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Honorees T - Z

All George Eastman Circle members are automatically recognized as Rochester Loyal members. The George Eastman Circle Honor Roll is accessible by members only.

Rochester Loyal Honor Roll (T-Z)
Dr. Sara M. Tabby `80M (MD)
Beverly J. Taber and Charles L. Taber
Dale Taber
Mary Kay Taber and William A. Taber
Meg M. Taber `07^ and Matthew A. Taber
Sherry M. Taber and Gary R. Taber
Dr. Shahram M. Tabib `98M (MD)
Sandra L. Tabone and Michael R. Tabone
Dr. James A. Tacci `91M (MD) and Robyn Tacci
Robert D. Tacito `74 and Rosann Tacito
Gladys Tack and Carl Tack
Albina J. Tacy
Ann M. Taddeo `73
Dr. Christina L. Taddeo `97, `02M (MD) and Jeffrey Taddeo `00S (MBA)
Dr. Stuart O. Tafeen `70, `75M (Res) and Elyse Tafeen
Dr. Jayaram R. Tagat `84 (PhD) and Shobha Tagat
James Tagliamonte
Dr. Charlotte Tahk `64, `69 (PhD) and Dr. Frederick C. Tahk `66 (PhD)
Jeanette Tahou
Lawrence A. Taillie `68
Dr. Mildred Y. Tain `59 (PhD) and Robert Tain
Diane K. Tait `69E
Haruko Tajiri
Monica Tajkowski and Gary Tajkowski
Dr. Harutaka Takahashi `81 (MA), `85 (PhD)
Hiromitsu Takemi `82S (MBA)
Rika Takikawa P`18 and Shinga Takikawa P`18
Edward M. Talarczyk
June B. Talarico
Sandra Talarico and Donald Talarico
Marlee A. Talbett
Carl A. Talbot `51
Kathleen Talbot
Susan M. Talbot `16^
Travis R. Talerico `13^
M Taliento
Dr. Angela K. Talley `93
Martha A. Talty and Patrick J. Talty
Kimberly G. Tamburrino P`16 and Lawrence M. Tamburrino P`16
Frank D. Tamburro `81E, `83E (MM) and Christina H. Tamburro
Annabelle M. Tan P`17 and Claude G. Sy P`17
Bee Choo Tan and Kern Lim
Dr. Gubert L. Tan `96M (Res) and Lin Tan
Hui-Ping Tan P`16 and Yong-Zhuo Chen P`16
Wendy S. Tan P`17
Didem Taneri Ghosh `97
Dr. Michael Tang `10S (MS), `13S (PhD)
Dr. Xiangyang Tang `99 (MS), `02 (PhD)
Mary O. Tanghe and Andrew J. Tanghe
Gary K. Tannenbaum `75
Linda J. Tanner P`06 and Robert C. Tanner P`06
William Tanner
Alberta Tantillo and Dominic F. Tantillo
Concettina Tantillo
Dr. Mary D. Tantillo `86N (MS) and Dr. Odysseus Adamides `80M (Res), `94M (Res)
Rose Tanzi
Dr. Esther S. Tanzman and Jeffrey Paul Eichner
Dr. Maria Eugenia Tapia `87E and Fernando R. Torre `86 (MS)
Carrie Tapyrik `05
Jeffrey Tara
Frances L. Tarantella
Gloria M. Tarantella
Robert M. Taras `84E (MA)
Nicholas M. Tariello `13E^
Patricia L. Tariello P`13E
Dr. Alice Tariot `78M (MD) and Steven G. Schwartz
Jane L. Taromino and Bill Taromino
Elaine S. Taroni and Jerome M. Taroni
Dr. Patricia C. Tarren `78D (Den)
Marie Tarricone
Patricia V. Tata `84 (MS) and Dr. James R. Tata `84 (MS), `88 (PhD)
Alice H. Tate `93 and Christian M. Tate `93
Jason M. Tate-Han `13S (MBA)
Mark F. Tatelbaum `89
Dr. Robert C. Tatelbaum `64M (MD), `69M (Res)
Berge Tatian `51
Dr. Christopher R. Tatro `01M (MD)
Kevin J. Tausend `85
Joanne Tausz and Dr. Alan Tausz
Sam Tavelaris
Ellen Taves `79 (MS) and Dr. Donald R. Taves `63M (PhD), `86M (Res)
Jeffrey M. Tay
Andrew E. Taylor Jr. `70
Ann M. Taylor
Beverly F. Taylor and William Taylor
David R. Taylor `69W, `71W (MA)
Deborah A. Taylor `13N
Ethel L. Taylor and James Taylor
Gretchen P. Taylor `77, `79E
Harvey Taylor
Jacqueline P. Taylor
Jo H. Taylor and R.W.W. Taylor
Julia C. Taylor P`12, P`15 and Stephen J. Taylor P`12, P`15
Lucille F. Taylor `84, P`18 and Charles H. Taylor `83, P`18
Lynne M. Taylor `77S (MBA) and Martin L. Taylor
Marianne Q. Taylor and Douglas F. Taylor
Mary C. Taylor
Michael C. Taylor `80, `81S (MBA)
Nancy E. Taylor
Nancy L. Taylor and Stanley H. Taylor
Patricia A. Taylor
Rachel C. Taylor `15^
Dr. Rodney J. Taylor `65, `76W (EdD) and Dorothy L. Taylor
Ryann Taylor
Steve Taylor
Susan W. Taylor `71N, `71 and Dr. William G. Taylor `71M (MD)
Elizabeth M. Teall
Marlene Tears
Sue S. Tebor P`09 and Dr. Gary B. Tebor P`09
Suchart Techaposai `90S (MBA) and Waraporn Techaposai
Eileen S. Tecza and Joseph Tecza
Alex D. Teece `12S (MBA)
Carole C. Teegarden and David M. Teegarden
Judith D. Teegarden `61W, P`85, P`90, P`95, P`96 and Kenneth Teegarden P`85, P`90, P`95, P`96
Karen Teegarden
Lawrence Tefft
Kay Tegelaar
Kurt F. Teichmann `66
The Honorable Michael A. Telesca `52 and Ethel E. Telesca
Lisa A. Tellechea
Jeri Teller Kanzler
Dr. Judith Temperley `57
Ellen A. Tempest
Stephen Tempest
Dr. Kimball B. Temple `62M (MD), `67M (Flw), `69M (Res) and Maria H. Temple
John D. Ten Hagen Jr. `97S (MBA)
Carolyn C. Tenney `48N
Mary S. Tennies and Herbert L. Tennies
Nancy R. Tenny `48
Debra A. Teperman P`17 and Alex Teperman P`17
Mary Terboss and Sean Terboss
Carmen M. Teremy `65E (MM) and Frank F. Teremy `65E
Matt Teresi
Jean N. Terhaar
Mary D. Teribury and Rodney H. Teribury
Marilyn A. Terkoski
Dr. Michael Ternisky `69D (Den) and Mary Ternisky
Robert A. Terra Jr.
Guy Terra
Jonathan P. Terracciano `07^
Dr. David L. Terrell `73 (PhD) and Carolyn H. Terrell
Rose Marie Terrigino and Nicholas V. Terrigino
Linda M. Territo P`12 and John J. Territo P`12
Edmaris J. Terron `15W (MS)
Helen P. Terry and Jeffrey D. Terry
Michael S. Terry `68S (MBA) and Marilyn M. Terry
Sarah R. Terry and Peter Terry
Thomas A. Terry `73, `74S (MBA)
Vivien A. Terry
Jennifer Terwilliger and Dion A. Terwilliger
Susan Terwilliger `75N, `79N (MS) and Dr. Jerry W. Terwilliger `79M (MD)
Ahmet N. Terzioglu `89
Nancy D. Tese and Paul Tese
Deborah Teska and Michael E. Shoemaker
Richard A. Testa
Nina Testardo and Donato Testardo
Marsha A. Tette and Michael Tette
Thomas Tette
Dr. Avadis Tevanian Jr. `83 and Nancy Tevanian
Brenda J. Teverbaugh P`17
Gina J. Thakur and Mahesh Thakur
Gary P. Thal `77
Andrea A. Thaler and Barry Thaler
Dr. Srinivas P. Thandla
Dr. Daman D. Thanik `64D (MS), `64D (Den)
Dr. Jaimala Thanik `75M (Res) and Dr. Krishan Thanik
Dr. Jack Thaw `66
Dr. Robert W. Thayer `49E
Susan H. Thayer and Norman B. Thayer
Theresa R. Thayer P`18 and Peter D. Thayer P`18
Colin M. Theis `04
Mary B. Then
Theodore Z. Theodor `68
Dr. Raymond Thertulien `90M (MS), `94M (MD), `94M (PhD)
Felicia Thew
Judy A. Thewke and Siegfried E. Thewke
Ahmadou Thiam `97, P`20 and Anne Thiam P`20
Dr. Catherine E. Thiedt `64E (MM), `76E (DMA)
Carol A. Thiel `89N (MS) and Peter W. Collinge
Corinne S. Thiele `91
Roger C. Thielking `48, `50 (EdM), P`77, P`81
Carol T. Thiell and Bruce E. Thiell
Audrey Thieme and Eberhard Thieme
Rajakanthan Thillairajah `85S (MBA)
James H. Thirtle Jr. `69 and Tonia Z. Thirtle
Lois L. Thom `80 and Daniel H. Thom `79
Dr. Stephen R. Thom `75, `81M (MD), `81M (PhD)
Ann Thomas
Benton Thomas
C. Gail Thomas and James E. Thomas
Carol P. Thomas `85
Courtney E. Thomas P`18
Cynthia Thomas
Dr. David M. Thomas `77 and Gail D. Thomas
Edward J. Thomas `76, `81 (MS)
Eilleen Thomas `76, `84M (MS)
Elaine R. Thomas `62
Dr. Elise F. Thomas `90M (MD) and Gregory J. Thomas
Howard S. Thomas Jr. `42 and Claudia Thomas
Janet S. Thomas `69E
Jeananne Thomas `91S (MBA)
Jeffrey B. Thomas `94S (MS)
Joan Thomas P`06 and Ronald Thomas P`06
John C. Thomas P`04
Dr. John D. Thomas II `85M (Res) and Ruth A. Thomas
Kathleen Thomas
Kathryn J. Thomas and William S. Thomas Jr.
Lawrence Thomas
Mary Grace Thomas
Mary J. Thomas `80N (MS)
Miriam I. Thomas `58 and Christopher D. Thomas
Patricia C. Thomas and Bruce B. Thomas
Priscilla L. Thomas and Arthur W. Thomas
Shely A. Thomas
Susan I. Thomas `81S (MBA) and Carl Thomas
Susan Sales-Thomas and Randy Thomas
Vinu M. Thomas `09S (MBA)
Woodlief Thomas Jr. `58 (MS) and Merrillan Thomas
Carol L. Thompson
Constance J. Thompson `67 and Thomas Thompson
D. Louise Thompson
Freddie M. Thompson
Ina Thompson and Rolvix Thompson
Iona Thompson
James D. Thompson Family
John C. Thompson `57
John M. Thompson
John O. Thompson
Kim E. Thompson
Liliane Thompson and Hubert Thompson
Dr. Mallory B. Thompson `85E (DMA)
Dr. Mary G. Thompson `87M (MD) and Scott Greene
Megan C. Thompson
Melanie R. Thompson P`14, P`15, P`16 and Kenneth Thompson
Millicent V. Thompson
Nancy Thompson
Nancy Thompson and Robert R. Thompson
Pamela Thompson
Pamela A. Thompson `79N (MS)
Ruth Thompson `57N
S. Beth Thompson `97N
Sandra N. Thompson `94S (MBA)
Stephanie Thompson
Susan Thompson `71
Judith M. Thomson P`11, P`12 and William J. Thomson
Dr. Robert C. Thomson `89M (MD), `92M (Res) and Alicia Thomson
Michael Thornberg
Catherine L. Thornberry `85 and Jim M. Thornberry
Dr. Loralei L. Thornburg `05M (Res), `08M (Flw) and Dr. Robert Thornburg `04M (Res)
Yvonne Thorne and Francisco L. Thorne
Diana L. Thornton `96W (MS), P`16 and Dr. Charles A. Thornton `91M (Flw), P`16
Elaine M. Thornton
Justin Thornton `98
Renee E. Thornton and Thomas Thornton
Salley Thornton
Donna Thorpe
Frederick B. Thorpe
Diane O. Thorsen and Art Thorsen
K. Terry Thorsos `76N and Eric I. Thorsos
Violette Throumoulos
Cheryl Thuotte
Donette P. Thurlow and Robert G. Thurlow
Jingjing Tian `15^
Steven D. Tibbetts `65
Gabriel Tiberio `50 and Jeannette Tiberio
Katherine E. Tiberio and Richard Tiberio
Santos R. Ticas P`16
Faye Ticconi and Bill Ticconi
Elizabeth A. Tice
James R. Tice
Jaen Ticen and Frank Petrzala Jr.
Catherine B. Tichacek and Charles Tichacek*
John J. Tichacek `11W (CAS) and Heather L. Tichacek
Samuel H. Ticknor `89S (MBA)
Raymond J. Tiede
Brigitta Tiemann and Rev. Delbert C. Tiemann
Earl A. Tieppo
Gillian M. Tierney `16S (MBA) and Justin Tierney
Matthew T. Tierney `06
Dorothea A. Tierson
Howard D. Tierson
Melissa A. Tieslink `82, `83S (MBA) and Peter A. Tieslink `83S (MBA)
Lisa M. Tietz
Paul G. Tietz `77
Anh M. Tieu `99
Sharon L. Tievsky `72 and Dr. Andrew L. Tievsky `70, P`07
Shirley G. Tiffany `87N (MS)*
Jeanne C. Tighe
Dr. Niral Tilala and Tejas Tilala
Mary F. Tilton and Samuel O. Tilton
Tory K. Tilton `12^
Mary J. Timian
Patrick S. Timineri
Helga Timm
Mary Timmons and Matthew Bashore
David J. Tims `92S (MBA)
Dr. Janice Tindall `66 and Dr. Robert C. Tindall `65
Mark D. Tinsley
William L. Tipton Jr.
Mark Tischendorf
Thomas N. Tischer
Deloris Tisdale
Susan Tishelman and Ronald Vastola
Joyce Tiskovich
Harold Tither III `67E
Michael Titlebaum `91E, `92E (MM) and Catherine A. Gale
Louise M. Titlow `83E
Dr. James R. Titus `66W (MA)
Troy Titus
Frances M. Titzler
Joab Tjiungwanara `00S (MBA)
Susan A. Tkach and Jonathan Hammond
Anne S. Tobey `68E
Joan D. Tobey `64W
Dr. Nelia Tobey `68M (PhD)
Robert M. Tobey `63
Sharon Tobey
William E. Tobin Sr.
Carl Tobin P`00 and Jill D. Tobin
Gail W. Tobin `69W (MA), P`91* and Patrick A. Tobin P`91
Janis S. Tobin `74N and Roger M. Tobin
Rosalie L. Tobin
Ann P. Todd
Bradley C. Todd
Charles C. Todd `77W (EdM) and Joann C. Todd
Gayel V. Todd
Dr. Paul W. Todd `60M (MS) and Judith Todd
Sarah Todd
Sheila S. Todd and Keith Todd
Dr. Eric J. Toder `67 (MA), `71 (PhD) and Susan C. Toder
Nancy S. Toder and Daniel McClosky P`04
Margaret B. Todisco
Shanna Toenniessen
Barbara Tokar
Susan Tolbert and Brian Tolbert
Lindsay Tolchin `04
John M. Toler `71S (MS)
Yvonne Porter Tolliver `52E and Peter M. Tolliver
Andrea J. Tolmich `69E
Dr. Diane Tolomeo `70
Steve Tolson
Dr. William K. Tom `62
Beverly A. Tomaino and Michael T. Tomaino
Dr. Michael A. Toman `81 (MA), `83 (PhD)
Joyce M. Tomanec `67E
Joanna Tomasino `92
Lucio Tomassetti
Lynnlee E. Tomczak
Douglas Tomei
Janis T. Tomei
Doreen R. Tominez `09N
Mary Tomlinson
Joan S. Tomory
Maureen Tompkins and Michael Tompkins
Stacy P. Tompkins `67
Penny A. Tondat and William Tondat
Edward M. Tondryk
Ruby Toner and Francis Toner
Kathleen Toney
Nancy Tongue and William Tongue
Frances Toohey
Charlene M. Toole
Linda Toole `77N
Pamela Toole and Leon A. Toole
Charles Toor
Shirley V. Topel and William V. Topel
Jerome D. Toporek `72, `75 (MA)
Celia J. Topping and Douglas C. Topping
Lindsay Topping
William A. Torpey `63 and Donna L. Torpey
Jeanne M. Torre `63
Jane Torrens `66, `68W (MA)
Amy R. Torres `06N, `11N (MS) and Christopher D. Torres `09N (MS)
Delia Torres
Eugenio Torres
Inez Torres
Steven B. Torrisi `16^
Karen V. Tortolani `65 and Dr. Robert E. Tortolani `67M (MD)
Peter Tortorella
Robert A. Tortorella
Helen A. Toscano and Leo Toscano
Livia M. Toscano and Ralph M. Toscano Jr.
Rev. Louise M. Johnson-Toth `69, `70 (MA) and Gregory Toth
Chimija Totsline* and James P. Totsline
Suresh Totten
Ruth-Ann Tourtellotte and Vernon Tourtellotte Jr.
Romy M. Toussaint `85 and John C. Annand `85
Dr. Sean P. Toussaint `12M (Res) and Megan Greenleaf
Martha C. Tovar P`18 and Arturo E. Yidi P`18
Dianne Towers and Steven H. Towers
Mary Anna & Bill Towler P`92, P`95
Sharon J. Townley `68
Debra Townsend and Phillip C. Townsend
Gregory W. Townsend
Shirley Townsend and Stephen E. Townsend
Cynthia L. Townson and Bruce Townson*
Jan H. Towsley
Cheryl F. Toyama `78E and Thomas I. Toyama `75E, `81E (MM)
Kimiko Toyomura P`17, P`17E
Naoki H. Toyomura
Donna K. Trabert
Maureen B. Tracy P`18 and Eugene R. Tracy P`18
Michael Tracy
Lewis R. Traester Jr. `65 and Katherine A. Traester
Paul V. Trainor `70
Steven D. Trambert `12^
Francine Tramonto and Anthony J. Tramonto Jr.
Louis R. Tramontozzi
Wen L. Tran P`12 and Nghia H. Tran P`12
Jason Tranquill `04N
Carrie L. Trant `12^
Maria Trapanovski and Tomislav Trapanovski
Mollie A. Traub `70W (MA) and Kenneth N. Traub `69S (MBA)
Marie A. Travaglini
Donald L. Traver
Gayle A. Traver `63N, `63
Shirley T. Travis and Richard L. Travis
Janet E. Traynor
Barbara Treadway `54
Clinton B. Treadway
Susan C. Treadwell
Stacie Treahy and Jonathan Treahy
Charles W. Treat
Donna M. Treat and Ray A. Treat
Ronna Y. Treier `72 (MS), `79S (MBA) and George Treier
Paul J. Tremblay `04N
Lucretia Tremmel
Sharon Trenkler
Jennifer Trenton
Dr. Mary L. Trepanier `78W (EdD)
Paula M. Trepcos and Charles Trepcos
Dr. Kimberly M. Tresch `98M (MD), `01M (Res)
Jeffrey A. Trest `81 (MS) and Sharon Trest
Dr. David M. Tretheway `05M (MD)
Monica H. Trevett `06S (MBA)
William J. Tribelhorn
Stephen T. Trickey `94
Robert P. Trimaldi
David Trimble
Dr. Sharon J. Trimborn `93N (PhD)
Dr. Martha C. Trimbur `12M (MD)
Judith Trimer
Dr. David C. Trindade `68 (MS)
Alison M. Trinkoff `78N and Paul D. Trinkoff `78
Laura A. Triou `90, `94W (MS) and John Triou
Janet M. Triplett `14N and Roger L. Triplett `81 (MS)
Ann G. Tripp
Jane M. Tripp `54 and Dr. Marenes R. Tripp `56M (MS)
Melinda L. Trippy
John S. Tritten
Dr. Darrell J. Triulzi `90M (Flw), `92M (Res)
Patricia M. Trivino `85
Edward F. Troicke `60
Dr. Catherine L. Troisi `74, P`06, P`09, P`13 and Dr. Richard J. Stoll `74, P`06, P`09, P`13
Janice Trojanowski
James S. Trosch `77
Eileen J. Trott and Thomas Trott
Margaret S. Trott `58N and Marvin Trott `50, P`85, P`89
Suzanne Trottier and Joseph M. Trottier
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Trotto*
Daniel J. Troup `86S (MBA) and Sue Troup
Margaret F. Troup and Gordon M. Troup
Brittiny M. Trout `09, `13S (MBA)^ and Andrew Trout
June Trout `45
Roy A. Trowbridge Sr.
Dr. Bart L. Troy `63M (Res) and Virginia M. Troy
Valerie Truax
John Trubee
Dr. A. Louise Trucks `92E (PhD) and Dr. H. Kenneth Cohen `74 (PhD)
Kimberly Truebger and John Truebger
Mary S. Truelove `73 and John M. Truelove `73
William Truesdell
Sharon Trumbull and Jeffrey S. Trumbull
Dr. Clarence L. Trummel `72M (PhD), `74D (Den) and Melinda A. Trummel
Beth S. Trumper P`15 and Dr. David L. Trumper P`15
Arleen H. Trundy `71
Dr. Muriel Trunfio and Dr. Nino Trunfio
Christina Tryczynski `98
Patricia Tryon
Hsin-Yi Tsai `13 (PhD)
Dr. Nien-Tszr Tsai `66 (MS), `69 (PhD)
Ping-chin Tsai P`19E and Liang-chen Chang P`19E
Nickolaos M. Tsanis
Michael Tsarbopoulos `02S (MBA)
Jane L. Tschiderer
Beth D. Tschorke and Philip K. Tschorke
Dr. Cek-Fyne Tse `74M (MS), `80M (PhD)
Jack Tse
Ming-Jy Tseng and Fung I. Tseng
Dr. Steven Tsengas `65S (MS)
Lycourgos Tsirakis `03S (MBA)
Dr. Jo-Chi Tsou `79 (MS), `82 (PhD) and Hu Su F. Tsou
Dr. Melissa Tsuboyama `12M (MD)
Anthony Tubolino
Audrey N. Tucci
Paul T. Tucci `86, `98W (MS)
Dr. Arthur W. Tucciarone `50
Gisela Tuccillo
Yvonne Tuchrello
Anne M. Tucker
Dr. Donald P. Tucker `55M (MD), P`88 and Lois Tucker P`88
Easter G. Tucker `76, `81 (MS)
Gene R. Tucker `69E
Gert Tucker
Helen A. Tucker
Neil and Karen J. Tucker `73
Meg B. Tudman and Scott Tudman
Sally S. Tuety and Thomas A. Tuety
Tom Tuety
Paul Tufano
Rita D. Tufano
Dr. Robert Tugel
Kathy Tuite and Arthur Tuite
Ryan T. Tuke
Lois D. Tukman `65W (MA)
Sasha P. Tulgan and Adam Tulgan
Dr. Paul K. Tulikangas `94M (MD)
Alissa N. Tully `08^
Evelyn I. Tummon `97
Dr. Elaine M. Tunaitis `80M (Res) and Raymond Dreher
Suzanne K. Tunnell `86S (MBA) and Kenneth J. Tunnell `86S (MBA)
Nancy Tuohey
Gertrude P. Turberg and Martin Turberg
Silvana Turco
Paul J. Turek Jr. `72S (MBA)
Dr. Susan Shamaskin-Turgeman P`19 and Ishak Turgeman P`19
Guven Turgut
Susan R. Turiano
David R. Turk `77
Carol Turkett and Douglas Turkett
Dr. Hillary Turkewitz `71 and Jonathan G. Ripley `71
Walter L. Turle `56
Joan Turley and Robert Turley
Bonnie Mayer-Turner and Gordon Turner
Dr. Daniel R. Turner `87, `91M (MD)
Glenn Turner
Dr. Joel A. Turner `88
Katherine Turner P`19
Kathryn Turner
Lisa Turner
Mary A. Worboys-Turner and Scott M. Turner
Mary S. Turner `78N (MS)
Michelle H. Turner
Patricia A. Turner and Tom Turner
Richard A. Turner
Dr. Robert E. Turner `80 (PhD)
Sally Turner `61E
Samuel G. Turner II `67 and Hether C. Turner
Sandra L. Turner and Edward R. Turner
Sandra M. Turner `01
William W. Turner
Edward J. Turpin
Gloria A. Turpyn
Marcia A. Turpyn and Edward T. Turpyn
Joseph A. Turri
Dee Tuschong
Diane Tuschong and Robert Tuschong
Jonathan D. Tushman `97 and Maggie Tushman
Barbara Tuszynski
Amy L. Tuttle P`16 and Jeffrey A. Tuttle P`16
Dr. Jane I. Tuttle `79N, `84N (MS) and Doug Blue III
Kelsey N. Tuttle `16^
Paul D. Tuttle
Carol C. Tuzzeo and Thomas M. Tuzzeo
Karen Tveit and Gary L. Tveit
Victoria L. Twietmeyer and Don H. Twietmeyer
Daniel B. Twigg `61 (MS) and Judy Twigg
Charles E. Twitchell
Dorothea J. Twohig
Lee Twyman
Lisa Tydings
Darryl Tygart
Judith Tyle and Robert M. Tyle
Carol A. Tyler
Donald T. Tyler `66
Dorothy S. Tyler
Elizabeth Tyler and Bradley E. Tyler
Heidi Tyler and D. Timothy Tyler
Janet M. Tyler `59 and John R. Tyler Jr.
Jeanne R. Tyler
Sandra M. Tyler
Robert B. Tylock
Pamela J. Tyman P`18 and Andrew R. Tyman P`18
William C. Tymick
Thomas M. Tzetzo `82
Ermioni Tziatzou and Thomas Tziatzou
Vasilios Tzogas
Mary T. Ubriaco and Robert S. Ubriaco
Thomas D. Ucko `77
Charles Udell `82S (MBA)
Dr. Eric J. Udoff `73M (MD) and Ronni Udoff
Daniel J. Uebbing `12W (MS)
Heather A. Uetz `08W (CAS), `16W (EdD)
Yvonne Y. Uherek P`13 and Vladimir Uherek P`13
Clara Y. Uline `64W (MA)
Janet C. Ulivi P`18 and William A. Ulivi P`18
Ralph J. Ullman `72S (MBA), `79M (MS)
James R. Ullom `51 (MS) and Nancy Hageman Ullom
Ellen C. Ulrich P`05, P`12* and Dennis B. Ulrich P`05, P`12
Dr. Uchila N. Umesh `80S (MBA) and Opal Gerwig
Margo J. Umhofer
Sandra J. Umiker `94, `02S (MBA) and Daniel E. Umiker `01S (MBA)
Elizabeth L. Umoff
James R. Unckless `74S (MBA) and Karen L. Unckless
Stanley Underberg*
H. Joanne Underwood and Justin A. Underwood
Larue Underwood
Linda Underwood and James Underwood
Winona G. Underwood
Douglas J. Unell
Rachael Unger
Trevor M. Unger
Vernon R. Unger `81 and Stephanie Unger
Ronnie Unruh-Manteuffel `81
Charlene A. Upham
Damian A. Upson `75
Jean Upton `48N
Debra A. Urban
Philip M. Urban
Dr. Alvin L. Ureles `45M (MD)
Candice J. Urf and Wallace E. Urf
CPT Kenneth D. Urfer `64 (MS)
Patty Yahn-Urlaub and John W. Urlaub
Linda Urso and Mario P. Urso
Ethel Uschold and Francis J. Uschold Jr.
Krestie Utech
Grace Uttaro
Madeline T. Uttaro
Pamela S. Uttaro and Ralph A. Uttaro
Linda L. Utter and Wesley Utter
Marilyn A. Utz and George R. Utz
Martha Vaananen P`10 and Raymond Johnson P`10
Andres Vaart `66
Carolyn S. Vacca `98 (PhD) and Paul Vacca
Carla A. Vaccaro `89, `94S (MBA) and David J. Vaccaro Jr. `88, `94S (MBA)
Mary Ann Vaccaro `68 and Frank Vaccaro
Dr. Steve R. Vacchi `90E
Kerri A. Vacher `97
Dr. Anthony H. Vagnucci `93M (MD)
Jodi N. Vahramian
Eleanore Vail `46E, `47E (MM)
Elba M. Valarezo P`19
Pamela Valderrama P`15 and Franklin Valderrama P`15
Ronald R. Valente `85 (MS), `88 (PhD)
Constance H. Valenti P`17 and Joseph S. Valenti P`17
Dr. William M. Valenti `76M (Res)
Angela Valentine and Gary Valentine
Betty L. Valentine and Jerry J. Valentine
Dr. John W. Valentine `75M (MD)
Dr. Kimberly A. Valentine and John Strowe
Marian Valentine and James Valentine
JoAnn M. Valentino
Suzanne M. Valerio `66E, `68E (MM) and Sandy H. Valerio `68E
Anne Valery `58N
Cheryl Valeska and Charlie Valeska
Pamela Valinsky P`17 and Ronald L. Valinsky P`17
Constance A. Valk and Cornelis Valk
Maureen Valle and Richard R. Valle
Nancy Valle
Ignacio D. Vallejo `93
Janet Valliere and Paul J. Valliere
Pamela R. Valliere `81 and Claude P. Valliere `80
Phyllis W. Vallone and John R. Vallone
Dee Valvano and Vincent Valvano
Pamela J. Valvano and John Valvano
Dr. Thomas J. Valvano `99M (MD)
Ekaterini Vamvakos and Konstantinos Vamvakos
Jane Van Alstyne `49 and Vance B. Van Alstyne `48*
Robert A. Van Alstyne `69 and Jane L. Van Alstyne
Donna M. Van Auken and William C. Van Auken
Judith M. Van Avery P`19 and William Van Avery P`19
Pamela C. Van Belle P`17 and John J. Van Belle
Cindy M. Van Buren and Miles R. Van Buren
Tammy A. Van Buren and David Van Buren
Dr. Nancy J. Van de Vate
Linda Van De Walle and Robert Van De Walle
Barbara Van Deluyster
Nancy Van Der Meid
Susan R. van der Stricht
Judith Van Dine and Kenneth Van Dine
Della P. Van Doren
Judith Van Dorn and D. Lawrence Van Dorn
Allyn D. Van Dusen `84E (MM), P`12
Pat Van Gelder and Carl Van Gelder
COL Gary R. Van Gysel `65
Gordon Van Hall
Karen L. Van Hentenryck P`17E and Keith Van Hentenryck P`17E
Erik C. Van Houten `12^
Gary W. Van Ingen
Piet E. Van Leer `97
Dr. David S. Van Mater `97
James P. Van Meter
Carolyn W. Van Ness and C. Monroe Van Ness
Helen M. Van Ness and Wayne Van Ness
Judith L. Van Ness
Robert Van Ness
Robert W. Van Niel `56 and Elizabeth Van Niel
Dorothy Van Norman `56 and Dr. Gilden R. Van Norman `54
Gerald A. Van Orden `60 and Nancy Van Orden
Robert A. Van Ostrand `61, P`89, P`91 and Teresa R. Van Ostrand P`89, P`91
Laurette J. Van Patten P`16 and David P. Van Patten P`16
David Van Ry
Murlen Van Skiver
Jane G. Van Thof and Edward R. VanThof
Ashley S. Van Vechten `08^
Matthew J. Van Vlack `93 and Roberta Van Vlack
Marie J. Van Vliet and Richie E. Van Vliet
Mary E. Van Vranken `82N and Randy C. Van Vranken `79 (MS)
Karen R. Vanalst and William Vanalst
Joanne E. VanArsdell `68
David Vanauken
Tricia Vanauken
Shelley K. VanAuker and Todd A. VanAuker
Kare Vanblargan and Jonathan B. Vanblargan
Judith S. VanBramer
Toni Lynn VanBramer and Kurt VanBramer
Gladys VanBrederode
Kimberly M. VanCamp
Sandra J. Vancamp `74N, `76N (MS)
Charles VanCassele
Mary C. Vance
Dr. Michael Vance `86M (MD) and Mary H. Vance
Thomas C. Vance `80S (MBA)
Dr. Vijay Vanchinathan `13M (MD)
Dr. James L. VanCleve `72 (MA), `74 (PhD)
Marjory M. VanDeMark and John E. VanDeMark
Mary E. VanDenburgh
Anne W. Vander Byl and Wayne A. Vander Byl
Paul A. Vander Weele `67E
Linda A. VanderBrook
Rhonda VanderBrook
Sandra Vanderbrook and Roger Vanderbrook
Matthew M. Vanderburgh
Dr. Elise W. Vanderjagt `70, `75M (Res), `80M (Res), `87M (MS) and Janet Vanderjagt
Janice C. Vanderkamp and Richard C. Vanderkamp
Barbara Vanderlinde `79N (MS) and Dr. Robert E. Vanderlinde `79M (Res)
Ruth H. VanDerLinden and David V. VanDerLinden
Pheobe K. Vandermeid and Thomas A. Vandermeid
Virginia W. VanDerMeid and Paul W. VanDerMeid
Juliann Vanderstyne
Mark A. Vanderwall `87S (MBA) and Theresa Vanderwall
Norma L. Vanderwall and Richard J. Vanderwall
Laura VanDeusen
Vivian L. Vandevelde and James G. Vandevelde
Jean VanDeVoorde
Heather M. VanDeWeert
Kandi D. VanDuzer P`09 and Kenneth H. VanDuzer Jr. P`09
Bruce Vanek
Dr. Eugenia Vanek `74W (EdD) and Dr. John A. Vanek `74M (MD)
Margot VanEtten and Laurence A. Van Etten
Dr. Beth Vanfossen
Eric J. Vangellow `86S (MBA), P`12 and Andrea A. Vangellow P`12
Laurie A. Vangellow `90N and James Vangellow
Carol A. VanGraafeiland
Marie VanGraafeiland and Gary P. VanGraafeiland
Mark VanGraafeiland
Richard A. Vangrol
Ethan VanHanehem
Richard C. Van Hanehem
Nancy R. VanHooydonk `60, `61N and John Van Hooydonk
Susan E. VanHoven and Harvey A. VanHoven
Chelsea E. Vanini `14N
Thomas C. Vaniotis `03, `14S (MS)
Patricia C. VanKouwenberg `62, `69W (MA)
Diane Vanlare
Annette R. VanLeuven and Edward G. Vanleuven
Barbara A. VanMorrelgem
Mary Ann Vanmulem and Rene C. Vanmulem
Dorothy Vannoman
Daniel Vanorden
Beatrice D. Vanorman and John A. Vanorman
Robert D. VanReypen `49 (MS)
Harold M. VanSchaik Jr. `88E (MM)
Gary W. VanScoter `90S (MBA) and Kathleen E. VanScoter
Maryann C. VanScoter and Ronald O. VanScoter
Janice J. Vanselow `82
Milada S. Vanselow `52 and Donald J. Vanselow `52
Clifford Vanskiver
Patricia A. Vanstrydonck
John VanTassel
Abbie VanWely and Peter VanWely
Debra M. VanWert
Maryclaire Vanwie
Pamela S. Vanwuyckhuyse and Mark C. Vanwuyckhuyse
Nancy Vanzetta and James J. Vanzetta
Joan Vanzo
Dr. Evan M. Vapnek `87 and Gillian E. Vapnek
Edward Vara
William S. Varade III
Zoi Varahidis
Tigran Vardanyan `00E
Dr. Keshav S. Varde `71 (PhD)
Daniela Varga and Josip Varga
Paula Vargas
Urso A. Vargas `99
Carol A. Vargo
Dr. Mary Vargo `85M (MD) and Dr. John J. Vargo II `81, `85M (MD)
Ronald J. Vargo
Megan L. Vargulick and Adam Vargulick
Susan K. Varlan
Marie M. Varner
Ruth H. Varney `54
Philip I. Varughese `89
Suzanne W. Vary `84S (MBA), P`18 and Craig R. Vary P`18
Andrew Vasicek `02
Elizabeth Vasquez
Cynthia S. Vassallo and Bruce Vassallo
Timothy Vassallo
Dr. Barbara Vasselli `47
Richard E. Vastagh `84
Bernadine I. Vatcher P`18E and Brian W. Vatcher P`18E
Dr. G. Edward Vates
Sherry G. Vatter `69
Sally J. Vaughan
Dr. Patricia Vaughan-Brogan `15W (EdD)
June Vaughn
Rickie W. Vaughn
Dr. Megan B. Vaules `95M (MD) and Dr. William A. Vaules `95M (MD)
Robin R. Vavrina `75 and Robert J. Vavrina `76
John P. Vay `52 and Janet Vay
Dr. Mary E. Robinson-Vay `85M (MD), `88M (Res), P`11 and Joseph R. Vay `86 (MS), P`11
Julio Vazquez
Janice E. Vecchio
Sylvia Vecellio
Kathryn T. Vedora and Dominick Vedora
Alexandra Veech
Dr. Kara Veeder and Robert Story
Peter Veitch
Robert Veitch
Audrey Velepec and Herbert Velepec
Dr. Christos I. Velissaris `90 (MA), `95 (PhD)
Marian E. Vella
Dr. Stephan P. Velsko `77 and Carol A. Velsko
Eugene Veltri
Deborah Vendel
Basil C. Vendryes `82E
Arlene Venkatesh `55N
Willa Vennema P`17 and Carter A. Waldren P`17
Roque A. Venosa
Marilyn Ventimiglia and Vincent A. Ventimiglia
Constance Ventura and John F. Ventura
Dianna Ventura and Joseph Ventura*
Dr. Brigit R. Venza `04M (MD)
Dr. George E. Veomett `66 and Marilyn J. Veomett
James A. Ver Steeg `15W (MS)
Nikolaos Veraros `95S (MBA)
Beverly Verbridge `51, `52N and Gerald Verbridge
Donald R. Vercolen
Emily Verdille and Albert Verdille
Barbara L. Verdone
Garrett J. Verdone `76
Ronald H. Verdouw
Mary L. Veremeychik `64E, `65E (MM) and Dr. Theodore M. Veremeychik `87E (PhD)
Carl Vermilyea Jr. `85E
Timothy Verna
Joan T. Vernarelli and Michael J. Vernarelli
Carol Ann Vernetti
Debra Veronica P`18 and Mark Veronica P`18
Sari Verrenti
Eleanor Verschneider
Henry E. Versluys
Richard Versluys
Juanita M. Vervalin and Bruce Brone
Georgianna M. Verweire and Charles R. Verweire
Demaris Verzulli and Steven A. Verzulli
Bertha B. Vesling
Jane C. Vesling
Edward Vesneske
Susan E. Vester `84
Jeanette Vesz
Anthony J. Vetrano `56 (MA)
Paul E. Viau `71
Mary Ann Viavattine and John M. Viavattine
Susanne M. Viavattine `96E (MM), P`13E, P`14E, P`17E and Mark R. Viavattine `92E (MM), P`13E, P`14E, P`17E
Gary E. Vickers `81S (MBA)
Gilbert Vickers Jr. `69E
Mary R. Vickers and Bruce W. Vickers
Linda C. Vickery, M.D. `81M (MD) and Kenneth Zink
Nina Vidas
Teresa A. Vidergar `90E (MM)
Carol Vieau and John K. Vieau
Eileen B. Vieira and Alan A. Vieira
Rocco J. Viele Sr.
Margaret Vienna*
Susan E. Vienna and Terry W. Vienna
Joann F. Vierthaler
Dr. Manish Vig `91, `95M (MD) and Usha Vig
Louise M. Vigdor and Justin L. Vigdor
Anne C. Viggiani `52, `56 (MA)
Edgar F. Viggiani
Anne W. Vilas and David C. Vilas
Laura Villa and C.J. Villa
Beth C. Villafranca P`19 and Joseph J. Villafranca P`19
Diego Villanueva
Herman Villanueva
James Lance F. Villard `69
Nancy Villarreal `68W (EdM)
Patricia Vincelli and Richard J. Vincelli
Phyllis A. Vincelli and Gary A. Vincelli
Elizabeth Vincent
Jean C. Vincent
Yvonne Vincent `47N
Danny Vindigni
Henriette Vindigni
Ruth Viner
Judith A. Vinette and James G. Vinette
Joanne W. Vineyard and George D. Vineyard*
Deborah Ann Vink `82N
Mary S. Vink
Victor F. Vinkey
Laverne A. Virgile P`10, P`12, P`19 and Roger S. Virgile P`10, P`12, P`19
Susanna Virgilio `12^
Matt Visbaras
Josephine Visca and Mario Visca
Anne Viscardi
C. A. Viscardi
Robert M. Viscardi
Arlene Vitale*
Christy A. Vitale and James J. Vitale
Dr. Francesca Vitali and Rudi Fasan
Yasmin C. Vitalius `01E (MM)
Rita S. Vitalone and James Vitalone
Andrew Viteri
Georgette Viteri and T. Xavier Viteri
Angela M. Vito and John R. Vito Sr.
Barbara Vito
Nancy J. Vito and Anthony T. Vito
Carol J. Vitolins `78N, `91N (MS) and Imants Vitolins
Dr. Marie A. Vitulli `71
Graciela P. Viturro `98S (MS) and Enrique Viturro
Madaline Vivenzio `74H (DPL)
Judie Vleck and Richard Vleck
Gwenn Voelckers
Kathryn L. Voelker `09E (MA)
Julie A. Voelkl
Mark Voelkl
Mary A. Voelkl and Robert Voelkl
Charles D. Vogel `75
Rev. Donald C. Vogel `55 (MA)
Dr. Ronald J. Vogel `93 (MA), `95 (PhD)
Susan Hendrickson Vogelman `88 and Timothy R. Vogelman `87
Jack Voggenthaler `56 and B. H. Voggenthaler
Barbara M. Vogt
Flora E. Vogt `47N
Father Otto J. Vogt
Ryan F. Vogt `13, `15W (MS)^
John Vogtle
Lisa M. Voit `84
Colleen E. Vokes
Richard Vokes
Dr. Philip S. Volastro `66M (MD) and Lois Volastro
Eileen R. Volk*
Dr. Michael L. Volk `01M (MD)
Barbara T. Voll and Theodore J. Voll Jr.
Rose I. Volo
Louis L. Volonino `79 and Kelly M. Volonino
Eleanor A. Volpe
Herma Volpe-Van Dijk and Matthew J. Volpe
Elizabeth A. Von Bacho
Karen R. Von Sauers `64W (MA) and Marcella S. Pavelka
Carol VonBerg
Tammy C. Vonglis and Andrew P. Vonglis
Barbara P. VonSchilcher `67W
Franciscus M. Voogt
Denise K. Vorbach and Edward Vorbach
Virginia Vorhis
Stephen K. Voris `09^
Ana R. Vorlicek `83
Amanda M. Vorndran `11S (MBA)
Kenneth R. Vorndran `95 (MS)
Jay A. Vosk `71E
Dr. Margaret Voss Howard `69
Albert M. Vossler `62
Dr. Karen Voter and William A. Voter
Ann M. Vozzolo P`11E and David J. Vozzolo P`11E
Emily Vreeland `12^
Dr. Ronald B. Vukman `77M (MD), `80M (Res), P`10 and Mary Vukman P`10
Frank Vultaggio
Jozef Vyskoc `92 (MS)
Adrian Waasdorp
Catherine M. Wabnitz and William Wabnitz
Eleanor Wabnitz `46
Jeffrey R. Wachholder
James R. Wachob
Dr. Paul A. Wachtel `68 (MA), `72 (PhD)
Bonnie R. Wadach and John B. Wadach
Grace J. Waddy
Dr. Natalie H. Waddy
Diana J. Wade
Kathleen J. Wade `72 (MA) and W. Ted Wade
Beatrix M. Wadhams
Charles H. Wadhams Jr. `50 and Anne S. Wadhams
Margaret Wadhams
Christina Wadkins and Chad Wadkins
Dr. Kristine M. Wadosky `09^
Martha C. Wadsworth
Mary Ellen Wadsworth and Robert Wadsworth P`05E
Rosamond W. Wadsworth `56E (MM)
Ross Waetzman `99S (MBA)
Douglas C. Wager
Kathleen D. Wager and Raymond F. Wager
Stephen J. Wager
Dr. Karen A. Wager-Zadeh `84
Ramilla Waghmarae P`17 and Romanth Waghmarae P`17
Joanne Waghorne and Dick Waghorne
Dr. Barbara C. Wagner `61 and Dr. Timothy K. Wagner `61
Christopher M. Wagner `90 (MA) and Amy E. Voellinger-Wagner
Deborah Wagner
Frederick Wagner Jr.*
Ingeborg A. Wagner and Helmut Wagner
John F. Wagner
Dr. John S. Wagner `73M (MD), `74M (Res)
Dr. Judit S. Wagner `76M (Res) and John R. Wagner Jr.
Karen Wagner and John P. Wagner
M. Kathleen Wagner
Morganne J. Wagner `14^
Dr. Murphy T. Wagner Jr. `62M (MS)*
Stacey Wagner
Thomas J. Wagner
Dr. Allison Wagreich `03M (Res)
Dr. Meredith L. Waheed `89M (Res)
Deborah N. Wahl and John F. Wahl
Richard Wahl
Marilyn Waingarten and Dan Waingarten
Dr. Glenda J. Wait `96W (EdD)
April R. Waite
Arthur A. Waite
Richard A. Waite `71
William D. Waite
Aoi Wakabayashi `13^
Dianne Wake P`99
Mary Wake and Clayton H. Wake*
Hiroko Wakimoto P`14 and Hiroaki Wakimoto P`14
Laura Wakley and Christopher Wakley
Sandra A. Walch P`16 and Douglas K. Walch P`16
Carol A. Walck and Henry Z. Walck Jr.
Deborah Walczak
Margaret A. Walczak and Henry J. Walczak*
Ruth A. Matinko-Wald P`16 and Barry M. Wald P`16
John Waldbillig
Sara Walden `62 and David C. Walden
Stephen E. Waldhorn `70
Mark Waldman `75, `78 (MS)
Dr. Ronald J. Waldman `67
Richard E. Waldor `81 and Vivian S. Kerstein
Anne Waldruff and William Waldruff
Dr. A. John Walker `61E, `64E (MA), `72E (PhD)
Angela Z. Walker P`18 and Anthony W. Walker P`18
Barry Walker
Carolyn R. Walker and James M. Walker
Christine Walker
Connie O. Walker and Jesse Dudley
Dave D. Walker
Donald D. Walker
James R. Walker
Linda Walker
Mary E. Walker
Nina D. Walker `76
Patrick Walker
Dr. Robert S. Walker `73M (Res)
Sandra G. Walker and Robert L. Walker
Simon B. Walker `85 and Shellene W. Walker
Stephen P. Walker `44
Thomas H. and Susan E. (Burn) Walker `72
Donna E. Walkley and Richard S. Walkley
Marilyn M. Walkowicz and Leonard E. Walkowicz
Catherine Wall `94N (MS)
Thomas Wall
Anna B. Wallace and Warren B. Wallace
Anne L. Wallace and Robert W. Wallace
Barbara D. Wallace and Michael S. Wallace
Bonnie W. Wallace
Edward Wallace
Elisa Wallace
James Wallace
Joan M. Wallace
Joanne C. Wallace `53E and Leon C. Wallace `63W (EdM)
Dr. Karen Wallace P`05 and William Wallace P`05
Marjorie Wallace
Marjorie L. Wallace and Theodore B. Wallace
Shirley A. Wallace
Susan O. Wallace `91
Megan M. Wallenhorst
Angelique D. Waller P`18
Mark Waller
Barbara J. Walley
Genie Wallingford and William M. Walllingford
Mara Hazzard-Wallingford and Chris Wallingford
Elizabeth W. Wallisch P`17
Mary B. Wallmann P`16 and Bruce R. Wallmann P`16
Anna M. Wallner
Barbara A. Walsh and Edward J. Walsh
Barbara E. Walsh
Edward J. Walsh
Kara Walsh and Rob Walsh
Kathleen C. Walsh P`16
Kathryn F. Walsh
Lea Walsh
Lori R. Walsh P`16, P`19 and Peter G. Walsh P`16, P`19
Marianne J. Walsh and Kevin P. Walsh
Mark Walsh `77S (MS)
Mary Ellen Walsh
Patricia M. Walsh
Patrick G. Walsh `08M (MPH) and Linda K. Walsh
Wendy S. Walsh and Tim Walsh
William C. Walsh
Dr. Andrea C. Walter `77W (EdD)
Douglas E. Walter `74E, `76E (MM)
Nancy F. Walter and Richard H. Walter
Nora E. Walter and Thomas E. Homerin
Dr. Allan T. Walters `62
David W. Walters `75 (MS)
Laura E. Walters and Ian Walters
Lorraine C. Walters P`13, P`15 and Robert E. Walters P`13, P`15
Coralyn B. Walton and Robert A. Walton
Cynthia Walton
Edward J. Walton `79S (MBA)
Nancy W. Walton and George Walton
Dr. Ralph G. Walton `63, `71M (Res)
William R. Walton
Lisa Waltzer
Dr. Mark L. Waltzer `78
Frederick Walvoord
Valerie S. Walvoord
Lucia Wambach
Joyce Wambold
Nichole L. Wamser
Shih-Ming Wan `87 (MS), `90 (PhD)
Bruce E. Wandelmaier `84S (MBA)
John R. Wandling
Gail L. Wanek and Kenneth Wanek
Chuan Wang `93 (MS)
Chuanyue Wang P`18 and Shulin He P`18
Chunpai Wang `14^
Hongkun Wang `02S (MBA)
Kerry Wang `10^
Ling Wang P`18 and Jianzhong Gong P`18
Monica Cheng-Wang `90 and Dr. Alan Wang `90
Dr. Peng Wang `03 (MS), `07 (PhD)
Simeng Wang `13^
Wendy B. Wang P`17 and Raymond R. Chen P`17
Xiao Xuan Wang P`17 and Zihong Xie
Yiping N. Wang P`16 and Jean F. Langlois P`16
Margot M. Warch `61*
Rosemarie Warcup and Ronald L. Warcup
Dr. Alan B. Ward `57
Dr. Allen Ward `66
Anita Ward `60
Ann Ward and Thomas F. Ward
Ann B. Ward `67 and Douglas F. Ward `64
The Honorable George F. Ward Jr. `65
Dr. James S. Ward `70M (MD), `73H (Res) and Linda A. Ward
John T. Ward `10E^ and Alma F. Ward
Kathleen L. Ward and Paul J. Ward
Margaret E. Ward `52E
Dr. Peter M. Ward `91
Stephen D. Ward
Vivian Ward
William J. Ward
Diane Wardlow `63 and Lawrence S. Wardlow `61
Debra K. Ware `82
Hilary W. Ware `69N, `69 and Dr. Donald E. Ware `70M (Res)
Susan Ware `78 and Dale McAdam
Wendy B. Ware `76N
Marjory N. Wargon `93 and Brian Wargon
Michael Wargotz
Gregory C. Warlick
Matthew W. Warmuth `92
Carl H. Warn
Veronica Warne and David Warne
Barbara A. Warner `70 and James G. Warner `70
Bobette Warner
Dr. Deborah Warner `80M (PDC)
Diann M. Warner and James E. Warner
Gail Warner
Jeffrey A. Warner `68
Jeremy B. Warner `15, `16 (MS)^
Margaret Warner
Sara Warner `50 and Howard D. Warner `50E
Patricia Warney and Kenneth R. Warney
Marlene M. Warnick
Susan Warram `63 (MA) and Dr. James H. Warram Jr. `63M (Res)
Barbara P. Warren `55
David M. Warren
Deanna J. Warren `58N (DPL), `72N
Jean Warren and John Warren
Dr. Joan I. Warren `81N
Karen L. Warren and Harold C. Warren III
Kathleen Warren
Kathryn D. Warren and Gene Warren
Margaret W. Warren and Rudolph Warren
Shirley M. Warren `97N (MS) and Larry E. Warren
Dr. Stafford G. Warren `69M (MD)
Dr. William E. Warren `56, `59 (MS)
Nancy W. Warren-Oliver `85S (MBA)
Barbara Warta
Allison B. Warzala `82
Julie Waseleski and Leo F. Waseleski
Catherine L. Washburn `90M (MD), P`16 and Dr. Dean F. Mackinnon P`16
Dr. Leif E. Washer `77D (MS), `77D (Den)
Clara O. Washington
Judith G. Alexander-Wasley `88, `01S (MBA) and Dr. Charles E. Wasley
Marie Wasman
Thomas W. Wasnock
Dr. Erin B. Wasserman `09, `15M (PhD)^ and Dan Wasserman `10^
Judith Wasserman `73, P`10 and Dr. Steven S. Wasserman `73, P`10
Patricia Wasserman `71N, `71, P`02 and William J. Wasserman P`02
Pauline Wasserman
Robert Wasserman
Sherry T. Wasserman `67
Ann E. Wasula
James F. Waterman
Rebecca Waterman and Jeremy Waterman
Richard H. Waterman `73 and Agnes P. Waterman
Amanda M. Waters
M.A. Watersraat
Judy L. Waterstram
Jane C. Watkin `44, `45N
John W. Watkins Jr. `11S (MS), `16S (MBA)
Eileen V. Watkins `99M (MS) and Bruce H. Watkins `91S (MBA)
Faye M. Watkins
L. Deloyce Watkins `56E, `59E (MM)
Maureen M. Watkins
Paul D. Watkins
Richard H. Watkins Jr. `72W (MA) and Estella R. Watkins
Sylvia Watkins
Mary Beth Watrous and Charles F. Beckman
Ann C. Watson and Joe A. Watson
David S. Watson `61
Dr. Edward A. Watson `91 (PhD) and Cynthia Watson
Dr. Gene E. Watson `92M (MS), `95M (PhD), P`08 and Virginia S. Watson
Dr. Hollice S. Watson `84E (MM), `87E (DMA)
Marlene Watson
Matthew A. Watson `91 and Kelly A. Watson
Dr. Nancy M. Watson `91N (PhD)
Dr. Robert A. Watson `53M (MD) and Sue Watson
Ruth A. Watson and John King Jr.
Thomas R. Watson `72S (MBA)
Judith A. Watt `95N (MS), `00N (PMC)
Maria Watt
Dr. Norman E. Watt `62M (MD) and Madeline Watt
Dr. William B. Watt `70M (MD), `72M (Res), `77M (Res)
Danielle Watters
Jeanette M. Watters and Donald J. Watters
George C. Watterworth `57 and Patricia S. Watterworth
Janice E. Watterworth `58
Helen C. Watts
Dr. Kelly L. Watts `01
Roger B. Watts `72
Sarah Watts `56
Valerie L. Watts `88E (MM), `93E (DMA)
Doris J. Waud* and John M. Waud
Kara E. Waugh `03
Dawn Waver
Benson G. Waweru `14S (MBA)
Stephen J. Wawro
Mary F. Wawrukiewicz `68 and Dr. Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz `70 (PhD)
Kelly M. Wawrzyniak `06
Lisa G. Wax `73 and Dr. Martin B. Wax `73
Dr. David C. Waxman `79
Kristin Waxmonsky
Jane B. Way and Paul Way
Kama G. Way and Daniel F. Way
Patricia A. Way and Robert M. Way
Nancy C. Waye
Alaina N. Wayland `13^
Robert D. Wayland-Smith `65 and Linda M. Wayland-Smith
Karen Waz and Richard Waz
Diane M. Wealand `93
Claudia C. Weaver
Colleen Weaver and Brian Weaver
Jean C. Weaver and Sterling L. Weaver
Judith L. Weaver
Judith S. Weaver and Thomas D. Weaver
Marianne Weaver
Marion O. Weaver `61, `65W (MA)
Suzie L. Weaver `82
Dr. Virginia M. Weaver `80
Elizabeth Webb and Dr. Julian P. Webb
James H. Webb
Lois D. Webb `51
Mary E. Webb
Randy A. Webb
Dr. Rebecca A. Webb `95 (MA), `97 (PhD) and Dr. Michael Tanenhaus
Dr. Audra Webber
Deborah A. Webber and Robert Webber
Ann Weber
Barbara C. Weber `58
Dr. Barbara E. Weber `83, P`20 and Dr. Steven P. Meyers `94M (Flw), P`20
Carla J. Weber and Stephen Weber
Dr. David A. Weber `71M (PhD), `71M (Res)* and Sandra J. Weber
Elfrieda Weber
Jennifer Weber
Joanne Weber and Raymond C. Weber
Kathy J. Weber and Michael J. Weber
Roxana C. Weber and J. Ronald Weber
David F. Webster `98S (MS) and Wendi J. Webster
Donna L. Webster
Emily M. Webster and Stephen E. Webster
F. Glenn Webster `51 and Suzanne K. Webster
Gretchen O. Webster `82
Dr. John G. Webster `65 (MS), `67 (PhD) and Nancy E. Webster
Karen Webster
Laurie Webster
Margaret Webster and James Hauck
Patricia Webster
Rosemary Webster `63E
Sally A. Webster `89 (MA)
Sally C. Wedge `65W, `72W (EdM) and Edgar C. Wedge Jr.
Dr. Anne K. Weed `85 (MA), `92 (PhD)
Virginia S. Weed and Robert C. Weed
Elizabeth K. Weeden
Frances Weeks
Norris Weeks*
Shirley Weeks* and David Weeks
Veronica T. Morabito-Weeks P`19 and James D. Weeks P`19
Laura Weese `59 (MA)
Mildred Weezorak and Henry Weezorak
Donald P. Wefer `54 and Janet G. Wefer
Joyce P. Wegbreit `83, P`16 and Steven G. Wegbreit P`16
Mary H. Wegenka `93N (MS) and William E. Wegenka
Adrienne Wegman
George Wegman
Katherine M. Wegman `15^
Matthew J. Wegner `92 (MS)
Dr. Audrey V. Wegst `57M (MS)
Patricia H. Wehle P`97
Stella Wehner P`18 and Alan Wehner P`18
Esther Wei `76N and Robert H. Stein `73, `78E (MM)
Grace C. Wei P`18
C. Nicklas Weich `98, `04S (MBA)
Diane Weider and Edwin E. Weider
Dolores D. Weider
Sally Weidert and Rudy A. Weidert
Chase A. Weidmann `09^
Leslie Weigand and Taylor Weigand
Marian B. Weigert
Elizabeth F. Weigle `90E and Kenneth Kesslin
Margaret Weiland and Robert Weiland
Dr. George W. Weilepp `58M (MD) and Peggy M. Weilepp
Dr. Lynne E. Weiler `04N, `99M (MPH) and Christopher D. Weiler `93S (MBA)
Ann Weilert and Ron Weilert
Carol Weilert
Larry Weill
Patricia M. Weill `83 (MS)
Gregory P. Weilnau
Patricia A. Weilnau
Elaine H. Weinberg
Irene F. Weinberg and Alan S. Weinberg*
Susan G. Weinberg and Dr. Geoffrey Weinberg
Dr. Bruce A. Weiner `84
David J. Weiner `04
Dr. Deborah Weiner
Dr. Diana L. Weiner P`16 and Dr. Ethan S. Weiner P`16
Dr. Howard L. Weiner `85D (Den) and Sue Weiner
Melissa B. Weiner and William J. Fitzpatrick
Michelle Weiner and George Weiner
Jeffrey A. Weinfeld `16^
Michele Weinfeld P`16 and Dr. Lawrence C. Weinfeld P`16
Danette J. Weingarten and Frederic A. Weingarten
Mary E. Weins `79N, `82N (MS)
Fred D. Weinstein P`89 and Natalie Weinstein
Gail Weinstein and Peter Weinstein
Gary P. Weinstein P`16
Linda Weinstein and Roger S. Weinstein
Linda C. Weinstein and Sherwin B. Weinstein
Linda S. Weinstein and Dr. Sidney S. Weinstein
Lindsey Weinstein P`18
Myrna Weinstein `49, P`74 and Seymour Weinstein `49
Robert M. Weinstein `68, `69S (MBA) and Karin A. Weinstein
Rona Weinstein and Howard Weinstein
Dr. Joseph Weinstock `52 (PhD) and Sunny Weinstock
Ann D. Weintraub `60W, `69W (MA)
Diana Weintraub and Philip Weintraub
Dr. Jane A. Weintraub `75 and Dr. Christopher S. Barker `76
Dr. Robin L. Weintraub `84 (MA), `88 (PhD) and Dr. Michael Weintraub
Dr. Joyce Wundrow Weir `80 and Mr. William Francis Weir `80
Timothy R. Weir `11S (MBA) and Mary K. Weir
Dr. Stephen A. Weirich `85M (MD)
Dr. Adam J. Weis `08, `13M (MD)^
Mary Ellen Weis and Edward Weis
James R. Weisbeck
Philip S. Weisberg
Richard A. Weisbord `66
Kurt E. Weisenbeck `81, `83S (MBA)
Elaine Weisenberg `65
Raymond H. Weisler `41 and Beverly Weisler
Dr. Robert L. Weisman `63
Dr. Ann Weiss `71
Ann M. Weiss `79N and William D. Weiss `78
Anne F. Weiss P`18 and Michael A. Livingston P`18
Beth A. Weiss
Beth S. Weiss `74
Dr. Carl B. Weiss Jr. `78, `87M (Res) and Nancy C. Weiss
Dr. Eta B. Weiss `67 and David S. Weiss
Dr. Gary H. Weiss `93M (Res) and Patricia Weiss
Dr. Irene Weiss P`10 and Charles Baltman P`10
Dr. Marc S. Weiss `64 (MS), `69 (PhD)
Dr. Michael A. Weiss `66
Michal Benita-Weiss `06M (MPH) and Dr. Oren I. Weiss `01D (Den), `03D (Den), `03M (MPH)
Dr. Michelle M. Weiss `86, `90M (MD), P`18 and Martin J. Weiss P`18
Richard A. Weiss `74E
Robert P. Weiss
Ronald S. Weiss
Ruth W. Weiss
Dr. Sharon M. Weiss `99, `01 (MS), `05 (PhD) and Nathaneal Smith
Stephanie C. Weiss `95, `99 (MS) and Stanley B. Weiss `98 (MA), `04 (PhD)
Tyler J. Weiss
Zachary M. Weiss `67
Martha Weissberger
RoseAnne Weissel `69
Sharon L. Weissend `71, `77W (MA)
Jane A. Weissgerber `63E
Robert B. Weissman `90
Dr. P. Victoria Weisz `75
Jerene B. Weitman `61E
Dr. Carol A. Weitner `91E (DMA)
Janice Weitzel and Ted Weitzel
Joan M. Weitzel
Lynn B. Welbourn and David Welbourn
Betty J. Welch P`88
Daniel T. Welch
Elizabeth Welch
Gary C. Welch
Janet Welch and Dr. Ethan L. Welch
Mary Jule Welch `58N (DPL), `64N
Peter Welch `13N
Dr. Therese R. Welch and Robert L. Welch
Timothy F. Welch
Mary F. Welcome `53
Dr. Annette Weld `76 (MA), `89 (PhD), P`96 and Parker L. Weld `64, `66S (MBA), P`96
Lisa A. Weld `96, `97W (MS) and Matthew P. Weld `96
Laurie S. Weldgen and Thomas J. Weldgen
Faith Weldon
Maria Weldy P`20 and John A. Weldy P`20
Kenneth J. Weliczka `04S (MBA)
Nancy I. Welk
Sally A. Welker and Darwin J. Welker
Dr. Eric J. Weller `64 (PhD)
Charles A. Wellers
Anne W. Wells
Bonnie Wells
Dr. Donald A. Wells `64M (MD), `68M (Res) and Donna Wells
Elizabeth D. Wells and Walter H. Wells Jr.
Hudson N. Wells
Luann Wells
Sharon Wells and Michael A. Wells Sr.
Vicky Wells and John Wells
Deborah A. Welsch
Natalie L. Welsh `13N
Patricia D. Welsh `80N (MS) and Dr. Donald V. Welsh `80M (Res)
William R. Welsh
Donald D. Welt
Susan K. Welt
Roger S. Welton `53 and Barbara M. Welton
Laurel C. Wemett
Tom Wemple
Margery L. Wemyss `49
Meng Q. Wen `96 and Jiangang B. Peng `96, `96
Susan M. Wendel and James Nickles
Carolyn Wendell
Frances E. Wenderlich and Paul Wenderlich
John F. Wenderlich `91S (MBA)
Daniel G. Wendin `59 and Ellie Wendin
Jon H. Wendt `94S (MBA)
Virginia L. Wensel `66E, `89E (MA) and F. Earl Wensel
Dorothy A. Wentland and Melvin J. Wentland
Donald Wentworth
Linda A. Wentworth and Dennis R. Wentworth
Tina Wentworth and Edward Tesch
Betty Wenzel
June A. Werk P`18 and Dr. Lloyd N. Werk P`18
Paul H. Wermer `76
Elissa G. Werner and Christopher K. Werner
Jacqueline R. Werner `88
Mary T. Werner and John J. Werner
Anne E. Wernert
Jessica L. Wernes `98
Shirley M. Wersinger and Richard Wersinger
Hazel Wert
Carol J. Werth and James R. Werth
Erma R. Werth*
Dr. Austin J. Wertheimer `71 and Caryl I. Goodman
Barbara K. Wesby `70E and Roger H. Wesby `70E
Nena D. Wesche
Phillip B. Wesche
Sarah Wesgate and Timothy Wesgate
Carol A. Wessely and John J. Wessely
Christine B. West `11W (CAS)
Eileen D. West and Robert H. West
Harriette B. West
Jennifer C. West `04M (PDC)
Dr. Joe E. West `61M (MS) and Carolyn K. West
Judy-Ann West `77, `82W (MSE) and Terence Kirchoff
Matthew L. West `85 and Mika West
Susan E. West
Tracy West and Michael West
Wendy L. West and Francis P. West
Carol A. Westcott and Dean C. Westcott
Deborah B. Westcott
Mark R. Westcott `70 and Jean M. Westcott
Sue A. Westendorf `75E and Dr. Craig J. Westendorf `75E
Beth S. Westfall `78 and William Westfall
Daniel R. Westfall
Richard G. Westfall `83 and Cynthia C. Westfall
Sarah Westgate and Timothy Westgate
Robert E. Westlake
Elizabeth Westlund
Harold A. Weston `79
Robert K. Weston
Jonathan E. Wetherbee `08^
Andrew G. Wetmore
Dr. Norman Wetterau `70H (Res) and Nancy L. Wetterau
Mark R. Wetzel
Carl Wetzstein `69 (MS)
Valerie Weyand
Catherine Weyersberg
Ruth A. Weykman
Nancy M. Weymouth `58N
Kathleen Whalen and Frederick R. Cohen
Sallie Whalen
Susan Whalen
Carolyn B. Whaley `52E
Sue Whan
Josephine E. Whang `62, `63N and Dr. Tae Byung Whang `64M (Res)
R. Bruce Wheat `73E
Sharon R. Wheat and Carl D. Wheat
Kathryn R. Wheatley and Robert E. Wheatley
Anne K. Wheeler and K. Richard Wheeler
Clair D. Wheeler and Esther H. Wheeler
Ellen K. Wheeler
Grace Wheeler
James B. Wheeler `92
Karen R. Wheeler and John A. Wheeler
Kenneth W. Wheeler
William W. Wheeler
Dr. Patricia A. Wheelhouse `09E (PhD) and Robert K. Wheelhouse
Karen A. Whelan P`09 and Daniel Whelan P`09
Mary K. Whelan
Sally-Ann Whelan `96N (MS) and W. James Whelan
John Whelehan
Joshua Whetzel
Amy M. Whipple
Christine Whipple and Sean A. Whipple
Daniel H. Whitaker
Judith H. Whitaker
Stephanie Whitaker and David J. Whitaker
April A. Whitbeck
Carol J. Whitbeck
Karen Whitbeck
Marie G. Whitbeck and Ernest C. Whitbeck III*
Mary Kay Whitbeck and Ernest C. Whitbeck IV
Melinda Whitbeck `77S (MBA) and Paul Whitbeck
Sally S. Whitbeck `80S (MBA) and David J. Whitbeck `65, `70W (MA)
Christine Whitbourne
Laura Whitby `98S (MBA)
Fe Whitcomb
Laurie A. Whitcomb `73 and Stan Whitcomb
Marian Whitcomb `49
Dr. Robert B. Whitcomb `59E (PhD) and Lois J. Whitcomb
Ruth F. Whitcomb `53, `54N
David L. White Jr.
Donald D. White Jr.
Audrey S. White `50N
Bartlett T. White `08W (MS)
Bobbie White
Dr. C. David White `62 and Sandra L. White
Candice J. White and James P. White
Daniel T. White `93W (MS) and Sheryl V. White
Deborah E. White
Donna M. White `89
Donovan E. White `79 and Diane White
E. Diane Fletcher-White `59N (DPL) and Dr. Edward C. White `61M (Res)
Elsa M. White and James C. White
Eric J. White `81E
Felicia White
Florence White and Hans P. Witte
Gail L. White and James A. White
Dr. Gregory B. White `79 and Lisa Pokorny
H. Annette White `65E
Hamilton A. White
Irene White
James White
CPT James R. White `73 (MS) and Victoria A. White
Jeff White
Johanna M. White
John White
Dr. June M. White `69W (MA) and Rev. Richard A. White
Kathleen H. White
Kathleen M. White `61N
Kevin M. White `80E
Linda M. White and David E. White
Dr. P. Cooper White `84M (Res) and Deborah L. Bush-White
Pamela C. White and Randal White
Pamela J. White
Sharon A. White `66
Sharon L. White P`17 and Dana R. White P`17
Tracy J. White P`17 and Frank S. White P`17
Trudy White
Wayne D. White `68 and Elizabeth G. White
Deborah L. Whitehead `88S (MBA)
Peter S. Whitehead `67
Jette Whitely and John M. Whitely
Todd A. Whitestone `76
Melissa A. Whitford `08N (MS) and Mark Whitford
Marilyn Robinson Cline Whiting `59, `60N and Kim Whiting
Dr. Richard D. Whiting `73 (MS), `78 (PhD)
Kathleen V. Whitlock and David J. Whitlock
JoAnn J. Whitman and Stephen G. Whitman
Kate R. Whitman `11W (MS)
Michelle Whitman and Brad Whitman
Stephen Whitman
Sally Whitmore and Edward F. Whitmore
Fred Whitney `83 (MS)
Jean G. Whitney `65W (MA), `75W (EdM)
Jean H. Whitney `64W and Douglas W. Whitney
Dr. Peter J. Whitney `59M (MD)
Sandra S. Whitney
Walter A. Whitney
Ann Whittaker and Stephen R. Whittaker
Carole L. Whittaker and E. W. Whittaker
Dr. John R. Whittaker `65
William K. Whitworth `74S (MBA)
Christopher Whyte
Levon M. Whyte `14 (MS)
Dr. J. Albert Wiberley `49
Donald P. Wichman `53
Christine M. Wickert
Beverly Wickham and Donald Wickham*
Landon H. Wickham Jr. `86
Dawn Wicks and Randy Wicks
Kathleen Wicks
Robert Wicksall
Christopher J. Wideman `14^
Mary E. Widger and Stanley W. Widger Jr.
Sara Widlund
Susan Widmer and Carl Widmer
Emily E. Widra `15^
Chad A. Wiedenhofer `09S (MBA)
Karin Wieder
Angela M. Wiegand and David C. Wiegand
Dr. Laura G. Wiegand `84M (MD), `87M (Res) and Dr. Stanley Wiegand
Kathy Wiegandt and Ralph S. Wiegandt
Nancy M. Wienecke `54
Irma Wiener `54
Rachel G. Wiener `06
Dr. Peggy Wier `75S (MBA), `77S (MS), `81S (PhD)
Ryan Wier `15^
Wilma V. Wierenga `93W (MS) and Edward Wierenga P`02E
Kathleen M. Wiersma and Edward Wiersma
Bernard D. Wiese
Marcia G. Wiesenberg and Scott V. Wiesenberg*
April Wiesner
Dr. Eva M. Wiesner `66, P`97 and John Wiesner P`97
Neal B. Wiesner
Mary Lou L. Wik P`08, P`09 and Lawrence G. Wik P`08, P`09
Rosemarie Wike and William T. Wike
Anna M. Wilbert and Richard Wilbert
Dr. David J. Wilbur `69, P`10
Amy Wilburn
Douglas K. Wilcock `69
Concetta I. Wilcox and John E. Wilcox
Donna L. Wilcox
Dr. Howard J. Wilcox `66 (PhD)
Mary Wilcox
Patricia Wilcox* and William Wilcox
Regina E. Wilcox and Charlie Wilcox
Stephen P. Wilczek
Dianne Wilczewski P`90, P`94, P`97 and Joseph G. Wilczewski P`90, P`94, P`97
Annelie C. Wilde P`09 and Dr. Kesh S. Narayanan P`09
Dr. Mary H. Wilde `99N (PhD)
Donald R. Wilder `64 (MS) and Alison H. Wilder
Ida C. Wilder
Laura Wilder
Patricia C. Wilder and Michael L. Wilder
Richard L. Wilder `60E, `85E (MM)
Wilburetta Wilder `48N
Theodore P. Wildman
Heidi Wilenius and Scot D. Pannepacker
Margaret E. Karam Wiles `84E, `84
Donald J. Wiley `84S (MBA)
Elizabeth G. Wiley
Ginette Wiley
Helen P. Wiley
Kimberly Wiley
Philip Wiley
Irene G. Wilhelm and David A. Wilhelm
Mary M. Wilhelm `80
Marcia Wilke
Pamela S. Wilkens White
Jennifer Wilkerson
Morris Wilkes
Angela D. Wilkin and Sidney C. Wilkin
Nancy M. Wilkin
Billie Wilkins and Victor E. Wilkins
Dedria E. Wilkins P`13E
Mary Lou Wilkins
Alan C. Wilkinson `82
Amy R. Wilkinson `84
Diane Wilkinson
Elizabeth A. Wilkinson `77 and Hugh Wilkinson
Janice Wilkinson
Kerry V. Wilkinson `87 and John O'Hearn
Philip Wilkinson
Patricia Will `55E, `57E (MM)
Jean M. Willan `72
Lynn L. Willard `62N
Elaine A. Willcox `61N and Terrence P. Willcox `60
Brian Willemsen
Dr. James H. Willey `61E, `63E (MM), `72E (PhD)
Mark A. Willey `05E (MM)
Amy G. Williams `65, `75S (MBA)
Andrew M. Williams `97S (MBA) and Heidi H. Williams
Carol S. Williams and Ronald A. Williams
Charles G. Williams `73, P`08
Cheryl K. Williams
Christina L. Williams `93
Cynthia E. Williams
Cynthia J. Williams P`16 and James McCorkle P`16
David L. Williams
Deborah Williams
Deborah R. Williams
Douglas H. Williams `64 (MS)
Elizabeth T. Williams and Robert N. Williams `59*
Ellen L. Williams
Fred, Ruth & James H. Williams
Dr. Gail R. Williams `59 and Hannah Williams
Grace Williams
Gregory K. Williams `08E (MM)
Helen Q. Williams*
Holly Williams P`10 and Warren Williams P`10
Ivy L. Williams
Jacqueline O. Williams `70W (EdM)
James J. Williams `84 and Valerie Williams
Janet Williams and John Barbaccia
Janice P. Williams P`05 and Donald C. Williams P`05
Jean M. Williams
Jocelyn J. Williams `94S (MBA)
Judith A. Williams and Edmund J. Williams
Karen Schuhle-Williams and Donald Williams
Kenneth J. Williams `75S (MBA)
Dr. Laroy Williams `88M (MD)
Lauretta Williams `49N and Dr. Joseph L. Williams `52, `56M (MD)*
LeeAnne Williams
Dr. Leroy S. Williams `64E (MA), `75E (PhD) and Bonna B. Williams
Linda Williams
Louise Williams `43E*
Margaret C. Williams and Richard W. Williams
Marla J. Williams `78S (MBA)
Martin D. Williams
Martina B. Williams P`06 and Thaddeus Williams P`06
Dr. Matthew C. Williams `99, `99E, `03W (MS), `13W (PhD)
Michael L. Williams
Montique V. Williams `06S (MBA)
Nancy J. Williams and Douglas B. Williams
Patricia Williams `58N and Dr. Douglas G. Williams `58M (MD), `66M (Res)
Dr. Robert F. Williams `73E (PhD) and Andrea Martin
Robert L. Williams
Sandra K. Williams and Russell Williams Jr.
Sharon V. Williams `10W (PhD) and Dr. Andrew F. Williams `98M (MD)
Susan B. Williams and Richard E. Williams
Suzanne K. Williams
Tracy Bliek-Williams and Douglas Williams
W. Kenneth Williams
Walter F. Williams
Betty A. Williamson and Robert Williamson*
Denise A. Williamson P`19 and Jerold A. Williamson P`19
CDR Mark H. Williamson `59
Sharon A. Williamson and Alan L. Williamson
Shirley A. Williamson and Thomas F. Williamson
Dr. Ross J. Willink `50, `52 (EdM) and Eleanore M. Willink
Anita J. Willis and Daniel Willis P`91, P`97, P`02
Charles T. Willis `51
Doris Willis
Fred B. Willis
Susan M. Willis and Wayne Willis
Irving Willison
Philip Willlis
Phyllis S. Willner `77 and Sheldon F. Willner `77
Donna M. Willome `77N (MS) and David A. Willome
Robert H. Willoughby `42E
Lindsey Willstatter `16^
Christine Wilmot `79N and Dr. David K. Broadwell
Eileen R. Wilmot
Dr. Dirk E. Wilmoth `81W (MSE), `87W (PhD)
Gloria Wilner `72W
Dr. Elizabeth B. Wilson `05M (MS), `09M (PhD)
Anthony G. Wilson `83S (MBA) and Susan L. Wilson
Betty Wilson
Constance J. Wilson P`07, P`08 and Roger D. Wilson P`07, P`08
Dryad S. Wilson and Cecil Wilson
Ellen M. Wilson
Fried R. Wilson `74S (MBA)
Gail M. Wilson P`14
Howard T. Wilson
James D. Wilson
Dr. James W. Wilson `47 (MA)
Janet Wilson
Jo F. Wilson `89W (MSE)
John J. Wilson `52
John R. Wilson `68, `69S (MBA) and Margaret M. Wilson
Karen J. Wilson `72, `72N
Kevin M. Wilson
Kevin O. Wilson
Dr. Lisa M. Wilson `90
Dr. Mary E. Wilson `80M (MD) and Dr. Stephen E. McGowan `76M (MD), `79M (Res)
Mary Lou Wilson
Michael Wilson
Nan R. Wilson
Nancy D. Wilson `85
Richard C. Wilson `80S (MBA)
Robert F. Wilson
Roberta Wilson
Shirley A. Wilson and James Wilson
Steven L. Wilson `78E
Susan J. Wilson `90N (MS)
Timothy J. Wilson
Toni M. Wilson `13W (MS)
Wendy Wilson
Mamie E. Wilson-Boyd
Dorothy M. Wilson-Ference
Karen R. Wilson-Sadberry P`18E
James G. Wilt `15E (MM), P`18E and Allison C. Wilt P`18E
Larry B. Wiltse `69
Leonore B. Wiltse and Lee E. Wiltse
Linda A. Wiltse
Kathleen L. Win `65
Maung H. Win `66
Sandra E. Winch and Gary W. Winch
Lisa F. Winchell `86, P`18 and Thomas M. Winchell `86, P`18
Christine M. Winchester
Dr. Richard C. Winchester `66 (PhD)
Geraldine L. Wind
Joella D. Wind `90
Jack A. Winden `72 and Elizabeth J. Winden
Mary A. Winden `62E (MM) and Arthur E. Winden `62E (MM)
Dr. Lois H. Windes `81M (MD) and Larry C. Windes
Agatha Windig-Meekel and Willem Windig
Sue Ellen Windsor
Jane V. Winegard `55
Dr. Jerome A. Winer `59
Ronald R. Winer
Arlene Wing
Kelly M. Wing and Peter D. Wing
Maureen J. Wing and Joseph Wing
Sandra Wing and William C. Wing
Virginia D. Wingard `63
Rev. William N. Wingrove `70
Walter Winiarczyk
Dr. Raymond E. Winicki `89
Carl W. Winkelbauer `76, `82W (MSE) and Charlotte Winkelbauer
Carol D. Winkelman `58E, `59E (MM) and Ronald J. Winkelman `56, `60 (MA)
Patricia A. Winkler P`06, P`15 and Frederick H. Winkler P`06, P`15
Stephanie A. Winkler `15^
Anna J. Winn
David B. Winn
Robert S. Winneg `80
Stephen M. Winner
Adriana Winqvist* and Claes G. Winqvist
Maureen E. Winschel P`18 and Michael R. Winschel P`18
Susan Winslow and Floyd S. Winslow
Lillie Winston
Christopher Winter
John L. Winter P`90, P`95
Kimberly Winter and Tim Winter
Dr. Marcia A. Winter `03 (MA), `06 (PhD) and Daniel L. Richter
Kathryn R. Winters and Bryan Winters
Joan E. Wirt and Kenneth J. Wirt
Bethanne Wirth
June C. Wirth and Steven L. Wirth
Barbara Wischmeyer
Carol Wischmeyer
Janet Wischmeyer
Catharine J. Wise
Florence Wise
William W. Wise
Ian T. Wisekal `08E^
Marilyn Wisniewski
Tracy Wisotzke
Dawn Wisset and Barry Wisset
Kathryn H. Wissler P`17 and Dr. Richard N. Wissler P`17
Robert G. Wistner
Peter C. Witerski
Claire B. Withers
Dr. Char M. Witmer `96, `00M (MD) and Dr. George R. Witmer III `00M (MD)
Keith T. Witmer
Laurie J. Witmeyer and John D. Witmeyer
Robert G. Witmeyer
Thomas Witnauer
Albert T. Witner
Bonnie K. Witt
Cindy D. Witt `92
Elizabeth A. Witt `87 (MA), `91 (PhD)
Virginia Witt
Ivan M. Wittel `81E (MM) and Kim Y. Wittel
Doris Wittels*
Robyn Wittels
Dr. Marsha Wittink
Karen K. Wittlinger P`17 and Lloyd C. Wittlinger P`17
Dennis J. Wittman `77 (MS) and Carol A. Wittman
Linda L. Wittmershaus-Macik `80S (MBA), P`09
Diane M. Wittmeyer and Leonard A. Wittmeyer
Jeff C. Wituszynski `82, P`12 and Sally Wituszynski P`12
Margaret A. Witwer `69
Joan M. Witzel
John Witzel `95S (MBA)
Kathryn A. Witzel and Edward P. Witzel Sr.
Donna P. Wobser
Louise Woerner and Don H. Kollmorgen
Caroline Woidat and Ken Cooper
Therese Woitach `56E
Dianne L. Wojcicki `75W (EdM)
Bonnie J. Wojciehowski `85 and John B. Wojciehowski
Stephen L. Wolak
Amanda Wolck
Clare T. Wolcott
Douglas Wolcott*
Kimberly Wolcott and Harold D. Wolcott II
Linda Wolcott and Bruce Wolcott
Nancy B. Wolcott and E. Malcolm Wolcott Jr.
Gail B. Wold and Paul F. Wold Jr.
Catharine D. Wolf and George T. Wolf
Constance J. Wolf and John Wolf
Gregory Wolf
Hilda P. Wolf `69N, `69
James L. Wolf `70
Marilyn P. Wolf
Mary Alice Wolf*
Nancy L. Wolf and Daniel J. Wolf
Betty W. Wolfanger `07^
Dr. Irving L. Wolfe `79
Janet L. Wolfe P`11E and Richard A. Wolfe P`11E
Warren S. Wolfeld `80
Dr. Timothy R. Wolfenden `82
Susan J. Wolff and Shaun Wolff
Beatrice C. Wolford and Michael R. Wolford
Risa E. Wolfson P`18
Sandra E. Wolicki `84
Gretchen Wolk
Robin L. Wolkoff P`18 and John Letchinger
Edward M. Wolpert `59E, `60E (MA)
Gladys M. Wolsky and Jack Wolsky
Rhoda Wolsky and Oscar Wolsky
Palma Wolverton `54E, `56E (MM)
Carol M. Wonder `64W, `71W (MA) and George Wonder
Andrew X. Wong
Dr. Ngai C. Wong `77
Wen Jee Wong P`16 and Kenneth Wong P`16
Winifred D. Wong and George S. Wong
Yuk Suen Susanna Wong P`04
Joseph J. Woo `93S (MBA), P`19 and Barbara A. Woo P`19
Lucy Woo `62E
Suk-Yin H. Woo P`17 and Hong-Yuen T. Woo P`17
Anne P. Wood P`17 and Andrew J. Wood P`17
Barbara M. Wood
Barbett M. Wood `66N, `66 and CDR Robert A. Wood `66
Dr. Beverly P. Wood `65M (MD), `71M (Res)
Coralyn M. Wood
COL David G. Wood `69M (MS) and Patricia A. Wood
Debra Wood
Debra Wood
Dominica A. Wood
Elaine J. Wood `73* and Donald Wood
George W. Wood `70S (MBA)
Harriet C. Wood `64
Hubert D. Wood `70 (MS)
Dr. James B. Wood `80M (Res) and Kathleen A. Wood
Janet M. Wood
Jean D. Wood `61N
Joan A. Wood and Richard A. Wood
Julie M. Wood `07W (PhD) and Greg Wood
Kathryn A. Wood and Kevin R. Wood
Linda Wood
Linda L. Wood and Roswell F. Wood
Mary Jane Wood `63N
Dr. Maureen E. Wood `10D (Den), `12D (Den)
Nancy E. Wood `87, `08W (MS) and Stuart D. Wood
Rebecca Wood
Rebecca Wood `79
Dr. Robert A. Wood `82M (MD)
Dr. Robert W. Wood `70M (MD)
Sandra H. Wood and Paul E. Wood
Susan Wood `69
Suzette W. Wood `80E
Edward E. Woodams
Jason Woodard
Mary A. Woodard
Nelson E. Woodard `60
Peggy I. Woodard
Bernice M. Woodcock and Richard Woodcock
Joan B. Woodcock
Joan M. Woodcook and Ron Woodcook
Mike Woodhouse
Susan M. Woodin `70
Joyce Wooding
Dr. Timothy J. Woodlock `80M (MD) and Cathy S. Woodlock
Carole A. Woodrow `58, `63W (MA), P`87 and Dr. Donald L. Woodrow `60 (MS), `65 (PhD), P`87
Kelley Woodruf P`16E, P`17E and Benjamin L. Marx P`16E, P`17E
Dr. Edythe P. Woodruff `48, `52 (MS)
Emily R. Woodruff `10E (MA) and Daniel Woodruff
Helene Woodruff
Joyce A. Woodruff and Donald W. Woodruff
Robert T. Woodruff
Robert W. Woodruff
Dr. Charles E. Woodward `82 (MA), `87 (PhD)
Daniel Woodward
Rechelle Woodward P`17
Josephine G. Wood-Widener
Ralph M. Woodworth `52 and Bettye G. Woodworth
Randi R. Woodworth P`18E and Mark R. Woodworth P`18E
Theresa M. Woodworth `02
Joan L. Woody and Joseph M. Woody
Dr. Paul D. Woolf `96S (MBA) and Dr. Nancy Woolf
Stephanie Woolf `62E, `64E (MA)
Delisa H. Woolfolk P`16 and Darryl K. Woolfolk P`16
Joyce A. Wootton and John F. Wootton
Christy P. Wopperer and Dr. Daniel Wopperer
Susan S. Worboys
Daniel Worden
Reed W. Worden
Lawrence R. Workman
Dr. David M. Worl `73W (EdD) and Mary Ann Kane-Worl
David L. Wormuth `65
Gayl K. Worner
Gayl K. Worner
Scott A. Worner `74
Gary L. Worobow `87, `89S (MBA)
Thomas G. Worrall `68E (MM) and Andrea B. Worrall
Barbara S. Worth `70 and Dr. David A. Worth `71M (MD)
Silas Worth
Randi L. Wortham `61M (MS)
Nicole A. Wortley P`17 and Jeffrey S. Wortley P`17
Jean M. Wortman and John H. Wortman
John M. Wortman `92
Dr. John C. Worzbyt `68W (EdM), `71W (EdD) and Jean A. Worzbyt
Paul M. Wos `78E
Marion K. Wowkowych
Roxanne E. Woy and Alan Woy
Elsie A. Wozniak
Dr. Stephanie Wragg `93M (MS), `96M (PhD)
Sheilla Wray
Dr. Susan Wray `82M (MS), `85M (PhD)
Victoria Wray
Bobbie A. Wright
Bobbye Wright `63W (MA)
Carol Wright `02S (MBA) and C. T. Wright
Charlotte J. Wright and Norman J. Wright
Claude H. Wright
Donald A. Wright `51, `58 (MS) and Carol Wright
Doris B. Wright
Faith Wright `54
Gretchen Wright `64
H. Gray Wright
Jackie P. Wright
James T. Wright
Dr. Kelly Wright `76M (MD)
Kevin P. Wright `71S (MBA) and Trude F. Wright
Kim Wright
Laurie Wright
Mark R. Wright
Matthew B. Wright `84
Nancy J. Wright `72N
Penelope B. Wright
Phyllis Wright `50E
Ursula S. Wright `53
Richard S. Wrobleski
Emily M. Wroczynski `10^
Esther Wruck `51 (MA)
Dr. Guowei Wu `09M (MS), `13M (PhD)
Elizabeth Wu `11^
Dr. George Y. Wu `70 and Catherine Chang Wu
Helen Wu
Dr. Zhenhua Wu `04M (MS), `05M (PhD)
Augusta L. Wuertzer
Gail M. Wulff and Ralph A. Wulff*
Thomas A. Wunder
Eileen M. Wurman and David Wurman
Frederick W. Wurtz
Eileen M. Wurzer
Sandra Wurzer
Carolyn Wyatt `56N and Ronald J. Wyatt `55
Janet R. Wyckoff P`13 and Stephen G. Wyckoff P`13
Gordon B. Wydysh
Stephen J. Wydysh `89S (MBA)
Joan Wyffels and Gary Wyffels
Anne P. Wyjad and Ronald M. Wyjad
Dr. Susan E. Wylegala `81
Ardith A. Wylie `68N and William W. Wylie
David Wyman `15^
George Wyman
Dr. Laurence F. Wyman `63E (MA), `72E (PhD)
Bruce B. Wyner `77, `78S (MBA)
Grace W. Wysor `76
Olga Xenakis and Milton Xenakis
Dr. Stephen J. Xenias `77M (MD), `78M (Res), `78M (Res) and Kathleen M. Xenias
Xiong Xiao `13 (MS)
Angela K. Xintaris `96
Chuan Xu and Chun Xian Liu
Jie Xu `11 (MS), `15 (PhD)
Rui Xu `11 (MS), `14 (PhD)
Songtao Xu `99 (MS)
Dr. Malka Yaacobi `97E (DMA)
Dr. Barukh Yaakobi P`91 and Dalia Yaakobi
Dr. Rachel Yabkowitz `78
Sharon Yackel and Richard Yackel
Joseph Yacono
Joyce Yacono
Kimberly Yacono
Kristin I. Yaeger and John Yaeger
Gertrude M. Yager
Selim A. Yahia `95S (MBA)
Bonnie S. Yahm
Dianne Yale `09^
Chelsea L. Yalen `13^
Mark D. Yamrick `96S (MBA), P`18 and Virginia G. Yamrick P`18
Carlyn Yanda and Alfred Yanda
Paula J. Yandow-Reilly
Dr. Chunxing Yang `04M (MS), `07M (PhD)
Ou Yang `08 (MS), `11 (PhD) and Ashay A. Narsale `09 (MS)
Randall D. Yang `87
Dr. Yan Yang `99M (MS), `01M (PhD)
Yeou-Jih Yang and Dr. Wu-Hsiung Yang
Linda Yanklowski `84N (MS)
Joan Yanni and Joseph A. Yanni
Bonnie Yannie
Fleur B. Yano `66 (PhD) and Dr. Alva F. Yano `65 (PhD)
Marguerite Yantz* and Edward R. Yantz
C. Denise Yarbrough
Judith A. Yare and Robert J. Yare
Nicole Yare
Dr. Nicole A. Yarid `07M (MD), `13M (Res)
Amy Yates P`18 and William Yates P`18
Joyce M. Yatteau and Joseph R. Yatteau
Dorothy Yauch and R. Alden
Donna M. Yawman and Philip H. Yawman III
Philip H. Yawman `89S (MBA) and Cheryl L. Yawman
Luyao Ye `13 (MS)
Weiwei Ye `01 (MS)
Lillian Yeager
Stephen R. Yeager
Jeannette Yeaple `61 and Donald S. Yeaple `59
Leslie H. Yee `05
Diane Yehl and Thomas Yehl
Shelley Yehl
Raymond P. Yelle
Laura Yellin `70 and Dr. Joel A. Yellin `69, `73M (MD)
Betty M. Yen
Dr. Hock H. Yeoh `66M (MD)
Dr. Bryce Yerman `98M (Res) and Zion Yerman
Susan Yesley `87
Darryl Yestrebi
Phillia C. Yi and Abram E. Aub
Dr. Weilie Yi `03 (MS), `06 (PhD)
Seong Y. Yim P`11
Lianghong Yin `10 (PhD)
Xi Yin P`19
Dr. David A. Ying `92E (DMA) and Elinor Freer
Dr. Keiko E. Ying `01E, `04E (MM), `09E (DMA) and Phillip M. Ying `91E, `92E (MM)
Dr. Robin S. Yirinec `91M (Res) and Dr. Brian Yirinec `91M (Res)
Robert Ylagan `03S (MBA) and Melinda Ylagan
Dr. Thomas J. Yock `74 (MA), `77 (PhD) and Patricia A. Yock
Marcia M. Yockel
Robert Yockel
Dorthea Yoder and Leon Foster
Kenneth Yoffredo
Francis Yohon
Akira Yokotani `09 (MA), `11 (PhD)
Hanna Yoo `98E, `99E (MM)
Julie Yoon `07M (Res), `08M (Flw)
Lucas York `12^
Susan York and Steve York
Raymond A. Yorkey Jr.
Anne P. Yoss `78 and Dr. Eric B. Yoss `78, `80 (MS)
Carol Yost `65W (MA) and James A. Yost
Charles Yost
Laurence W. Yost `74
Linda J. Yost and Dr. J. Kelley Yost
Virginia W. Yost and Thomas J. Yost
Jeong Min You `12^
Mimi H. Youkeles `89E
Mary Ellen Youles
Alice J. Young and Dr. Donald A. Young
Dr. Ann G. T. Young `73, `87S (MBA)
Anne Young* and Eugene T. Young
Barbara Young `60
Carol C. Young `65W
Catherine M. Young `54E, `60E (MM)
Dale Young* and Roger Young
Deanna Young `66 (MA) and Dr. Matt Young `62, `67 (PhD)
Ellen G. Young
Elmer L. Young
Eugene F. Young
Jackson M. Young `61 and Paula Batchelder Young
Jane H. Young and SGT Clark M. Young Jr.
Dr. Jerald Young `71M (Res)
John W. Young
Judith Young and Bill Young
Marsha A. Young
Mary E. Young
Milly Young and Ralph H. Young
Patricia M. Young
Richard Young
Dr. Robert B. Young `85M (Res) and Anna Young
Robert W. Young `69
Rosanne Young
Dr. Sanford T. Young `63 (PhD) and Margaret Young
Sharon L. Young and Walter C. Young
Stephen R. Young `76
Stephen S. Young `65
Barbara Youngblood
Dr. Patricia Youngdahl and Michal McKenzie
Sharon E. Younger and Timothy P. Younger
Nissa A. Youngren and Nicholas H. Ruth
Michelle Young-Stevenson `73N, `73
Norene S. Yount
Sharon M. Yousey `68N and Robert F. Yousey P`04
Dorothy G. Yovanoff
Susan A. Yovanoff and Lawrence Yovanoff
Janis M. Yovanovich `00N
Shenbo Yu `96 (MS)
Dr. Chujun Yuan `04M (MS), `07M (PhD)
B.J. Yudelson* and Dr. Julian E. Yudelson
Dr. Cheung C. Yue `77M (MD) and Janet E. Yue
Marilynn Yule `57 (DPL), `58N and William D. Yule `55
Il-Hwan Yum `02
Beverly Yunich*
A. K. Yunker `08W (MS) and Craig Yunker
Carol L. Yunker and Dr. Michael A. Yunker
Philip J. Yurecka `65
Dennis Yusa
William F. Yust `65, `68W (EdM) and Valerie R. Yust
Patrick J. Zabawa `07 (MA), `13 (PhD)
Joseph R. Zabitchuck
Hope Zaccagni and Keith Gregory
Dr. Dana Zacharewicz `86M (MD), `91M (Res) and Dr. Bruno I. Aploks `88M (Res)
Lidia Zacharkiw
Sharon L. Zache `90N (MS) and Dr. Peter D. Calder `90M (Res)
Pat Zachman and Thomas Zachman
Doris Zackheim `65W (MA) and Michael Zackheim
Roger W. Zaenglein `48, P`96 and Nancy G. Zaenglein P`96
Miriam Zaffrann
Karen M. Zaft and Paul E. Zaft
Maureen Zagursky
Daniel Zaharevitz
Michael S. Zaharkin
Patricia Fox Zahn
Paula L. Zahniser
Dr. Stephen A. Zahorian `69
Elizabeth C. Zajac `04 and Brian Zajac
J. Carol Zajkowski `59E (MM)
Matt Zak
CDR Sara A. Zak `80
Jayne Zakett
Dr. Christine E. Zalewski `83 and Martin Kossoff `83
Sandra Zalewski and Edward F. Zalewski Jr.
Dr. Robert G. Zalosh `66 (MS)
Roxanne M. Zambito and Michael J. Zambito
Helen A. Zamboni `99S (MBA)
Rita H. Zambuto
Lori M. Zamiara
Patricia A. Zampi and Robert S. Zampi
Grace Zanche and Joseph Zanche
Dr. Janet Zandy `73 (MA) and William J. Zandy
Caroline R. Zane and James A. Goodman
Mary C. Zangari
Carol S. Zanghi
Nick Zanni
Dr. Carol Zapalowski `85M (MD) and Dr. Andrew E. Nill `85M (MD)
Michael K. Zaporoshan `86
Kathleen M. Zappia and Joseph J. Zappia
Andrew J. Zaremba `74 and Susan Zaremba
Mark Zaretsky
Patricia J. Zarodkiewicz `82
Parthena Zaromitidis and George Zaromitidis
Jean E. Zaso
Roland J. Zavada `60S (MS) and Carol W. Zavada
Malora Zavaglia
Michael J. Zavaglia
Jeanette D. Zavislan `83, `87W (MS), P`14, P`18 and James Zavislan `81, `88 (PhD), P`14, P`18
Alex Zazubec `75
Lois J. Zebelman `67W (MA) and David Zebelman
Susan S. Zeccola P`15 and William C. Zeccola P`15
Susan A. Zefting-Kuhn
Dr. Donald N. Zehl `63M (Res) and Susanne J. Zehl
Kate W. Zehr `65N
Dr. Robert S. Zeiders `65M (MD) and Beth Zeiders
Kathleen M. Zeigler and Dale A. Zeigler
Walker R. Zeiser P`05, P`07
Carol A. Zeitler
Louise R. Zeitlin `85E and James W. Howsmon `78E (MM)
Dr. Beth C. Zeldis `02
Dr. Steven M. Zeldis `68
Karen J. Zeliff `68
Robert M. Zeliff `65
Thomas B. Zell `91 (MS) and Melissa Zell
Eric I. Zeller P`07, P`15
Eric M. Zeller
I. Margarete Zeller
Joan Zeller and Steven Daniel
Dr. Kathleen R. Zeller `79M (MD)
Clayton F. Zeller-Townson `11E^
Barbara W. Zellmer
Dr. Joseph H. Zelson `61
Deborah A. Zeman and Robert E. Zeman
Paula L. Zeman `72 and Robert J. Zeman
Rowena Zemel `59
Amy C. Zemering P`18 and Christiaan A. Zemering P`18
Dr. Lichang Zeng `09 (MS), `10 (PhD)
Carl J. Zenkert
Janet Zent and Dr. Clive S. Zent
Lois W. Zentmaier and Robert Zentmaier P`05
Margaret Zeoli*
Gary V. Zeppetella
Talma Zer P`96 and Aharon Zer P`96
Dr. Daniel L. Zerbe `93M (MD), `97H (Res)
Betty M. Zeth `48N
Charles M. Zettek Jr. `73, `80 (MS) and Judith S. Zettek
Dr. Mary M. Zeyen `56E (PhD)
Karol Zgonce
Aiping Zhang P`16 and Ning An P`16
Dr. Chengliang Zhang `04 (MS), `07 (PhD) and Ting Chen
Dr. Hong Zhang `02M (Res), `06M (Res) and Yi-Tao Yu
Jenna Zhang P`18 and David Ta P`18
Jingjing Zhang `02 (MS), `07 (PhD)
Jinmei Zhang `96 (MS), `01 (PhD)
Naiwen Zhang
Siqun Zhang P`12, P`16 and Qiang Zhu P`12, P`16
Xiao Zhang `08 (MS), `10 (PhD)
Dr. Xinping Zhang `96M (MS), `99M (PhD)
Zhao-Nan Zhang `93 (PhD) and Gui-Zhen Zhang
Muyun Zhao `14^
Ru J. Zhao `14^
Yang Zhao `13 (MS), `15 (PhD)
Cindy Zhe and William Zhe
Xuemei Zheng `04 (PhD)
Cheryl J. Zhou `14^
Jianer Zhou `06S (MS), `09S (PhD)
Wei Zhou `13^
Yunfei Zhou `03S (MBA)
Xiaogang Zhu P`05
Dr. Yonghong Zhu `00M (MS), `02M (PhD)
Beverly M. Zibrak `72, P`03
Aggie Zicari
M. Elizabeth Zicari and Louis P. Zicari
Patricia S. Zicari and Bruce B. Zicari Sr.
Francisco Ziegelmuller
Eric M. Ziegler `87, P`19 and April Smith P`19
George W. Ziegler
Judith Ziegler and Thomas W. Ziegler
Lisa W. Zielinski `88, `91S (MBA) and Kevin J. Zielinski `87, `91S (MBA)
Stephanie Zielinski `11N (MS), `15N (DNP)
Thomas Zielinski `11 (PhD)
Ruth W. Zieman and Raymond H. Zieman
Barbara J. Ziemann P`12E and Kenneth H. Ziemann P`12E
Gary E. Ziemer `83
Dr. Suzanne T. Zigrossi `92W (EdD)
Aida Zilbergleyt
Eugene W. Zilinski
John J. Zima III `13S (MBA)
Dolores Zimarino
Arthur G. Zimmer
Christine R. Zimmer and John J. Zimmer
Gregory Zimmer
Kathleen A. Zimmer and James F. Zimmer*
Kathleen M. Zimmer
Kristen Zimmer
Phyllis Zimmer `72N, `72 and Dr. Harold L. Zimmer `72, `76M (MD)
Shirley Zimmer
Barbara A. Zimmerman and James D. Zimmerman
Bernard Zimmerman `67
Connie L. Zimmerman and Phillip A. Zimmerman
Elizabeth Zimmerman and Carl E. Zimmerman
Harriet Zimmerman `67E, `75E (MM)
Helen Zimmerman
Janice R. Zimmerman P`09, P`12, P`16
Jo Zimmerman
Kristine Zimmerman
Patricia A. Zimmerman
Sheila B. Zimmerman `83
Dr. Deborah T. Zimmermann `86N (MS) and Gary P. Zimmermann `92S (MBA)
Joan Zimmermann `62W and Roger A. Zimmermann*
Laura J. Zimmermann `11^
Casey A. Zimny `12S (MBA)
Mary Lou Zimpfer and David Zimpfer Sr.
Dr. Nancy H. Zingale `64
Cynthia A. Zink and Gary Zink
Hannelore Zink
Jayne L. Zinke `64N, `64
Barbara A. Zinker
Dr. Noah T. Zinkin `00M (MD)
Fredric M. Zinn `75S (MBA), P`03
Dr. Jacqueline J. Zinn `71 and Dr. Steven L. Zinn `71
Jordan S. Zinn `03
Elizabeth C. Zinni P`88
Gloria T. Zinone* and Anthony Zinone
Marjorie E. Zipin `70
Dr. Deborah J. Ziring P`19 and Dr. Barry Ziring P`19
Karen D. Zivan* and Seymour M. Zivan
Joan E. Zlotnik `71 and Marc D. Zlotnik `71
Theresa A. Zlotnik `77S (MBA) and Eric A. Nichols `77S (MBA)
Dr. C. Richard Zobel `55 (PhD)
Margaret M. Zocco `82 and Jay A. Zocco `82
Charles H. Zoeller `77
Dr. Richard Zogby
Judith A. Zoltoski and Paul R. Zoltoski
Barbara Zon and Gary Zon
Andrew Zona
Patricia L. Zona
Cornelia Zorca P`04 and Emil Zorca P`04
Sheldon A. Zorfas `74, `75S (MBA) and Mei-Ying Tsai
Judith E. Zornow P`15 and Allen P. Zornow P`15
Kailee A. Zornow `15^
Marcia S. Zornow `59, `65W (EdM) and Theodore H. Zornow `59
Susan J. Zrebiec and Donald Zrebiec
Rosemary B. Zuck `74W (MA)
Dr. Ira I. Zucker `72
Gregory A. Zuege
Barbara Zuegel `57, P`83, P`96
Jonathan D. Zuegel `96 (PhD), P`17 and Andrea Zuegel P`17
Hildegard Zuehlke and C. W. Zuehlke
Steven E. Zugelder `99E, `01E (MM)
Katherine M. Zugnoni and Hugo Zugnoni
Elaine N. Zukaitis and Dale T. Zukaitis
Jerome J. Zukosky `52, `57 (MA), P`97
Susan Zulawski and James Zulawski
Dr. Jennifer Zumarraga `03M (Res) and Dr. Johnathan P. Pak `00M (MD), `01M (Res)
Alice Zumbulyadis and Nicholas Zumbulyadis
Lora Zumchak and David L. Zumchak
Violet F. Zurowski and William J. Zurowski
Judith C. Zwald
Dr. Hans J. Zweig `49
Meryl S. Zweig `83 and David A. Zweig `83, `86 (MS)
Matthew Zyla
Wayne E. Zyra `71 (MS) and Margaret Zyra

An asterisk (*) denotes the individual is deceased. A caret (^) denotes the individual is a young alumnus.

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