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Honorees M - N

All George Eastman Circle members are automatically recognized as Rochester Loyal members. The George Eastman Circle Honor Roll is accessible by members only.

Rochester Loyal Honor Roll (M - N)
Maureen Maas-Feary
Maria-Cristina Maass P`19 and Roberto E. Maass-Moreno P`19
Barbara K. Maat `63 and Howard J. Maat `65W (MA)
Carolyn Mabb and Timothy L. Mabb
Joanne M. Mabb
Leslee Mabee `85E (MM), P`15 and David G. Mabee P`15
Dr. Sarah A. Maben `12M (MD)
Dr. Jan E. Mabie `67
Margot Mabie
Dr. Peter C. Mabie `84
Linda H. Mabon and Douglas A. Mabon
Margaret Mary MacAdam and Peter R. MacAdam*
Dr. Stephen W. MacAdam `07W (EdD) and Regina C. MacAdam
Diane Macafee and Kent E. Macafee
Rodolfo Macall
Allison S. Macaluso and Brian C. Macaluso
Joseph Macaluso
Nicholas Macaluso
Margaret Macara
Georgia A. Macauley and Tom Macauley
Patricia Macauley
Ann Marie MacBride and James N. MacBride
Jane M. MacCallum
Susan Maccarone and David J. Maccarone
Cheryl M. MacCracken and Gregory A. MacCracken
Andrew F. MacDonald `70
Dorene S. MacDonald and Edward MacDonald
Mrs. Elizabeth H. MacDonald `64E, `66E (MM) and Mr. William Dallas MacDonald
Ellie C. MacDonald `57
Harriettdell MacDonald
Dr. Patricia A. MacDonald `48 (MA), `52 (PhD)
Susan T. MacDougall `88S (MBA)
Dr. Lidia Macedo `81M (Flw) and Dr. Nelson Macedo `81M (Res), P`04
Frances Macey
Patrick Macey
Dr. Alexander J. MacGillis `65M (Res)
David MacGregor `83 (MA), `90 (PhD)
Daniel J. Macguigan `14^
Anne Machi
Dorothy A. Machols and Albert Machols
Patricia A. MacIntyre
Janice M. Macisak `64E
Deborah A. Mack
Deidra Mack
Diana C. Mack `58
Irene G. Mack
Megan Mack
Rebecca H. Mack `90 and Dr. Daniel J. Mack `91
Stephen A. Mack `93S (MBA) and Karen Mack
Timothy Mack
Gregory S. MacKay
Drury MacKenzie and Malcolm MacKenzie
Janet R. MacKenzie `62
Megan L. MacKenzie `84
Joan H. Mackey and William J. Mackey
Ronald Mackie
Annette L. Mackin and Gary J. Bagley
Deborah A. Mackin P`07 and Charles P. Mackin Jr. P`07
Emily K. Mackin `07^ and Marc Yonkers
Marcy J. Mackin and William J. Mackin
Karen MacKinnon `68 and Roderick C. MacKinnon `67
Dr. William J. MacKnight `58
Paula Mackowiak and Lawrence W. Weingartner
Gerald Mackwood*
Stephen Maclachlan
Mary J. Rupar MacLean `57N
Roberta D. MacLean P`06 and Paul MacLean P`06
Ellen M. MacLeod and Lee J. Patterson
Dennis P. MacMahon `85S (MBA)
Patrick J. MacMahon `84
Carole MacMonagle
Sandra MacMurray `66N
Amy L. MacNaughton `75N and Lonnie Whetstine
Louise Macneil*
Mary K. MacNeil `76, `80S (MBA)
Sean Macneil `12S (MBA)
Elaine H. Macomber and Charles S. Macomber
Dr. William W. Macomber `77M (MD)
Meghan MacRae
Natalie S. Macri P`18 and Joseph Macri P`18
Craig K. MacVittie `80S (MBA)
Maureen E. Madar P`16 and Robert S. Archibald P`16
Robert C. Maddamma `81S (MBA) and Carol A. Maddamma
Mara T. Madden `95
Dorothy Madden and Neal D. Madden
Thomas Madden
Joan D. Maddison
Richard W. Mader
Stella H. Maderer
Janice Madhu and Dr. Swaminathan Madhu
Kathleen E. Madigan
Michael K. Madigan
Salvatore A. Madonna `70 (MS) and Georgeen Madonna
Dr. Dace Viceps Madore `69, P`03, P`05, P`09, P`14 and Dr. H. Paul Madore P`03, P`05, P`09, P`14
Pamela L. Madziarz and David Madziarz
Marjorie J. Magans
Armida N. Magee
Dr. Kathryn Eells-Magee `83M (MD) and Dr. Joseph Magee `83M (MD)
Mary E. Magee
Timothy J. Magee
Kristine M. Mager
Richard M. Magere `72 and Kathleen M. Magere
Theresa Maggi and Perry Maggi
Joann A. Maggio and Ronald C. Maggio
Julia Magguilli
Linda M. Magi and J. Timothy Raymond
Jacqueline Magiera and John Magiera
Bonnie Magin and John T. Magin
Nicholas G. Magin
Patricia Magin and Frederick R. Magin
Lynn M. Maginn and Paul J. Maginn
Ryan P. Maginn `05S (MBA)
Dr. Angelo J. Magistro `60
Ellen J. Magnussen `72, `72N and Dr. C. Richard Magnussen `73M (Res)
Suzanne Magrane `52
Molly E. Menge Maguire `03
Thomas F. Maguire `81S (MBA) and Diana Maguire
Patricia A. Mahan
Cassandra B. Mahar `16^
Jane Mahar and Robert G. Mahar
Kirsten T. Mahar and Daniel W. Mahar
Meagan Mahar
Dr. Tara J. Mahar `05M (MD), `06M (Res), `11M (Res)
Gowri Mahendraratnam P`16 and Thilliyar Mahendraratnam P`16
Emma Maher
James C. Maher `70, `80 (MS)
Karen Maher
Dr. Mary E. Maher `09M (MPH), `12N (PhD) and Kenneth K. Maher
Patra J. Maher and William P. Maher
Sharon Maher
Terence F. Maher
Lori Mahler `77
Alicia L. Mahnke and Scott L. Mahnke
Barbara Bliss Mahnke `86 and Peter Mahnke
Francis E. Mahoney
Dr. Francis J. Mahoney `58M (MS)
Katherine Mahoney P`17 and Martin Chavkin P`17
Lisa M. Mahoney and Tom Mahoney
Michael J. Mahoney `92S (MBA) and Martha J. Mahoney
Dr. Patricia P. Mahoney `77 and Michael A. McCarney
Dr. Shafer Mahoney `98E (MA), `99E (PhD) and Adrienne Saldana
Terrance F. Mahoney
Barbara C. Mahood and R. W. Mahood
Robert P. Mai `68 (MA)
Scott J. Maid `78
Dr. Mary E. Maida `00M (MS), `02M (PhD) and Dr. David L. Felten
Anne C. Maier and Robert G. Maier
Dolores Maier `70N and Larry K. Maier `70, `81 (MS)
Doreen L. Maier and John Maier
Maryrita Maier
Patricia M. Maier `56, `60W (MA)
Timothy J. Maier `05
Rita Maillie
Joshua B. Mailman `03E (MA), `10E (PhD)
Dr. Margaret M. Maimone `84
Tiffany C. Main `08N (MS)
Dr. Ann B. Maine `87M (MS), `90M (PhD) and Dr. Gordon C. Wood `88M (Res)
David H. Maine
Lina Maine `94, `97W (MS)
Dr. Richard W. Mains Jr.
Kristin E. Mainzer `09^
Nigel Maister
Vilma C. Maitland P`17 and Alfredo Livingston P`17
Jane Maitland-Moran and Richard Maitland-Moran
Dr. Edward A. Major `60
Oscar S. Mak `99 and Sharon Mak
Donald J. Makely
Arlene Maker
Daniel H. Maki `68E
Amy K. Makinen `97 (MA), `00 (PhD) and Antti J. Makinen `97 (MA), `00 (PhD)
Ellen D. Makovsky `98
Deborah Makowski and Paul E. Makowski
Dr. Suzana K. Makowski `98M (MD)
Joanne Malacarne-Karras `78N
Halyna A. Malachowsky
John G. Malak `63, `65W (MA)
Patricia A. Malan
Bernadette M. Malaret `89N, `91N (MS), P`17 and William A. Cook P`17
Dr. Diana M. Malchoff `78M (PhD) and Dr. Carl D. Malchoff `78M (MD), `78M (PhD)
Godfrey C. Malchoff
Lucille Malczewski and Donald Malczewski
Sarah T. Maldonado P`18
Susan Maldonado
Stacy T. Malecki P`17 and Robert E. Malecki P`17
Marilyn Maleski
Dr. Mary A. Maleski `81 (PhD) and John Fruehwirth `85 (MA)
Sam C. Maletta
John Maley
Leonard A. Maley Jr. `65 (MA)
Mary Maley
Dr. Yogangi Malhotra `08M (Flw)
Sanjay B. Malik `86S (MBA)
Tori Malinak
Mindi B. Maline `88
Marilyn R. Malinka
Patricia A. Malinowski and Leonard T. Malinowski
Mark E. Mallah `84
Dr. Malcolm J. Mallery `68
Kav Malli
Matthew Mallinak
Mike Mallon
Jane W. Mallory `46
Trista E. Mallory `07^
Shelley Malloy
Niklas H. Malmstrom `15^
Eric M. Malone `91
Frank P. Malone
Judith O. Malone P`90 and Anthony J. Malone
Richard S. Malone
Robert Malone
Shirley A. Malone and David Malone
Clare J. Maloney and Michael Maloney
David L. Maloney `76
Jennifer Maloney `71
Kathleen A. Maloney P`05, P`10 and Michael J. Maloney P`05, P`10
Mary Maloney and Charles Maloney
Renee A. Malove
Beverly Malowitz
Suzanne B. Malpocher `76W (MA)
Wendy Malsegna
Brianna Maltese and James Maltese
Dr. Martin Maltz
T. Dorelle Malucci and Louis J. Malucci
Donna M. Winderl-Malyak `83N (MS) and Dr. Phillip H. Malyak `85 (PhD)
Constance M. Mammino and Joseph Mammino
Dr. Zacharia R. Manare `69 (MA), `72 (PhD)
Martin Mance
Rosa A. Mance and James Mance
Robert Manchester
Patricia Mancinelli P`07 and Kenneth Mancinelli P`07
Debra J. Mancini
Anthony T. Mancuso
Karen A. Mancuso `81W (MSE)
Rose Mancuso and Joseph M. Mancuso
Debra N. Mandala `86
Sandra H. Mandarano `61N and Bart A. Mandarano
Alisa Mandel P`15 and Samuel Kerem P`15
Iris M. Mandell `01
Charles G. Mandernach `64E (MM)
Florence Mandile
Phyllis Mandler `70 and Gary Elden
Christine A. Maness
James J. Manetz
J. Robert Maney
Robert Maney
Dr. John M. Manfred
Philip C. Manfredi `70
Helen E. Hertzog Mang `76N and Peter Mang
June K. Mangan
Dr. Charles A. Mangano Jr. `74M (MD)
Roberta Mangano P`11 and Rocco J. Mangano `78, P`11
Angela G. Mangefrida and David J. Mangefrida
Dr. Robert F. Manges `93M (Flw) and Natalie Manges
Carl A. Mangine `70
Nancy D. Mangine and Richard D. Mangine
Sheila J. Mangino P`16 and Angelo Mangino P`16
Dr. Peter L. Mangione `79W (MA), `80W (PhD)
Dr. Albert H. Mangold `76M (Res) and Jean Mangold
Annette Mangone
Dr. William K. Mangum `57M (MD)
Dr. John H. Manhold `41 and Enriqueta A. Manhold
Donna M. Manier
Evgeny Manin
Patricia Maniske
Dr. George T. Manitsas `64M (MD) and Diane Manitsas
Maxine Manjos `77N
Anne M. Manktelow
Marie C. Manley
Susan Manley and Allan B. Manley
Ruth Manlove `66 and Robert F. Manlove
Michelle K. Mann and Stephen L. Atterbury
Nancy L. Mann and Sidney Mann
Ruth S. Mann
Michael Mannara
Janice Mann-Beech
Marc P. Mannella `97
Patricia C. Mannillo
Carroll Manning
Dr. James A. Manning `51M (Res) and Dr. Mary-Parke Manning
Sandra Mannoni
Lee Manns `68E and Ernest J. Manns Jr. `70E
Selvi Manoharan P`17 and Muthiah Manoharan P`17
Melissa Mantisi
Dr. Murty V. Mantravadi `59 (PhD)
William W. Mantulin `68
Anita D. Manuele and Salvatore Manuele
Dr. Marina R. Manunts `01D (Den) and Vladimir S. Abramov
Alicen E. Manus `06E (MA) and Eric L. Manus
Dr. Peter A. Manzi `81W (MSE), `87W (EdD)
Mark Manzoni
Dr. Chung-Rei Mao `74 (MS), `77 (PhD)
Dr. Mark Y. Mao `96D (Den) and Emma Mao
Ellen H. Mapes
Linda L. Mapstone and Jeffrey C. Mapstone
Shirley Mapstone `48E
Dr. Richard L. Marafioti `71M (Res)
Sandy Marafioti and Ron Marafioti
Dr. Dimitrios Maragakis `85D (Den)
Sharon Marang and Charles J. Marang
Zipparah Marans and Arnold Marans
Alice B. Marasco
James A. Marasco
Leona M. Marasco and Joseph S. Marasco
Lucy Marasco
Martha Marasco
Rosa H. Marasco
Judith Maratta and Roy Maratta
Kenneth Marblestone `70
Louis Marcantonio
Jessica M. Marcell
Richard Marcello
Joanne D. Marcellus and Frederick S. Marcellus
Jacqueline L. March and Philip A. March Jr.
Susan March and William March
Rose Ann Marchaesi
Raquel L. Marchenese
Patricia A. Marchese
Paula Marchese
Jan E. Marchetti and Edward M. Marchetti
Sam Marchiando
Erica L. Marchioli
Kathleen I. Marchiony `11N (MS)
Diane Marciano and Robert M. Marciano
Josephine Marciano and Anthony Marciano
Dr. Jessica A. Marcinkevage `04
Sheila A. Marcoccia
James W. Marcovitz `89
Elia I. Marcus and David N. Marcus
Joan I. Marcus and Bernard A. Marcus
Dr. Mia Marcus `01M (MD) and Dr. Jeremy A. Marcus `01M (MD)
Peter W. Marcus `71, `74 (MS)
Richard A. Marcus `77
Carol Marcy
Joan Marden `53, `54N
Jennifer Marean
Dorothy Marengo `53
Helen Margeson
Laura I. Margolin `71
Barbara A. Margolis `53E and Dr. Norman M. Margolis `52M (Res)
Dr. Gerald J. Margolis `57
Jeff E. Margolis `77, `78S (MBA) and Dawn Margolis
Michael Margolis `74S (MBA) and Amy Margolis
Susan Margolis `83
Daniel Mari `52
Alvaro Marianetti Jr.
Jeanne Mariani and Dr. Thomas J. Mariani
Dr. Eufemia Mariano and Robert A. Ulp
Tracy W. Mariano and Michael Mariano
Margaret C. Marinari
Emil Marincic
Ruth A. Marincic
Dr. Joseph and Rebekah Marinelli
Dr. Ponnila S. Marinescu `11M (MD) and Dr. Mark A. Marinescu `11M (MD)
Hope L. Marinetti `76
Mark E. Maring `92S (MBA)
Josephine C. Marini and Anthony L. Marini
Karen P. Marini P`19 and Michael Marini P`19
Dr. Bernadette Marino `03
Joanne Marino and Joseph M. Marino
Kathleen M. Marino
Kathleen R. Marino
Melissa Marino and James A. Marino
Anne E. Marion
Brandon L. Mariotti `15^
Anna Maria Maritato `84, `86M (MS)
Fay K. Mark
Joan Mark and Robert Mark
Dr. Kathryn M. Markakis `88M (Res), P`16, P`19 and Geoffrey C. Williams `86M (Res), `92 (MA), `93 (PhD), P`16, P`19
Kathryn Markandaya and Dr. Manju Markandaya
Jeffrey P. Markello `87 and Mia M. Markello
Katherine Markert
Michele M. Markert
Norbert R. Markert `83, P`17 and Mary T. Markert P`17
William D. Markey P`19
Charles H. Markham
Richard A. Markham `74S (MBA)
Theresa C. Markham and Brian K. Markham
Sheila R. Markin and Lawrence T. Markin
Dr. S. Gretchen Markov `57, `81 (MA), `83 (PhD)
Dr. Walter Markowitch `71M (MD), `73M (Res) and Helen T. Markowitch
Robert Markowitz
Sharon Markowitz `04S (MBA)
Dr. Alan B. Marks `72M (MD)
Arlene R. Marks `84
Bertha Marks
Farah M. Marks P`12E and Dudley H. Marks P`12E
Laura T. Marks `85S (MBA) and Richard A. Marks
Dr. Leonard J. Marks `66
Lorraine D. Marks and David Marks
Morgan A. Marks `00
Patricia A. Marks and Brian H. Marks
Shira B. Marks `14^
Susan W. Marks and Jerome M. Marks
Anastasia K. Markson
Dr. Ellen S. Markus `77E (MM), `82E (DMA)
Joan B. Markus and Richard A. Markus
Dr. Lawrence F. Markus `59 and Merle B. Markus
Dr. Stephen H. Markuson `93E (DMA)
Marlene Markwitz
Rosena M. Marley P`11 and Dr. Craig E. Schneier P`11
Carolyn K. Marlin and Paul N. Marlin
John A. Marohn `89
Rosellen D. Marohn `09^
Lita Maroney
Dr. Nicole C. Maronian `91M (MD), `98M (Res) and Dr. Timothy Pittinger `97M (Res)
Roberta Marotta `61 and Franklin F. Marotta `59, `64W (MA)
Pierre Marou*
Annette W. Marple `49
Taimi S. Marple `11W (MS) and Michael Holm
Paul R. Marquardt `88E
Diana E. Marquis
Margaret Marquis and Edward Marquis
Angela Marra
Dr. Frederick J. Marra `76
Janelle Marra
Dominick Marrero
Frances L. Marrett and Harold Marrett
Gwendolyn Marriott and Richard L. Marriott
Gloria Marro
Christine L. Marrocco
Stephen F. Marschke
F. Christine Marsden and Brian D. Marsden
Rosamond A. Marsden
Vicki C. Marseglia
Myra Marsey `56 and Robert J. Marsey
Charlotte M. Marsh P`87
Christopher A. Marsh `15^
Dr. David R. Marsh `75M (MD)
Edward Marsh
Jerald L. Marsh `63
Linda M. Marsh and David S. Marsh
Barbara A. Marshall `82
Carolyn L. Marshall
Cindy P. Marshall
D. Fred Marshall `69 and Virginia E. Marshall
Elwin E. Marshall
Dr. Gail Rothman-Marshall and Gerald Marshall
Dr. H. Lowen Marshall `68E (PhD)
Lois Marshall and Frank K. Marshall
Dr. Mark D. Marshall `79 and Dr. Helen O. Leung
Scott R. Marshall P`18
Sidney P. Marshall
Toni Marshall and Sidney Marshall
William Marshall
Dr. William H. Marshall Jr. `53, `56M (MD) and Jane E. Marshall
Kay F. Marshman
Edward Marsteiner
Dennis L. Mart
Anne M. Martel `86 and Christopher C. Martel
Ana Martell
Mary L. Martell
Patricia R. Martell
Robert L. Martell
Jessica J. Marten and Christopher Price
Ann V. Martens
Dr. Hinrich R. Martens `57, `59 (MS)
Marianne Martens P`08 and Theodore F. Martens Jr. P`08
Al Martin
Alice Martin and Richard C. Martin
Amy Martin
Bonnie R. Martin `65E, `87E (MA)
Bridget A. Martin and Todd W. Martin
Dr. David A. Martin `96M (MD)
Donald R. Martin
Donna C. Martin `93S (MBA)
Donna M. Martin P`16 and Daniel J. Martin P`16
Doris E. Martin
Henry A. Martin Jr. `48 and Annabelle V. Martin
Dr. James M. Martin II `69E (MA)
Dr. James T. Martin `77
Jane M. Martin
Judith D. Martin and Bruce C. Martin
Julie A. Martin and Brian J. Martin
Julie T. Martin and Sean P. Martin
Dr. Justin J. Martin Jr. `66D (Den) and Anne Martin
Kathleen Martin
Katrina Martin
Keith D. Martin `88S (MBA), P`19 and Kathryn A. Martin P`19
Laura M. Martin and Joseph Rosenshein
Linda E. Martin P`16 and Robert G. Martin P`16
Marcia L. Martin `97E (MM) and David W. Martin
Margaret D. Martin `76N
Marsha L. Martin and David Martin
Mary A. Martin `77 (MA) and Christopher Martin
Mercedes Martin and Kenneth Martin
Myrtle B. Martin and Arthur Martin P`01
Nancy M. Martin `65, `94 (MA) and James B. Martin `65
LTC Patricia A. Martin `78N (MS) and MAJ Robert D. Martin
Phyllis L. Martin and Samuel A. Martin
Rosemarie P. Martin
Sarah S. Martin `87 and Robert F. Martin Jr.
Sheri L. Martin P`18 and Robert F. Martin P`18
Dr. Camille A. Martina `05W (PhD) and Dr. David Hursh
Josephine Martinescu
Dr. Alan Y. Martinez `08D (Den) and Maidana Vacca
Alyce Martinez
Cesar Martinez
Gloria Martinez `51N and Dr. Philip Martinez
Mary Martinez
Cynthia Martinez-Capolino
Dr. Anthony J. Martino `90 (PhD)
Ivana Martinovic P`19 and Nikola Martinovic P`19
Peter J. Martusciello
Dr. Quentin G. Marty `75E (MM), `82E (PhD)
Catherine R. Martz `05S (MBA)
Carolyn B. Maruggi and Edward A. Maruggi
Ann Marusiak and Daniel Marusiak
Roxanne A. Marvasti P`09, P`14, P`15 and Dr. John C. Lambropoulos P`09, P`14, P`15
Elizabeth Marvel and Clyde Marvel*
Brenda M. Marvin
Dr. Dean C. Marvin `73 and Laura Marvin
Dr. Elizabeth W. Marvin `81E (MA), `89E (PhD), P`14 and Glenn A. West `96S (MBA), `14E (MA), P`14
Keith A. Marvin
Dr. Arlene C. Marx
Edward L. Marx `72
Frances L. Marx and Robert Marx
Patricia R. Marx and Richard C. Marx
Toby K. Marx `73 and Jeffrey A. Marx `73
Louis Masciangelo
Pat Mascitti and Victor Mascitti
James G. Masek
Dr. Steven M. Maser `72 (MA), `75 (PhD)
Joan M. Maset `76N and Richard Maset
Dr. Stephen J. Masiar `85M (MD) and Patricia Masiar
Kim Masiello and Michael A. Masiello
Jane Flasch-Maslin and Bryan Maslin
Sandra L. Maslona and Paul M. Maslona
Susan Maslyn
Amy Mason
Barbara J. Mason and Alan B. Mason
David Mason
David W. Mason
Dr. Laura E. Mason `85M (MD)
Marc P. Mason
Margret Mason and William Mason
Mary Lou Mason and Bruce Mason
Matilda Mason
Sheila Mason and Daniel J. Mason
Susan W. Mason P`16 and George T. Mason P`16
Omar B. Masood
Jill G. Mass `68W
Dominick P. Massa
Patricia J. Massa and Dennis J. Massa
Mary K. Massad `56
Susan Massar and Gary L. Heard
Dr. David J. Massari `65
Staci Masseth
Dr. William M. Massie `61M (Res)
Joshua J. Masson `93
Dr. Paul B. Mast `71E (MA), `74E (PhD) and Elizabeth J. Mast
Armeda E. Mastellar
Elizabeth Masters
Janet S. Masters and Richard F. Masters
Jeffrey R. Masters `73 and Mary Kay Masters
Laura B. Masterson and David M. Masterson
Amy Mastowski
Rebecca Mastrella and James R. Mastrella
Sarah P. Mastrella and Frank C. Mastrella
Noreen L. Mastro `79
Jeffrey L. Mastrodonato
Jerry C. Mastrodonato
Barbara Mastrolio and Peter A. Mastrolio
Pamela R. Mastrosimone and Samuel P. Mastrosimone
Jon Masyga `88 (MS)
Gerald B. Matasy `13S (MS)
Richard A. Matczak
Josephine Matela and Joseph A. Matela
Shawn Matello
Zora A. Mateo P`17 and Romeo B. Mateo P`17
Dr. Rebekka Matheson `13M (MD)
Priya M. Mathew `00W (MS)
Janette C. Mathews `71
Mary E. Mathews and Ronald P. Mathews
Shaun P. Mathews
William H. Mathews
Donna Mathias and Clifford L. Mathias
Nelson J. Mathias `82S (MBA) and Pamela R. Mathias
Sharon A. Mathiason `84 (MS) and Dr. David J. Mathiason `79 (MA), `82 (PhD)
Dr. Debra A. Mathinos `84W (MA), `86W (EdD)
Charleen K. Mathis and William D. Mathis
Carolyn M. Matla and Ronald Matla
Dr. Arnold H. Matlin `71M (Res) and Dr. Margaret W. Matlin
Debby Matroniano
Ellice Matsil `78
Melissa M. Matson `78E, `80E (MM) and Robert F. Taylor `64E (MM)
Robert D. Matson `84
Dr. Yoshiro Matsuo `64M (MD)
Carol H. Matteson and C. John Matteson
Justin R. Matteson `01
Lilian B. Matteson and James A. Matteson
Nicole A. Matteson
Gregory W. Matthes `77S (MS) and Cynthia S. Matthes
Anita H. Matthews
Carol Matthews
Caroline E. Matthews `58
Daniel Matthews P`10
Donna M. Matthews
Dorothy Matthews and George Matthews
Dr. Jeanne A. Matthews `77N (MS)
Lynn A. Matthews `88E
Marcie H. Matthews `86
Sandra A. Matthews `58, `61W (MA) and John K. Matthews Jr. `58W
Barbara A. Mattice
Latanya D. Jones-Mattice and Chad Mattice
Richard Mattice
Eleanor R. Mattison
Gladys Mattison
Gloria Mattiucci and Louis Mattiucci*
Barbara-Ann Mattle and H. Edwin Maier
Yong Mattson and Edward J. Mattson
Christine Matull and Jorg A. Matull
Dr. Robert J. Matusik `77M (PhD)
Frances M. Matz
William M. Mauck Jr.
Dr. Linda A. Mauck `81M (Flw) and Dr. John Mauck
Lorie D. Maul and David A. Maul
Doris Mault and Duane Mault
F. Virginia Maurer
Leslie A. Maurer `94S (MBA) and Michael Maurer `98S (MBA)
Nona M. Maurer `74 and James W. Maurer `68
Richard I. Maurer
Constance A. Mauro
Michael Mauro
Michael R. Mauro*
Richard A. Mauser
Elisabeth O. Maves and Robert J. Maves
Louise Mawhinney
Justin G. Mawhir
Harry J. Max `64E
Mary Maxam
Rebecca Maxam
Angela A. Maxwell P`16E, P`16 and Brad D. Maxwell P`16E, P`16
Carol H. Maxwell and Thomas G. Maxwell
Joan E. Maxwell and David J. Maxwell
Michael C. Maxwell `97S (MBA)
Shelagh Maxwell `51
William D. Maxwell
Judy Maxwell-Maier
Ann C. May
Carl May
Carol A. May
Georgia May and Frederick H. May
Dr. Jennifer R. May `92
Linda L. May
Lynn F. May and Raymond G. May
Mary E. May `77N (MS)
Maureen S. May and John W. May
Patricia May and Bill May
Patricia A. May
Rhoda F. May
Roger L. May `67
Michele L. Maybach P`17 and David L. Maybach P`17
Rev. Susan Maybeck `58 and Edward M. Maybeck `58*
Carol E. Mayer `71 and Marvin I. Mayer `71S (MBA)
Joseph W. Mayer `79
Kathleen A. Mayer P`18
Dr. David Mayers `72S (PhD) and Marisel G. Mayers
Lorraine J. Mayhew-Hinds `58
Arlene G. Maynard and Floyd J. Maynard
Steven J. Maynard
Judith A. Mayo and George A. Mayo
Roseann B. Mayo and Ray Mayo
Dr. Magdiel Mayol `94
Adam P. Mayon `14E (MM)
Betty C. Mayou
Mary Mayoue
Shari L. Gleason-Mayrhofer P`19, P`19E and Rudolph C. Mayrhofer P`19, P`19E
Dr. Edward V. Maytin `83M (MS), `84M (PhD), `85M (MD)
Polly Mazanec `75N and Dr. Daniel J. Mazanec `78M (Res)
Jean M. Mazerbo
Joanne Mazula `68W
Gail C. Mazur
Mary C. Mazur
Joshua Mazza
Dr. Michael A. Mazza `54 and Glenda L. Mazza
Jack Mazzarella
Richard A. Mazzatti
Bonnie K. Mazzeo and Joseph A. Mazzeo
Isabelle C. Mazzo
Jennie Mazzo
James J. Mazzota
Mary A. Mazzotti
Ruth A. Mc Caa
Francis G. Mc Cabe Sr.
Eugene S. Mc Cormick
Kathy H. Mc Ewen
Georgie A. Mc Grady
Sally N. Mc Gucken* and John G. Mc Gucken*
Dr. Eileen M. Mc Kay `96, `00M (MD)
Dr. Kenneth W. Mc Murdy `93, `93 (MA)
Dr. Helene R. Mc Murray `00M (MS), `04M (PhD) and Jason A. Mc Murray `01W (MS)
Brian T. Mc Quillan `96
John T. McAdam
Nancy C. McAfee and Joe McAfee
Stephen A. McAleavey `96, `98 (MS), `02 (PhD) and Mary G. McAleavey
Carolyn McAlister
Patricia McAllister
Rachael McAllister
Sidney L. McAllister `72S (MBA)
Dr. Monica E. McAlpine `67 (MA), `73 (PhD)
Mark E. McAnaney `75 and Mary Ellen McAnaney
Mary A. McAndrew P`12, P`15, P`20 and Jack T. McAndrew P`12, P`15, P`20
Virginia A. McAninch and Ricky A. McAninch
Gail I. McArthur and Robert E. McArthur
Stephen J. McArthur
Jennifer L. McAuley P`16 and Rev. John J. McAuley P`16
Karen D. McAuley and Mark J. McAuley
Rita E. McAvinney
Christine R. McAvoy P`17E and William M. McAvoy P`17E
Brian C. McBride `92
Delores McBride P`03, P`04, P`12
Molly McBride-Hickey
Claire McCabe
Eleonore B. McCabe `73
Jane M. McCabe
Marilyn McCabe
Rebecca McCabe
Dr. James B. McCaffrey `65 (MA), `68 (PhD) and Joan M. McCaffrey
John D. McCaffrey `76
C. Thomas McCall `67S (MBA), P`86, P`87E, P`07E, P`08 and Emily M. McCall
Emmett C. McCall P`17
Laurie McCall and Tom Hess
Marie L. McCall P`17
Mary C. McCall `88 and John V. McCall `88
Sylvia L. McCallister `54E (MM), P`83
John D. McCallum
Bridget E. McCann
Linda M. McCann and James E. McCann
Lynda D. McCann and Peter N. McCann
Michelle S. McCann and John F. McCann
William P. McCarrick `50*
Carrie E. McCarthy and William Wells
Joanna S. McCarthy and John R. McCarthy*
Karen A. McCarthy `12W (EdD) and Dr. H. Marc Hunt `94 (MS), `00 (PhD)
Kirsten M. McCarthy `85 and Kyle K. McCarthy
Marie McCarthy
Matthew E. McCarthy `88
Patricia McCarthy and Brian M. McCarthy
Dr. Peter W. McCarthy `08, `15 (PhD)^
Robert G. McCarthy
Michael McCartney
James A. McCarty `75
Marguerite C. McCarty `54E, `55E (MM)
Phyllis S. McCauley
Dr. Thomas R. McCauley `84M (MD), `85M (Res), `85M (Flw)
Lauren McCauslin `02 and John R. McCauslin `02
Dr. Charles S. McClain `67E (DMA)
Elizabeth A. McClain and James I. McClain
Inez McClary `65N and Robert C. McClary
Donald McClellan
Dr. Marilyn G. McClellan `59W (MS)
Helvi McClelland `68E and Charles C. Roemer
Kelley McClenney
Ann M. McCloskey and E. Daniel McCloskey
Tameka D. McCloud and Alexix McCloud
Dr. Dana McClure P`18 and Thomas A. McClure P`18
Jean Marie McClure and Patricia A. Woods
Dr. John A. McClure `57M (MS)
Lucretia W. McClure
Linda K. McClusky `65E
Dr. William C. McColgin `75 (PhD), P`03 and Rebecca A. McColgin P`03
Christianne M. McComber
David R. McConnell
Diane M. McConnell and Brian McConnell
Kathryn McConnell `85 (MA) and Dr. William D. McConnell `85M (Res)
Cynthia McConologue and Paul McConologue
Matthew McConville Sr.
Rachel Mccooey
Annabeth McCorkle
Jeffrey A. McCorkle `82S (MBA)
James McCormack
Dr. James M. McCormack `62
Marianne McGee McCormack `61
Gaelen M. McCormick `92E and Stephen F. Wershing
Dr. Jennifer F. McCormick `72 and Dr. Charles H. McCormick `71, P`00
Dr. Kevin R. McCormick `96M (Res), P`15 and Dr. Catherine J. Cantwell P`15
Diane M. McCorry and Robert E. McCorry*
George E. McCorry Jr.
Linda M. McCoy and Duane J. McCoy
Lynne V. McCoy `63 and William L. McCoy `63, `81S (MBA)
Ann McCracken
Ruth M. McCracken
H. Winn McCray
Dee McCreary
Jane K. McCrone and Gerald McCrone
William B. McCrory `84S (MBA)
Richard T. McCrystal `54E, `60W (EdM)
Deborah M. McCue
Shaquill D. McCullers `15^
Gertrude H. McCulloch `56E, `58E (MM) and John A. Hoyt
Madeline McCullough*
Sharon L. McCullough `09S (MBA)
Gilbert K. McCurdy
Katherine McCurdy
Kathleen McCusker
Keith W. McCutchan
Elizabeth McDade
Carol McDermott and Thomas C. McDermott III
Dr. David B. McDermott `82
John McDermott
Judy McDermott and Thomas C. McDermott
Marjorie A. McDiarmid `67
Amy A. McDonald
David K. McDonald
Dororthy McDonald
Kathleen W. McDonald and William P. McDonald
Lea McDonald and Edward B. McDonald
Margaret McDonald*
Margaret A. McDonald and Michael T. Mcdonald
Robert A. McDonald
Beverly McDonnell `66W
Joann P. McDonnell and Edward J. McDonnell
Katie McDonough and Shawn R. McDonough
Mary E. McDougal and D. Richard McDougal
Andrea McDowell
Doris McDowell
Edgar L. McEachron P`19
Cory T. McElhinney
Mary Ann McElligott and Timothy McElligott
Joe McElveney
Paul A. McEnderfer `57E (MM)*
James McEneaney `74S (MBA)
Eric J. McEnroe
Chris McEntee and Joe McEntee
Jeriann F. McEvoy and Michael McEvoy
Mary McFadden
Dr. Joel McFarland `10M (Flw)
Ann F. McFarlane `59 and Rev. David J. McFarlane `59
Kathleen McGarvey and Greg McGarvey
Diane McGaughey P`11 and Charles McGaughey P`11
Richard D. McGavern `76S (MBA) and Sandra R. McGavern
Margaret E. McGee
Meghan L. McGee
Kevin M. McGettrick `06
Anne J. McGilvray and Donald C. McGilvray
Michele R. McGinn `93
Angela M. McGinnis `14N (MS)
Eugene McGinnis
Maura T. McGinnity `87, `96S (MBA) and Erik Rausch `90, `97W (MS)
Jennifer S. McGinty `94
Michael F. McGinty
Tammy C. McGlashon
Barbara J. McGlynn
Bernice McGlynn and Thomas Mcglynn
Jane O. McGory and Francis McGory
Barbara A. McGovern `58
Bernice D. McGovern `49, `69W (MA)
Christina L. McGovern
George F. McGovern `72
Jayne R. McGovern and Michael R. McGovern
Jill McGovern P`19
Sandra E. McGovern
Carol V. McGowan `60, `61N and James R. McGowan
Deborah A. McGowan
Elizabeth F. McGowan
Kathleen McGowan
Martha McGowan and Kevin McGowan
Carrie E. McGrath and William McGrath Jr.
Harlan McGrath
Kathleen E. McGrath `87 (MS), `93 (PhD), P`17 and Paul D. Kingsley `87 (MS), `92 (PhD), P`17
Kathleen L. McGrath
Lyndsey McGrath
Margaret T. McGrath `97N
Michele T. McGrath and Thomas McGrath
Sharon McGrath
Margaret A. McGraw P`12 and Thomas E. McGraw P`12
Pamela McGreevy
Richard McGregor
Brooke J. McGuire `94
Dr. Elizabeth A. McGuire `60 and Robert A. McGuire
James C. McGuire `71 and Patricia R. McGuire
Karen M. McGuire and Brian G. McGuire
Kristen Shiner-McGuire `83E (MM) and David R. McGuire
Dr. Mark E. McGuire `82 (MS), `85 (PhD) and Mary McGuire
Amy D. McHale `87S (MBA) and Myles J. McHale Jr.
Lois M. McHugh `50
Mary E. McHugh and Brian McHugh
Susan P. McHugh `77 and Stephen M. McHugh `77
Thomas J. McInerney
Ruth K. McInnes `51N
Linda A. McInnis `79, `80N and William H. McInnis `79
James R. McIntosh
Kellee McIntosh
Richard D. McIntosh `65 and Marilyn McIntosh
John N. McIntyre `78E
Dr. John S. McIntyre `67M (MD), `73M (Res) and Ann McIntyre
Kathleen McIntyre
Betsy McIsaac `56 (EdM)
George S. McIsaac `61S (MS) and Mary O. McIsaac
Barbara C. McIver `99S (MBA) and Robert Wason
Betsy W. McKay P`16E, P`16 and Nathaniel B. Bainton P`16E, P`16
Beverly McKay
Jeanine McKay and Scott Mckay
Kenneth M. McKay `09, `10^
M. Judith McKay
Penny B. McKay `79N, P`09, P`10, P`13, P`14 and Kenneth L. McKay `79, P`09, P`10, P`13, P`14
Milton McKee
W. George McKee `72
Carol P. McKeehan `48, `49N* and Dr. Frederick R. McKeehan `46, `50M (MD)
John H. McKeehan `46
Dr. John M. McKelvey `61M (Res)
Carol McKenna
Don McKenna
Frank McKenna
Jacqueline McKenna
Janet McKenna and Paul McKenna
Linda L. McKenna and Gary E. McKenna
Mary M. McKenna `90, `95W (MS), P`20 and John M. McKenna `88, `92S (MBA), P`20
Patricia M. McKenna and Cornelius J. McKenna
Susan McKenna and Patrick D. McKenna*
Ethan B. McKenney `05, `15S (MBA) and Laura McKenney
Amy B. McKenty P`14, P`16 and Dr. Patrick W. McKenty P`14, P`16
Catherine McKenzie `49
Courtenay E. McKeon `96 and Aaron J. McKeon `94
Brenda S. McKeown and Mark Mckeown
James McKeown
James J. McKeown*
Gregory R. McKiernan `13^
Sean J. McKillop `91 and Antonia McKillop
James T. McKinlay III `69
Elizabeth McKinley
Dr. Ross E. McKinney Jr. `79M (MD) and Holly Mckenney
Paul J. McKinnon `64W (EdM)
Jennifer S. McKrell
Kathleen S. McLachlan and John S. McLachlan
Brandon J. McLain `15S (MBA)
Janet McLane and Robert McLane
Claire McLauchlin and Charles McLauchlin
Cynthia McLaughlin and Arthur P. McLaughlin
Denise C. Mclaughlin and John Mclaughlin
Elizabeth A. McLaughlin
Geri McLaughlin and Charles E. McLaughlin
Kathleen L. McLaughlin `97
Louise S. McLaughlin
Rachelle M. McLaughlin P`16 and William H. McLaughlin P`16
Sara J. McLaughlin
Suzanne L. McLaughlin `74W (EdM)
Vivian R. McLaughlin P`15E and James D. McLaughlin P`15E
Andrea L. McLean `71W (MA) and Arthur F. McLean Jr. `78
Deborah J. McLean and William D. Eggers
Hulene McLean `74E (MM)
Eleanor D. McLear and Bruce L. McLear
Dr. Brian S. McLellan `05D (Den)
Lincoln A. McLoud `94
Dr. James M. McMahon
Betty M. McMahon `65W (MA)
Brenda McMahon
Clare D. McMahon `16^
Ellen McMahon
Elsa A. McMahon `61E and John E. McMahon Jr. P`91
Joseph M. McMahon
Robert J. McMahon Jr.
Judith A. McMahon and James D. McMahon
Kathy McMahon
Dr. Laurence McMahon Jr. `82M (Res)
Mary R. McMahon and Timothy McMahon
Patricia A. McMahon and John F. McMahon
Terence M. McMahon `71S (MBA)
Teri McMahon
Sylvia McManis and Thomas McManis
William N. McMann `76 (MA)
Thomas J. McManus
Vivian A. McManus and Edward J. McManus
Patrice L. McMath
Ann E. McMican P`15 and John D. Mould Jr. P`15
Bonnie A. McMichael `94M (Res), P`18 and Keith A. Krabill P`18
Peggy McMickle and Rev. Marvin A. McMickle
Candith S. McMillan P`18 and Michael C. McMillan P`18
Loretta McMillan* and John E. McMillan
Carol McMillen and James R. McMillen
Kristin McMorris
Franklin McMullen
Marilyn T. McMullen `94N (MS)
Dr. Joan F. McMurray `81 (MA), `87 (PhD)
Dorothy S. McMurtry `48E
Noelle T. McMurtry `12E (MM)
Ann McNabb `51 and Dr. Neal A. McNabb `54M (MD)
Dr. Keith A. McNabb `82E (DMA) and Julia McNabb
David McNair `56 and Marcia McNair `56
Kenneth R. McNair `61
James L. McNally
Lawrence McNally
Liam McNamara
Linda H. McNamara
Margie L. McNamara
Patrick J. McNamara
Peggy McNamara
Halle H. McNaney and Michael S. McNaney
Carol McNeil and John G. McNeil Sr.
John A. McNeill `91 (MS)
John E. McNeill
John W. McNeill `70E, `73E (MA)
Phyllis F. McNelly `64 and Donald P. McNelly*
Laurel Ann McNett and Joseph P. McNett
Maria McNulty
Mary M. McNulty `60, `64W (MA) and Sarsfield S. McNulty `64 (MS), `69S (MBA)
Pennie McNulty and Chris Vanquekelberg
Robert J. McNulty `58
Michelle A. McNutt `07S (MBA)
Donna McPherson and Charles McPherson
Betty Lou McQueen
Kathleen R. McQueen and John R. McQueen
Alma McQuown
Alice McRae
James A. McRae `66E (MA)
Michael McRae
John J. McShane
Pamela A. McShea and Bill Putzman
Kathleen McSweeney and Gary J. McSweeney
Lois McTarnaghan
Virginia McTighe and Thomas C. McTighe Jr.
Barbara McVean and Malcolm McVean
Colleen D. McVeigh `97S (MBA)
Dr. James E. McVoy Jr. `70E (MM), `77E (PhD)
Jeanne R. McWilliamson
Curtis C. Mead
Dr. Karen E. Mead `84M (Res)
Melissa S. Mead
Susan E. Mead `72
Glenn P. Meade `69S (MBA) and Elizabeth A. Meade*
Kelley L. Meade `13W (CAS)
Mary A. Meade `76E and Michael M. Meade `76E
Elaine Meadows and John Meadows
Barbara Meagher
Beth Ann Meagher
Christopher Meagher `91W (MS)
Marcia A. Meagher
Joan C. Means
Dr. William A. Meckley `85E (PhD) and Dreama D. Meckley
Margaret Mecredy and Robert C. Mecredy
Dr. Donald J. Medd `02M (MD)
Rev. Kathryn A. Medici `74E, `76E (MM)
Lorraine Medina `05N (MS)
Mary Lou Medley
Susan M. Medoff
Dr. Louis J. Medvene `71 (MA)
Elizabeth J. Medyn
Coraleen K. Mee
Haniya J. Mee `11W (MS) and Ryan C. Mee `05
Patricia A. Mee P`05 and Ory T. Mee P`05
Elizabeth Meehan
Margaret J. Meeker `76, `81 (MS)
Francesca Megali
Stella Megargle `62N
Dr. James L. Megna `79 and Elizabeth Megna
Glenn M. Mehalek
Elizabeth Q. Mehalso and Robert M. Mehalso
Jane Mehlenbacher
Dr. Lynn Mehlman `88M (Res), `93M (Flw), P`15 and Dr. Mark E. Dumont P`15
Patricia Mehls and William E. Mehls
Morgan Mehring
Johnny Yong Y. Mei `99
Gail R. Meier and Douglas Meier
Jean A. Meier
Gary Meiklejohn
Angela C. Meindl and Joseph Meindl
Rosemary Meisel `87 and Dr. Chester Meisel
Joshua E. Meiseles `10^
Mary Meisenzahl and William J. Meisenzahl
Richard Meisenzahl
Dr. Burton M. Meisner `60M (MD)
Joyce Meisner and Robert D. Meisner*
Binns Melander `63E
Irene Mele
Frank T. Meleca `89, `97S (MBA)
Joseph Meli
Dr. Adrian C. Melissinos
Amy M. Melita `95N
Dr. Harry G. Melkonian `71
Patti L. Mellars and Harold Mellars
Patricia Meller and Mitchel Meller
Beverly Mellini `58N
Terry Mellody and Robert Mellody P`85
Patricia A. Mellon and Tom I. Watters
Barbara Melnick P`10 and Harvey Melnick P`10
Nicholas S. Melnick
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Melnick P`11
Dr. Kay A. McCullock Melnyk `73N (MS), `85N (PhD) and Andrew R. Melnyk
Dr. Vera O. Melnyk `78, `82M (MD) and Dr. Paul A. Jorizzo `82M (MD)
Laura D. Meloni and Andrew J. Meloni
Arne Melsom
Julie Melton and Roy Melton
Clifford B. Meltzer `75, `77 (MS)
Dr. David W. Meltzer `71 (PhD) and Marsha Meltzer
Edward A. Meltzer `73S (MBA)
Louann G. Melvin
Patricia R. Melvin
Marion M. Mench P`90
Carol D. Menchel and Dr. Robert S. Menchel
Heather L. Menchel `04N, `12N (MS) and Joel H. Menchel
Joseph F. Mendan `00, `06S (MBA)
Maryann M. Mendel and John R. Mendel
Michele Mendelson
Rebecca Mendelson
Orly T. Mendenson P`18 and Dennis Biggie P`18
Hadassa Mendez `14N
Maria T. Mendicino and Ricardo J. Rivero
Joelle Mendola and Martin Mendola
Emily Mendolia
Margaret A. Mendrykowski `66
Paul J. Menges `72 and Joyce A. Bagley-Menges
Maureen Menihan and John C. Menihan Jr.*
Leena B. Menon `98 and Aravind B. Menon `98
Dr. Kofi A. Mensah `04, `08M (MS), `09M (PhD), `11M (MD)
Edith S. Menschel
Valerie Mensing
Thomas J. Menzel
Dominic Meo III `73 (MS)
Dr. David J. Mercaldo `78W (EdD) and Ann S. Mercaldo
Helen C. Mercier and Joseph A. Mercier
Dawn Meredith
Doreen L. Merenich P`16 and Michael J. Merenich P`16
Anne E. Merideth P`15
Kathleen A. Meriwether and Robert K. Meriwether
James Merk
Joan Merkel
Frank J. Merkl `74 (MS) and Madeline S. Merkl
Richard G. Merkl
Donald Merlau
Kathleen M. Merle
Ann P. Merley `63 and Clint G. Merley
Margaret A. Merli
James J. Merlihan `67, `69 (MA)
Karen Merman-Smith
Dr. Bari-Sue Mermelstein P`16 and Dr. Laurence E. Mermelstein P`16
Kathleen Merrell
Richard C. Merrell `63E (MM)
Craig P. Merrigan `91S (MBA) and Theresa Merrigan
Marilyn Merrigan
Carmel S. Merrill and Richard D. Lunt
Carolyn M. Merrill and Stephen M. Merrill
Ferne F. Merrill*
Linda A. Merrill `66H (DPL) and Robert A. Merrill
Lois M. Merrill
Rosemary Merrill
Sara G. Merrill and Pete C. Merrill P`84
Dr. Stephen A. Merrill `63 and Frances L. Merrill
Margarita Merriman `53E (MM), `60E (PhD)
Katherine D. Merritt and David W. Merritt
Nancy N. Merritt
Anne H. Merryfield `57
Kenneth C. Merton
Ann Mertz
Barbara A. Mertz
Marie R. Merulla
Linda J. Mervis and Robert Mervis P`03
Dr. Charles F. Merwin `56M (MD) and Nancy J. Merwin
Regina S. Merz and Gary E. Merz
Joan L. Merzbach `74 and Ralph K. Merzbach `74
Christine Mesiti
Martha R. Mesiti `89E (MA), P`17
Karen Mesolella
Barbara A. Messenger
Susan Messenger `76N (MS) and Rev. Ray S. Messenger `70S (MBA)
Dr. Arlene B. Messer
Donald R. Messina `56, `57 (MA)
Dr. Joseph A. Messina `72M (Res) and Aileen Messina
Ruth Messinger `62
Terese S. Messinger `54 and Curtis C. Messinger `53
Dr. Michael A. Mestan `11W (MS), `13W (EdD)
Loic P. Meston `89S (MBA) and Suzanne J. Kavanagh
Stephen M. Metildi
Katharine T. Metlay
Rita D. Metras
Marian Metsinger
Ruth Mettler `53, `54N
Dr. Henry S. Metz `66M (Res), `91S (MBA) and Iris C. Metz
Jane C. Metzger
Karen L. Metzger `67W, P`94 and Dr. Steven A. Metzger `66, P`94
Lenard M. Metzger
Lynn C. Metzger `75
Teresa A. Metzger and Richard M. Metzger
Gail Metzler and Jay C. Metzler
Linda S. Metzler
Nancy W. Metzler P`16 and Michael A. Metzler P`16
Derek S. Meuse `97S (MS)
Andrea K. Meyer
Bernice L. Meyer
Diane F. Meyer
Dianne Meyer
Dr. Eleanore Meyer `58 and Dr. James H. Meyer `63M (Res)
Jason S. Meyer `00
Jim Meyer
Kathy Meyer
Dr. Keith D. Meyer `79M (MD)
Marcia Meyer
Margaret Meyer
Nancy E. Meyer P`90 and Douglas Meyer P`90
Robert R. Meyer
Sharon G. Meyer and Charles F. Meyer
Terrence J. Meyer `72S (MBA) and Meg Lally
Walter D. Meyer
Sandra A. Meyer-Clark
Erin K. Meyerhoff `96N and Benjamin J. Meyerhoff `96
Janet R. Meyering and Edwin L. Meyering
Suzanne Meyerowitz
Earl W. Meyers Jr.
Amanda Meyers
Angela Meyers
Conrad Meyers
Daniel M. Meyers
Gary O. Meyers
John J. Meyers Jr.
Mark M. Meyers `93 (MS)
Dr. Mary L. Meyers `79M (Res)
Dr. Ronald A. Meyers `83
Ronald D. Meyers
Steven J. Meyers `91S (MBA)
Dr. David B. Meza III
Linda Mezzoprete and Dominic Mezzoprete
Richard A. Miale
Ellen J. Mialky
Dr. Ayesa N. Mian `94M (Res)
Yi-Jun Miao `94 (MS), `98 (PhD)
Margaret A. Micca and John J. Micca
Marguerite Micciche `57
Josephine Miceli
Dorothy P. Micelotta and John Micelotta
Kristine Mich and Nathaniel Mich
Elaine Michael
Michelle Michael and Keith Uhrich
Dr. Robin L. Michael `80 (PhD), `01M (PDC)
Dr. Joy K. Michaelides `07M (MD), `13M (Res) and Constantine Michaelides
Margarete Michael-Ralston
Barbara R. Michaels and Richard A. Michaels
Frank Michaels
George R. Michaels `69S (MBA)
Thomas B. Michaels `72 (MS) and Patricia A. Michaels
Dr. Jeremy H. Michaelson `96
Betty Jane Michalko and Dr. Charles Michalko
Michelle Michalski
William Michatek
Dr. Kaleb Michaud `96
Dr. Ronald H. Micheels `72
Carole Michel and Edwin F. Michel
Nancy H. Michel `50
Vivian B. Michel and Harold Michel
Angela M. Michelsen
Ruth Michelson and Leonard Michelson
Ernesto Michelucci
Thomas Michielsen
Dolores S. Mickelson and William Mickelson
Wesley Micket `93S (MBA) and Mary C. Micket
Pietrina S. Micoli `05
Eileen F. Midavaine and Kenneth W. Midavaine
Barbara Middlebrook
Betty Middlebrook and George Middlebrook*
Patricia C. Middlebrook and Daryl L. Middlebrook
Kathy J. Mielke
Dr. Peter H. Mielke `71D (Den), `73D (Den)
Frank Mielnicki
Diane Mietelski
Dr. Rita M. Mignacca `85 (MA) and Donald Furiuso `89 (MA)
Melissa Mihalyov and David J. Mihalyov
Louis Mikkelsen
Dr. Paul J. Milazzo `73 (MS), `79 (PhD)
Kathy J. Milberger P`16 and Timothy N. Milberger P`16
Patti Milburn and C. Michael Milburn
Jeanne S. Milder `42E (MM)
Craig Miles `01S (MBA) and Wendy M. Miles
Janet M. Miles `64W (MA)
Kimberly Miles
Robert J. Miles
Sandi Milford
Delores F. Militello
Nancy Militello
M. Suzanne Millan `51, `52N
Michael B. Millard `73 (PhD) and Frances L. Millard
Sue L. Millard and Walter W. Millard
Keith J. Mille `94
Alice A. Miller P`06, P`07 and Mark D. Miller P`06, P`07
Alison L. Miller `93
Ally J. Miller `08^
Amy E. Miller `89 and Stephen B. Miller `97S (MBA)
Andrea C. Miller `89, `90 (MS)
Ann M. Miller `02N, `05N (MS)
Archibald Miller
Audrey Miller
Barbara A. Miller
Barbara J. Miller and Ralph H. Miller
Carol C. Miller
Dr. Chandra M. Miller `93M (MD)
Charles A. Miller
Clifford S. Miller `70
Cynthia Miller and David M. Miller
Dr. D. Sewall Miller Jr. `72M (Res)
Dana K. Miller `89S (MBA) and Freda B. Miller
Dean G. Miller
Dr. Dennis M. Miller `85
Dr. Don H. Miller `68 (PhD)
Donald Miller
Edward H. Miller III `73S (MBA)
Eric A. Miller `06, `07
Evar L. Miller
Evelyn A. Miller
Dr. Felice E. Miller `66 and Jordan Miller
George V. Miller
Gordon J. Miller Jr. `82 and Irmgard M. Schewe-Miller
Grace A. Miller and Dr. Douglas Miller P`91E
Harriette B. Miller
Hilda I. Miller `51*
Hinda Miller and Michael J. Miller
Dr. Howard M. Miller `66
Ida T. Miller and Duane R. Miller
Dr. J. Keith Miller `79
Dr. James R. Miller `80
Jane E. Miller
Janice E. Miller
Jean Miller and Richard L. Miller
Jean A. Miller
Jeanne M. Miller
Dr. Jeffrey H. Miller `66 and Kim A. Miller
Jennifer R. Miller P`19 and Douglas J. Miller P`19
Jerilynn M. Miller and Darryl E. Miller
Dr. Jessica L. Felt Miller `07M (MD) and Daniel W. Miller
Jill Miller and Sanford Miller
Jill A. Miller P`17 and Paul D. Miller P`17
Joanne L. Miller
John A. Miller `72 (MS)
John C. Miller Jr. `67
Dr. John J. Miller `68
Joseph P. Miller `58 and Julia M. Miller
Josephine Miller
Judith B. Miller and Dr. Richard K. Miller P`98, P`02, P`05
Julie A. Miller P`19 and Dr. Paul J. Schacht P`19
Kyle M. Miller `10E^
Lettyanne M. Miller
Loretta E. Miller and Merton T. Miller Jr.
Lynda B. Miller and Edward J. Miller
Lynne A. Miller
Marcia K. Miller `73
Marcia L. Miller
Mary B. Miller `56
Mary L. Miller `50
Marylee Miller
Michael Miller
Michael S. Miller `99
Midge C. Miller `82N (MS) and Mark J. Miller
Mike Miller
Mona Miller `57, `61 (MA)
Nancy B. Miller and James C. Miller
Pamela S. Miller
Dr. Penelope C. Schoute Miller `72D (Den) and George L. Miller
Rebecca L. Miller P`18 and Matthew N. Dix P`18
Richard T. Miller `66
Richard W. Miller `60
Robert J. Miller `60 and Elizabeth S. Miller
Robin G. Miller P`10E and Robert E. Miller P`10E
Robin M. Miller `11^
Roxanna Miller `66W
Russell Miller
Ruth A. Miller P`03, P`06 and David A. Miller P`03, P`06
Sakinah Miller
Sally E. Miller and Douglas G. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Miller
Sara Miller
Shawna R. Miller and William P. Miller Jr.
Shirley S. Miller
Stacey W. Miller and Brad VanAuken
Suellen P. Miller `60N
Susan A. Miller P`08 and Walter R. Miller P`08
Susan L. Miller and J.Scott Miller
Susan M. Miller `67N and Dr. Philip L. Miller `69 (PhD)
Susan R. Miller `67
Thomas D. Miller `75W (MSE) and Joan Miller
COL Vandy L. Miller `62M (MS)
Virginia M. Miller `76E (MM) and John F. Miller
W. Talbott Miller `82S (MBA)
Dr. Wayne G. Miller `76
Sandra Milles
Judy Millhausen
Sally Millick
Marie M. Milligan and John F. Milligan
Dr. Thomas B. Milligan Jr. `74E (MA), `79E (PhD)
Lynn Milliman and Thomas J. Milliman
Robert H. Millis
Lucille Millner and George Millner
Patricia Millner
Nicki Millor and Skip X. Millor
Colleen C. Mills `58N
Dr. James P. Mills `85 (PhD)
John W. Mills
Nancy C. Mills `81N (MS)
Olin J. Mills
Sue E. Mills and Robert A. Mills
Robert E. Millward `64
Stephen K. Millward `85
Andrew R. Milne `91
David W. Milne
Rebecca Milne
Barbaralee Milon `63
Paul Miloscia `88
Dr. William C. Milroy `70M (MS), `72M (PhD)
Dr. James E. Miltenberger `61E (MM), `65E (DMA) and Bonnie H. Miltenberger
Dr. Kirby M. Milton
Douglas Mincer
Shirley D. Minch and Norbert Minch
Lindsey W. Minchella `75N and Dr. Dennis J. Minchella `75
Alfred R. Miner
Charity K. Miner
Kathy A. Miner and Gary E. Miner
Margaret Miner `65 and Charles B. Miner `64
Mary L. Wright Miner `64 (MA)
Paul D. Minert `64E (MM) and Ruth M. Minert
Randi S. Minetor `88 (MA)
Elizabeth L. Minetree `52
Dr. Li-Chung Ming `71 (MS), `74 (PhD)
Michelina M. Minguela
Glenn Minier
Theresa Minigell
Sandra L. Mink P`18E and Chester L. Mink P`18E
Adrianne A. Minor and Ronald P. Minor
Arthur L. Minor `62
Barbara C. Minor `60 and Rev. Ronald E. Minor `58
David C. Minor
Michael T. Minor `99S (MBA) and Tara E. Minor
Caroline Minsavage `03S (MBA) and Dr. Gary D. Minsavage `02M (MS), `04M (PhD)
Janet M. Mirabito and Francis W. Mirabito
Lucy Miraglia and Leonard Miraglia
Joana L. Miranda `93E, `95E (MM)
Nicole Mirando and Justin Mirando
Dr. Amirali Mirenayat `13D (Den)
David B. Mirsky `91S (MBA) and Janet Mirsky
Ann Mischissin and Steve Mischissin
Jeff Mischler
Mary E. Miskell and Terrance M. Clar
Akimi Mitake P`11E and Kazuhiro Mitake P`11E
Nadine N. Mitake `11E^
Dr. Tsuyoshi Mitarai `02M (MD)
Audrey Mitch
John D. Mitchell Jr. `10S (MBA)
Adele P. Mitchell and Leslie J. Mitchell
Amy Mitchell and Andrew D. Mitchell
Barbara S. Mitchell and Dr. William Mitchell
Bryna Mitchell
Elissa Mitchell and Matthew Mitchell
Hildegard Mitchell
James A. Mitchell
Janice W. Mitchell `46E
Joan F. Mitchell
Katherine M. Mitchell
Margaret C. Mitchell and Lawrence J. Mitchell
Marian H. Mitchell
Molly S. Mitchell
Sharon Mitchell and Lawrence G. Mitchell
Lauren Mitchener P`18
Dr. Tapan Mitra `73 (MA), `75 (PhD)
Stella Mitrakos
Dr. Barbara Mitrano `79W (EdD) and Gerard A. Mitrano
Dr. Tracy B. Mitrano `81
Joseph Mitrovits
Sarah J. Mittiga
Dr. Sandra B. Mitzner `85M (Res) and John Page
Chiyoko Miyagi P`14 and Dr. Masaru Miyagi P`14
Mavisanne S. Miyaoka P`18 and Kel T. Miyaoka P`18
Jane Mize and Verner A. Mize
Dr. George L. Mizner `56M (MD)
Patricia Mlodzinski
Barbara Mlynarczyk and Marek Mlynarczyk
Sandra M. Moag
Lauren Mock
Frank E. Mockevicius `60W (EdM) and Nancy J. Mockevicius
Filamena Modeen
Raymond G. Modell
Phyllis D. Modley `66
Deborah K. Modrak
John A. Modrzynski Jr. `88N and Lori Modrzynski
Jeremy T. Moeller `97E
Joel P. Moerschel `70E
Evelien P. Moes P`17 and Michael E. Sherman P`17
Dr. D. Read Moffett `70 (PhD) and Jane M. Moffett
Harland D. Moffitt
Mark N. Mogavero
Max O. Mogensen Jr. `72E and Cheryl L. Mogensen
Patricia M. Moger P`16 and Sid Reischer P`16
Dr. Jeffrey A. Mogerman `73
Alan S. Mohl `94
Catherine M. Mohl
Judith P. Mohler
Diane Mohorter
Beth Z. Mohr P`16, P`19 and Douglas T. Mohr P`16, P`19
Michael C. Moi `98
Gail Moizeau
Krystyna Moldoch
Bernadine Moles
Nancy Molitz `68E and Alan J. Molitz `68E
Joy R. Moll
Leora A. Mollo and Joseph A. Mollo
George J. Molnar `93
Maryann R. Molyneux and John R. Molyneux
Richard A. Monacell `57 and Barbara B. Monacell
Gloria Monacelli and Peter M. Monacelli
Christine Monaco
Debra A. Monaco and Michael Monaco
Ruth Monaco
Pedro A. Monagas
Stephanie Monaghan P`10 and James Monaghan P`10
Karen R. Monast
Jean Moncrief `56, `57N
Patricia A. Mondore
Geneva Monds
Mary Monefeldt and Donald G. Monefeldt
Kenneth R. Monett
Lee H. Monett
Marguerite Monforte
Barbara Mongiovi and John Mongiovi
Evalene C. Monheim and Lawrence R. Monheim
Diane Monica and Bryan M. Monica
Jacqueline Monin and Jeffrey L. Monin
Raquel Monk and Dr. Abraham Monk
Dr. Rebeca Monk `91M (Res), `93M (Flw) and Dr. David R. Trawick `92M (Res)
Edwin R. Monkelbaan `71 and Marilyn Monkelbaan
Paul Monn `11S (MBA)
Angela B. Monnat and James A. Monnat
Ruta Monoenko and Victor Monoenko
Gary R. Monrad
Valerie K. Monrad and Christopher S. Monrad
Ellen Monroe
Joni Monroe `76W (MSE) and Daniel Stenabaugh
Linda Monroe `62W
Robert C. Monroe `58
Carol Monsees and Chuck Monsees
Martha Monsees
Shahin Monshipour `96 (MA)
Dr. Aideen Monson and Dr. John R. T. Monson
Carol Montagliano and Timothy Montagliano
Shirley A. Montagne P`03, P`04 and Daniel P. Montagne
Roberta Montagno and Michael J. Montagno Jr.
Dany L. Lennon-Montague P`18 and Tyree G. Montague P`18
David T. Montague `95, `97S (MBA)
Enrico S. Montana `99
Ilene Montana
Dr. Maryjo Montanarella `86M (MD), `90M (Res)
Palma Montanarello and Michael Montanarello
Karen Montanaro
Dennis P. Monteith `89S (MBA) and Margaret M. Monteith
Janice T. Monteith and Colin P. Monteith
Michael Montemorano*
Nancy Monterella and Michael A. Monterella
Jeanette M. Montesano
Joe Montesano
Michael Montesano
Mary E. Monteverde `74N
Douglass V. Montfort
Duncan W. Montgomery
Kathryn Montgomery `16^
Margaret R. Montgomery and Eugene F. Montgomery
Martha L. Montgomery
Mark D. Montifiore P`17
Christina D. Montpetit `89, `91W (MS)
Barbara Montrallo
Joni L. Montroy and Timothy Montroy
Marion E. Montstream and John M. Montstream
Mary L. Montulli `63 and Dr. Louis T. Montulli `62
Lisa Montuori
Dr. Thomas A. Montzka `62 (PhD) and Joanne Montzka
Gerald O. Monu `07^
Dr. Sangithan Moodley `78M (Res)
Geraldine Moody
Antoinette Moon and George H. Granger
Charles L. Moon `54E (MA)
Diane C. Moonan
Marie Moonan
Nancy J. Moonan
Tova Moonay
Carol Mooney and Edward Mooney
Carol C. Mooney and Bernard J. Mooney
David Mooney
Jo Ann M. Mooney and Thomas J. Mooney
Joan Mooney and Terence J. Mooney
Michael K. Mooney
Dr. Robert A. Mooney `55, P`83* and Florence B. Mooney
Sharon J. Mooney
Therese Mooney
Erica K. Moor `97 and Jeffrey W. Moor `96
Abner R. Moore Jr.
Bev Moore
Christine G. Moore
Diana B. Moore
Gary D. Moore
Helen M. Moore and Richard F. Moore
Jacquelyn Moore
James H. Moore
Janet Moore and George E. Moore
Janet Moore P`11
Jennifer F. Moore and Joseph P. Moore
Jerrold A. Moore `64E (MM)
Joan J. Moore*
Jody M. Moore `89 and Jeffrey A. Moore `89
Lee C. Moore `81 (MS)
Lucille C. Moore and Benjamin Moore
Marian G. Moore
Mariella Moore
Martha J. Moore
Mary A. Moore `89S (MBA)
Dr. Ralph B. Moore `63M (MD)
Robert E. Moore `48 and Elizabeth M. Moore
Ruth A. Moore `80
Shirley Moore and Donald J. Moore
Suzanne Moore `65W (MA)
Timothy M. Moore `84
Dorothy A. Moorehead and Brent A. Moorehead
Kenneth J. Moorhouse
Colleen Moose
Tricia L. Moose and Thomas E. Moose
Robert W. Moote `77
Radica Mootreddy P`17 and Gunsammy Mootreddy P`17
Grace Mora and Gregory J. Moore
Nicholas Morabito
Dr. Philip Moraitis `94M (Res)
Hermenegilo A. Morales
Staffie T. Morales
Carol Moran `66W*
Margaret M. Moran
Mary J. Moran and Michael F. Moran
Mary J. Moran and Daniel T. Moran
Megan E. Moran `85
Dr. Walter R. Moran III `79E, `81E (MM) and Kathryn G. Moran
Dr. Richard A. Morano `72 (MS), `83W (EdD)
Dr. Thomas G. Mordick `79, `83M (MD), `88M (Res)
Lorna J. Morehead `86, `90S (MBA)
Donna M. Moreland `89 and James Moreland
Michele Morell
Dolores Morello and Nicholas A. Morello
Cheryl Moreno and Daniel Moreno
W. Moreno Jr.
Joyce E. Moretti `76, `77S (MBA), P`12 and Mark J. Moretti `75, P`12
Charles L. Morey
Jennifer R. Morey `12^
Linda L. Morey and George W. Morey
Marjorie E. Morey
Alice L. Morgan
Barbara M. Morgan
Brian P. Morgan `04
Carole Morgan
Dr. Charles W. Morgan `73
David R. Morgan
Deanna K. Morgan
Helga B. Morgan and Paul F. Morgan
James P. Morgan `62 and Sachiko Morgan
Joan B. Morgan `74, `80 (MS) and Dr. William L. Morgan Jr.
Julie A. Morgan `06W (MS) and Scott T. Morgan `00W (MS)
Lucinda Morgan and Leonard Morgan
Margot Morgan and Francis B. Morgan*
Mary Morgan `47
Nancy A. Morgan and Dennis J. Morgan
Nancy S. Morgan and Mark Broadie
Rosemary K. Morgan
Susan A. Morgan `76, `77S (MBA)
Dr. Susanna M. Morgan P`94, P`05, P`08
Lacy M. Morgan-DeVelder `07M (MS)
Carissa C. Morganstein `04 and Scott M. Morganstein `03
Randy K. Morgenstern `74 and Dan S. Morgenstern P`09
Michael S. Morgioni `86
Patrick M. Moriarty `84W (MSE) and Ellen Moriarty
Roberta R. Moriarty
Mary Pizzente-Morich and William Morich
Elizabeth Morin and Lucien A. Morin
Gerard Morio
Veronique Morissette and Jerome D. Morissette
Dr. John N. Moritsugu `75 (MA), `77 (PhD)
Dr. Robert R. Morley `60M (MD)
Gary A. Morlock `63
Van V. Moroukian `71
Dr. Jeffrey P. Morray `74M (MD), P`08 and Barbara H. Morray
Dorothy Morreale and Robert Morreale
Elizabeth Morreale and Russell C. Morreale
John P. Morrell
Stephen L. Morrell `85 and Marguerite M. Morrell
Felicia Morrice and Robert Morrice
Dr. Dylan Morris `14M (MD)
Brenda R. Morris P`08 and Gregory P. Morris P`08
Carole Morris `58N
Daniel Morris
David C. Morris `02
Eileen Morris and Lawrence Morris
Janet L. Gibbons Morris `12W (EdD) and James E. Morris
John W. Morris
Mark W. Morris `79 (MS), `95S (MBA), P`02 and Suzanne Morris
Noah Morris
Rosa L. Morris
Susan C. Morris and Jeffrey D. Morris
Patricia Morrisey P`07 and Gerard Morrisey P`07
Agnes E. Morrison P`16 and George Kessie P`16
Anna M. Morrison and Philip M. Morrison
Barbara C. Morrison and Paul K. Morrison
Devlin O. Morrison `97N and Michelle Morrison
Janet Morrison
Laura T. Morrison `08^
Marlene A. Morrison and William W. Morrison*
Shirley A. Morrison
Erin E. Morrison-Fortunato `06W (MS)
Dr. James F. Morrissey `56M (MD), `61M (Flw), P`90
Winifred C. Morrissey `44
David C. Morrow `50
Thomas E. Morrow `67W (MA) and Judith M. Morrow
Carol W. Morse and Philip L. Morse
Dr. Dale L. Morse `75M (MD), `76M (Res), `80M (Res)
David C. Morse `57E
Joanne M. Morse
Karen M. Morse
L. Janet Lawrence-Morse `82 and Theodore H. Morse `62
Margaret Morse
Marion M. Morse and William B. Morse III
Nancy E. Morse
Dr. Norman L. Morse `43 (PhD), P`70*
Patricia Morse
Susan E. Morse
Anthony R. Mortellaro
Dr. Diane J. Mortimer `09M (MD)
Ruth I. Morton
Gina M. Mosavi P`18 and Mike Mosavi P`18
Anne B. Moscato P`20 and Michael J. Moscato P`20
Annette V. Moscato
Christie A. Mosch
Erin L. Moser `99N
James S. Moser `77S (MBA)
Nancy L. Moser `47*
Eric P. Moses `91
Dr. Leonard Moses `55E
Martha M. Moses and David G. Moses
Barbara E. Mosher and Ralph Mosher
Jennifer M. Mosher P`18 and Robert J. Montione P`18
Randolph S. Mosher `82 (MS)
Valeriy Moshkovskiy `97S (MBA)
Jean L. Lee-Mosier `83N (MS), P`11 and Jeffrey Mosier P`11
Marian Moskow
Rona L. Orenstein-Moskowitz `75 and Dr. David L. Moskowitz `74
Elizabeth S. Mosley `62 (MA)
Alexandra L. Mosmann and Dr. Tim R. Mosmann
Cheryl Moss and Keith Moss
Joy F. Moss `69W (MA) and Dr. Arthur Jay Moss `62M (Res)
Joyce G. Moss `67
Robert E. Moss
Dr. Roberta Moss `88M (Res)
Sandra Mostek
Pamela Mostyn and William Mostyn
Donna J. Moszkowicz and Roman B. Moszkowicz
Virginia M. Moszkowicz and Michael J. Moszkowicz
Patricia A. Mothersell and Rev. Lawrence L. Mothersell
Robyn Motsay
David A. Mott
Gail S. Mott and Dr. Peter D. Mott
Hubert G. Mott
Dr. Marylou Motto `78 (PhD)
Cynthia Moule and Gerald L. Moule P`02, P`03, P`08
Phillip J. Moulton `15^
Suzanne J. Moulton and Jeffrey B. Moulton
Marjorie K. Mountain and G.W. Mountain
Nancy S. Mountain and Edward W. Mountain
Margaret R. Moureau P`15E and Richard J. Greenstone P`15E
Helen J. Mourhess
Gerald E. Mousso `62W (MA) and Mary A. Mousso
Kristin M. Moutevelis P`18 and George P. Moutevelis P`18
Shirley T. Mowers
Steven A. Mowers `86S (MBA)
Kathleen E. Mowrey `83, `84S (MBA)
Beverly Mowry and Lewis D. Mowry III
Carolyn Mowry
Katherine J. Mowson `61W (EdM)
Katharine Moyer
Patricia Moyer
Thomas A. Mraz*
Mark P. Mrowka
Carole J. Mruczek
Anna Mucci
J. Michael Mucci
Martin Mucci `91S (MBA) and Darceille K. Mucci
Kara Mucha `03 and Thomas Mucha
Dr. John A. Muckstadt `62, P`90 and Linda J. Muckstadt P`90
Erika L. Mudrak `03 and John M. Mazzello `03
Joanna Muelken and Michael J. Muelken
Aaron K. Mueller `96 and Kara Mueller
Ann Winn-Mueller `71, P`02, P`09 and Dr. David R. Mueller `00M (PDC), P`02, P`09
Barbara Mueller and Richard E. Mueller
Betsy E. Mueller P`17E and Gary W. Halbert P`17E
Catherine G. Mueller `09^
Dana C. Mueller `07^
Edwin P. Mueller `67
Julie A. Mueller P`14 and David B. Mueller P`14
Chris Muench
Lucille C. Muench and William Muench*
John S. Muenter
Lee Lee Muesebeck and Robert L. Muesebeck
Timothy W. Muffitt `95E (DMA) and Charlotte P. Muffitt
Krimhilde H. Muffler and Gebhard W. Muffler
Dr. Barbara F. Mufti `65
Joseph S. Mugavero
Barbara T. Mugnolo and Anthony F. Mugnolo
Jeanne K. Muhl and Gerard E. Muhl
Fred Muhleman `93S (MBA) and Beth A. Muhleman
Barry E. Muhs `58 and Ann Muhs
Dr. W. Angus Muir `66M (PhD)
Nancy Muir-Gaire
Karen S. Muisus and Gary A. Muisus
Hernan E. Mujica `83 and Karen M. Mujica
Dana B. Mukamel `93 (PhD)
Hilda Mulay
Dr. Peter E. Mulbury `70M (MD), `77M (Res) and Anne E. Mulbury
Dr. Mary K. Mulcahey `06M (MD)
John J. Mulcahy
Karen A. Mulcahy
Patricia Mulcahy and Richard Mulcahy
James Mulchay
Jo Muldermans
Deborah L. Muldoon P`18 and William C. Muldoon P`18
Dr. Deborah A. Mulford `99M (MD) and David R. Szulgit `90
Thomas J. Mulford `68S (MBA), P`96 and Virginia A. Mulford
Syma D. Mulich and Patrick A. Mulich
Rev. Thomas P. Mull
Patricia Mullally and Michael J. Mullally
Julia Mullane
Michael J. Mullen `88
Thomas J. Mullen
William F. Mullen
Florence M. Muller*
Kathryn A. Muller and George A. Muller
Riana R. Muller `65E, `70E (MM)
Roxann Muller and Don Muller
Wayne R. Muller `74
Otto Muller-Girard Jr. `89, `93 (MS), P`08 and Deborah Decaire P`08
Maureen Mulley and William Mulley
Martha Mullholand P`18 and Alfred D. Mullholand P`18
Ann Mowris Mulligan*
Anne M. Mulligan P`17E and Martin P. Mulligan P`17E
John M. Mulligan
Kathleen A. Mulligan P`18 and Dennis M. Dacey P`18
Jerry Mulliger
Cleo Mullins and John L. Mullins
Elizabeth Mullins
Renee L. Mulrooney `09W (CAS)
Nancy S. Multer and Robert N. Multer
Taskin Mumcuoglu
Rose Mumerow and Philip Mumerow
Donna J. Mummery `66, `80N and Morris J. Mummery
Zola Mummery and Arthur P. Mummery
Ellen Munding and David M. Munding
Sandra Mundt and Leon C. Mundt
Dr. Richard S. Munford `48 and Mary B. Munford
Cynthia R. Munier `88N (MS), P`11 and Charles Munier
Donald R. Munn
Dorothy Munn and Glenna Pryor
Xiomarisy Munoz `07^
Jeff C. Munson
Dr. John B. Munson `65 (PhD)
Shirley L. Munson
Theo A. Munson `81M (MS) and Dr. Stephen W. Munson
Marion P. Munzer
Mary A. Muoio
Rose Muoio
Jayshree Muralidharan P`18 and Muralidharan Venkataraman P`18
Dr. Eugene C. Murkison `70S (MBA)
Michelle M. Murnane
Michael D. Murney
Alan R. Murphy `92E
Anthony C. Murphy
Constance W. Murphy and Thomas E. Murphy
Daniel P. Murphy `89S (MBA) and Tina M. Murphy
Dawn M. Murphy
Dr. Dennis K. Murphy `65W (MA), `67W (EdD)
Edward H. Murphy `88 and Terri Murphy
John T. Murphy `97
Karen Murphy
Dr. Kenneth C. Murphy `79M (MD) and Diane Murphy
Lucille F. Murphy
Marguerite Murphy
Marion C. Murphy
Michelle Murphy
Nancy Murphy and Gary W. Murphy
Norene L. Murphy
Paul M. Murphy
Paula H. Murphy and John J. Murphy IV
Robin Murphy
Samantha Murphy
Dr. Sean Murphy
Shari L. Murphy and Sean Murphy
Steve M. Murphy
Susan Murphy and Ralph Black
Suzanne G. Murphy `91S (MBA) and Joseph A. Murphy
Thomas D. Murphy `57M (MS)
Victoria Murphy and David Murphy
Cynthia A. Murray ’58E, ’59E (MA) and Robert J. Murray `58E (MM)*
Dr. Daniel P. Murray `08W (EdD)
Dr. John M. Murray `84
Judy M. Murray
Lisa J. Murray P`17 and Terrence J. Murray P`17
Mildred M. Murray and Robert D. Murray
Regina A. Murray and David M. Murray
Robert Murray
Robin Murray and Tom Murray
Suzanne C. Murray `60 and John R. Murray
James Murrer
Joseph A. Murrer
Eric G. Musa `57 and Constance Musa
Patricia Muscarella and Andre N. Muscarella
Dr. Peter Muscarella II `89
Frances Q. Muscato and Francis A. Muscato
Patricia A. Muscato
Ellen P. Muskin P`09E and Alan L. Muskin P`09E
Mary L. Musler and James Musler
Dr. Erica D. Musser `03, `04W (MS)
Isabelle Musso and Anthony J. Musso
Dorothy M. Musto
Mary B. Musto
Grace Muszocki
Linda A. Muto
Robin Muto and Richard Muto
Sue A. Muto and Gerald J. Muto
Felix Muzza
Bertine D. Mvomo P`19 and Joseph Mvomo P`19
Maria Mycek and Edwin A. Mycek
Dr. Beverly A. Myers `57
Charles R. Myers III `76 and Joanne S. Redmore
Diane L. Myers P`05 and John R. Myers P`05
Dr. Eliza W. Myers `05M (MD), `08M (Flw) and Minor Myers III
Janet R. Myers `65N, `65, P`94 and Dr. Richard B. Myers P`94
John C. Myers
Lizbeth R. Myers `75
Margaret Myers and James R. Myers
Mary Myers and Tom Myers
Nancy P. Myers P`18, P`20 and Daniel B. Myers P`18, P`20
Perry H. Myers `49
Richard P. Myers
Ruth J. Myers, LCSW `73 (MA) and Dr. Gary J. Myers
Timothy Myers P`17E
Dr. Wayne Myers `66M (MD), `68M (Res) and Jo Ann B. Myers
Nancy E. Myhers
Marjory K. Myhill `68 and Dr. John E. Myhill `66
Jill Mykins
Kevin T. Mykins
Thomas J. Mykins
Geraldine M. Nabozny P`05 and Jack Nabozny P`05
Dr. Vivianne Nachmias `57M (MD)
Rosemary Nachtwey `49N and Dr. P. H. Nachtwey `51*
Dr. Sriyalatha Nadaraja and Dr. Nagendra Nadaraja
Mary Nadeau
Dr. Robert E. Nadeau `72M (Res) and Elizabeth T. Nadeau
Rowena H. Nadig `52, `53N*
Lorraine Nadler P`18 and Peter P. Nadler P`18
Tracy Nadler
Cathy Nadolinski and Donald O. Nadolinski
Joan S. Naegele
Elad Nafshi `00S (MBA)
Asako Nagakura and Jeffrey Binstock
Bonita Nagel
Katherine E. Nagel `77 and Andrew Nagel
James Nagle
Kelly A. Nagle and R. T. Gilman
Franklin A. Nagy `81
Dr. Richard M. Naidus `72M (MD)
Paul C. Naintre
Shaesta Najeem
Dr. Craig M. Nakashian `10 (PhD)
Dr. Ellen Nakhnikian `99M (PDC) and Dr. Harry T. Reis
Susan Nako and Steve Nako
Lynn A. Bastian Baglia Nalbone `61N and Vincent Nalbone
Tracy Nalewalski
Hyon Chol Nam `09^
Bindu K. Nambiar P`17 and Prabu P. Nambiar P`17
Lauri L. Namisnak
Nirupama Nanavati and Bhalchandra M. Nanavati
Shannon D. Nance `92E, `94E (MM) and Wesley E. Nance `90E, `92E (MM)
Dr. Navin C. Nanda `73M (Flw) and Kanta K. Nanda
Barbara Napholtz `77
Leanore A. Naphtali `72 (MA)
Beth Anne Napier and William W. Napier
Marilyn Napieralski
Deborah C. Naples
Karen M. Napoli and Thomas A. Napoli
William A. Napoli `84 (MS)
Dr. Deborah Napolitano and Dr. David B. McAdam
Keith Napolitano
Leslie Naradikian `01E and Markar S. Naradikian `00, `04 (MS)
Elizabeth C. Naramore `60, `65W (MA)
Rita Narang `72S (MBA)
Tamara Narayan and Dr. Darren A. Narayan
Sneha Narayanan `10 (MS)
Sandra Narde and John J. Narde
Anthony J. Nardone `50 and Grace B. Nardone
Dr. Christopher A. Nardone `87
Michelle W. Narins and Clarke H. Narins
Alexander Naron `03
Sandra Nary
Nancy Nasca and Kevin Nasca
Joanne M. Nasella
Catherine Nasgowitz `63E (MM)
Dr. Carol S. Nash `63 and William L. Nash
Corinne L. Nash
Dr. David E. Nash `71M (MD) and Kaye Fletcher Nash
Helen L. Nash `62, `68 (MA)
Kathleen Nash
Dr. Linda B. Nash P`09, P`10
Dr. Philip S. Nash `73 and George A. Schutt `72, `88S (MBA)*
Carole Nasra
Dr. George S. Nasra `13S (MBA)
Barbara A. Nassau `69 and David A. Perlmutter
William A. Nassivera
Richard Nasso
Nancy Nastasi
Mildred Natal and Morry Natal*
Phyllis O. Natal and Bernard Natal
Joseph Natale
Nancy C. Natale
Nick Natale
Patricia A. Natale and Michael Natale
Sarah Natale
Susan L. Natalizio `78N and Frank Natalizio
Dr. Stephen E. Natelson `63M (MD)
Amy S. Nathan `76
Beverly Natkin and Theodore Natkin
Philip J. Natoli
Edwin W. Nau
Dr. Frederick J. Nau `80 and Helen Nau
Sonia L. Nau and Brian R. Nau
Tom Naughton
Helen Naugle `49
Lawrence W. Naukam
Carolyn Naum and Robert E. Naum
Dr. Elizabeth Naumburg `82H (Res) and Carl Hoffman
Dr. Guillermina Nava `95, `00M (MD)
Paolo C. Navazio `84
Kathryn L. Nave `06
Ronald W. Navik `65 and Barbara Navik
Dr. Michael Nazar `85H (Res) and Catherine Callery
Margaret Nead
Dr. Earl A. Neal `70M (MD)
Mary Pat Neal and John R. Neal P`10
Michelle Neal
Sheila Nealon and William F. Nealon
Sandra L. Nealon-Merulla
Nancy E. Neamtu `94S (MBA) and Horia Neamtu P`94
Ada Neary* and Lewis E. Neary*
Patricia A. Neary
Thelma R. Neary-Lochner
Mary L. Nebbia and Ronald E. Nebbia
Barbara F. Nechis `59
Suzanne E. Neckers and Douglas C. Neckers
Anita Nedelkovski
Edward G. Nedimala `78 (MA)
Dr. Eloise C. Neebe `70 (MA), `77 (PhD) and Dr. Alan W. Neebe `74S (PhD)
Brian W. Neff `84
Dr. Gerardo Negron `02M (Res)
Lynn Negron
Dr. Keith W. Nehrke `92M (MS), `94M (PhD) and Dr. Krystel R. Huxlin
Betsy G. Neiderbach and Michael A. Neiderbach
Margaret Neilson
Maureen Neilson and William M. Neilson
Joyce Neimanas
Lewis J. Neisner
Philip Neivert
Ann M. Nelson `85N
Blynn Nelson
Brenda G. Nelson and James R. Nelson
Caitlin Nelson
Catriva L. Nelson P`17
Dale A. Nelson `76, `78 (MA)
Deborah S. Nelson `89N (MS)
Dr. Edward A. Nelson `78M (MD) and Suzanne M. Nelson
Georgia C. Nelson and Kinloch Nelson
Gwendolyn D. Nelson
Katharine F. Nelson `72
Mary Nelson `52N*
Robert L. Nelson
Roy D. Nelson `76 (MS)
Sheri M. Nelson
Steve Nelson
Virginia A. Nelson
Arnold Nemerofsky `61 (MS)
Imre Nemeth
Janet D. Nemetz
Dr. Sarah B. Nemetz `89M (Res) and Dr. Michel J. Berg `90M (Res)
Sarah Nenni and Delfino Nenni
Gordon F. Nenno
Robert B. Nenno
Teresa M. Nenno* and Richard Nenno
Marwode G. Neracker `55 (MA)
Margaret Nesbit
Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Nesbit, Jr. `65M (MD), `74M (Res)
Michael J. Nesbitt
Thomas Nesbitt
Dr. William H. Nesbitt `63
Dr. David G. Neschis `92M (MD) and Kim Neschis
Thomas P. Nescot `87S (MBA) and Veronica Nescot
Owen F. Nesius
Elaine R. Nespeca and Thomas J. Nespeca
Mildred G. Ness `68W (EdM)
Vincent Ness `12^
Arthur L. Nesslage `84S (MBA) and Alberta L. Nesslage
Betty Neth
Mary C. Neth
Lewannne Nettles
Gary E. Neu
Sheri C. Neu P`17 and Glenn M. Neu P`17
Lynn M. Neubauer and Richard A. Neubauer Jr.
Emily Neuberger `73
Isobel Neuberger
Dr. David P. Neubert `03M (MD)
Judith Neuderfer `85N (MS) and Gary Neuderfer
Philip Neuer Jr.
Peter X. Neufeglise
Sharon E. Neufeglise* and Gerald Neufeglise
Dr. Philip D. Neufeld `74 (Flw)
Dr. David V. Neuffer `70 and Maura M. Neuffer
Barbara A. Neumann `81S (MBA)
Jason W. Neus
John M. Nevers Jr. `86
Caroline Nevil
Dr. Arthur J. Nevins `62 (MA), `65 (PhD) and Diane Z. Nevins
Dr. Diana Nevins `01M (Res)
Nancy A. Nevinskas and Rowland Billy
Nancy Y. Newberry
Carrol Newcomb and Michael C. Newcomb
Harriet E. Newcomb
Shauna Newcomb and Ernest Newcomb
Thomas H. Newcomb
Stephanie Newcomer
Alfred A. Newell*
Charles N. Newell
Jennifer L. Newell `93E
Lucille S. Newell
Nancy Newell and John W. Newell
Sherley S. Newell `61 and Thaddeus S. Newell III
Donna M. Newhart
Rose A. Newhart `72N
JoAnn B. Newland `55N
Dr. Alan I. Newman `70, `75M (Flw), `76D (Den) and Sharon D. Newman
Brenda J. Newman
Helene Newman
James J. Newman `80 (MA), `88 (PhD) and Anne D. Newman
Jerry R. Newman `71, P`17 and Michelle Newman P`17
Kathy E. Newman P`17E and Richard G. Newman P`17E
Laurel A. Newman `81 (MS)
Dr. Lisa J. Newman `74
Lisa C. Newman `01
Lynda Newman
Michele B. Newman P`18 and David H. Newman P`18
Dr. Roger Newman `63M (MD)
Wilfred Newman `56 (EdM)*
Phyllis Newsome `44E, `46E (MM)
Margaret G. Newswanger P`19 and Richard G. Newswanger P`19
David A. Newton
Emaline F. Newton and James D. Newton
Gail Newton
Kathy Newton and Robert C. Newton
Nancy S. Newton `81 (MS) and Richard G. Newton
Tracey L. Newton `83
Dr. John B. Nezlek `79 (MA), `79 (PhD)
Dr. Damon J. Ng `99
Kin Ng `97
Patti A. Ng `83 and Dr. John D. Ng `83
Tiffany K. Ng `08E (MM)
Dr. Wendy W. Ng `81M (MS), `83M (PhD), P`09, P`12 and Dr. Bruce P. Voris `79M (MS), `81M (PhD), P`09, P`12
Yimin Ngan P`02E
An Nguyen
Catherine T. Nguyen `08^
Dr. Kha C. Nguyen `93, `06M (MD)
Lanh T. Nguyen `14W (MS)
Mr. and Mrs. Vinh Nguyen
Eugene L. Nicandri `60, P`89 and Lois NiCandri P`89
Terrene C. Nicastro `66
Virginia J. Nicastro
Brian W. Niccloy*
Carter Nice `62E
Elizabeth Nicholas P`18 and John H. Nicholas P`18
Dr. Joseph A. Nicholas `01M (Res)
Thomas P. Nicholas `91 (MS)
Betty J. Nichols*
Cindy C. Nichols and William Nichols*
Donna Nichols
Eleanor D. Nichols
Josephine C. Nichols and Noel C. Nichols
Joyce E. Nichols `56 and Lester D. Nichols `56
Kathy P. Nichols and Gary L. Nichols
Mary W. Nichols and Ken Nichols
Nancy Ann S. Nichols `77 and Dr. Frank C. Nichols `79M (MS), `82M (PhD)
Roseann Nichols `52E
Sandra M. Nichols and Donald E. Nichols
T. Fred Nichols
Thomas Nichols
Corey Nichols-Hadeed
Linda G. Nicholson `93N (MS)
Vivian B. Nicholson and John E. Nicholson*
William S. Nichthauser `60
Michael S. Nichting `01S (MBA) and Heather Nichting
Dr. Mark W. Nickels `93M (Res)
Dr. Daniel A. Nicklas `04M (MD)
Mary L. Nickles `50, `73W (MA) and Harry R. Nickles `49
Bessie Nickolini
Dr. Olympia E. Nicodemi `73 (MA), `79 (PhD) and Dr. Gary W. Towsley `71 (MA), `75 (PhD)
Janet Nicodemus and Carl D. Nicodemus
Shamira Nicolas
Dr. Marciana Nicolas-Dollard
Jean Nicoletti `48 and Albert Nicoletti `69W (EdM)
Dr. Roger A. Nicoll `68M (MD)
Arleen Nicolo
Patrick A. Nicolucci
John Nicosia Jr.
Salvatore Nicosia
Dr. Hannah Niebulski `16M (MD)
Kathleen B. Nied `76N and Dr. Herman F. Nied `76
Helen B. Niedung `58E, `59E (MM)
Ann S. Nielsen and James N. Nielsen
Dr. Darci M. Nielsen `92
Douglas A. Nielsen
Josephine O. Nielsen
Linda Nielsen
Matthew P. Nielsen `08S (MBA)
Paul L. Nielsen
Ellen Niemi `60E and Stan L. Niemi
Horst G. Nienaber
Suzanne W. Nietsche and Eugene J. Nietsche
Christopher Nieznanski
Susan A. Niggli and John Niggli
Liliana C. Nigrelli `90
Erin Nigro `98
Joanne Hume-Nigro and Ronald J. Nigro
David M. Niklewicz `79 (MS) and Kyra Niklewicz
Dr. Nancy L. Niles `78M (MD)
Wesley S. Niles `99
Dr. Janice M. Nimetz `64E, `66E (MM) and Dr. Daniel Nimetz `64E (MA), `67E (PhD)
Foteny E. Ninos and Louis Ninos
Eleanor J. Nisco and Emeliano Nisco
Chukwuma E. Nnolim `94 and Chioma Nnolim
Nicole Buscaglia-Nobel `93 and Philip D. Nobel
James B. Nobes `58 and Claudette L. Nobes
Nancy M. Nobes and Donald G. Nobes
Barbara K. Noble and Bob Noble
Charles Noble
Dr. Ella B. Noble
Greta G. Noble and Donald L. Noble
Marcy J. Noble `78N and John A. Noble
Jeff Nobles
LCDR Norberto M. Nobrega `97S (MBA) and Marcia Nobrega
Dr. Ellen S. Danto-Nocton `83 and Dr. James J. Nocton `83
Denise Noe and Stephen Beresford
Melinda M. Noel-Kontos `80E, `85E (MA)
Dr. Anne Nofziger `00H (Res) and Dr. Alec O'Connor `00M (Res), `07M (MPH)
Gail Nofziger and James Nofziger
Katherine R. Nogaj and Norman J. Nogaj*
Cynthia Nohe
Jane D. Nohe
Dr. Nuria Gine-Nokes `01M (Res) and Dr. Keith Nokes `01H (Res)
Carolyn T. Nolan `83N (MS) and Dr. Timothy Nolan `83M (Res)
Elizabeth M. Nolan `78N (MS)
Dr. Jerome T. Nolan Jr. `49, `52M (MD)
Joe Nolan
John Nolan
Joseph J. Nolan
Margaret Nolan and William E. Nolan
Molly S. Nolan and Kevin Nolan
Patricia Nolan and Marc Slifer P`05
Bonnie B. Nolen and James K. Nolen
Kathryn F. Nolett `73
Sara-Ann Noll
Betty M. Nolting `42E (MM)
Vicki L. Nolting P`18
John C. Noon `74S (MBA)
Maria A. Noonan and James Noonan
Raymond S. Noone
Natasha Noras
Rev. Donald D. Nord `69 (MS)
Virginia Nordbeck `43E
Dr. M. Emery Nordberg Jr. `57
Dr. Moya L. Nordlund `77E, `80E (MA) and Dr. Thomas Nordlund
Catherine M. Norgauer `85 and Joseph Moorhead
Dr. John D. Norlund `73, `80M (Res)
Barbara C. Norman and Kenneth P. Norman
Caroline Norman `62 and Richard Norman
Craig Norman P`18
Karen Norman
Sharon D. Norman
Kathleen A. Norris P`17E
Catherine Norselli
Christine Norsen
John P. North Jr.
Leisa North
Martha J. North `54E (MM)
Stephen B. North
Dr. John E. Northman `66
Alexandra Northrop
Helen T. Northrop
Jane K. Northrup*
Karl Northrup
Lori Barnard-Northrup and Craig S. Northrup
Judy Nortier
Faith Barnum Norton `39, `40N
Gary G. Norton
Raymond J. Norton `67
Suzanne J. Norwood `71N and Rev. Richard Norwood P`00
Nanette Notar and Bernard W. Notar
Richard C. Notargiacomo `78S (MBA) and Elaine Notargiacomo
Dr. John C. Notaro `84
Glenda C. Nothnagle and Raymond A. Nothnagle
Dr. John T. Nothnagle Jr. `49
Margaret M. Nothnagle and Philip R. Nothnagle
Dr. Richard B. Noto `82M (MD)
Dr. Michael D. Nott `82E (MA), `86E (PhD)
Nadereh Nouhi `83
Kerstin E. Nourse `97
Dawn M. Novak and Dr. Steven J. Novak
Dr. Ernest R. Novak `67 (PhD) and Nancy O. Novak
Mark Novak `74
Mary Novak and William Novak
Dr. Stanley F. Novak `69M (Res) and F.M. P. Lyons
Barbara A. Noval `56E and William Noval
Elizabeth S. Novy and Lawrence J. Novy
Arthur Nowack
Hanna U. Nowack and Werner F. Nowack
Stephen G. Nowaczyk `91S (MBA)
Donald C. Nowak
Edward J. Nowak
Marybeth P. Nowak and Phillip J. Nowak
Catherine Nowaski
Mary M. Nowatka `63 and David Nowatka
Ernest Nowicki
Kelly Nuccitelli and Robert Nuccitelli
Dominic A. Nuciforo Jr.
Lyle E. Nudd
Zhanna Nudelman
Marina Nudo and Dr. Kenneth G. Nudo
Marilyn Nuffer and Harry L. Nuffer*
Lisa S. Nugiel `84
Dr. Patricia J. Numann `62
Maria N. Nunes and John G. Nunes
Lucille Nunn `72W (EdM) and Joseph R. Nunn `69S (MBA)
Barbara A. Nupp and Edward P. Nupp
Ronald L. Nurnberg `67
Julie B. Nusbaum P`18 and Mitchell S. Nusbaum P`18
Estelle B. Nussbaum P`12 and Paul B. Nussbaum P`12
Robert Nuttall
Mary M. Nuttelman `80E
Terry A. Nutting and Thomas C. Nutting
Alphonso F. Nuzzo Jr. `56
Carl V. Nyberg
Phyllis E. Nye `54, `55N and Dr. Sylvanus W. Nye `57M (MD)
Kathleen D. Nyerges `81E and John E. Nyerges `80E, `97E (MM)
Rhonda M. Nyerges `95N (MS) and Michael S. Nyerges
John E. Nyhoff `84S (MS) and Marion G. Nyhoff
Kurt E. Nystrom `69

An asterisk (*) denotes the individual is deceased. A caret (^) denotes the individual is a young alumnus.

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