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Honorees A - B

All George Eastman Circle members are automatically recognized as Rochester Loyal members. The George Eastman Circle Honor Roll is accessible by members only.

Rochester Loyal Honor Roll (A - B)
Anonymous (18)
Anonymous `58
Anonymous* and Anonymous
Anonymous `66M (MD) and Anonymous
Anonymous `60M (MD), `64M (Res)
Anonymous and Kent Farrell
Anonymous `61E, `68E (MM)
Dr. Roger L. Aamodt `72M (PhD) and Diane Aamodt
Kathleen Aarons and John Aarons
Virginia A. Abamonte
Melinda Abate and Matthew C. Abate
Ann Marie Abbamonte
Dr. Elizabeth K. Abbas and Dr. Daniel C. Abbas
Karen J. Abbas
Kathrine Y. Abbate `92
Dr. Jean S. Abbe `63M (MD) and Dr. Robert R. Abbe `63M (MD)
Charlotte A. Abbey
Craig W. Abbey `94, `99 (MS)
Karin Abbey
Audrey Abbondanzieri and Elio Abbondanzieri
Charles W. Abbott
Deborah Abbott
Deborah A. Abbott `90 (MA)
Jean Abbott and Roy T. White
Kristin K. Abbott and Craig S. Abbott
M. J. Abbott
Marissa C. Abbott `14, `15M (MPH)^
Roxanne J. Abbott P`11 and Lawrence S. Abbott P`11
Sandra J. Abbott
Sandra S. Abbott and Robert L. Abbott
Susan A. Abbott
Frederick B. Abbuhl `00M (MD), P`20 and Susan Abbuhl P`20
Anju Abel P`18
Irving R. Abel `45
Dr. John Abel P`08
Laurie Abel `64
Sheila A. Abeling and David L. Abeling
David S. Abell
Dr. Deborah Abell and Dr. Kim Bruce Abell
Scott W. Abercrombie `78S (MBA) and Catherine Abercrombie
Marsha E. Abeson `64W
Dr. Maria J. Abeyounis
Dr. Vishwas G. Abhyankar `71 (MS), `74 (PhD) and Anuradha A. Abhyankar
Dr. Christopher J. Abissi `77M (MD)
Rochelle Abkowitz
Nancy C. Aborjaily and Norman A. Aborjaily
Marsha Aboudi P`17
Elinor M. Abplanalp
Dr. George N. Abraham
Joyce M. Abraham*
Michelle L. Abraham and Michael J. Abraham
Caryl T. Abrams P`12, P`14E and Jeffrey H. Abrams P`12, P`14E
Phyllis Abrams
J. David Abramson `64
Daniel C. Acchione
Catherine C. Acciari
Margaret Acello
Carol A. Aceti `58 and John Aceti
Jonathan Aceto `91E
Dr. James M. Acheson `70 (PhD) and Ann W. Acheson
Mary Achille
Rebecca S. Achilles and David R. Achilles
Linda S. Acker and Gary Acker
Betty A. Ackerman
Nancy L. Ackerman `57
Dr. Robert H. Ackerman `64M (MD)
Hilary E. Ackermann P`16
Ronald D. Acquilano
Maria Acree
Kathleen Acton and Richard Acton
Dr. Edgar Acuna `85 (MA), `90 (PhD), P`20 and Ana C. Gonzalez P`20
Catherine M. Acunis and Norman Acunis
Jeanne Acutanza P`18E
Andrew A. Adachi `95, `04S (MBA)
Karen A. Adair P`16 and Michael J. Adair P`16
Dr. Robin Adair and Jason Dunn
Scott M. Adair
John Adamczuk
Christine M. Adamescu
David P. Adami
Christine Adamo
Mary Adamo `73
Ann M. Adams `72
Anne H. Adams `74
Barbara N. Adams `56, `57N, `72N (MS) and Dr. Robert W. Adams `56
Carol H. Adams
Carol J. Adams `72
Christopher J. Adams `08S (MBA)
Cynthia P. Adams `62W
Emily M. Adams `12^
Evelyn B. Adams and Charles H. Adams
John P. Adams `86S (MBA), P`09, P`12 and Catherine M. Adams P`09, P`12
Kyle T. Adams `09^
Lisa A. Adams
Margaret R. Adams
Mark J. Adams
Melissa A. Adams `99
Merle I. Adams
Norene Adams
Rosa Adams and Leon Adams
Sondra Adams
Wilma Adams and Paul Adams*
Megan Adanti
John M. Adduci `73
Sheila A. Scott Adebisi `84S (MBA)
Dr. Rexford E. Adelberger `68 (PhD) and Patricia C. Adelberger
Barry Adelman `58
Myra Adelmann P`13 and Frank Bloch P`13
Peter Z. Adelstein
Wouter Adema `03S (MBA)
June E. Adinah `80
Dr. Caroline M. Adkins `67N
Carol L. Adler
Denise Adler and Dr. Henry Adler
Dr. Dennis M. Adler `74 and Robin Aronow
Jane L. Adler `82E, `84E (MM)
Yoshiko Adler P`18, P`18E and Dr. Joshua A. Adler P`18, P`18E
Florence Adolphson
Rachel Adonis `95S (MBA)
Helen M. Adriaansen and Rodney L. Adriaansen
Lisa Aebli and Christopher T. Aebli
Dorothy D. Aeschliman `49N
Etya Y. Afanasyev and Yakov S. Afanasyev
Elizabeth Affolter and Peter Affolter
Heather M. Affronti and The Honorable Francis A. Affronti
Joan M. After and Edward A. After
Rumit M. Agarwal `14S (MBA)
Yatish Agarwal `08 (MS)
Dr. Uma Aggarwal `77M (Res) and Karori M. Aggarwal
Veena Aggarwal and Raj' Kumar Aggarwal
Dr. Jack G. Agin `57
Judith Agnello `64, `69W (MA) and Dr. Richard J. Agnello `64
Annette M. Agness
Carol D. Agnew `51, `52N and Walter N. Agnew `51
Christopher D. Agnew `90, `94 (MS), `96 (MS), `97 and Maria English
Katherine E. Agonis `01
Mafalda C. Agostinelli
Michele A. Agostinelli `91, `92S (MBA) and Gino Agostinelli
Theresa A. Agostinelli `82N (MS) and Dr. John A. Agostinelli `75, `77 (MS), `81 (PhD)
Daniel W. Ahearn `76
James P. Ahearn
Loraine Ahearn
Wendy Ahlheim
Anam Ahmed `14^
Dr. Anwer S. Ahmed `89S (MS), `92S (PhD)
Mohammed Ahmed `15^
Dr. Shaghil Ahmed `83 (MA), `85 (PhD)
Mina Aibel `68, P`94 and Richard Aibel P`94
Darlene J. Aiken
Matt W. Aiken `96E (MM)
Robert R. Aiken
Dr. Nina Ainslie `77M (MD), `81M (Flw), `81M (Res) and Kenneth M. Warren Jr.
Dr. Cameron Ainsworth `49 (PhD)*
Dr. Scott H. Ainsworth `83
Dr. Jerussa M. Aita-Levy `91
Ashley M. Akalski
Dr. William E. Akin `72 (PhD)
Dr. Toshio Akiyama `71M (Res), `89M (Flw) and Akiko Akiyama
Dr. Steven E. Aks `83
Latrice A. Akuamoah `07^
Christopher F. Akuncius
Alphonse T. Alaimo `88S (MBA) and Erin N. Alaimo
Shan Alani P`12, P`16 and Salim M. Alani P`12, P`16
Carol W. Alarie P`13 and Edward Alarie P`13
Barbara J. Alatorre P`18 and Hector Alatorre P`18
Christyn Albanese `94 and Jeffrey S. Albanese
Gerald A. Albanese
Patricia Albanese `57E and Mario M. Albanese
Ryan M. Albano `13S (MBA)
Sheila Albers
Douglas G. Albert `84
Eric D. Albert `81
Joseph J. Albert `72 and Dianne Albert
Kathleen B. Albertini and John A. Albertini
Catherine L. Albin
Kathryn M. Albowicz `76
Lisa Albrecht
Dr. Gerald S. Albright `61M (Res)
Kathleen A. Albright and Rick D. Albright
Matthew W. Albright `09S (MBA)
Sharon F. Albright
Patricia E. Albring
Diana A. Albro and Charles J. Albro
Rebeca Alcantara and Miguel Bazdresch
Mary Elaine Aldoretta `74
Barbara Aldrich
Barbara E. Aldrich and Dale H. Aldrich
Eva Aldrich `53N
Dustin S. Aldridge `81 and Kimberley Aldridge
Marci Alegant `95E (MM) and Brian Alegant `93E (PhD)
Joseph S. Alen P`19
Linda Alesi
Dorothy B. Alesio
Stephen M. Alessi `73
Diana Alessio `10, `11S (MBA)^
Beau Alexander
Gloria E. Alexander `49
Kris Alexander and Glenn Alexander
Rachel Alexander and Bill Alexander
Rachel J. Alexander `89E
Thomas R. Alexander Jr.
Theresa Alexander-Pengelly
Arthur C. Alexion `81S (MBA)
Angelo J. Alfieri
Anne A. Alfieri and Michael Alfieri
Lois I. Alfieri and Vincent Alfieri
Donald Alford
Victor G. Alford
Alice Alger and Gary Alger
Dr. Shehzad Ali `96M (Res), `97M (Flw) and Sarwat Ali
Marilyn S. Aliber P`17 and Jonathan N. Aliber P`17
Helen Alicakos
Heather A. Alico `12, `13N^
Robert D. Alin `74
Carol B. Allan P`08 and Douglas C. Allan P`08
Diane Allan
Kevin C. Allan `14^
Marianne Allan `67 and Joseph Allan P`07, P`09
Stella Alland
Kim A. Allegrini P`17 and George Allegrini P`17
Dr. Adrienne D. Allen `93M (MD)
Barbara Allen
Betty W. Allen
Carol D. Allen and Richard W. Allen*
Charles Allen*
David S. Allen `80E, `81E (MM)
Debra L. Allen `74
Douglas Allen
Dyonne S. Allen `88
Edward N. Allen `87 and Kathleen R. Allen
Elizabeth A. Allen `66N
Erin G. Allen `92 and Kevin P. Allen
Dr. Frank F. Allen `45
Helen L. Allen
Imogene Allen
Jean H. Allen
Jeanne M. Allen
June H. Allen P`15
Lesley S. Allen
Lorie A. Allen and Deven K. Allen
Marilyn A. Allen
Marlene S. Allen `83W (MS)
Mary A. Allen
Mary Patricia Allen
Michael P. Allen `89
Michael T. Allen `72, P`07 and Mary Anne Allen P`07
Michelle Williams-Allen and Lawrence G. Allen
Pamela S. Allen and Richard W. Allen Jr.
Patricia M. Allen `86N (MS)
Rachel M. Allen
Robert F. Allen `61 and Anne B. Allen*
Sean Allen `11S (MS)
Susan Allen
Tamara M. Allen and Mark Allen
Tammy Allen
Dr. William H. Allen `53M (MD) and Sarah Elva A. Bach
Jo Ann K. Allender `90 and Dave Allender
Dr. Edith Allen-Schult `59
Dr. Mattie E. Alleyne
Irene Alling and Glenn R. Alling
Robert F. Allis
Dr. James E. Allison `69M (MD) and Margaret Lindenstein
Susan H. Allison `70W
Anne-Marie Allocco
Donald R. Alloco
Leja Allyn `68 and David M. Allyn `70, `73W (EdM)
Carol E. Alman
Albert J. Almansberger III `72, `76W (MA), P`98
Donna Almekinder
John C. Almeter
Orli Almog `94
Dr. A. Merriol Almond `65M (MD)
Dr. Douglas V. Almond `64M (Res)
Cheryl Aloi
Anthony J. Alongi Jr. `09^
Mona J. Alongi
Kathleen Alonzo and Jerry J. Alonzo
Dr. Charles E. Alpers `77M (MD)
Elizabeth Alpert and James Bearden
Dr. Linda J. Alpert-Gillis `85 (MA), `87 (PhD), P`14 and Stephen M. Alpert-Gillis P`14
Bennet D. Alsher `73
Cecilia E. Alsina and James P. Alsina
Elliott B. Alterman `65 and Ina S. Alterman
John S. Alterman
Lisa B. Altman `06S (MBA)
Fred E. Altrieth Jr.
Daniel S. Altschul `78 and Sherry Wallingford
Dr. Marsha I. Altschuler `72
Angel Alvarado
Dawn Silleman-Alvarez P`19 and Javier Alvarez P`19
Sandra Alvarez and Desi Alvarez
Dr. Nathan J. Alves `07, `08 (MS)^
Jo Ann M. Alwardt
Lucille Amalfa
Elaine E. Aman
Laura C. Aman and Martin J. Aman
Constance M. Aman and Robert H. Aman
Rev. William Amann
Dorothy P. Amarandos `46E, `47E (MM)
Ellen M. Amarosa and Louis E. Amarosa
Dr. Richard F. Amato `85D (Den)
Catherine E. Ambler `75S (MBA), P`08 and Paul Ambler P`08
Daniel J. Ambrose `10 (MA), `14 (PhD)
Marie P. Ambrosio `72N
Jillian S. Ambroz
Dr. Steven J. Ambrusko `96
Patricia J. Amedeo and Santo P. Amedeo
Ruth Ameele
Mary Louise Amering and Frank Amering Sr.
Cynthia M. Ames `82, `89M (MS)
Judith A. Ames
Mary E. Ames `66W (MA) and Donald F. Ames
Sarah Amesbury
Karen A. Amico
Michael Amico
Todd Amidon
Dr. Arash Aminian `01M (MD)
Julie M. Ammer `77 and Thomas W. Ammer `77S (MBA)
Bruce A. Amo
Lynne M. Amorese and Mark S. Amorese
Michael Amorese
Susan Amrine and John Amrine
Cory M. Amron `74
Dr. Ezra A. Amsterdam `62M (MD), `63M (Res) and Beulah Amsterdam
Grace M. Amundsen `83 and Robert N. Amundsen `82
Ann C. Amyot `91
Joanne M. Amyot
Dr. J. Theodore Anagnoson `75 (MA), `77 (PhD)
Jane J. Anagnostos P`17 and Peter K. Anagnostos P`17
Marni E. Anbar `98W (MS) and Dr. Ariel Anbar
Sandra L. Ancker and Walter B. Ancker Jr.
Betty J. Andelman
Margaret E. Anderle `16^
Lauretta M. Anders and Dr. M. W. Anders
Dr. Clare Z. Andersen `74M (MD)
Dr. John D. Andersen `83 (MA), `86 (PhD) and Catherine M. Andersen
Alicia P. Anderson `46N
Alvin B. Anderson
Barbara C. Anderson
Britta Anderson
Carol A. Anderson `66
Carol H. Anderson
Dr. David C. Anderson `72M (Res)
David M. Anderson `70S (MBA)
Donald C. Anderson `54, `60S (MS) and Janet Anderson
Elaine M. Anderson
James Anderson
Jane B. Anderson and Dr. Peter Anderson
Jean M. Anderson
Jennifer C. Anderson `93, `95W (MS)
Judith A. Anderson `68W (MA)
Judith L. Anderson `69
Dr. Kelley P. Anderson `73, `77M (MD)
Kylie L. Anderson `09W (MS)
Linda J. Anderson
Dr. Lowell L. Anderson `58M (PhD)
Mark A. Anderson `89S (MBA)
Marlies Anderson
Mary Ellen Anderson and Curtis E. Anderson
Patricia Anderson
Pauline C. Anderson* and Allan C. Anderson
Penny A. Anderson P`16 and Robert E. Anderson P`16
Dr. Porter W. Anderson Jr.
Raymond Anderson
Ruth Anderson
Ruth H. Anderson and Ernest R. Anderson
Dr. Ryan C. Anderson `05D (Den)
Sandra U. Anderson `10N
Scott R. Anderson `98S (MBA)
Susan E. Anderson and David E. Ortman
Susan N. Anderson `73W (EdM)
Tanya M. Anderson `95
Phillip D. Andolina
Karen R. Andolora
Kathleen N. Andolsek P`18 and Daniel E. Andolsek P`18
Monica N. Andrade `01S (MBA)
Patricia C. Andrade P`17 and Beny Parnes P`17
Patricia A. Andraszek and Robert J. Andraszek
Sarah L. Andre `97
Mary H. Andreani
John P. Andreano
Anne C. Andrews and Bruce L. Andrews Sr.
Charles J. Andrews
Cheryl C. Andrews and Claude A. Andrews
Christopher J. Andrews `93, `97 (MS)
Dennis R. Andrews
Donna H. Andrews and William A. Andrews
Jeffrey A. Andrews `92
Dr. Joseph L. Andrews Jr. `63M (MD)
Laurel P. Andrews P`09 and Raymond E. Andrews P`09
Leah W. Andrews and Robert A. Andrews
Mary H. Andrews
Marylu Andrews
Melissa C. Andrews `78N and Mark Q. Andrews `78N
Nancy A. Andrews
Peter M. Andrews `09^
Phyllis C. Andrews and Claude C. Noyes
Renee Andrews `72
Suzanne Andrews `61M (MS)
Peter Andronaco `79 and Mary A. Santina
Edward L. Andrus `93S (MBA) and Dianne M. Andrus
Jacqueline M. Andrus
Nancy E. Andrus
Margaret Ange `54, `59W (EdM)
William J. Angel
Dr. Louis A. Angelini `60E (MM), `68E (PhD)
L. Angermeier
Franklin L. Angevine Jr. `52 and Catherine W. Angevine
Kristine Angevine
Rosalie A. Angie P`18 and David J. Angie P`18
Michele M. Angilly `64
John A. Angland `11^
Karen Angold and Douglas Angold
Ronald E. Angona `99, `15S (MS)
Robert H. Angst
Jan H. Angus `72E (MM) and Dr. David R. Angus `72E (MM), `80E (DMA)
Chelsie Anjo
Carol B. Ankrom and Dennis Ankrom
Patricia Annesi and Joseph T. Annesi
Debra Annick
Mary G. Ansini `80 and Lawrence V. Ansini
Martha Y. Ansley and Jonathan P. Ansley
Terry Anstee
Marianne Antczak `80, `81 (MA) and Eugene Antczak
Joyce M. Antes
Dr. Anne M. Anthony `98M (Res) and Dr. Sungjun Hwang `95M (Res), `98M (Res)
Donald Anthony `76
Janet C. Anthony `94N, P`14, P`15 and Thomas C. Anthony P`14, P`15
Marianne H. Anthony and Dennis P. Anthony
Michele Anthony and David W. Brennessel
Nicholas J. Antinarella
Filippa Antinoro and Frank Antinoro*
Dafni Antonakakis
Gail F. Harms-Antonelli `64 and John A. Antonelli P`80, P`83
Patricia Antonelli and August T. Antonelli
John M. Antonevich `87
Christine G. Antoniak
James Antonio
Dr. Joseph R. Antos `71 (MA), `74 (PhD)
Vishal R. Anugu `09^
Tamara Anvik and Lawrence H. Anvik
John M. Anzalone `92S (MBA)
Josephine M. Anzalone
Linda C. Anzalone and Chuck Anzalone
Valentine C. Anzalone `57E (MM)
Beth Aparo
Jennifer Apetz
Leslie J. Apetz
David M. Appelbaum
Dr. E. David Appelbaum `59 and Barbara G. Appelbaum
Aaron Appelstein `73
Annette D. Applebaum
Philip Appleby
Alice D. Appleton and Oliver G. Appleton
Dr. Judith L. Appleton `67M (MD), `72H (Res)
Kenneth L. Appletree `65 and Julia G. Appletree
Angela M. Aprea P`12E and Ronald J. Aprea P`12E
Dilip M. Apte `74 (MS)
Cathy Aquilina
Dr. Suzanne Aquilina `76N (MS) and Dr. Alan T. Aquilina `74M (MD), `77M (Res), `79M (Flw)
Thomas J. Aquilina `77 (MS) and Corinne J. Aquilina
Donna Aquilino
Carol N. Aquino `63
Miriam M. Aquino and Felix Aquino
Sandra M. Aquino
Dr. Carolyn R. Aradine `63N, `00N (PMC)
Dr. Mehdi N. Araghi `73 (PhD) and Laurel Araghi
Maria L. Aragosa P`17 and John J. Chakmakas P`17
Dr. Gladys Arak `70M (Res) and Dr. Matthew T. Freedman `63, `73M (Res)
Lisa Aratari and John A. Aratari
Chester J. Arazy `72
James Arcadi
David G. Archambault `79
Lewis J. Archer `69
Virginia E. Archer
Dr. Maria A. Archetto `79E (MA), `92E (PhD) and Ralph E. Hickman `87E (MA)
Laura J. Archie `83
William F. Arcuri `89
Rose M. Ardino*
Dr. Matthew R. Ardizzone `97E (DMA) and Dr. Rachel Lauber
Judy Arena
Betty M. Arend
Dr. Nan Crystal Arens
Dr. Nancy M. Ares P`11 and Dr. Robert L. Minckley P`11
Mark Aretskin P`19E
Michael B. Argaman
Bernadette Argana and James Argana
Dr. Adriane Argenio
Phyllis Argenna
C. Linda Argento and Frank Argento
Thomas B. Argetsinger
Leonard F. Arias
Otto Arias Jr. `93S (MBA)
Carol A. Arieno `72
Cynthia A. Arieno
Dr. Clyde Arillotta `81
Alfred P. Arilotta
Patrice B. Pampel-Arjana P`17 and Wayan Arjana P`17
Christine Armao
Ruth L. Armbruster and John R. Armbruster
Ethel J. Armeling `49E, `50E (MM)
Dr. Mary B. Armes `63E
Felice F. Armignacco `63N, `65N (MS)
Bruce A. Armitage `88
Robert B. Armitage
Eugene A. Armour
Veronica L. Armour `05W (MAT)
Dr. Heather M. Armstrong `01E (MM), `06E (DMA)
Janice Armstrong
Julie P. Armstrong P`16 and John A. Armstrong P`16
Kathryn G. Armstrong `13^
Rev. Louise N. Armstrong
Michael T. Armstrong `87 and Kathleen Armstrong
Peter B. Armstrong `61 and Margaret T. Armstrong
Robert C. Armstrong
Dr. Scott Armstrong `78 (PhD) and Barbara Schindler Armstrong
Stacey Armstrong P`13 and Mark H. Armstrong P`13
Dr. William L. Armstrong `66 (PhD)
Dr. Harold T. Arneson `68M (MD) and Martha A. Arneson
Mary Arnitz and Joseph Arnitz
Bruce Y. Arnold `74 (MS) and Sally Arnold
Carol M. Arnold P`17 and Enos H. Arnold P`17
Christine E. Arnold `12W (MS) and Charles A. Pfeffer IV `83
Dr. Esther Arnold `10 (MA), `13 (PhD)
Jeffrey W. Arnold
Jennifer Arnold and David T. Arnold
Karen Ann Arnold and David G. Arnold
Mary Arnold
Robin Arnold
William Arnold
Dr. William H. Arnold `57M (MD)
Karen J. Aroesty P`18
Norman J. Aroesty
Steven M. Aroesty P`18
Veda J. Aroesty `88W (MSE)
Dr. Eleanor Aron `68 (MA), `72 (PhD) and Dr. Richard M. Aron `70 (MA), `71 (PhD)
Dr. Michael J. Aronica `89 and Mary C. Aronica
Dr. Ben D. Aronson `08, `15E (DMA)^
Dr. Lawrence D. Aronson `66M (MD)
Michael D. Aronson `99
Dr. Peter S. Aronson `67 and Marie L. Landry
Sheryl K. Aronson `79
Neelam Arora P`17 and Vinod K. Arora P`17
Dr. Jonathan M. Arovas `92M (MD)
Dr. Christopher J. Arpey `86M (MD) and Diana Arpey
Nancy S. Arras and Peter L. Arras*
Karen P. Arrigenna
Corinne K. Arrighini `88N and David J. Arrighini
Sandra Arrington
Timothy J. Arrowsmith `91
Dr. Ahmet N. Arslancan `80 (PhD)
Alexander Arthur Jr.
Karen R. Arthur and Ronald C. Arthur
Valerie J. Arthurton
Christopher T. Asbury
Jody C. Asbury `94W (EdD) and Dr. Robert F. Asbury `79M (Flw)
David S. Aschheim `92 and Shari Litow
Dr. Mark R. Aschliman `81M (Res)
Darren Ascone
Michael Asenato
Dr. Amy Ash `08D (Den)
Carla Caccamise Ash `59
Deborah Ash `82N and Albert W. Ash `83
Sharon Ash
Dr. John Ashcraft
Thomas M. Ashcroft
Dr. Irwin M. Asher `74M (MS), `78M (PhD)
Enam E. Ashkar P`18, P`20 and Eyad B. Ashkar P`18, P`20
Claire Ashkin `47 (MS)
Dr. Timothy Ashley `10M (Res) and Elizabeth Dodds-Ashley
Joyce D. Ashman
Evelyn Y. Ashton
Dr. Jennifer L. Ashton `10W (PhD) and Dr. Edward A. Ashton `93 (MS), `96 (PhD)
Joan B. Ashton `60
Patricia J. Aslin and Dr. Richard N. Aslin
Ellen Asprooth and Mark S. Jackson
Edwin A. Assenheimer
Dr. Maria E. Ast `89 and Maurice A. Sheldon `90
Stefan Astheimer
Janice Astles and Geoffrey Astles
Dr. James A. Astman `69, `71 (MS)
Judy Astrove
Beth F. Aten
Ponrathi R. Athilingam `04N (MS), `08N (PhD)
Jodi R. Atkin `78, `82 (MA) and Louis P. Atkin
Dr. Mark J. Atkins `66 and Phyllis Atkins
Cynthia A. Atkinson
Dr. Leland Atkinson III `86 (PhD) and Deborah A. Wight Atkinson
Ronald E. Atkinson
Dr. Jasjit B. Atwal `94M (Res)
Dr. Edward C. Atwater `50 and Ruth P. Atwater
Martha R. Atwater `68E, `73E (MM) and Dr. David F. Atwater `69E, `73E (MM)
Mary R. Atwell and Mark Atwell
Valerie H. Atwood `11^
Connie L. Au P`15, P`16 and Frank W. Kan P`15, P`16
Hoi Au
Howard K. Au `89
J K. Auble and William Auble
Deborah G. Auclair `78
Jean Auer
Joan Auer
John H. Auer
Dr. Karl Auerbach `75M (MD), `78M (Res), `79S (MBA)
Dr. Theodore Auerbach `48, `54 (PhD)
Iris O. Auerbacher
Robert Auerhahn
Dr. John G. Augenblick `81W (EdD) and Frances G. Augenblick
Carla Augino
Michael J. Augstell `92
Rachel B. August
Barbara A. Augustine `72 and James P. Augustine P`00
Giovanna N. Augustine
Lorenza A. Augustine
Matthew Augustine
Addison A. Ault `15^
Laura L. Aume `86 and Victor O. Aume
Mary Ann Aument and W. Ronald Aument
Lu M. Aung
Regina Aurand and Harry W. Aurand
Sandra L. Auriemma and Anthony Auriemma
Eric D. Auslander `11^
Sylvia B. Aust and Richard B. Aust
Joycelyn Austen `56N and Dr. K. Frank Austen
George S. Austermann `50
Edwin A. Austin
Phyllis O. Austin
Linda Autiero and John Autiero
Anna Autovino* and Gus Autovino
Cathy Averill and Douglas Averill
Barbara Avery and Robert W. Avery
Mark S. Avery `78
Marsha R. Avery* and Frank V. Avery*
Mary M. Avoli
Sharon A. Avoli
Edna B. Axelrod P`03 and Robert Axelrod P`03
Rachel Axelrod and Stuart Axelrod
Janice M. Ferry-Axman P`14 and Michael S. Axman P`14
Grace E. Ayala P`19
Leida Ayan
Diane Ayers
Marcia H. Ayers and Gary Ayers P`98
Patricia K. Ayers P`17
Pelle L. Ayers and Gerald D. Ayers
Carly A. Aymong and John M. Aymong
Irene B. Ayotte
Holly P. Azevedo `77
Lisa J. Azzara `91E and Dr. Christopher D. Azzara `88E (MM), `92E (PhD)
Rosalie Azzolino
Penny J. Baart and John H. Baart
Judy C. Babbitt `86S (MBA) and Gary Babbitt
Sharon A. Babbitt `73N, P`97 and Stephen Babbitt P`97
Angela Babcock and Eric Babcock
Gretchen Babcock `65 and Robert S. Babcock Jr. `64
Lillian L. Babcock and Kingman K. Babcock
Alice Babigian
Cally Babigian
Charmaine L. Babineau `75W (MSE) and Dr. G. Raymond Babineau `67M (Res), P`96
Kenneth B. Babineau `95S (MBA)
Brenda Babitz and Paul Babitz
Richard W. Bacchetta `67
Frank Bach
Dr. Elizabeth Y. Bachelder `69E, `71E (MM), `81E (DMA)
Virginia M. Bacheler and Carl F. Battaglia
Joyce Bacher and Gary A. Bacher
Mary E. Bachmann `13^
Pamela A. Bachmeyer P`08, P`10 and Robert J. Bachmeyer P`08, P`10
Anita Backus
Ernest E. Bacon
Jane G. Bacon `65 and Dale L. Bacon `65
Judith A. Bacon and John H. Bacon
Sandra L. Bacon `67
Timothy G. Badar `90 (MS)
Sharon L. Badenhop
Frank Bader
Dr. James V. Badolato `60E
Carolyn Baehr
James W. Baer `78 (MS)
Paul W. Baerman `79
Brock E. Bafford `13S (MBA)
Claire H. Bagale
Pranab Bagchi
Linda C. Bagdon
Nina L. Baghai-Riding `89 (MS)
Dr. Joseph T. Bagnara `52* and Mary Louise Bagnara
Susan M. Bagoly
Valerie J. Bagshaw
Robin Bagwin P`18 and Steven C. Bagwin P`18
Richard C. Bahler `55
Diane Bahr and Carlos Bahr
Jane Ann Bahr `63E and Dr. Edward R. Bahr `63E, `65E (MM)
A. Wesley Bailey
Alvin Bailey
Barbara A. Bailey `65
Barbara J. Bailey and John C. Bailey
Carol G. Bailey `65N
Caroline T. Bailey
Craig J. Bailey
Erica Bailey
Evelyn I. Bailey
Gloria J. Bailey
Dr. Graydon A. Bailey `48* and Lois M. Bailey
Guy A. Bailey `68
James W. Bailey
Jane Ellen Bailey
Kim Bailey and Patrick Bailey
Lois M. Bailey and Raymond E. Bailey
Lynda B. Bailey and John M. Bailey Jr.
Mary Bailey
Robert C. Bailey `65E and Sally McDermott Bailey
Ronald Bailey
Royal E. Bailey
Ruth Bailey P`06 and Jeffery Bailey P`06
Sharon Bailey and Donald H. Bailey
Dr. Tshai M. Bailey `78 (MS)
David S. Baime `82
Serena Baiocco
Edmund C. Baird III `89 and Wendy B. Baird
Mary Lu Baird
Trevor Baisden `12^
Robert Baitchman
Christopher E. Bajak `00S (MBA)
Dr. Richard F. Bakemeier `52, `57M (MD)*
Caitlyn Baker
Carolyn A. Baker
Catherine M. Baker and Scott R. Baker
Dr. Charles A. Baker `58E, `59E (MM), `65E (DMA)
Charlotte H. Baker* and Robert B. Baker
Cheryl A. Baker
Dolores N. Baker
Elga Baker `61E (MM) and Rodger W. Baker `58E, `64, `66 (MS)
Gloria Baker
James K. Baker
James Baker
Jane H. Baker and Bruce W. Baker
Joyce Baker*
June C. Baker `52
Lee P. Baker
Linda Baker*
Linda K. Baker and Cliff Baker
Margaret M. Baker and Bruce G. Baker
Marjorie A. Baker
Marjorie E. Baker and Scott R. Baker
Maureen M. Baker and Steven H. Baker
Nancy A. Baker `57, `58N and Dr. Bruce E. Baker `59M (MD)
Pamela F. Baker and Bruce J. Baker
Patricia A. Baker
Dr. Robert L. Baker `59, `60W (MA) and Margaret H. Baker
Roger L. Baker `63
Ruby Baker and Larry Baker
Siri Baker and Benjamin S. Baker
Sue Baker
Dr. Terry R. Baker `66M (MD), `68M (Res)
Theresa Baker
Vernon Baker
William L. Baker `56, `68S (MBA) and Mary Elizabeth Baker
Jan Bakker
John P. Bakker `09S (MBA)
Susan M. Bakolas
Marianna E. Bakos
Maria A. Bakrania P`18 and Prabhu P. Bakrania P`18
Andrea E. Bakst `73
Janet E. Bakst `75
Dr. Malur R. Balaji `74M (Res) and Eileen T. Balaji
Kathleen Balazs
Carol J. Balcer and Edward H. Balcer
Marie A. Balch and Barry J. Balch
Kristina Bald and Richard Bald
Linda P. Baldeck `01, `11W (MS) and Jeremiah D. Baldeck `01, `07M (MS), `11S (MBA)
Dr. Andrew H. Balder `83M (Res) and Cynthia A. Sommer
Joseph T. Baldino `86W (MSE)
Colleen Baldwin
Deborah M. Baldwin `97 and Kevin G. Baldwin `00
Janet I. Baldwin `68N
Joanne Baldwin and David A. Baldwin
Sandra S. Baldwin
Antoinette Baleba-Lekane Kapto `05N
Gisela Balents and Leon M. Balents*
Dr. Charles R. Bales `61M (MD) and Betterly O. Bales
Sheila A. Balik and Francis M. Balik
Dr. Lynda J. Balint `96 and Nathan N. Balint `96
Richard R. Ball `52
Wesley G. Balla `85 (MA)
Dr. Carolyn D. Ballantyne `68
Dr. George W. Ballantyne Jr. `58M (MD)
Catherine G. Ballard
Gale A. Ballard*
Eric H. Baller `98S (MBA)
Laura J. Ballou `97 and John J. Ballou `97
Margaret M. Ballou and David Ballou
Frank C. Balluffi `84E (MM)
Patricia A. Balon `63N
Deborah S. Balonek and Barry Balonek P`93
Marissa A. Balonon-Rosen `14E, `14^
Dr. Luke H. Balsamo `93, `98M (MD)
Mark A. Balsamo `96W (MS), `05W (EdD)
Dr. Diane B. Balser `64
James R. Balta
Thomas L. Balta
Marie E. Baltz `66
Ann Marie L. Balzano
Barbara Balzano and John G. Balzano
Betsy Ann Balzano
Michele Balze `93 (MA)
Carla Balzun P`15E
Jennifer Bamann
Stephen Bancheri
Karen Bancroft and Timothy J. Bancroft
Malcolm Bancroft
Alice E. Bandeian
Marcia L. Bandes P`12 and Ronald M. Bandes P`12
Nancy A. Bandla
Linda Banfield
Mary Lee Banfield and W. David Banfield
Christina Bang `74, `78W (MSE)
Nam Sook Bang P`15 and Son Kwon Bang P`15
Elizabeth B. Banister
Brian L. Banke `83S (MBA)
Jeanette D'Agostino Banker
Lorie S. Banker `80N and Robert J. Banker
Carolyn A. Banks
Sarah J. Banks and John S. Banks
Donna Bannatyne
Mark Bannister
Ronald P. Bansbach
Margret A. Banton `80N (MS) and Martin Banton
Myron T. Bantrell `39 and Genevieve B. Bantrell
David A. Baran `97
Maureen W. Baran and Bohdan E. Baran
Dr. Brenda B. Baratta `83, `87M (MD), `90M (Res) and Dr. Anthony Baratta `87M (MD), `90M (Res)
Dr. Lon Baratz
Rosanne Barbaglia
Marilyn Barbano
Francesco L. Barbarino `03S (MBA)
Karen J. Barbato and James M. Barbato
Anthony J. Barbeau `87S (MBA) and Linda M. Barbeau
Darrin Barber and Robert C. Meagher
Jonathan P. Barber
Karen A. Barber
Kenneth J. Barber Jr. `98
R. Todd T. Barber `92S (MBA)
Suzanne Barber
Kelly A. Barbic `98, `03W (MS)
Beverly J. Barbour
Lindsey V. Barbour
Bonnie L. Barclay and Gary H. Barclay
Kathryn Barclay
William Barclay
Donald J. Bardell `53
Ruth Bardon P`16
Elizabeth Barefoot and Jon Barefoot
Claudia S. Barelli and Paulo Barelli
Dr. James T. Barenie `70D (Den), `73D (MS)
Jan Bares
Stephanie M. Barg
Rita M. Barger and James Barger
Susan Bargmann and Michael S. Bargmann P`99
Maria Barilla
Brian L. Barker `14^
Bruce W. Barker
Dorothy Bauch-Barker `05, `07 (MS) and William H. Barker `05
Jack R. Barker*
Jane M. Barker
R. Peter Barker `57 and Connie Barker
Terrence G. Barker `71W
William E. Barker `53 (MA)
Irene Barkin and Marvin Barkin
Linda M. Barkley
Linda J. Barlaam P`16 and Brian A. Barlaam P`16
Dr. Tamar Barlam `79M (MD)
Grace Barlette
Stefanie K. Barley `67W (MA)
Teresa M. Barlis and Glenn Barlis
Dr. Eve Barlow `81M (MS), `81M (PhD)
Beverly J. Barna and Gary T. Barna
Catherine Barnard
Melissa Barnard and Daniel Barnard II
Patricia Barnard and Harold F. Barnard
Carol Barnash and John Barnash
Diane M. Barnekow
Beverly D. Barnes and Lawrence B. Barnes Jr.
Curtis L. Barnes `61
David V. Barnes `93
Elizabeth Barnes `10^
Dr. Jeff P. Barnes `91M (MS), `95M (PhD)
Leslie E. Barnes and Christopher Barnes
Dr. Thomas G. Barnes III `66
G. Joan Barneski `53N
David J. Barnett
Francine Barnett and Dr. Steven L. Barnett
Loretta Barnett `60
Susan Barnett
Dr. Daniel B. Barney `99, `03M (MD), `07M (Res)
Kathleen L. Barney and Bruce H. Barney
Marie A. Barney
Merrillyn C. Barney `59W
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barnhardt
Meghan Barnhardt
Danielle Barnhart
Ethel I. Barnsbee* and Clive Barnsbee
Meghan Barnhardt
Lorie Barnum and Peter T. Barnum
Mary A. Barnum
Ruth H. Barolsky `63
Mary A. Baron `84 and Dr. Michael L. Baron `84
Paul L. Baron
Anita Barone and Richard J. Barone
Carol R. Barone* and Ralph Barone*
Karen Barone
Keri Barone and Jason Hammer
Linda R. Barone `71
Marjorie Barone
Rochelle Barone and John M. Barone
Sarah Ann Barons and Clive R. Barons
Brenda Baroody and Thomas Carr
Linda B. Baroody and A. James Baroody Jr.
Dr. Alan P. Barr `64 (PhD)
Bridgette T. Barr `02, `08W (CAS)
Jenifer M. Scalisi Barr `92
Joanne Barr
Nancy E. Barr `65
Patrick J. Barr `01S (MBA)
Dr. William F. Barr `69 (PhD)
Fern Barrasso P`18 and Steven L. Jones P`18
Annaluisa Greppi-Barrett P`14 and Lawrence J. Barrett P`14
Arthur Barrett
Carole Barrett and Thomas Barrett
Dr. Donald A. Barrett `68M (Res) and Gayle Barrett
Lizabeth A. Barrett
Loretta J. Barrett
Michael J. Barrett `92S (MBA)
Nancy Barrett
Patricia W. Barrett
Roxanne D. Barrett
Shirley M. Barrett
Sylvia J. Barrett `53
Mary M. Barrigar
Kathleen M. Barrile-Vieira
James J. Barringer
Dr. Lisa C. Barrios `88
Margaret W. Barroll P`19 and Hans H. Hartse P`19
Dr. James W. Barron `72 (PhD)
Marc D. Barron `84 and Barbara J. Barron
Karen Barrow and Geoffry Barrow
Doris A. Barrows `53N
Daryl C. Barry
Kirstin L. Barry `10^
Mary F. Barry
Deborah K. Barsel `76
Luisa R. Barsema
Dr. Veniamin Barshay `03M (MD), `04M (Res)
Denise L. Bartalo and Donald B. Bartalo
Dr. Paul T. Barte `95E (DMA)
Lawrence Barth `69
Bridget Bartholomay
Michael W. Bartholomay
Patricia A. Bartholomay and Bill Bartholomay
Michael Bartholomew
Elizabeth M. Bartle
Carol Bartlett and Barry Bartlett
Diane R. Bartlett `61 and Frank R. Bartlett `61
Dr. Donald Bartlett Jr. `66M (Res) and Christine A. Bartlett
Jack L. Bartlett `66S (MS)
James P. Bartlett `58
Jamie C. Bartlett `91E (MM) and James I. Armstrong Jr.
Julie C. Bartlett `89W (MSE) and Thomas M. Bartlett
Martha Bartlett `68
Philip J. Bartlett `01S (MBA) and Elizabeth Bartlett
Lester G. Bartley
Brenda L. Bartock
Bradley S. Barton
Carol A. Barton and Gary H. Barton
Catherine H. Barton P`19, P`20 and Dr. Kelly D. Barton P`19, P`20
Dora Barton
Norma Barton and David Barton
Dr. Todd D. Barton `96M (MD)
Mary J. Bartron `03
Sandra A. Bartus and Joseph Bartus
Dr. Jose L. Bascunana `61 (MS), `68 (PhD)
Margaret Bash `65, `65N and Charles W. Bash `64
Dr. Wendy E. Bashant `87 (MA), `90 (PhD) and Dr. David Bittleman `88M (MD), `92M (Res)
Maria Basil
Maureen Basil* and George Basil*
Dana Basile
Annette H. Basinger
Robert Basinski
Seymour J. Baskin*
Helene Baskir `55
Dr. Richard R. Basom
Amy G. Bass `68 and Geoffrey A. Bass `68
Edith Bass and Jon D. Bass
Lyle R. Bassage
Dr. John E. Bassett `69 (MA), `70 (PhD)
Jason D. Bassingthwaite `92
Tiffany Bast
James A. Basta `56E and Elizabeth D. Basta
Gwendolyn L. Bastedo P`16, P`17 and George A. Bastedo Jr. P`16, P`17
Myrtle R. Bastian
Jeanette Baston and James Baston
Rosanne M. Basu `95, `96W (MS) and Pratik Basu `97
Dr. Sudipta Basu `91S (MS), `95S (PhD)
Susan Basu and Asish R. Basu
William G. Batchelor Jr.
Lynn Bateman and Craig Bateman
Amy Bates and Steven Levine
Laura S. Bates
Lia Bates
Robert A. Bates
Steven H. Batha `84 (MS), `89 (PhD), P`13 and Margo B. Batha P`13
Carolyn Batt `60 and Dr. Russell H. Batt `60
Jean E. Batte
Dr. William L. Battema `74M (MD), `75M (Res) and Janet Battema
Nancy J. Batten
Dane J. Battiato `72S (MBA)
Dr. Diana M. Battipaglia `75E (DMA)
Evelyn M. Battisti and Carlo Battisti
Patricia M. Battisti and Larry Battisti
Peter Battisti
Angela Y. Battle `96, `97W (MS)
Dr. Martha Davitt Battle `87M (MD)
Kim Battoglia
Ruth P. Batz and Charles F. Batz
Rachel Bau `79
Tyla Bauch
Allison F. Bauer `88
Ann R. Bauer
Anne O. Bauer and Dr. Stephen Bauer
Dr. Bruce L. Bauer `64, `68 (MS), `73 (PhD)
Dr. Dan F. Bauer `73 (PhD) and Judith Bauer
Debra Bauer
Mary Ann Bauer and Jack F. Bauer
Mitchell Bauer
Stephanie A. Bauer `85W (MSE), P`12 and Dr. Michael A. Bauer `82M (Flw), P`12
Thomas E. Bauer
Virginia L. Bauer and Mark H. Bauer
Holly L. Bauer-Mergen
Carol A. Bauerschmidt and Charles J. Bauerschmidt
Shelly Baug
Anne V. Baughman `09W (CAS), `09W (MS)
John C. Baughman `82 and Mary Jo Baughman
Dr. Merlyn P. Bauldie `01D (Den)
Alicia D. Baum `97S (MBA) and William Baum `84S (MBA)
Erna Baum
Peter A. Baum
Roberta Baum P`18 and Jonathan Baum P`18
Theodore M. Baum `85 and Mary Baum
Veronica Baum and David G. Baum
Eva Bauman `51
Marie A. Bauman
Mary Ellen Bauman and David R. Bauman
William Bauman
David M. Baumgartner `49E* and Marilyn G. Baumgartner*
Dr. Helen M. Baumgartner `55E (MM) and Dr. Paul L. Baumgartner `55E (MM)
Heather Baun and Darren Baun
Dr. Asma R. Bawaney P`15, P`20 and Dr. Abdurrauf Bawany P`15, P`20
Andrew J. Bawden `08E (MM)
Bonnie K. Baxter and Sally Norton
Dr. Bruce A. Baxter `76D (Den)
David G. Baxter `81S (MBA) and Mary E. Baxter
Mary A. Baxter and Jack W. Baxter
Robert B. Baxter `68 and Sandra W. Baxter
Shirley J. Baxter and Craig M. Baxter
Sula M. Baxter
Thomas C. Baxter Jr. `76 and Patricia A. Baxter
Willie Baxtrum
Cynthia A. Bayer `72N, `86N (MS)
Robert E. Bayer Jr. `78S (MBA)
Susan Bayles and Marvin Bayles
Dr. Jean D. Bayless `50, `57M (MD)
Dr. Jonathan G. Bayley `92E (MM)
Susan A. Bayley `79S (MBA) and Robert B. Bayley
Leon Baylor
Jeffrey R. Bayne
John B. Baynes `75 and Patricia Baynes
Kathleen Tappen Baynes
Dr. Isabel S. Bazan `13M (MD)
Minette Beabes
Cecilia Beach
COL Johnston Beach `67 and Maureen Beach
Miranda Beach
Nina Beach
Richelle A. Beach
Alice A. Beachel and Gary L. Beachel
Janice Beadling and David W. Beadling
Bettie J. Beagle
Dr. Brenda U. Beal
Elizabeth A. Nolan Beal and Stephen G. Beal
Larry C. Beal `82 and Catherine A. Beal
Carol Beale `58
Dr. John O. Beall `73E (PhD)
Barbara W. Beam `50, `51N and Mr. Daniel S. Beam
Dr. Ryan Beams `14 (PhD) and Bethany R. Beams
Jennifer C. Bean
Phyllis Beane `71W (EdM) and Dr. Richard A. Beane `70D (Den)
Todd Beaney `85E (MM)
Michael E. Beard `80 and Patricia Beard
Phyllis P. Beard `53N
Douglas E. Beardsley Jr.
Kathleen A. Beardsley `66E and Bruce W. Beardsley `64
Kristen Beardsley and Dustin Beardsley
Harold R. Bears
Alice Beasor `49N
Holly Beaston
Nancy L. Beaston
Mary L. Beato
Dr. Howard L. Beaton `76M (MD)
Carrol Beaudrie
Mark E. Beauharnois `96
Dr. Cherry Beauregard `63E (MM), `70E (DMA), P`99E, P`06E, P`12E and Mrs. Sharon Beauregard `65E, `67E (MM)
Deborah S. Beauvais and Stephen F. Beauvais
Skip Beaver
Melissa Bechhoefer and Arthur S. Bechhoefer
Jean Bechtold and Robert M. Bechtold
Dr. Frederick A. Beck `73E (MM), `79E (DMA)
Jeanne R. Beck and Robert W. Beck Jr.
Joann Beck
Dr. Mark K. Beck `85, `92 (PhD) and Ana Capestany
Nita Beck
Dr. Robert Beck `88D (Den)
Tina A. Beck
Delores J. Becken and Irwin P. Becken
Elsie Beckenbach
Ann A. Becker P`15, P`17 and Robert S. Becker P`15, P`17
Diane F. Becker P`16 and Dr. Michael W. Becker P`16
Jennifer D. Becker `96M (MPH)
Lucy A. Becker `61
Marvin L. Becker `56 and Barbara S. Becker
Michael Becker
Nancy B. Becker `59E*
Rita Becker
Robert E. Becker `78
Dr. Robin D. Becker `76
Steven G. Becker
Zelda Becker
Joyce Beckerman and Gerald Beckerman
Laurabel Beckford
Tara J. Beckingham
David Z. Beckler `39 and Harriet L. Beckler
Jennifer Beckley
Robert M. Beckman `58E and Arlene J. Beckman
Dr. Alice H.R.H. Beckwith (Reid) `66
Patricia Beckwith
Kristen E. Bednar `11S (MBA)
Douglas F. Beech
Robert F. Beecher `92S (MBA)
Dr. Walter Beecher `81H (Res)
Donna Beechey and Bob Beechey
Dorothy Beeman
Samantha M. Beeney `15^
Joan E. Beer `71 and Dr. Dennis J. Beer `69
Scoby Beer
Noah D. Beerman `84 and Suzanne Joris
Tyna R. Beerse and Frederick Beerse
Sandy Beery and Richard Beery P`97
Susan G. Beetle P`02, P`07
Patricia Beggs
Martin D. Begleiter `67
Elaine A. Begy and Edgar R. Begy Jr.
Barbara J. Beh
Dorothy Beh
Darlene Behems*
Lois E. Beherns
Rev. Daniel and Debra Behmlander P`12
Gustav Behner
John E. Behre
Claire M. Behrens `84, `86 (MS)
Dr. Jeni Behrman `86D (Den) and Dr. Joseph M. Behrman `79, `84D (Den)
Dolores Behrouzy-Far
Eileen C. Beikirch
Nancy L. Beikirch
William J. Beikirch
Nancy B. Beilfuss and Harry R. Beilfuss*
Helen B. Beilman
William Beiter
Rebecca S. Beittel `95W (MAT) and Dr. Timothy M. Beittel `96M (MD)
Aksel H. Bekirov `87
Donna A. Belanger `73N
Jesse Belanger
Matthew Belanger
Howard Belcher
Joanne Belden
Barbara J. Belecz and Jerry A. Belecz
William E. Belecz `13S (MBA) and Christopher Penders
Dr. Myron L. Belfer `61 and Sandra T. Belfer
Guirlaine R. Belizaire `91
Anne L. Bell
Barbara Bell
Brian D. Bell `79E
Darleen F. Bell
David A. Bell `79E (MA)
Dennis Bell
Eric L. Bell
Erin Bell and Richard T. Bell Jr.
Erin Bell
Jacquelyn M. Bell `99S (MBA)
Kerry I. Bell P`19 and Michael A. Bell P`19
Kyle Bell
Michelle L. Bell and Kevin S. Bell
Mozelle S. Bell
Regina J. Bell and Kenneth Bell
Robin R. Bell and Thomas G. Bell
Susan R. Bell `75, P`08 and Bruce M. Masterson P`08
Suzanne S. Bell `79 and Christopher Brown
Valentine Bell
WillieMae Bell
Beth V. Bellanca and Joseph A. Bellanca
Constance A. Bellanca and Joseph D. Bellanca
Eileen C. Bellanca and Michael Bellanca
Helen J. Bellanca `54, `54N and Russell Bellanca
Carl J. Bellavia
Rose Marie Bellavia and Charles R. Bellavia
George Belle-Isle
Lawrence L. Belles
Louise S. Belline
Mary Bellini and John N. Bellini
Deborah Bellisario
Roy J. Bellittera
Ellen Bellizzi
David A. Bellman `77E and Ingrid E. Bellman
Eric Bellmann
Michele D. Bello and Kenneth R. Bello
Luke P. Bellocchi `91
Vera E. Bellows
Kathie Belly and Robert T. Belly
Boris Belous
Ilda Belpanno
Dr. Kendall L. Belsley `79 (MS), `83 (PhD)
Bernice J. Belt `54, `55N
Mary Ann Bement* and Thomas F. Bement
Suzanne Bement and Lyman A. Bement*
Lois Bemish `51 and E. Daniel Bemish
Karen Benacci and Marc J. Benacci
Merideth Benamati
Anansa I. Benbow `15^
Dr. John A. Benda `84 (MS) and Janice Benda
Bernice Bender `66W (MA) and Brian Bender
Fortunata N. Bender and Charles A. Bender
Dr. Michael A. Bender `87D (Den) and Donna M. Bender
Shirley R. Bender `57
Mary B. Bendert
Bonnie M. Bendschneider and James M. Bendschneider
Lea Benedejcic `94S (MBA)
Nicholas A. Benedetto `14^
Deborah A. Benedict
Elaine Benedict `59 and David S. Benedict `56
Paul E. Benedict `72
Wendy C. Benedict and Douglas J. Benedict
Betty J. Beneski
Sandra Benevento
A. P. Benivegna
Keith L. Benjamin
Dr. Lawrence E. Benjamin `59 (PhD)
Phyllis Benjamin
Dr. Thomas E. Benjamin `68E (PhD)
David A. Benner `74
Rev. Rebecca F. Benner `92 and Derek J. Benner
Ainsworth Bennett
Arthur C. Bennett `50 and Pauline D. Bennett
Dr. Brian Bennett `07M (Res)
Claudia H. Bennett and Richard P. Bennett
Donald S. Bennett `54 and Kate Bennett
Dorothy M. Bennett
Dottie Bennett
Edward Bennett
Elaine Bennett and John E. Bennett
Esther F. Bennett*
Gina M. Bennett P`18 and Dr. Gregory J. Bennett P`18
Guy B. Bennett Jr. `51 and Anita B. Bennett
Holly Bennett
Joseph H. Bennett `61
Kathryn L. Bennett `90
Dr. Linda R. Bennett and Dr. Francis A. Bennett
Lisa M. Bennett and Scot E. Bennett
Lori S. Bennett
Russell Bennett
Ruth H. Bennett
Sara D. Bennett and John M. Bennett
William L. Bennett
Josephine K. Bennington `62E (MA) and Dr. James L. Bennington
Dr. Jeanne M. Beno `81M (MS), `82M (PhD) and Alan Siracusa
Aline Benoit `74E and Marshall G. Burlingame `64E, `66E (MM)
Dr. Margo Benoit and Alex Benoit
Dr. Neal L. Benowitz `69M (MD)
Nicholas C. Bensko
Betty E. Benson P`16E and Dr. Paul M. Benson P`16E
Jean S. Benson
Jeanne Benson
Kathryn K. Benson `82N and Gregory G. Benson `82
Patricia E. Benson
Phyllis A. Benson
Yvonne S. Benson and James Benson
Stacy J. Benson-Cocilova `03
John R. Bent
Carol Bentivegna
Jeanne M. Bentivegna
Kristen Bentley `14^
Nina M. Bentley `07N
Phyllis W. Bentley
Jane Bentsen `58 (MS) and Dr. Irving O. Bentsen `56 (MA)
Dr. Wesley E. Bentz `71 (PhD)
Bobby Benvenuto
Mary L. Benvenuto
Sabata Benvenuto
Frederick Benway
Dr. Daniel J. Benz `87M (MD), `90M (Res) and Lisa A. Benz
Dr. Matthew Benz `02M (Res) and Nancy P. Kelly
Wayne A. Benz
Robert N. Benzel `72, `74 (MA) and Sylvia Benzel
Jane C. Notides-Benzing and Bill Benzing
Jeffrey J. Berardi `02S (MBA)
Darlene Berardicurti
Norma Berardicurti and John Berardicurti
Josephine Berardini and Richard J. Berardini
Dr. Susan P. Berardini `90 (MA)
Autumn Bercume and Justin Bercume
James T. Berdach `72
Sarah Beren
Richard L. Berend
Dr. Yehuda A. Berenson `96M (MD) and Ilana Berenson
Amy S. Berg P`18 and Eric Berg P`18
Dr. Edward Berg `64
Dr. Gerald R. Berg `67M (MD), P`92* and Barbara L. Berg
Henry Berg
Ilene A. Berg `71
Kevin A. Berg `13S (MS) and Melissa D. Berg
Dr. Richard Berg `64
Helen Bergamo
Amy Bergan
George O. Bergantz `88S (MBA) and Anne S. Bergantz
Dr. Barry H. Bergen `78
Donna M. Bergen
Suzanne K. Bergen
Adrea Berger and Stuart B. Berger
Andrea L. Berger `76 and Michael P. Berger
Dr. Beverly K. Berger `67
Charles J. Berger `57
Frank Berger P`03, P`05 and Valois R. Berger
Gordon B. Berger `87S (MBA)
Judith Berger P`17 and Michael L. Berger P`17
Linda Berger and Carl M. Berger
Dr. Mark L. Berger `70
Marlene T. Berger and Gary H. Berger
Dr. Rachel A. Berger `01M (MD) and Dr. Jeffrey S. Berger `01M (MD)
Saralee Berger and Ginny Tucker
William J. Berger `72S (MBA)
Sheila S. Berghash and Leonard E. Berghash*
Dr. Margaret Bergin `86M (MD), `91M (Res)
Mary P. Bergin and Robert J. Bergin
Lynn A. Bergman `69
Dr. Race P. Bergman `67W (MA), `74W (EdD) and Leigh M. Bergman
Dr. Laurie L. Bergner `69 and Ray M. Bergner
Thelma C. Bergquist and C.M. Bergquist
Louisa Berinstein
Mary M. Berk
Nancy T. Berke `79
Toby M. Berke and Michael S. Berke
Heather E. Berkley Irwin `06
Daniel Berko P`18
Andrea J. Berkow P`14 and Randy M. Berkow P`14
Aaron S. Berkowitz `12^
Joan Berkowitz P`07 and Ira Berkowitz P`07
Leslie J. Berkowitz P`06 and Michael J. Lebowitz P`06
Anne E. Berl
Julianne Berlin P`18E and Howard S. Berlin P`18E
Dr. Paul J. Berlowitz `80
Barbara Berman
Brielle S. Berman `13^
Chantal Berman `70 and Dr. Richard E. Berman `69M (MD)
Dr. J. Jason Berman `84W (EdD) and Cheryl P. Berman
Judith A. Berman
Kenneth M. Berman `78
Marilyn B. Berman* and Howard J. Berman
Berlin Bermudez `10S (MS)
Denise M. Bernard
Dr. Kenneth J. Bernard `73 (MA), `79W (EdD)
Lynn A. Bernard
Troy D. Bernard `95
Sergio O. Bernardes `94S (MBA)
Jeanette T. Bernatz
Ann Z. Berndt `65, `67W (MA) and David E. Berndt `65
Donald G. Berndt
Karen Berndt and Eugene A. Berndt
Mary Bernecker and Arthur Bernecker
Dr. Bret Berner `73
Sandra J. Bernhard `86 (MA) and Dr. Franklin V. Peale `87M (MS), `88M (PhD), `90M (MD)
Freda M. Bernhardt
David A. Bernsohn `69
Dr. Cheryl D. Bernstein `94M (MD)
Debbie C. Bernstein
Edith S. Bernstein
Irma Bernstein and Dr. Paul Bernstein
Marilynn R. Bernstein `70, `70N and Jay B. Bernstein `69, `71S (MBA)
Dr. Peter R. Bernstein `73 and Ala Hamilton-Day
Rose Bernstein and Lawrence Bernstein
Janice D. Berntson
Steven E. Berntson
Cynthia P. Bero P`04 and Steven Bero P`04
Bobby Berrettone
Santina Berrittella
Bobbette Berry
David A. Berry `67
Eileen M. Berry `65N
Jean Berry and Allan R. Berry
Kathleen A. Berry P`10 and William J. Berry P`10
Mary E. H. Berry
Shirley Berry and Robert Berry
Stacey R. Bershod
Christopher J. Berson `12S (MBA)
Ray Berthod
Marilyn J. Berthold
Greg Bertino
Theresa M. Bertino and Stephen M. Bertino
Simonetta Bertolini P`17 and Bruno Bertolini P`17
Lynda S. Bertolone and Anthony J. Bertolone
E. Gay Bertram and William E. Bertram
Jane S. Bertram `69, `69N
Karen L. Bertram P`18
Natalie A. Bertrand and John McGrath
Charles Bertsch
Andrea Bertucci
Nancy E. Berwanger and Denis C. Berwanger
Donna M. Berzolla `86, `87S (MBA) and Christopher Berzolla
John E. Besser `64
Barbara J. Best `52N and Bruce Best
Dr. Joseph A. Best `91M (MS), `95M (PhD), `97D (MS) and Dr. Helen D. Best
Wyoma Best and Robert P. Best
Esther M. Betancourt P`19 and Juan A. Betancourt P`19
Dr. Nancy S. Betchart `79W (MSE), `81W (PhD)
Susan Bethmann and Eric T. Bethmann
Damon Betlow
Jane Betrus
Linda M. Betstadt and Louis Betstadt
Jane W. Better `69
Dr. Robert F. Betts `64M (MD), `69M (Res), P`96 and Sherrill Betts
Robert L. Betz
Dr. Hans P. Beutelman `84 (MS), `88 (PhD)
David M. Bevacqua `96 and Emi Bevacqua
Dr. Christopher T. Bever Jr. `75M (MD), P`04 and Patricia A. Thomas
Dr. David S. Bevilacqua `77M (MD), `80H (Res)
Dr. Joanne M. Bevilacqua `90 (MS), `94 (PhD) and Dr. Philip C. Bevilacqua `89 (MS), `93 (PhD)
Stephanie M. Bevilacqua `03
Faith A. Bevitz `94
Jeanne M. Bewicke
Dr. Barry K. Beyer `53, `62 (PhD)
Eleni Beyer and Steven Beyer
Elizabeth Beyer `62
Gertrude T. Beyer*
Roberta F. Beyer
Michael J. Beyma
Drew C. Bezek
Sebastian R. Bezerra `12^
Ramachandra Bhagavatula `73S (MBA)
Dr. Venkata A. Bhagavatula `73 (MS), `79 (PhD) and Lakshmi Bhagavatula
Prema Bhaskar*
Narjala and Shanda Bhasker P`13
Rachana R. Bhatt `05 (MA), `08 (PhD)
Suresh U. Bhatt `02S (MBA)
Rakhee Bhattacharya `96
Soumyaroop Bhattacharya
Dr. Margaret J. Bia P`09 and Dr. Frank Bia P`09
Dr. Bruce A. Biagi `74M (PhD)
Richard Bialczak
Frank R. Bialkowski
Allison D. Bially `93
Kenneth M. Bialo `68
Susanna V. Biancheri `85, `89S (MBA) and Clayton S. Ovenshire `85
Alan L. Bianchi `85, `93S (MBA)
Anthony Bianchi `86 and Theresa Bianchi
Carl J. Bianchi `64E and Patricia Bianchi
Carolanne Bianchi `03N (PMC), `12N (DNP)
Celeste Bianchi and Abramo J. Bianchi
Marie A. Bianchi and Joseph Bianchi
Mark A. Bianchi `89
Nicholas A. Bianchi
Susan Bianchi and Mark A. Bianchi
Mary Beth Bianconi P`18
Maureen L. Biancucci and Gilbert Biancucci
Barbara R. Biben
Louise M. Bickel
Owen Bickel
Dr. Lynn S. Bickley `74N, `82M (MD), `85M (Res), `86M (Flw) and Dr. Randolph B. Schiffer `79M (Res)
Richard B. Bicknell `47
Yolanda Bidleman and Douglas R. Bidleman
Deborah M. Biedenkopf `01S (MBA) and Tobias Biedenkopf
Teresa P. Biehler
Carol Biel
Elisha C. Biel `07^
Shannon M. Bielaska and Matthew Bielaska
Dorothy T. Biellak and Alexander J. Biellak
Christopher Bierasinski `10^
Susan M. Bierl `67 and Richard Bierl*
Dr. Mark A. Biernbaum
Ramona Bigdeli
Margaret B. Bigelow
Scott S. Biggar `94S (MBA)
Mary B. Biggee P`00 and William M. Biggee P`00
Dr. George B. Biggs Jr. `52E (MM) and Jean H. Biggs
Stephen C. Biklen
Bonnie Bilak
Willie Bilancio and Terence Bilancio
Debbie Bilinski
Marie H. Bilinski `07N (PMC)
Andrea P. Bill P`18
Teresa Bill and Robert Bill
Dr. David A. Billings `79E (MM), `87E (DMA)
Liz Billings
Barbara Billingsley
Dr. Dean W. Billmeyer `77E, `82E (DMA)
Lorena V. Billone `08M (MS) and Thomas Billone
Laurel Bills
Janice S. Bilohlavek and George L. Bilohlavek*
Peter Bilous
Dr. Pamuk A. Bilsel `85
Ruth A. Binazeski and Michael J. Binazeski
Joyce A. Binggeli `55N and Robert A. Binggeli
Beverly R. Bingham `53
Jane B. Binns `63N and Gerald R. Binns `67W (EdM)
Jack Bintz
Jessica L. Biondi `10W (MS)
Roland Biondolillo
Rose Marie Biondolillo
Dr. Gretchen Birbeck and Dr. Michael J. Potchen
David B. Birch
Paul S. Birch `14N
Jill L. Bird P`18E and Nick T. Bird P`18E
Dr. Madonna A. Biritwum `11M (Flw)
Marcia Birken and Dr. Eric Birken
Kristine A. Birmingham `82S (MBA) and Mark R. Birmingham `82S (MBA)
Deanna Birrittella
Aaron Biscaro
Helen J. Bischoping
Dorothy M. Bisek `69W (EdM)
Dr. Thomas C. Bisett `67M (MD)
Anne Bishop and Michael Bishop
Charles R. Bishop
Christine M. Bishop `02
Dr. David J. Bishop `78 (Flw) and Elizabeth Bishop
Diane E. Bishop `83E and John A. Bishop
Fredda L. Bishop and Timothy A. Bishop
Gerald Bishop
Jack A. Bishop
Jerry Bishop
Lawrence Bishop
Louise F. Bishop and Samuel A. Bishop
Lynne I. Bishop and Glenn L. Bishop
March K. Bishop `08^
Patricia A. Bishop
Paul A. Bishop
Sheila M. Bishop P`17 and Byron D. Bishop P`17
Valerie H. Bishop
Mary L. Bishopp
Jacqueline Bisignano and Vincent Bisignano
Bonnie J. Biskup `65N and Louis P. Biskup
Charlene L. Brusso-Bissell `84 and Mark A. Bissell `85
Morton L. Bittker `57 and Maxine H. Bittker
Bonnie L. Bittner and Michael J. Bittner
Kari R. Bittner `93S (MBA)
Beverly A. Bixby `56N and Charles H. Bixby
Dr. Jennifer A. Goetz-Bixby `95 (MA), `00 (PhD) and Bryce T. Bixby
Ann G. Black and Rollo Black
Anne L. Black
Carolyn B. Black `79N and Dr. Paul R. Black
Jappie K. Black and Richard W. Black
Karen E. Black and Christopher R. Muller
LouAnn Black
Victoria Black and John R. Black
CPT Gregory R. Blackburn `76S (MBA)
Isabel N. Blackburn P`18 and Christopher E. Blackburn P`18
Ann C. Blackett `68N, `68 and Michael J. Tomcykowski
Marcia J. Blacklin `53, `91W (MS)
Carolyn L. Blackman `69W (MA)
Esther R. Blackman
Kathleen Blackmon and William R. Blackmon
Timothy Blackmon
Nancy W. Blackmun `69, `73 (MA) and Robert C. Blackmun `63 (MS)*
Michele L. Blacksberg P`16 and Peter A. Blacksberg P`16
Patti K. Blaine
Martha Blair
Dr. McClellan G. Blair `62 (MA), `68 (PhD)
Teri Blair and Jeff Blair
Barbara F. Blaisdell
Dr. John M. Blaisdell `78 and Martha M. Blaisdell
Kathryn K. Blake and William E. Hunt
Leslie S. Blake and William C. Blake
Lynette Blake and James Blake
Rosemarie Blake and Richard Blake
Sharon L. Blake
Patricia E. Blakeley
Doris Blakely*
Eileen M. Blakely `08N (MS) and Joseph H. Blakely
Susan L. Blaker and William R. Blaker
Madeline Blakeslee
Toni K. Blanc and Robert C. Blanc
Benjamin S. Blanchard Jr. `69S (MBA)
Lynne L. Blanchard `73, `73N
Michaele Blanchard and Terry B. Blanchard
Mary A. Blanchet `60
Wendy Jo Kislik-Blanck `80 and Dr. Peter D. Blanck `79
Clara Blanda and George Blanda
Albert J. Blank Jr.
Mary Blankenberg and Stanley Blankenberg
Steven P. Blankenberg
Diana J. Blankenship `76W (MA) and Dr. William R. Blankenship `77M (Res)
Diane E. Blann and William Holzschuh
Pamela W. Blanpied and John W. Blanpied
Colleen Blanton `14^
Stephanie Blaschek
Daniel Blasi `14S (MBA)
Earl D. Blasi `54 and Joan D. Blasi
Edward Blasko
Carolyn M. Blassingame `59
Wayne R. Blatt
Bob Blauers
Ms. Deborah Sue Blauw `72 and Mr. Jeffrey W. Blauw
Darylann Blazynski and Thomas F. Blazynski
Phyllis Blease
Jane E. Bleeg and Michael J. Bleeg
Marjorie Bleeg
Helen Bleier
Linda Bleskoski
Katherine Blezard
George A. Blickwede*
Gerald Blind
Linda Blish `79
Angela Bliss and Cornelius N. Bliss
Bradley E. Bliss
Harriet M. Bliss and Kenneth M. Bliss
Geraldine Blitzman `68, P`12
Linda B. Bloch `66
Dr. Linda B. Bloch `89M (PDC)
Honey Bloch
Nancy A. Bloch `69 and Peter M. Bloch `68
Sandra A. Bloch `75
Susan Bloch `64
Harvey C. Block
Ira H. Block `68 and Doris Block
Jamie F. Block `06S (MBA)
Earl Blohm*
Margaret L. Blohm P`16 and Steve J. Stoessel P`16
Dawn C. Blom P`16E and George A. Blom P`16E
Mary W. Blomgren
Roberta Blomquist P`18
Marjorie Blondell `83N (MS) and Dr. Richard D. Blondell `78M (MD)
Debbie Blood and Jeffrey Blood
Debbie Bloom
Howard Bloom
Dr. Linda S. Bloom `67
Marie I. Bloom and Harold A. Bloom*
Dr. Richard A. Bloom
Dr. Steven F. Bloom `73
Jane C. Bloomfield `69, P`92, P`98
Jon D. Bloomfield `03S (MBA)
Cressence E. Bloss
Bernice Blossom
Betty L. Blowers `61E (MM)
Donna Blowers
Peter M. Bluhm `69 and Valerie Bluhm
Janice Blum `51
Dr. Jennifer E. Blum `01M (MD)
Dr. Joel A. Blum `64, P`06 and Kerry E. Blum P`06
Marie Blum and Michael Blum
Rosalie V. Blum `67
Scott M. Blum `83S (MBA)
Thomas E. Blum `87 (MA), `91 (PhD)
Nancy M. Blumberg P`17 and Mark A. Weinstein P`17
Sue Blumendale
Laura R. Blumenfeld and Jeffrey Blumenfeld P`03
Dr. Michael Blumenfield `60 and Susan G. Blumenfield
June R. Blumenthal P`07 and Gary Blumenthal P`07
Delois Blumer `47 and James W. Blumer `48
Cynthia L. Blumgart `73
Becky Bly
Carol A. Bly and Donald P. Bly
Sophia Blyakhova and Leonid Vaysberg
Mary E. Blye and James R. Blye
James Boardman
Carol M. Boas
Darlyss Boates and John Boates
Richard M. Bobbe*
Stephen T. Bobick `97E (MM)
Anna Bobo and Charles Bobo*
Betsy Bobry and Stuart Bobry
Robert A. Bobzin
Michael R. Boccaccio
Annemarie Boccardo and Douglas Boccardo
Dr. Jan Bock `68 (MS), `71 (PhD)
Karenann Bock and Keith C. Bock
Lindsey Bickers Bock `02 and Daniel Bock `02
William H. Bodeker `02N, `04N (MS)
Christine M. Bodelson `73, `77N and Charles B. Johnson Jr. `72
Elizabeth Bodien
Cecily Bodnar `83W (MS)
Joanne Bodwell `53N and Robert C. Bodwell
Nancy Bodziak `84 (MA) and Thomas M. Bodziak
Harold R. Boeff*
Barbara Boehly and James Boehly
Margaret A. Boehme and Edward J. Boehme
Margaret M. Boehme and Larry Boehme
Elisabeth H. Boeker `60M (MS)
Raymond H. Boerke `84
Kathleen M. Boesel and Richard C. Boesel
Tara L. Boettcher `96
Ellen P. Boettrich `71, `86M (MS) and Hans N. Boettrich `70, `92W (MS)
Alan R. Boezi
Dr. Karen A. Bogart `88S (MBA) and Zac Bogart
Patricia Bogdan
Melody M. Bogdon `04, `12N (MS)
Dr. J. Neil Boger `53M (MD), `58M (Res)
Katherine Bognanno
Margaret L. Bogumil `00
Rodney Bohman
Mary M. Bohn and Ron Bohn
Sally J. Bohne and Peter J. Bohne
Ann C. Bohner
Ann K. Bohonos `68W and Merton D. Bohonos `66, `73S (MBA)
Lorraine Bohonos
Margaret Bohrer
Shawn A. Bohrer `14S (MBA)
Wayne R. Bohrnstedt `52E (PhD)
Sylvia P. Boice `70 and Dr. John L. Boice `73M (MD)
Debra A. Boilard and Gregory G. Boilard
Dr. Frank G. Boineau `72M (Res)
Lee Boise
John A. Boita `66S (MBA)
Kathleen P. Bojanek P`14 and Robert J. Bojanek P`14
Franki M. Bojanowski
Molly K. Bolan
Daniel M. Boland `00, `03 (MS)
Penny A. Boland and Richard C. Boland
Timothy J. Boland `69W (MA) and Susan R. Boland
Gail S. Boldt `79
Dr. Sarah J. Bolduc `07M (MD), `11M (Res)
Nancy Bolger
Patricia R. Bolger and Stacey B. Bolger
Roberta B. Bolger
Dr. Peter A. Boling `80M (MD) and Susan I. Boling
Kim A. Bolinger
Thomas M. Bolkan
Jeanine M. Bolland and Jon G. Bolland
Eleanor Bollin
Gail E. Bollinger and Michael Bollinger
Janet Bolt `59W (MA)
Ann L. Bommelje `65E, `69E (MM)
Dr. Karol Bomsztyk `77M (MD)
Alan A. Bomwell `67E, `69E (MM)
Angela Bonacchi
Salvatore Bonacci*
Cecilia Bonaccio `90 and Scott Clark
Lawrence Bonacquisti
Paula J. Bonaffine
Agnes M. Bonafiglia and Angelo Bonafiglia
Barbara Boname
Ezio Bonanni
Joann Bonczyk
Carole A. Bond
David M. Bond `84, `92 (MS) and Elisa Bond
Dr. Eric W. Bond `77 (MA), `79 (PhD)
Pamela Bond and Jason Bond
Patricia M. Bond `58N and Gordon K. Bond
William E. Bond `74S (MBA) and Lynda G. Bond
Dr. Michael I. Bonder `66
Cathy Bongard P`18 and David Pitfield P`18
Rita T. Bongarten and Karl J. Bongarten P`05
Carlos A. Bonilla P`19E
Mabel M. Bonilla `87N
Tamara Bonisteel
Genevieve Bonn
Jan M. Bonn P`17 and Francis E. Bonn P`17
John Bonn P`06E, P`10E, P`14, P`16
Sandy Bonnell and Patrick Bonnell
Audrey F. Bonnett and R. Steven Bonnett
Patricia Bonosky and Robert Bonosky
Paul A. Bonsignore `84 (MS), P`06 and Kathleen Bonsignore P`06
Elizabeth L. Bonvin `51N
Barbara R. Boob
Mary W. Bookout `68W (MA) and Roger R. Bookout `59E, `60E (MM)
Geraldine Boone `75E (MA)
Renee A. Boone
Elvira Boonstra `83S (MBA) and John Boonstra
L. Gordon Booth Jr. P`96
Barbara K. Booth `57
Justine A. Booth
Richard L. Booth `63
Kathleen D. Borbee
Elizabeth K. Borchardt
Dr. Ruth A. Borchardt `78 and Jeffrey Singerman
Patricia A. Borden and James E. Borden
Linda Bordwell and Barry L. Bordwell
Jacqueline L. Borek `80, `84 (MA) and John W. Borek
Dawn Borgeest
Dr. Janet Borgerson
Caren A. Borgolini P`16 and Ronald G. Borgolini P`16
Dr. Agneta D. Borgstedt `61M (Res)
Robert Boris
Marie E. Borkowski and Julian T. Borkowski
Meg V. Born P`15 and Douglas E. Born P`15
Sylvia F. Bornarth and Philip W. Bornarth
Amy G. Borne `87
Scott C. Bornkessel `90
Edith Borrelli and George Borrelli
Frederick J. Borrelli `94S (MBA), `07S (MS) and Marianne K. Borrelli
Patrick J. Borrelli `90, `94 (MS)
Patti C. Borrelli
Anna M. Borrosch P`17* and Gunter P. Borrosch P`17
Joseph Borrosh
Kristina B. Borruso P`19 and Michael V. Borruso P`19
Margo C. Bors `63
Janice C. Borst-Smith P`17 and David A. Borst-Smith P`17
Alan K. Borthwick `62
Peter N. Borys `70 and Anna M. Borys
Anthony J. Borza
Phyllis A. Bosch*
Giulio Bosco
Judith A. Bose `88 (MS), `92 (PhD) and William Vreeland
Celia Bosley*
Frances Boss and Edward G. Boss
Ivan P. Boss
Adam Bossert
Laura A. Bossert `90E, `92E (MM)
Gail E. Bosso and Vincent Bosso
Mary E. Bostock `15S (MS)
Raymond C. Bottner
Mary J. Botto P`18 and Paul C. Botto P`18
Susan Bouchard
Joyce Boucher and Allen C. Boucher
Lita Boudakian and Max M. Boudakian
Martha Boudakian
Barbara L. Boudens
Larry J. Boudens
Susan Boulay `60, `61N and Dr. Roger J. Boulay `61M (Res)
Barbara J. Bounds and Richard Bounds
David Bourgeois
David L. Bourne `80 and Joanne Bourne
Deborah D. Bourne P`19 and James A. Bourne P`19
John C. Bourne Jr.
Richard T. Bourns `71S (MBA) and Carole W. Bourns
Michael A. Bourque
Michael T. Bourque `83
Carol E. Bouwens
Kristine T. Bouyoucos
Stella W. Bouyoucos
Wyan G. Bovay `64 and Norman J. Bovay
Ann D. Bovenzi
Brad Bovenzi
Dominick P. Bovenzi
Clara F. Bovey
Julie J. Bowden P`19 and Michael P. Bowden P`19
Leah Bowden `16^
William P. Bowditch `89
Jennifer Bowen P`14 and Mark Schrader P`14
Kathy Bowen and Jeffrey H. Bowen
Dr. William H. Bowen `59D (MS)* and Carole A. Bowen
Dr. Brian R. Bower `80W (EdD)
Jeffrey Bower
Lisa M. Bower and Donald P. Bower
Chris Bowers
Diane L. Bowers
Irene S. Bowers and Owen F. Bowers
Anita C. Bowersox and Howard Bowersox
Richard Bowker
Sue R. Bowker
Jessica L. Bowler `94 and Andrew M. Bowler `93
Cheryl K. Bowllan and David J. Bowllan
Mary K. Bowllan and John L. Bowllan
Nancy M. Bowllan `92N (MS)
Charles Bowman
David G. Bowman `77
Dr. John D. Bowman `75M (MD) and Hazel Bowman
Dr. Jonathan L. Bowman `09E (MM), `13E (DMA) and Gillian C. Bowman
Dr. Judith A. Bowman `79E (MM), `84E (PhD)
Dr. Orrin H. Bowman
Dr. Sarah E. Bowman `06 (MS), `10 (PhD)
Tyler S. Bowman `14^
Joan B. Boy and Richard J. Boy
Vancy S. Boyar and Stuart I. Boyar
Thomas E. Boyce
Doris E. Boyd and William T. Boyd
Dr. Eleanor H. Boyd `69M (PhD)
Heather Boyd
Helen L. Boyd
Judith V. Boyd
Karen C. Boyd `00
Marylou Boyd and Gary Boyd
Robert Boyd
Lynette Boyd-Bauer
David V. Boyer `70 (MS)
Dr. Michele C. Boyer `73 (MA)
William G. Boyes `69E, P`05* and Patricia E. Boyes
Dr. Robert W. Boykin `72 (PhD) and Kathleen G. Boykin
Mildred C. Boylan P`78 and Alfred G. Boylan P`78*
Barbara Boyle and James Boyle
Edith E. Boyle
Dr. Ivy B. Boyle `69M (MD) and Dr. James M. Boyle `69M (MD)
Janet Boyle
Jean P. Boyle
Katherine N. Boyle `78 and William J. Boyle `78, `79S (MBA)
Keri C. Boyle `95
Mary Ellen Boyle P`02 and James J. Boyle P`02
Maureen M. Boyle `02
Richard E. Boyle
Dr. Ragna G. Boynton `64M (MD), `65M (Res), `66M (Res) and Elizabeth Raymer
Diane Bozza and Michael Bozza
Shirley Bozzelli and Domenic T. Bozzelli
Mardell Brabant `76H (DPL)
Pauline Bracci and Joseph C. Bracci
Carol B. Bracht
George D. Braddon III `88, `06S (MBA)
Dr. James Bradfield `61, `64 (MA), `73 (PhD) and Alice M. Bradfield
Audrey Bradford
Gene D. Bradford `89E
Jennifer J. Bradford `90W (MAT)
Ann M. Bradley and Robert J. Bradley
Katherine S. Bradley `83
Marilyn Bradley `55E
Molly Bradley
Pamela A. Bradley
Richard W. Bradley
Barbara L. Brado and William L. Brado
Anna Bradshaw `56N
Howard J. Bradt `85 and Julie A. Bradt
Barbara J. Brady
Martha E. Brady
Dr. Michael B. Brady `94 and Dr. Karen Simmonds-Brady
Roger F. Brady `61
Ruth K. Brady
Shirley M. Bradybaugh and Howard F. Bradybaugh*
Darce L. Braiman `88N (MS), P`17 and Dr. Theodore Braiman `87M (MD), P`17
Doris Braine `73W (MA)
Peggy Braitsch and David Braitsch
Dr. Bryan J. Brames `85 (PhD)
Deborah D. Brammer `78
Liz Bramson P`06 and Peter Benjamin P`06
Jennifer Bramucci
John J. Branagan
Julie Brancato
Arlene L. Branch
Lou Anne Branche `56N
Mildred A. Branciforte
Gloria A. Brand and James G. Brand
Ronald L. Brand
Dr. Scott Brande `72
Glenna Brandenburg and Thomas Brandenburg
Robert H. Brandow `50
Dr. Bruce L. Brandt `66 (MA), `69 (PhD)
Elizabeth Brandt
Karen Traino-Brandt and Steven L. Brandt
Dr. Ronald S. Brandt `66D (Den)
John S. Brandte `79S (MBA)
Jean Brandwein and Ronald K. Brandwein
James K. Branigan `70
Kelly A. Brannen `95S (MBA) and Joanne Brannen
Sandra L. Branski `77 (MA), P`04 and James E. Branski P`04
Gail W. Brasley
Adrienne C. Brauch and Bruce E. Brauch
Margot Brauer `44 and Calvin K. Brauer `49
Jessica M. Brault and James M. Brault
Phyllis Brault and Dr. Albert T. Brault
Andrew L. Braun `68
Laurie E. Braun `74 and Robert Pincus
Louise A. Braun
Thomas O. Braun `68S (MBA) and Virginia S. Braun
John C. Braund `53, `61W (EdM), P`83 and Nancy W. Braund P`83
Claudia Braunstein `74 and Marc Braunstein `75, P`02
Dr. Ann B. Braus `11M (MD) and Dr. Nicholas A. Braus `11M (MD)
Patricia Braus `93M (MPH) and Edwin J. Lopez
Shirley Brautigam
Dan Braveman `69, P`05 and Lorraine C. Braveman
Ann Braverman and Melvin Braverman
Judith Bray
Dr. Anne F. Brayer `86M (MD)
Barbara R. Brayer and George Brayer
Paul W. Brayer `48
Bonnie Brazis
Julie Brean and Reginald D. Brean
Rosalie Breckenridge and Harold Breckenridge
Roger W. Bredder `87S (MBA)
Janis Breedlove and James T. Breedlove
Katherine H. Breen `85W (MSE), P`15 and David R. Breen P`15
Michael P. Breen `15^
Brenda W. Breese and Stephen D. Breese
Elizabeth A. Breeze
S. Breiner
Scott Breiner
Sandra M. S. Breitbart `61, P`88 and Irving M. Breitbart
Vernon A. Breitenbach `45, `47 (MS)*
Cheryl Breitenbuecher
Dr. Philip P. Breitfeld `79M (MD), `82M (Res) and Dr. Susan Kreissman
Polina Brekher
Beth Bren `71 and Leonard B. Bren `71
Barbara A. Brennan `78N
Dorothy E. Brennan `55, `56N and James W. Brennan `53
Georgianna R. Brennan
Dr. John N. Brennan `83W (EdD), P`09 and Johanna Brennan P`09
Kathleen M. Brennan `92N (MS) and Thomas J. Brennan
Mary Jo Brennan
Theresa M. Brennan
Vera L. Brennan and Robert W. Brennan
William F. Brennan `58
Dr. Charles P. Brenner `69D (Den), `71D (Den)
Gregory Brent
Kenneth R. Brent Jr.
Charles Breslawski Jr.*
Nancy L. Breslawski
Nicholas Breslawski
Dr. Adam Breslow `86M (MD)
Courtney H. Bress `97E
Dr. Steven L. Bressler `69
Diane W. Breton `85N (MS)
Lucy M. Brett `77E (MM)
David R. Bretz `87
Linda M. Bretz
Alan T. Brewen `80 (MS), `88 (PhD)
Harry J. Brewer
Dr. Laurie C. Brewer `75, `84 (MA), `84 (PhD)
Patricia A. Brewer P`17 and Jeffrey A. Brewer P`17
Sandra E. Brewer `65 and William A. Brewer
Katherine S. Brewin `69
Graham Brewis `84 (MS)
Tammy L. Brewster `08^
Kristin A. Breyter `06 and Vladimir B. Vanyukov `05, `06S (MBA)
Kathleen A. Brickell
Phyllis F. Bricker `54N, `58 and John C. Bricker Jr. `59
Dr. Bonalyn Bricker-Smith `59
Rev. Richard Brickler
Stuart Brickman
Kathleen Q. Brideau and Leo P. Brideau
Willis E. Bridegam `57E
David Bridgeman
James T. Bridgeman `06
Anna Bridger
James P. Bridges
Randall J. Brieger `73 and Chantal Brieger
Dolores Brien
Michael W. Brien `07S (MBA) and Michelle A. Brien
Dawn E. Briggs and William E. Briggs
Delores Briggs and Rudolph Briggs
Dr. George Briggs P`05, P`06 and Dr. Cynthia Briggs
Kathy A. Briggs
Paula Briggs
Ruth M. Briggs
Sheila A. Briggs
Susan Bright `74H (DPL)
Elaine E. Brigman and Wayne Brigman
Dr. Morton Brill `57
Joan E. Brim
Justin P. Brimfield `03
Robert W. Brimlow `88 (MA), `91 (PhD), P`11 and Joan P. Brimlow P`11
Kendell P. Brimstein `67 and Norma Brimstein
Todd M. Brinberg `75
Rebecca B. Brindle `78S (MBA)
Martin R. Bring `64
Cheryl K. Brinkman and Kevin N. Brinkman
Diane Brinkman and Gerald Brinkman
Dr. Elizabeth A. Brinkman `56
Henra S. Briskin
Ellen M. Bristol and Larry O. Bristol*
Lynn Bristol
The Honorable William H. Bristol `67
Carol A. Britt
Erika R. Britt and Charles Amering
James E. Britt `61
Margaret M. Britt
Marilyn B. Britt
Sanford L. Britt `90
Dr. Dianne E. Britton `72
Nancy Britton and Peter Britton
Sigrid Britton and Paul Britton
Richard C. Broadbooks Sr. `68 (MS)
Barbara I. Brock and Warren R. Brock
Patricia A. Brockhuizen
Sybil Brockman
Irene L. Brocks `72E and Dr. Eric R. Brocks `68, `72M (MD)
Susan E. Broda and Mark W. Broda
Deborah Broder P`12E and Bruce F. Broder P`12E
Sharon L. Brodie `79N
Dr. William N. Brodine `76M (MD) and Susan M. Brodine
Myrna J. Brodman and Robert A. Brodman
Daniel M. Brodowski
Sharon R. Brodsky
Mary Ann Brody and Nancy J. Ramsay
Patricia Brody and Robert Brody
Pama L. Broeckel `84E, `85E (MM)
Diana M. Brogan
Estelle Broikou
Raymond C. Brol
Kathleen F. Brolsma
Kathleen Bromley
Robert G. Bromley
Angela Brongo and Louis R. Brongo
Cheryl Brongo
Laurie S. Bronson P`18 and Gregory W. Bronson P`18
Lyla R. Brontman and Irving Brontman*
Dr. Marian J. Brook `57, `58N and Dr. Rupert Brook
Dolores Brooker and Arnold Brooker
Beverly Brooks
Bruce Brooks
Charles L. Brooks
Frances Brooks and Seymour Brooks P`01
Dr. Frances J. Brooks P`10 and Stuart Brooks P`10
Dr. Glen S. Brooks `84M (MD)
James M. Brooks
Joan M. Brooks P`14E and Thomas E. Brooks P`14E
Joyce Brooks
Kraig W. Brooks `92S (MBA)
Marjorie E. Brooks
Nancy G. Brooks `52, `53E and Frederick P. Brooks Jr.
Nolia M. Brooks
Patricia J. Brooks
Patsy A. Brooks and Wayne Brooks
Rosie Brooks
Ruth B. Brooks
Willie G. Brooks
Darcy Brophy P`19 and Wayne T. Brophy P`19
Mildred Brothers and William Brothers
Lisa Brotsch and Wayne Brotsch
Thomas J. Brovarone
Judith Brovitz `59, `80 (MS)
Christine Brower `01M (MPH)
Evelyn A. Brower
Margaret S. Brower `53E
Richard A. Brower P`13
Dr. Bryan M. Brown `10, `15M (MD)^
Alberta R. Brown*
Dr. Alison Brown `70 and Joseph B. Brown `70
Amanda Brown
Ann Brown
Ann B. Brown and William A. Brown
Anne S. Brown `63
Anthony J. Brown
Barbara Brown `58 and Lawrence Brown
Bonnie Brown
Bryan H. Brown `84 and Michele Brown
Calvin Brown
Cheryl L. Brown `65 and James W. Brown III
Christopher C. Brown
Chrystyna Brown P`06 and Albirt E. Brown P`06
Claire M. Brown
Dr. Colin M. Brown `07^
Constance Gerhard Brown `60 and Richard G. Brown `58
Cynthia P. Brown `63 and Robert L. Brown
Dr. David S. Brown `65M (MD)
Dr. David W. Brown `67M (MD), `73M (Res) and Linda B. Brown
Debra Brown P`10, P`15 and Charles Brown P`10, P`15
Donna M. Brown
Edna L. Brown `49 and George A. Brown `48
Elizabeth Brown `71W (MA)
Dr. Emily F. Brown `89E (DMA) and Dr. Samuel H. Adler
Dr. Fred H. Brown Jr. `80 and Dolores A. Brown
Gail Brown `57 and Dr. Robert C. Brown `57
Gary B. Brown
George A. Brown `61 (MS) and Ann B. Brown
Gertrude B. Brown and Robert J. Brown
Glenn O. Brown `62S (MS) and Joan Brown
Dr. Gregory M. Brown `71M (PhD), `96M (Res)
Gwendolyn W. Brown `51E (MM)
Irene D. Brown
J. Burton Brown `79S (MBA) and Karen A. Brown
Janet H. Brown and Russell E. Brown
Jeanette M. Brown `57N
Jennifer D. Brown `72W and Richard G. Curtis `74
Joan H. Brown and Dwight R. Brown
Joan O. Brown `50 and Gordon L. Brown Jr.*
John J. Brown
Dr. Julie K. Brown `66 (MA) and Dr. John P. Brown `67D (Den), `68D (MS)
Karen Brown
Karen S. Brown `77N
Kathleen A. Brown and Kevin J. Brown
Dr. Kerry Brown P`05, P`08 and Nickolette H. Brown
Laura H. Brown `51N and Edward S. Brown `50
Laurence G. Brown `73
Linda Brown
Madolyn W. Brown and Ronald W. Brown
Margaret A. Brown
Margaret K. Brown and Eric Brown
Marilyn Brown
Marjorie S. Brown
Martin J. Brown
Mary M. Brown `48E
Maryann D. Brown
Muriel F. Brown
Nadine E. Brown
Nancy F. Brown `58 and Donald G. Brown
Nancy L. Brown and Walter Brown
Dr. Paula M. Brown `83W (MS), `85W (PhD) and Stanley M. Spector `91S (MBA)
Paulette A. Brown `66M (MS) and Dr. Wallace D. Brown `67M (MD)
Phyllis R. Brown `73 and George H. Brown
Ralph J. Brown `49 and Barbara S. Brown
Dr. Richard H. Brown `77
Dr. Richard K. Brown `80M (MD)
Rita T. Brown `68W
Robert D. Brown
Rosemary Brown
Sandra D. Brown P`18 and Jeffrey N. Brown P`18
Severn P. Brown `43
Dr. Shervondalonn R. Brown `99M (MD)
Susan B. Brown `71E and Guy R. Brown `69E (MM)
Susan J. Brown
William R. Brown
Willie Brown
Zenia H. Brown
Louise Browne
Lynne Browne `68N, `68 and Dr. Thomas R. Browne III `69M (MD)
Dr. Philip Browne `60E (MM)*
Dr. Robert G. Browne `72
Debra H. Brownell P`17 and Dennis H. Brownell P`17
Kurt Brownell
Robert W. Brownell
Catherine B. Browning `47, `48N* and Dr. George G. Browning
Laurie M. Browning and David C. Browning
Heather B. Brownlee P`16, P`18 and Kenneth G. Brownlee P`16, P`18
Marietta Brownlie
Renee Brownstein and James R. Brownstein
Stephen Brownstein*
Carol J. Brownyard
Joan L. Brubaker and Robert E. Brubaker
Eugene W. Bruce `65, `67W (MA) and Sandra L. Bruce
Dr. Jacqueline M. Bruce `94
Robert L. Bruce P`19
Judith A. Bruce-Mangle `66
Wilma M. Brucker
Dr. Lauren Bruckner `99M (Res), `02M (Flw)
Janet Brueckner and William Brueckner
Suzanne Bruen
Eleanor M. Brugge
Halimah M. Brugger `64E, `66E (MM) and Sofyan J. Brugger
Nancy Brugnoni and Joseph J. Brugnoni
George M. Bruhn `05
J. Michael Bruhn
Barbara D. Bruins and David R. Bruins
Dr. Thomas J. Brukilacchio `82, `84 (MS) and Sarah H. Brukilacchio
Lisa A. Brumberger `85E (MM), P`14
Zachary L. Brumberger `14^
Charlotte Brummett and William R. Brummett
Mark Brummitt
Craig W. Brun `65
Barbara C. Brundage
Joan Brundage and Peter M. Brundage
Richard H. Bruning
Barbara Brunner
Anne M. Bruno `96 and Nicolas Bruno
Kimberly L. Bruno
Roy T. Bruno Jr.*
Janis L. Bruns `74W (MA), P`99, P`00 and James R. Bruns `74, P`99, P`00
Karen A. Brunschwig `65 and Bruce S. Brunschwig `66
Susan D. Brunson and Robert O. Brunson
Marilyn Brus `67E and Louis E. Brus
Charles K. Brush `66 and Jeanne A. Brush
Christine L. Brush and Douglas Brush
June I. Brush `59N (DPL), P`85
Nancy V. Brush and John L. Parker
Dr. Paul S. Bruss `68 (MA), `71 (PhD)
Dr. David P. Brust `65 (PhD)
Judy S. Brustein `11N (PMC) and Michael Brisson
Dolores R. Bruton
Blaga N. Brutovski
Belva Brutsman
Linda Brutsman
Lori L. Bruun `91 and Stephen J. Bruun `90
Dr. Svend W. Bruun Jr. `65M (MD), P`90
CDR Althea M. Mix-Bryan `76N and Clark L. Bryan
Donna Bryant `88, `89M (MPH)
Elizabeth C. Bryant `94S (MBA) and Scott M. Bryant `02S (MBA)
Linda M. Bryant `11W (EdD)
Rena S. Bryant `80
Robert C. Bryant `74
Carol F. Brydges and John L. Brydges
Janet Brydges
Dr. Jan K. Brydon `81M (Res) and Dr. Howard A. Nadworny `81M (Res)
Frances Bryniarski and David A. Bryniarski
Dr. Beverly Brysk P`16
Linda D. Bryson
Daniel Brzana
Victoria C. Brzustowicz
Laurie Bubacz `85S (MBA) and Robert Bubacz `85S (MBA)
Mary R. Bubel
Reivon B. Bubel
Vivian F. Bubel and Scott G. Bubel
Doris Bubie and Walter C. Bubie
Dr. Elizabeth C. Buccheri `66E (MM), `79E (DMA)
Cheryl A. Bucciferro and Vincent D. Bucciferro
Dr. Cynthia Legin-Bucell P`07 and Dr. Michael Bucell P`07
James I. Buch `76S (MBA) and Janet W. Buch
Barbara Buchanan
Deidra Buchanan
Margaret C. Buchanan and James Yarrington
Marianne F. Buchanan P`12 and William B. Buchanan P`12
Rosemary Bucher and John R. Bucher
David A. Buchholz `66
Kevin Buck
Kristin Buck and Richard Buck Jr.
Dr. Richard O. Buck `71M (MD)
Michelle Buckenmeyer
Anne M. Sevier-Buckingham and William A. Buckingham
Dr. Robert C. Buckingham `53M (MD) and Thelma Buckingham
Debra M. Buck-Leaton
Dr. Christopher A. Buckley `78, P`15 and Dr. Ellen M. Voorhees P`15
Douglas J. Buckley
Erin Buckley
Karen H. Buckley `68E and Lewis J. Buckley `69E
Maureen P. Buckley
Michael J. Buckley
Steven F. Buckley
Patricia Bucklin
Richard K. Bucknam `60 and Carol Bucknam
Gail M. Buckner
Jessica Buckpitt
Dr. Lisa C. Buckshaw `06W (EdD)
Brenda Budd and Raymond A. Budd
Joan Buddle and Wilson Buddle
Jeanne Buell
Dr. Darlene Buenzow `88
Rodolfo M. Bugarin `96
Leslie G. Buglion
Sarah J. Bugner `14^
Linda W. Buier `95N (MS) and Douglass J. Buier `92, `94S (MBA)
Anthony J. Buiniskis
Leslie A. Bull and Douglas Bull
CPT Patricia M. Bull `74N
Christeen M. Bullard
Rosalind R. Bullen `65 (MA)
R. Mitchell Bullene `80W (MSE)
Barbara Bullis and Keith A. Bullis
Barbara Bullock `46 and Jerald D. Bullock `45, `47 (MS)
Emilie Bulman
Rose E. Bulman and Calvin Bulman
Steven R. Bulmer `82E and Sandy Bulmer
Seung Bum Lyu
Beth Bunce and Irvin Bunce
James Bunce
Anna Bundschuh `48 and John J. Bundschuh `56
Noreen Bundschuh
Kathryn A. Bunin P`13 and Martin G. Bunin P`13
Brittney Bunkis `15^
Judith W. Bunting `66, `66N and James T. Bunting
Irene A. Buonanno and Alex A. Buonanno
Samuel Buonanno
Mark G. Buonaugurio `86, `87S (MBA) and Marylou G. Buonaugurio
Angela Buono and Frank Buonoe
Margaret O. Bur `68 and Anthony J. Bur
Dr. Michelle Burack and Dr. Richard Burack
Sharon A. Burak
Dr. Dale A. Buralli `91 (PhD) and Joanne R. Bernardi
Lorene C. Burandt
Richard C. Burandt
Dr. Annlee Burch `81
Kristie Burch and Bob Burch
Pamela T. Burch and Dr. John W. Burch
Jay W. Burchak `54E (MA)
Janet I. Burchett `66, `69W (MA) and John A. Burchett `65
John Burchill
Walter Burden
Kara Burdick and David C. Burdick
Joan M. Burdsall and John R. Burdsall II
Linda S. Burdulis
Pamela Buresch
Jonathan B. Burg `78
Alice Burgdorf
Gail Burge and Louis P. Burge
Denise M. Burgen `94N (MS), `02S (MBA) and Chuck Burgen
Ann S. Burger and Thomas E. Burger
Dr. James F. Burgess Jr. `79 and Charlotte D. Burgess
Patricia M. Burgess
Dr. Lettie M. Burgett `71 and Dr. Benjamin F. Cowan
Sandra J. Burgett
Susan Burggraf
Billy Burgio
Elaine Burgio
William Burgio
Gladys Pedraza Burgos `03W (MS)
Sheryl Burgstrom P`08 and John Burgstrom P`08
Keith M. Burhans
Deborah U. Burkard
Bonnie M. Burke
Carol M. Burke
Cathie J. Burke `72, `75 (MS) and William D. Burke `72
Christine R. Burke and Richard J. Burke
Elsie J. Burke
Laura Burke
Merilyn Burke `69 and John W. Burke
Nancy Burke
Nancy E. Burke `83W (MSE) and Donald D. Burn
Dr. Robert E. Burke `61M (MD), P`89
Rosemarie Burke and William Burke
Veronica Burke `80N
Dr. Anne C. Burkholder P`14 and Dr. Stephen P. Eisenberg P`14
Laura A. Burkis and Michael J. Burkis
Donna Burley
Neil D. Burley
Sandra Burley
Lynn C. Burne `74N and Dr. Richard A. Burne `76M (MS), `79M (PhD)
David W. Burnett `70 (MS)
Diana W. Burnett and George J. Burnett
Gayle Burnett
Dr. Michael S. Burnette `83E (MM), `90E (DMA)
Lee S. Burnley `83, P`16
Collene M. Burns `16S (MBA) and McLean Bulmer
Donald G. Burns
Eleanor M. Burns
Gloriela E. Burns `74N and Peter D. Burns
Norma R. Burns `57 and John G. Burns Jr. `57
Marjorie E. Burns and John W. Burns
Katrina E. Burns `08^
Kevin M. Burns `83S (MBA)
Muriel Burns
Nancy J. Burns `56, `72W (MA)
Richard M. Burns `67
Sigrid A. Burns
Amy Burnside
Virginia A. Burnside and Neil Burnside
Donna R. Burolla and Vincent A. Burolla
Linda A. Burr and Michael J. Burr
Hallett D. Burrall `15S (MBA) and Kristen Burrall
Jeanette F. Burrell
Carol Burritt
Maria Burroni
Beverly C. Burroughs `77E
Dr. Charles Burroughs
Dr. John M. Burroughs `69W (EdD)
Benjamin A. Burrows `68 and Ariana Burrows
Deborah J. Burrows and Stephen D. Burrows
Lauren Burruto and Fred Burruto
Dr. Lee B. Burswold `63E (PhD), P`87E* and Barbara M. Burswold P`87E
Christina Burt
Lawrence A. Burt
Rachel L. Burt `98 and Daniel K. Loventhal `98
Christine S. Burton and Gary J. Burton
Barbara Buscaglia and Gary M. Domenico
Kathy J. Buscemi and Carl M. Buscemi Sr.
Barbara B. Busch and Charles E. Busch
Kathleen Busch
Ann Bush
Bonnie Bush
Cathleen T. Bush P`19 and Joseph M. Bush P`19
Clayton F. Bush Jr. `50, `52W (EdM) and Anne D. Bush
Harold J. Bush
Kathleen M. Bush
Katie A. Bush `03
Laurie Bush and Aaron Bush
Martha H. Bush and John K. Tracey
Mary T. Bush
Patricia Bush and John H. Bush
Sally B. Bush
Stephanie Bush
Suzanne M. Bush and Alan Bush
Jennifer A. Busher `97
Margaret P. Bushey `62N, `71, `92N (MS) and Franklin W. Bushey*
Lenore Bushlin P`03
Nancy A. Buss and Donald E. Buss
Katherine G. Busse `04 and Matthew M. Busse `04
Monica Bussolati
Nancy Bussy and Robert Bussy Jr.
Roxann B. Bustos `63, `64 (MA) and Dr. Sergio E. Bustos `68M (PhD)
James A. Butch
Ruth T. Butera P`12 and Robert T. Butera
Lorre W. Butler Jr.
Alison M. Butler `94
Dr. Barbara Butler `83W (EdD) and Dr. Fred O. Butler `82M (Flw)
Bert D. Butler `49 and Sylvia K. Butler
Elizabeth H. Butler `64N and Robert A. Butler
Dr. J. Melvin Butler `69E (MM), `75E (DMA)
Dr. James H. Butler `67D (MS), `67D (Den)
Karen J. Butler and Donald D. Butler
Linda H. Butler and Richard J. Butler
Lois E. Butler and Gerald E. Butler
R. Gary Butler `91S (MBA) and Karen J. Butler
Robert S. Butler `82 (MS) and Dr. L. M. Christian
Vincent Butler
Amy Butler-Visscher `89E, `91E (MM)
Sharon Butman and Richard C. Butman
John D. Butterworth `75
Janet Buttery and Dr. William Buttery P`07
Lynne Buttino and John J. Buttino
Monica S. Buttitta P`19 and Cosmo P. Buttitta P`19
Joan R. Buttler
Alice Button and David Applin
Clare M. Button `79 and James C. Button `79
Carolyn H. Butts P`95
Linda Butwid and David Butwid
Dr. Jessica S. Butzel `94M (PDC), `96 (MA), `99 (PhD), and Dr. David W. Butzel `96M (MD), `00M (Res)
Dr. K. Leo Buxbaum `56M (MD)
Dr. Alfred E. Buxton `69 and Charlotte R. Buxton
Marilyn Buxton
Robert J. Buzak `58E (MM)
Colleen Buzzard and Dr. K. Hartmut Land
Harry E. Buzzard
Rita Buzzard
M.J. Buzzelli
Vincent Buzzelli
Barbara J. Byer `94N (MS)
Charlotte T. Byers `88
James M. Byers
Jeffrey H. Byers `79 and Catherine D. Byers
Kimberly A. Byers `93S (MBA) and Richard Byers
Linda L. Byrd
Susan P. Byrd and James Byrd P`06, P`11
Gregory W. Byrne `59W (MSE) and Eileen B. Byrne
Mary Byrne and Raymond Byrne
Denise Byrnes P`17 and John P. Byrnes P`17
Dorilee Byrnes and John Byrnes

An asterisk (*) denotes the individual is deceased. A caret (^) denotes the individual is a young alumnus.


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