jose L. Corredor
Dr. Lynn Correll `18M (Flw) and Andy Correll
Peter G. Correll `79
Joseph Corriea
Christopher M. Corrigan
Carol Corriveau
Robert Corsaro
Sally Corsetti
Cheryl Corsi
Dr. Hayley Cort `83
Yvonne R. Cort `78, P`14 and Dennis S. Cohn P`14
Jean Cortese and Joseph P. Cortese
Joseph Cortese
Don Cortina
Thomas J. Cortright
Walter A. Cosand `73E, `76E (MM) and Patricia Cosand
Dr. Karen T. Coschigano P`20 and Dr. Peter W. Coschigano P`20
Andrew L. Cosgrove `91
Bonny Cosgrove
John Cosgrove
Maria H. Cosgrove `90
Monica A. Cosgrove and Arthur J. Cosgrove
Phylis L. Cosilmon and Stephen Cosilmon
Patricia A. Cost and Frank Cost
Timothy P. Cost `90S (MBA) and Stephanie Cost
Alma Gene Costain and William R. Costain
Colleen Costanza and Andrew A. Costanza
Fred P. Costanza
Dr. Mary E. Costanza `68M (MD)
Samuel J. Costanza
Jennifer J. Costello P`23 and Kevin R. Costello P`23
Timothy J. Costello `77, `78S (MBA) and Louise T. Costello
Laura J. Coster P`20E and Douglas Coster P`20E
Dr. John D. Cotnam `69W (EdD) and Barbara Cotnam
Heather-Lyn Cotraccia
M. Jane Cotsonas and T. Allen Cotsonas
Elizabeth A. Cotter and James W. Cotter
Jill M. Cotter `19W (MS)
James Cotton
Kay A. Cotton
Kristen C. Cotton `86 and Christopher T. Cotton `86, `87, `90 (MS)
Susan M. Cotton and Neal Cotton
Donna M. Cottorone
Dr. Garrison W. Cottrell `81 (MS), `85 (PhD)
Laura Cottrell
Janet C. Couch `59, P`91 and Robert Couch P`91
Catherine A. Coughlin and John J. Couglin
Daniel W. Coughlin `62
P. O'Dea Coughlin `59, `60N
Karen Coules
Dr. Richard Coulson `66D (Den)
John K. Coulter `60 (MS)
Linda Coulter P`94, P`95 and John W. Coulter Jr. P`94, P`95
Joann Coultry
Raymond C. Countryman
Mary L. Coutts `53N
Gloria Coutu and Andre A. Coutu*
Shelly L. Coville and David Coville
Sarah Cowan and Dennis M. Panyla
Stanley Cowans
Jacqueline M. Cowden `56E, `61E (MM) and Dr. Robert H. Cowden `59E, `60E (MM), `67E (DMA)
Mary E. Cowden `79S (MBA)
Dr. Tracy E. Cowden `95E (MM), `00E (DMA) and Douglas Seaman
Dr. Kathryn C. Cowdrick P`15E and Dr. Robert W. Swensen P`15E
Dr. Randi Cowen
Lesley Cowenhoven
Kevin Cowley
Stacy A. Cowley
Susan Cowley and Ronald Cowley
David B. Cox
Dr. Elizabeth M. Cox `91M (MD), `94M (Res) and Dr. John F. Cox III `95M (Res)
Frances Cox
Gregory A. Cox `71E
Dr. James E. Cox `72M (MD)
Joann Cox*
Julie Cox
Kenneth L. Cox
Lois R. Cox and Edward J. Cox
Marlyn J. Cox
Sharon A. Cox and James A. Cox
Theresa C. Cox and James M. Cox
William H. Cox
Mary E. Coyle and Dennis J. Coyle
Ruth L. Coyle*
Sarah Coyle
Carol Coyne and Gerald M. Coyne
Dorothy A. Coyne and Edward M. Coyne
Mary C. Craddock
Clifford W. Craft
Dr. Elizabeth W. Crafts `09M (MD) and Thomas J. Crafts `07W (MS)
Rita Cragg
Gerald Craig P`02
Helen W. Craig and George D. Craig
Michelle Craig
Sarah Craig
Dr. Suzanne B. Craig `74
Lisa Craigie and Jain Craigie
Michele R. Crain `82 and William Crain
Michelle A. Cramer and Richard T. Cramer
Nancy S. Cramer and Ronald R. Cramer
Elaine Crandall
Warren Crandell
Bonnie Crane
David W. Crane `69W (MA) and Donna M. Crane
Diane J. Crane and Andrew L. Crane
Leslie A. Crane and Howard Crane
Robert C. Crane
Vanessa G. Crans `12W (MS)
Dr. Janet L. Cranshaw and Dr. Jonathan W. Mink
Arthur C. Cratsley
Michele R. Craven `69, `77W (EdM) and Dr. Robert A. Craven `69 (MA), `74 (PhD)
Roxanne Craver
Catherine Craw `76N (MS) and Willian Craw
Cristine Crawford
Frances M. Crawford
George Crawford
James Crawford
Lawrence Crawford
Mary Jean Crawford and Norman C. Crawford
Paula C. Crawford and Michael T. Crawford
R. S. Craxton P`13
Claudia A. Crayton and Bruce E. Crayton
Patricia A. Crean and David T. Crean
William J. Creary
Sarah Creath and Thomas Creath
Diane Crego
Gale M. Creighton `58E, `68E (MM)
Leonard F. Crellin
Cyril Cretin
Nancy K. Crichton
Susan W. Cringoli
James C. Cripps `56E
Margaret G. Crisafulli
Cris M. Crisanti
Dr. David J. Crispino `82 (MS), `85 (PhD) and Julie M. Crispino
Harrington E. Crissey Jr. `66 and Yelena Sergeeva
Casey Criste `67E
Ann D. Cristo
Lisa Cristofaro and David Cristofaro
Dr. Caroline A. Critchlow `94W (MS), `09W (EdD)
Patricia S. Criticos
Mary Critikos
Callie Crittenden
Mary E. Crittenden
Carol Crocca and Bill Crocca
Michelle Croce
Joyce C. Crofton
Dr. Alicia R. Zysman Cromwell `07M (MD), `10H (Res) and Matthew W. Cromwell `06S (MBA)
Linda R. Cromwell `69
Alan J. Cronheim `72
Dr. Brian C. Cronin `97M (MD)
Jane L. Cronin
Jean Cronin
Melissa Cronin and Mark S. Cronin
Geraldine J. Crooker and Richard J. Crooker
Marilyn Croop
Catherine K. Crosby and Edward Crosby
Cathleen Crosby
Dr. Cynthia A. Crosby `60
James R. Cross Jr.
John W. Cross Jr. `66
Lois G. Cross
Deena Croston
Noreen Crouse and Alan Crouse
Andrew J. Crouthamel `83
Janice Crowder
Barbara A. Crowe and Paul Crowe P`97
Carmelina Crowe and Kevin P. Crowe
Deborah Crowe
Donald G. Crowe
Beverly Crowell
Adela M. Crowley
Hugh Crowley
James J. Crowley Jr.
John L. Crowley
Kathryn A. Crowley
Kevin M. Crowley
Mary T. Crowley and Robert J. Crowley*
Patrick M. Crowley `70 and Kristina K. Crowley
Susan M. Crowley and Thomas J. Crowley
Helen A. Crown
Marjorie Crumb
Mary F. Crumb and Curt C. Crumb
Michael S. Crumb `79E, `84E (MA) and Debra L. Crumb
Patrick L. Crumpley `84E
Stephanie B. Cruvant `72W and Dr. David A. Cruvant `72
Lori H. Cruz and Ramon L. Cruz
Melissa A. Cryan `98
Lawrence R. Cryer `76 and Randie S. Katz
Patty Cubbin
Rita Cubins and Margers Cubins
Phillip Cubiotti
Serena Cucinotta
Madeleine A. Cuciti
Michael A. Cuciti
Kristine Cudzilo and Donald Cudzilo
Justin Cueva
Alice S. Cuff and Thomas Cuff
Paul Cuff
Dr. Liping Cui `08 (MS), `11 (PhD)
Dr. Eva Culakova `95 (MA), `99 (PhD), `07M (MS)
James Culbertson
Patricia Culhane
Evelyn Cull
Jahlea Cullen
Linda M. Cullen `85E
Mike Cullen
Robert J. Cullen
Teresa Cullen and James Cullen
James E. Culler
Catherine S. Cullinan and Christopher D. Cullinan
Joseph M. Culotta `46, `59 (MS), P`89 and Mary Jane J. Culotta
Kathleen S. Culp
Sally F. Cumming `73W (EdM)
Carol A. Cummings
Gretchen Cummings
Janice Cummings `48
Kathleen M. Cummings `73
Michelle Cummings
Dr. Ryan J. Cummings `09M (MS), `13M (PhD), `18M (Res) and Daniella Cummings
Sharon A. Cummings and James J. Cummings Jr.
Yvonne Cummings
Daniel Cuneo `10
Shannon L. Cunniffe and Daniel Cunniffe
Bette J. Cunningham and James J. Cunningham
Clare E. Cunningham
Hugh Cunningham
Janice Cunningham
Julie Cunningham
Linda A. Cunningham and Ronald Cunningham
Lisa A. Cunningham P`19 and Scott Cunningham P`19
Marie L. Cunningham and Robert N. Cunningham*
Marjorie Cunningham and Robert L. Cunningham
Michael J. Cunningham Sr.*
Patrick Cunningham
Thomas K. Cunningham `72
Charles Curatalo Jr.
Concetta E. Curatalo
Lucy Curatolo
Sebastian Curatolo
Sondra D. Curione
Jennifer Curley and Christopher Curley
Alice T. Valder Curran P`21 and Charles D. Curran P`21
Barbara G. Curran and Dr. Thomas Curran Sr.
Darlene M. Curran and Gerald C. Curran
John Curran
Joseph Curran
Kara Curran
Mary E. Curran `78N and John C. Curran `79
Patricia S. Curran
Dr. Allan D. Currie `73M (MD) and Linda Currie
Penny Currier `75E
Alexander Curry
Ann M. Curry and Steven Curry
Louise Curry
Marie B. Curry `86 and Brandt T. Lee
Donald C. Curtice
Cynthia Curtis
Julia Curtis `17^
Kathleen C. Curtis `82, P`17 and Edward B. Curtis `93 (MA), P`17
Marcus Curtis
Kathleen Curtiss
Mary T. Curwen `54, `55N and Dr. Peter W. Curwen `54
Dr. Jorge Cusco `95M (Flw)
Dr. Brad M. Cushing `80M (MD)
Brittany Cushman
Kenneth P. Cushman `68E
Kelly M. Cusimano `00, `01W (MS) and Daniel G. Wesley `94
Patricia Cusimano
Salvatore P. Cusimano
Christie Cutaia and Joseph Cutaia
Katie J. Cutaia `11S (MS)
Marie E. Cutaia and Joe Cutaia
Sharon M. Cuthbertson `69E
Kristin Cutini
Steven W. Cutler `79 and Isabel Cutler
Alan B. Cutter `56
Lauren M. Cutting
Mary Savastano-Cutting and Richard A. Cutting
Craig Cuvelier
Craig C. Evans `77
Maja Cvetojevic P`23 and Sasa Cvetojevic P`23
Doris A. Cybulski P`09 and Thomas A. Cybulski P`09
Eric D. Cyffka `12^
Janice M. Cygan
Joyce Cymber
Josh Cyrkin
Tyler Cyrus
Valerie Cyrus and Leon Cyrus
Pearl Cytryn
Ann C. Czebatol and William Mark Czebatol
Kathleen M. Czech `89
Lois Czekai and Edward R. Czekai
Sheryl Czekanski and Eric Czekanski
Paul Czerkies
Edward Czerniak
Kathleen A. Czora and Peter J. Czora
Rod Czudak
Nancy C. DaBella
Eileen G. Dabolt-Loveless
Michael D. Dabramo `72
Dr. Sandra K. Dackow `73E, `77E (MM), `87E (PhD)
Dr. Rita Dadiz
Margaret Daehn P`13 and Charles E. Daehn P`13
Sandra J. Dagan
Diane E. Dagel `87W (MSE) and Garry Loysen
Barbara R. D'Agostino
Cristina D'Agostino
Deborah D'Agostino and Kenneth J. D'Agostino Jr.
Enrica Dagostino and Gino Dagostino
Raymond J. D'Agostino
Karen L. Dahl `63
Jean A. Dahlben P`07
Dr. Ruth N. Dahlke `69E (MM), `75E (DMA)
Daniel F. Dailey `76
Frank Dailey
Jean M. Dailey
Suzanne Dailey and Patrick Dailey
Taylor L. Dailey
Vicki A. Dailey
Dr. Marvin J. Dainoff `61, `70 (PhD)
Laurel Daise and Benjamin Daise*
Merrie L. Daitch P`20E and Larry Holzberg P`20E
Janice H. Daitz and Robert A. Daitz
Dr. David Dakin `92M (MS), P`10 and Janet C. Dakin P`10
Joan S. Dalberth
Victoria Dalberth and Patrick C. Dalberth
Dr. Joann T. Dale
Christopher M. Daley `83 and Lawrence A. Fisher `97, `98W (MS)
Elaine Daley and Gerald F. Daley
Mary Ann Daley `55 (DPL), `56N, `80N (MS) and T. Joseph Daley
Susan M. Daley
Kathleen Dalheim
Christopher K. Dalke `19^
Marco V. Dalla Bona `18S (MBA)
Julie Dallo and Vincent Dallo
Mary Ann Dalrymple and Glenn A. Dalrymple
Dr. David J. Dalton `59E, `61E (MM)
Debra J. Daly and Charles B. Daly II
Gail U. Daly
Gladys L. Daly
Rose C. Daly and Thomas Daly
Kathy Damann and Kevin Damann
Christine D'Ambra
Frank Dambra
Peter Dambra
Barbara D'Ambrosio and Anthony D'Ambrosio
Christopher P. Damiano
Dr. Jane Dematte D'Amico `81
John D'Amico Jr.
Noelle A. D'Amico P`22, P`23 and Frank J. D'Amico P`22, P`23
Anthony Damore
Dr. Kimberly J. D'Amore `86M (MD) and Dr. John J. D'Amore `86M (MD)
Dr. David A. Damschroder `77E (MM)
Dr. Alissa R. Dangel `00
Michael Dangel
Brenda D'Angelo and Rocco D'Angelo
Donna M. D'Angelo and Donald D'Angelo
Lorraine D'Angelo
Mary J. D'Angelo
Dr. Carl T. D'Angio `94M (Res) and Donna D. D'Angio
Fern Daniel and Daniel S. Daniel
Gale S. Daniel `72 and Charles D. Daniel `70
Dr. James Louis Daniel `68 and Susan E. Daniel
Anthony Daniele `71 and Terry Daniele
Elizabeth A. Daniele `13W (MS)
Flora Daniele and Mario Daniele
Brian R. Daniels `80
Charles M. Daniels
Jordan Daniels and Adrian Daniels
Kamara Daniels
Karen Daniels
Laura Daniels
Lois A. Daniels and Paul H. Daniels
Cathy Danielson and Paul S. Danielson
Kimberlee L. Danieu `88 and John P. Danieu `88
Dr. Ruth Danis `60
Ronald E. Dann `70 and Candy Dann
Amalia Dannenbrink
Dena L. Danner P`23 and Gary L. Danner P`23
Carol Ann D'Annunzio and Gary A. D'Annunzio
Catherine D'Anza and William F. D'Anza
Thanh Kim Dao
Thuy Linh Dao-Nguyen P`22
Lynetta Darby
Mary T. Darcangelo
Robert N. Dardano Jr. `77
Joann Dargusch
Damon D'Arienzo `01
James A. Darienzo
Susan M. D'Arienzo and Edward C. Thomas
James Darnell
Maria D. D'Arpino
Helen R. Darrow and Rand C. Darrow
Joanne Darszewski and Daniel J. Darszewski
Empressly G. Das and Dr. Nayan K. Das
Dr. Stephen S. Dashef `67M (MD), P`94 and Carolyn R. Dashef P`94
Peter B. Dashkoff `02
Kamlesh Dass `83W (MSE) and Dr. Tulsi Dass P`91
Dr. Tamraparni Dasu `86 (MA), `91 (PhD) and Krishnakumar Doraiswami
A. Daswani
Dr. Steven B. Datlof `83M (MD), P`14 and Dr. Diane D. Harrison P`14
Charles J. Datz
Tyle Dauch and William Wentworth
Janette Dauenhauer
Dr. Matthew R. Daul `09M (MD) and Kara Daul
Michael M. Daum `83, `94S (MBA)
Breanna Dauphinee
Mary D'Auria and Samuel D'Auria
Paresh J. Davda `74S (MBA)
Dr. Donna Davenport
James F. Davenport
Marjorie A. Davenport `50, `51N
William Davern
Doris W. Davey and Dr. Frederick R. Davey
Larry A. Davey
Lorna M. Davi
Dr. Claude David
Leo F. Davids `68
Christina B. Davidson `03
John Davidson
Mary B. Davidson `59W
S. Gerald Davidson `52
Mary Ellen Davie and Richard Davie
Cynthia Davies
Ernestina M. Davies and Dr. Patrick T. Davies
Gary Davies
Gretchen Davies P`23E and Douglas Davies P`23E
Janet M. Davies and Robert D. Davies
Kristen Davies and Michael Davies
Robert J. Davies
Marta Davila
Dr. Alan M. Davis `81
Alice G. Davis
Ann B. Davis and Renwick Davis
Barbara A. Davis
Bertha Davis
Bobby Davis
Bryce A. Davis `20^
Casandra Davis
Charice Hoyt-Davis and Dean Davis
Dawn M. Davis
Dianne Davis
Donna Davis
Emery J. Davis
Francene Davis and James Davis
Georean Davis
Jean F. Davis `67E, `79W (MA) and Willie O. Davis Jr. `75W (MSE)
John Davis
Dr. John S. Davis `64M (Res)
Judith A. Davis and William H. Davis Jr.
Karen L. Davis
Katherine M. Davis `71
Kathleen M. Davis and Michael L. Davis
Kathleen W. Davis `95N (MS)
Kesha M. Davis `95
Laurence C. Davis III `93S (MBA) and Shelley M. Davis
Laurie E. Davis
Loretta W. Davis and Gordon Davis
Madelyn O. Davis `70, P`99, P`04 and Michael S. Davis `69, P`99, P`04
Margaret B. Davis P`20
Martha Davis and Paul Wagner
Melissa Davis and Timothy J. Davis
Patricia Davis and Jeffery A. Davis
Reva D. Davis and Franklin D. Davis
Richard M. Davis `64
Dr. Robert C. Davis `62
Robin Davis `85N and Dr. Thomas Davis `86M (MD)
Roger B. Davis `75, `78 (MA)
Sharon Davis
Sharon E. Davis `01W (MS)
Sylvia Davis
Thomas Davis
Thomas M. Davis `85E (MM) and Paula Davis
Vivian H. Davis and Otis M. Davis Jr.
Dr. Brian H. Davison `79
Nora C. Davison
Maureen Davitt and Mark Davitt
Paul Daw
Kristin Dawe
Elizabeth Fletcher-Day `10, `11S (MS), `12S (MBA) and Brennan D. Day `12S (MBA)
Julianne M. Day and Robert H. Day
Stanley K. Day `75E (MA)
Gloria Dayal and Reginald Dayal
Cathy L. Dayan `82S (MBA)
Dr. Lisa A. Daye `89
Iris C. Dayer `86, P`15 and Roger E. Dayer `86, P`15
James T. Dayton
Ruth P. De Brock
Barbara De Leeuw
Patricia R. De Lorenzo and Joseph D. De Lorenzo
Jean De Marc
Kaila J. De Maria `09, `15N and Nikolaos B. De Maria `09
Gloria A. De Meo* and Stephen V. De Meo
Maria A. De Mott and Roger L. De Mott
Dr. Zsolt G. De Papp `59M (MD)
Robert De Rycke
Olga V. De Samper and Jorge B. Samper
Janet R. De Simone `62N, `62
Michael A. De Stefano Jr.
Tammy S. Deacon and Charles N. Deacon
Catherine A. Deagman `00S (MBA)
Mabel K. Deal
Betty Jean F. Dean `91S (MBA)
Ken Dean
Nancy Dean
Nancy H. Dean
Joanne M. Deane and Kenneth Deane
Gabrielle M. DeAngelis `93
Christine A. Dear `71 (MA) and Donald A. Dear
Kathleen A. Dear `87S (MBA)
Trisha J. DeBacco
Ronald Deback
Douglas D. DeBadts Sr.
Paul DeBakker
Ricki T. DeBaun and John DeBaun
Judy E. Debay
Audrey DeBoover
Roger Deburgomaster
Rita M. Decann
Bonnie K. DeCarlo and Donald J. DeCarlo
Jodi DeCarlo and David DeCarlo
Marleen C. Decarlo and Richard A. DeCarlo
Michael L. Dececca
Elissa J. Dechick
Dr. Edward L. Deci
Dr. Bruce L. Deck `71, `73 (MS)
Dr. Jill A. Decker `89
Joanne Decker
K. Diane Decker and Willard J. Decker
Dr. Mark J. Decker `71 and Loretta M. Decker
Mary Jane Decker and John P. Decker
Richard G. Decker `72E
Karen L. Decontie
Eric J. Decoste `04, `09 (MS)
Kathleen M. DeCramer and Bob DeCramer
Angeliki Dedes
Susan DeDuck and Peter F. DeDuck
Marie-Elena Deeney
Patricia Deering
Ruth M. Deery and Harry Deery
Donald Defay
Kathleen L. DeFazio
Susan J. Defendorf and John A. Defendorf
Carol L. DeFilippo
Wanda Defiore
Dawn M. DeFisher
Elaine J. Deforte and Stephen Deforte
Leonard M. DeFrancesco `62W (EdM) and Shirley Defrancesco
Micheline DeFranco and Gerard DeFranco
Brian DeFrees
Michael J. Degenhart `88S (MBA)
Susan D. DeGeorge and Joseph R. DeGeorge
Jeanne M. Degraad
Elizabeth S. DeGroff and Dr. Leslie DeGroff
John Degroot
Alan R. DeGroote
Rachel DeGuzman and James S. DeGuzman
Jean L. DeHaven and Dr. Kenneth E. DeHaven*
Olukoya J. Dehinsilu `15S (MS)
Nancy T. Dehm and Robert W. Dehm
Lawrence Deis
Donna Deisinger and Michael P. Deisinger
Debra E. DeJaeger and Edward DeJaeger
Joan M. DeJonge
Linda J. Dekker `62
Gail L. DeKramer and Don DeKramer
Suzanne M. Del Conte and Richard Del Conte
Andrew Del Duca
Jordan H. Del Medico
Claire Del Monte `17W (MS) and Alexander DelMonte
Linda Del Vecchio and Jon A. Del Vecchio
Lejla Delalic
Linda N. Delaney and William F. Delaney
Doris Delano
Kenneth L. Delaura
Shirley Delaura and Robert W. Lancaster
Donna Delaus and David C. Delaus
Brendan E. Delay `83
Faith Delehanty
Pauline P. Deleo
Monique Delettrez and Jacques Delettrez
Tina D'Elia and George J. D'Elia
Deborah Delibert and Sam Delibert
John A. Delibert
Marguerite Delibert and James L. Delibert
Jean R. Delisanti
Dr. Jenna L. Dell `10W (MS), `14W (EdD)
Joan E. Dell and William Dell
Kathleen Dell and Dr. David Norman
Maureen R. Dell
Margot Della Pietra and Anthony Della Pietra
Dr. Alina R. Dellanzo `09D (Den) and Michael Davidson
Michael Dellapietra
Edward Deller
Dr. Elizabeth A. Dellers `85M (MD), P`16 and Dr. Andrew T. Smith `82, P`16
Patricia A. DeLoria
Diane Delorm
Patricia Delperdange and Wayne Delperdange
Patricia H. DelRegno
Ashley DeLucia
Rita DeLucia and Dr. James DeLucia
Thomas J. DelVecchio `63
Mark DeMara
Grace DeMarco
Paula A. DeMarco `70 and Dr. Anthony M. DeMarco `70M (MD)
Rose A. DeMaria and Robert A. DeMaria
Joseph DeMart
Robert J. DeMatteis II `71W (MA) and Barbara Dematteis
Albert Demayo
Carla C. DeMeco
Richard Dement
Debi Demeusy and John Demeusy
Charles A. Demilo `87
Karen Deming and Michael Deming
Cathy DeMitry and David DeMitry
Jessica L. DeMitry and Mark R. DeMitry
Mary Demmans and Frederick J. Demmans
Dawn M. DeMott P`20 and Steven DeMott P`20
JoAnn K. Demott and John C. Demott
Kathleen Dengal and Ronald C. Dengal
James Denham
Joyce Elmiger Denhoff `49E
Patricia M. Denhoff and Robert E. Denhoff
Jeremy Deniega `18^
Kathy Deniega P`18 and Willie Deniega P`18
Sarah Denis
Matthew J. Denker `07S (MBA) and Laura Beth Lincoln
David C. Dennett `81, `82S (MBA)
Dr. Diane G. Denning `00W (PhD) and Edward M. Denning
Susan R. Denning and Martin F. Denning
Robert H. Dennis
William J. Dennis Jr. `74
Concetta M. Dennison and Lowell Dennison
Mary K. Denny
Patricia Dent
Dale Dentico-Kramaritsch
Dr. J. William Denton `77E (DMA)
Lawrence E. DePalma
Dawn G. Deperrior P`13, P`15, P`16 and Steven M. Deperrior P`13, P`15, P`16
Kristine DePippo `13S (MBA)
Kari DePoint
Pamela S. Deraddo and Sullivan C. Deraddo
Steve DeRaddo
Patricia A. DerHovsepian `60E (MM), P`91E, P`94E and Jack DerHovsepian P`91E, P`94E
Mary C. DeRitis `72W (MA) and Joseph DeRitis
Dr. Joseph M. DeRoller `77 (PhD) and Martha M. DeRoller
Lisa Derrickson and Stephen L. Organ
Deborah A. Dertinger
Kathryn K. DeRue and Thomas K. DeRue
Lee F. Deruwter
Emily E. DeRuyter and Carl F. DeRuyter*
Lori M. DeRuyter
Marilyn DeRuyter
Diane C. Derycke and Edward F. Derycke
Carmen A. DeSa
Amrita R. Desai `98
Ankur D. Desai `99
Frances DeSalvo and Sam DeSalvo
Sarah Deshaies
Juana Martinez DeSierra
Dr. John P. DeSimone `68M (MD) and Diana J. Desimone
Leslie Desmarteau
Ellen DeSoto `81E
Antonio deSouza P`98, P`10
Mary Lou DeSpirito
Anthony J. DeStaffan
Barbara DeTorio and John DeTorio
Gregory G. Dettman
Frank J. Dettore Schenkelberg `17^
Dr. Margaret Logan Detty `72 (MS), `82 (PhD), `88 (Flw)
John A. Detweiler `96S (MBA) and Christine Detweiler
Erin T. Deuel and Alan D. Deuel
Frank Deuel
Lynn Deuel
Gary B. Deutsch `03
Nathaniel M. Deutsch `73
Rajiv Devanagondi
Carol Devaney
Thomas Devaney
Ivy S. DeVault and John DeVault
Jennifer DeVault and Michael DeVault
Lacy M. Morgan-DeVelder `07M (MS) and Dennis I. DeVelder
Grant A. Dever `16^
Margaret A. Deverell
Ruth E. Devine and Michael E. Devine
Darren Devito
Elaine Devlin
Christopher H. DeVoe `80S (MBA)
Richard Devolder Sr.
Jeffrey A. DeVoyd `81
Lillian I. Devries
Peter B. Devries
Denise DeVuyst
Janet B. DeWaele
Eric DeWaters
Gail DeWeaver
Dr. John D. DeWeese `62, `66M (MD)
Patricia A. DeWeese `60N
Robert M. Dewey
Robin DeWind
Charu A. DeWitt `01
William G. DeWitt
Kashish G. Dewnani
Dr. Roy Dexheimer `69W (EdD) and Frances J. Dexheimer
Amanda Dexter and John Dexter
Deborah Dexter
Evelyn Dey
Martin Dey
Thomas H. Deyager
Sarah Deys
Kathleen DeZago and Marco DeZago
Barbara L. Dezimm
Danielle Di Duro
Anthony J. Di Fiore Jr. `84
Joan M. Di Giovanni and Lawrence M. Di Giovanni
Beverly J. Di Liberto
Dr. Patricia M. Di Lorenzo `73, `81 (PhD)
Bri Anna R. Di Luigi `21M (MS)
Virginia F. Di Ponzio
Albert P. Diamico P`22
Dr. David A. Diamond `78M (MD), P`09 and Dr. Sarita H. Brouwer P`09
Jennifer L. Diamond `94
Linda A. Dianetti and Leo Dianetti
Andrea Dias P`19 and Michael Dias P`19
Cyan T. Diaz
Maria C. Gil Diaz `20^
Maria J. Herrero Diaz P`20 and Dr. Agustin Diaz Cristerna P`20
Raimundo A. Diaz
Anita L. Dibble
Mary Dibble and Ronald W. Dibble
Susan L. Dibble
Joseph DiBella
Michael DiBella
Patricia A. Dibella `64, `64W and William J. Dibella
Rose DiBella
Carol Dibenedetto
Mary Dibley
William A. DiCesare `87S (MBA)
Josephine M. DiChario
Nicholas DiChario
Alberta S. Dick and Mendal W. Dick
Susan Dick
Karalee Dickerson
Lorian L. Dickerson `92
V. Lucille Dickerson
Dr. Victoria Dickerson `05M (Res) and Daniel Dickerson
Alice L. Dickman and William M. Dickman
Dr. James E. Dickson II
Dr. Robin K. Dickson `76 and William P. Dickson
Deborah DiConstanzo and Thomas J. DiCostanzo
Linda J. Didsbury and Bruce Didsbury
Jane H. Dieck
Joan I. Diedrich and Leonard L. Palmisano
Kristin Diehl `05 (MA), `07 (PhD) and Dr. Joshua J. Diehl `04 (MA), `07 (PhD)
Sharon D. Diehl
Marlene D. Diem
Dr. Richard A. Dienstbier `69 (PhD)
Janis H. Dieringer P`11, P`15 and Christopher J. Dieringer P`11, P`15
Barbara J. Dierna and Richard J. Dierna
Carol M. Dieruff
Dr. Federico Dies `66M (PhD) and Rosa Maria C. Dies
Nancy J. Dietrich P`98 and Richard C. Dietrich P`98
Ronnie D. Dietrich
Judy DiFiore and Max DiFiore
Phyllis M. DiFrancesco and Louis DiFrancesco
Richard J. Digan Jr.
Maria Digiambattitca
Antoinette Digiore and Michael A. Digiore
Mary L. DiGirolamo
Barbara DiGregorio
Gail A. DiGregorio
Joseph Dilal Jr.
Joseph G. Dilallo
Nancy DiLeo and Patsy DiLeo
Marion M. Dilger and Henry E. Dilger
Dr. Emanuel J. Diliberto Jr. `72M (PhD) and Pamela A. Diliberto
Phyllis DiLiberto
Susan DiLiberto and Carl DiLiberto
Cynthia M. Dill
Margaret Dillenbeck
Susan Dillingham P`24
Ellen M. DiLuzio
Alberta DiMarco and Richard J. DiMarco
Christine DiMarco P`96 and Gerard DiMarco Sr. P`96
Katherine E. DiMarco and Joel R. DiMarco
Carol D. DiMarsico and James DiMarsico
Carol DiMarzo and Anthony M. DiMarzo*
Joyce DiMarzo*
Lilia DiMasa
Sylvia K. Dimick
William C. Diminuco
Ann DiMitro
Frances DiMitro
Geri Dimitry and John Dimitry
Dr. Arthur W. Dimock `73 (PhD)
Laurie J. Dimodica P`22 and Michael D. Dimodica P`22
Eric Dimon
Bernadette Dimora and John A. Zimny
John Dineen
Betty Jean Dinehart
Leopoldine M. Dinehart
Sally Dingee and Dean Dingee
Sue A. Dingee and Terrance Dingee
Johannes Dingemanse
Sheila M. Dingman and Thomas J. Dingman
Jane A. Dinieri
Sandra DiNitto
Evelyn M. Dinottia and Stephen Dinottia
Kelly Dinsmore
Phyllis Ann K. Dioguardi `90 and Matthew G. McKenney `87
Davide Dipaola
Meghan DiPasquale and John T. DiPasquale
Sandra M. DiPasquale
Michael Dipirro
Betty DiPonzio
Donna Diponzio and Nicholas Diponzio
Edward N. DiPonzio
Mary V. DiPonzio* and Edward R. DiPonzio
David M. DiRaddo
Thomas Diringer
Dr. Thomas R. Dirksen II `60D (Den), `61D (MS), `68D (PhD) and Jean Dirksen
Michael Disalvatore
Beverly DiSalvo
Erica DiSalvo
Marie A. DiSalvo
Vincent C. DiSalvo
David DiSanto `04S (MBA) and Carie DiSanto
Kenneth E. DiSanto `71S (MBA) and Sylvia A. DiSanto
Dr. Frederick W. Dischinger `63M (Res)* and Muriel J. Dischinger
Samara Disidoro and Cory Disidoro
Dr. George A. Disney `78M (MD)
Bernadette Dispenza and Charles W. Dispenza
Domenico Distefano
Jacqueline DiStefano
Kathleen J. DiStefano and Jim DiStefano
Andrew Ditch
Ruth Ditch and Dennis Ditch
Shirley P. Dittman and Richard E. Dittman
Dr. Anthony J. DiVasto `53 and Maria DiVasto
David B. Diver `86
Harold Dixler `65
Judith M. Dixon `63N and John B. Dixon `72
Julie Dixon and Daniel Dixon
Kathleen A. Dixon and James M. Dixon
Lauren M. Dixon and Michael Schwabl
Sharon Dixon
Virginia Dixon `63N, `63
Kyle Dixson
Regina Dixson
Allison E. Do and Cuong Do
Mary C. Doan and Arthur L. Doan
Tom Dobbin
Audrey Dobbins and Langford W. Dobbins*
Janet L. Dobbs `87S (MBA) and Charles Ulie
Dr. Karl M. Dobosz `14W (EdD)
Dr. Sarah Dobrzynski `10
Ann M. Dobson
Bessie W. Dobson*
Cheryl Dobson and Thomas G. Dobson
Christopher D. Dobson `15S (MBA) and Nicole Dobson
George Dobson
Gertrude Docteur
Jamie Docteur and Kirk Docteur
Linda R. Dodd-Nagel
Grace Dodds
Donna Dodge
Hillerie G. Dodge and John S. Dodge
Amelia Dodson
Chad Dodsworth
Karen Dodsworth
David L. Doe `88
Carol Doehne `77E
Mark P. Doehnert `75 and Miriam Doehnert
Lisa Doerner
Kelly M. Doherty and Sean M. Doherty
Lynette Dolby
Frederick W. Dold
Suzanne Dolecki and Stanley R. Dolecki
Marlene N. Doling and Dr. M. James Doling
Thomas Dollar
Dr. Toni R. Dollinger P`23
David Domanski
Michelle Domb
Dr. Steven A. Dombchik `64 and Rhoda S. Dombchik
Dr. Mary-Therese B. Dombeck `78N (MS), `84 (MA), `89 (PhD), P`87 and James Dombeck
Richard Dombrowski
Dr. Diego A. Dominguez Larrea `03 (MA), `07 (PhD)
Sharon E. Dominice and David F. Dominice
Nina M. Domokos
Kelley A. Donachie
Kevin Donaghue
John R. Donahue
Dr. Lynn M. Donahue `01W (EdD) and Michael J. Donahue
Michael T. Donahue `77*
Peggy L. Donahue and Paul Donahue
John W. Donald
Sharon Donald
Margaret H. Donaldson and Kenneth R. Donaldson
Shawn L. Donaldson `89 and David J. Macannuco `89
Shirley E. Donaldson
Thayer A. Donaldson `90 (MA), P`21 and Hong B. Donaldson P`21
Alberta L. Donalies
Christine M. Donalies
David Donatello
Rosemary S. Donatello and Daniel Donatello
Mary Ann Donato
Dr. Jane J. Donawerth and Dr. William Scally P`07E, P`07
Linda B. Donegan and Bernard P. Donegan
Franklin Donk
Juireith A. Donko-Hanson `95
Jennifer Donley
Danielle Donlin and Steven Donlin
Quajay Donnell
Inanna Donnelley P`21E and Jeffrey Taback P`21E
Dr. David R. Donnelly `10W (PhD)
Kevin J. Donnelly `67S (MBA)
Patricia C. Donnelly `61N
Patricia M. Donnelly and Alan F. Donnelly
Eugenia Donodio
Josephine D'Onofrio
Mary Donohue
Thomas J. Donohue `97
Beverly Donovan and Timothy J. Donovan
Carmelita Donovan and Michael J. Donovan
Joan R. Donovan
Joanne Donovan and Robert J. Donovan
Linda Donovan and Michael P. Donovan
Linda L. Donovan and Paul H. Donovan
Sharon Donovan
Dr. Susan A. Donovan and Richard P. Donovan
Lara Donovan-Mazzorana
Sanford Donsky
Taylor M. Dontino `20^
Cheryl Dony and Eugene A. Marrapese
Annette G. Dooher
Nicole R. Doolittle `72N, `72 and Kenneth K. Doolittle
William R. Doolittle `98S (MBA)
Dr. Diana G. Dorai-Raj `60
Bernard T. Doran
Dr. Jesse Doran `14M (MD)
Jessica S. Doran P`23 and Kelley P. Doran P`23
Pamela Doran and Christopher Doran
Donna M. Dorey and Russell Dorey
Elizabeth Dorman
Joanne M. Dorofy and David M. Dorofy
Dr. Ted A. Doron `70 (PhD) and Shirlee T. Doron
Therese M. Dorscheid and Daniel E. Dorscheid
Nancy J. Dorschel and Richard J. Dorschel
Dr. Earl R. Dorsey `07M (Flw) and Zena Shuber
Thomas C. Doser `13, `13E^
Carl Dossier
Virginia G. Doster `88N (MS)
David Doty
Gary R. Doty
Jeffrey J. Doubrava `80
Grace L. Doud
Barbara Dougherty and Peter W. Dougherty
Diane M. Dougherty
Geraldine M. Dougherty
Jerry Dougherty
Kimberly A. Dougherty and Jerome D. Dougherty
Marie R. Dougherty and Thomas W. Dougherty
Cynthia Doughty
Helen M. Douglas
Michael A. Douglass `75S (MBA)
Eric Doust
Susan W. Dow and Ronald F. Dow
Laura V. Dowd P`12* and David L. Gallogly P`12
Sheila B. Dowd P`22 and John P. Dowd P`22
Jennifer M. Dowdall `89
Iris Dowden and Douglas C. Dowden P`03E
John W. Dower II `99S (MBA)
Dr. Scott Dowling Jr. `55M (MD)
Edward S. Downey
Dr. Keith T. Downing `02M (MD)
Susan Downing and Brenton W. Downing
Jacqueline M. Downs and James M. Downs
Sandra L. Downs and Daniel M. Downs
Timothy J. Downs `71S (MBA), P`90 and Marilyn Downs P`90
Leslie J. Doyle and Richard T. Doyle
Mary L. Doyle
Toni Doyle
Victoria L. Doyle and Michael C. Doyle
Dr. Ann M. Dozier `77N, `80N (MS), `96N (PhD) and Guy E. Martin
Laura E. Drager `70
Andrea M. Drahms P`00, P`06 and Richard A. Drahms P`00, P`06
Albert Drake
Cheryl Drake and Charles M. Drake
Lewis J. Drakeley
Sandra Draper and Gary C. Draper
Dr. Ines Draskovic `02E (DMA), P`21E and Dr. Petar N. Kodzas `99E (DMA), P`21E
The Honorable Deborah C. Drawe and Steven C. Drawe
Robert Drayn Jr.
John R. Drdul
Nancy Drebes and Larry Drebes Sr.
Nancy A. Dreier and James D. Dreier
Claudia Dreifus-Pesce
Mercedes Dressing
Dr. Eric M. Dreyfuss*
David Drezner P`00
Gary Dries
Milton G. Dries
Christine Driscoll
Doreen Driscoll and Harold J. Driscoll
Cindy Driver
Dr. Melanie D. Driver-Milow `97
Lisa Drobek
Carolyn W. Droser P`11 and Andrew P. Dzaugis P`11
Dr. Paul E. Droste `61E (MM)
Nicole E. Druckman and Dr. James Druckman
Nancy J. Drum `70 and David L. Drum `70
Dr. Alinda M. Drury `79W (MSE), `80W (PhD), P`10 and Thomas R. Morse P`10
Judith Drury
Kay P. Drury `63, `65 (MS)
Mary Drury P`06 and John W. Drury P`06
Richard Drury
Mary Ann Dry and Theodore J. Dry
Michele V. Dryer
Dr. Wayne A. Drysdale `59 and Eleanor Drysdale
Ruitao Duan `00 (MS) and Yuxin D. Sun
Dr. Noshir B. Dubash `89 (MS), `94 (PhD)
Leslie E. Dube `09 and Andrew M. Knight `10
Gail Z. Dubicki
Robert C. Dublin
Thomas E. Dublin
Joseph Dubrule
Susan Ducharme and Gerald Ducharme
Dr. Holly J. Duck `80, `85M (MD)
Elaine Duckey
Lawrence A. Duda
Kathy E. Dudash
Diane S. Dudley and James L. Dudley
Jennifer C. Dudley
Jutta Dudley and Paul Dudley
Kurt Dudley
Tracey Dudley and Peter Dudley
Linda Dudman `70
Janet D. Duemmel and David Duemmel*
Carol W. Duerr
Margaret E. Duff
James H. Duffy `63 (MS) and Mary S. Duffy
Joyce M. Duffy
Karen F. Duffy-Durnin `84N (MS)
Judy A. Dufresne
Karen E. Dugan `97N (MS)
Wendy L. Kimble Dugan `74, P`00, P`02, P`05
Anne Duggan and John Duggan
Jo Anne H. Duke `52, `53N
Nancy J. Dukelow `08S (MS)
Daniel Dumar
Glen A. Dumas
Keli Dumiak P`24 and Peter A. Dumiak P`24
Alice J. Dunbar and John N. Dunbar
Bonnie Dunbar `70
Mary E. Dunbar `75
Christine M. Duncan P`13E and Dr. Ian A. Duncan P`13E
Eileen F. Duncan
Mary E. Duncan and David A. Duncan
Matthew S. Duncan `14S (MBA)
Margaret Dundas and Peter Dundas
James D. Dundorf `85
Laurence R. Dunham
Bonnie J. Dunn and Robert Dunn
Ian Dunn
Dr. Judith A. Dunn `84
Kyle M. Dunn `10
L. Max Dunn
Michael L. Dunn `58
Susan Dunn and George Dunn
Dr. Thomas D. Dunn `64E, `66E (MA)
Wendy F. Dunn and Michael D. Dunn
Linda Dunn-Bewley
James M. Dunne `03
Susan Dunphy P`22E and Edward Dunphy P`22E
Kristan T. Dunst `85 and Michael Dunst
Kevin Dunwoodie
Kelli P. Duprey `93S (MBA) and Peter C. Duprey `93S (MBA)
Richard Dupuis
Gale S. Duque `58
Carol A. Duquette and Joseph R. Duquette
Alison M. Dura `90N (MS) and Dr. Paul Dura `90M (Res)
Robert A. Duran `09
Mary Durand and Charles Durand
David Durant
Donna G. Durbin `70 and Jonathan E. Durbin `70
Maria A. Durkin `82, `98S (MBA) and Thomas P. Durkin `82
Sarah Dusing and Ronald Dusing
Bonnie Dustman*
Joyce M. Dustman and Elmer F. Dustman Jr.
Holly Dutcher
Stephanie Dutcher and Richard Dutcher
Melanie E. Dutton and Rodney L. Dutton
Evelyn Duvall and Eric Duvall P`00
Ronald H. DuVall `69 and Theresa A. Duvall
Ludolph Duyssen
Coleen Dwyer and Geoff Dwyer
Olga M. Dwyer and Frank J. Dwyer
Patricia A. Dwyer
Sharon Dwyer and Paul V. Dwyer II
Susan L. Dybas and Michael J. Dybas
Sandra Dyer
Dr. Brian J. Dykstra `65E (MM), `69E (DMA)
Carl Dziekan

An asterisk (*) denotes the individual is deceased. A caret (^) denotes the individual is a young alumnus.

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