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Global Engagement


Your safety and wellbeing are our priority while you’re abroad.

International travel is an integral part of the academic, research, and healthcare mission of the University of Rochester, and the University broadly encourages and supports international travel by its faculty, staff, and students in support of that mission – these opportunities offer valuable learning experiences for students, and provide faculty members with mechanisms to enhance their research and teaching. Our goal is to help ensure the health, safety, and security of members of the University of Rochester community undertaking international travel consistent with the broad activity and intellectual exploration inherent to the international reach of a research university.


Register Your Travel


The University of Rochester provides a secure registry system for faculty, staff, and graduate students to record individual travel plans and contact information to help ensure smooth communication and rapid, consistent institutional support for University of Rochester global activities in the event of a serious emergency abroad. The UR has created a simple, online form allows University faculty and staff to register their upcoming travel plans with the Office for Global Engagement.

If your travel is related to your study, work, or research at the university, you should register your travel.

If you are traveling as a member or organizer of a student program, please contact the Center for Education Abroad prior to registering your trip. 

Register Your Travel Now

Travel Insurance


Use our simple, three-step process to determine what coverage you currently have, and what additional assistance you might need to obtain before your travels.

STEP #1: Determine your health insurance coverage.

  • I am a STUDENT (undergraduate, graduate, post-doc, etc.)
    • I am enrolled with University-sponsored health insurance, UHS Aetna Plan.
    • I am on my own, or my parents’, health insurance:
      • Check with your insurance provider to see what they cover internationally.
      • Obtain a copy of your health insurance ID card.
    • I wish to enroll in the University-sponsored health insurance, UHS Aetna Plan.
  • I am a FACULTY/STAFF member
    • I am currently enrolled in a UR health plan. Here is what each plan covers:
      • Aetna When Traveling—PDF describes covered services for plan members while traveling (e.g., pharmacy, non-life threatening situations, and life threatening situations) as well as emergency contact information.
      • Excellus BlueCard Worldwide—Search providers, get news alerts, and access emergency information and medical translations.Note: When you initially visit the website, you must agree to the terms and conditions, and then enter the first three letters of your insurance ID. Those letters are: “URL.” For all UR health plan members, these letters are the same.
    • I am NOT currently enrolled in a UR health plan. Next steps:
      • Check with your insurance provider to see what they cover internationally. Some topics to ask your provider about include:
        • Medical emergency coverage
        • Obtaining prescription drugs overseas
        • Locating health service providers abroad
      • Obtain and copy of your health insurance card.

STEP #2: Review your travel assistance coverage.

Travel Assistance is DIFFERENT than Insurance coverage and thus has a separate ID card. You may print the ID card from the Global website (University NetID required). All University Students, Faculty, and Staff are covered under the AXA Assistance Plan, services by Mercer. There is NO additional cost for this benefit. Travel Assistance provides support services in case of emergencies, including:

  • Medical Services
  • Travel Services
  • Security and Safety Services

You may also wish to access the travel assistance provider’s secure website for more detailed location-specific information. To access this site:

  • PRINT your Mercer Campus Travel Assistance Services ID card (University NetID required).
  • Visit the Mercer website to register.
    • For the initial sign in, you must use the username and password provided at the bottom of the ID card.
  • After you sign in for the first time, you will be asked to create your own username. An email will be sent to your username with a temporary password. Confirm your email and change your password by clicking on the link in your email.

We recommend that you:

  • Familiarize yourself with your travel assistance coverage prior to travel
  • Print and carry your travel assistance ID card at all times

STEP #3: Carry copies of your health insurance AND travel assistance ID cards, as well as of your passport.


Many countries require you to have specific immunizations before coming into the country.

We recommend that you:

  • Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website,, for information about immunizations you need before studying abroad.

The website provides requirements for every country. Travel advisories are also listed on this site. If you need immunizations before you travel, you can receive them at University Health Service. You may prefer to go to your physician at home, to your county health department, to Passport Health (located in Helen Wood Hall across from the Medical Center), or to another health care facility. You may want to inquire about the cost when you call to schedule. Since some immunizations require more than one visit or cannot be taken in combination with others, it is recommended that you take care of your immunizations well in advance of your departure.

Review Your Resources

Safety and Security

Alan Ryon provides guidance and expertise to all students, faculty, and staff who travel internationally and ensures responses to incidents abroad are managed appropriately.

Alan Ryon
Manager for International Travel and Security
Taylor Hall
+1 585-275-8699
C: +1 585-857-1168 (iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber compatible)
WeChat ID: URtravelManager
24/7 Emergency Assistance Line: +1 585.275.3333

Online Resources

  • Travel Alerts and Warnings (Travel alerts and warnings issued by the Department of State).
  • Learn About Your Destination (Review country specific information. Visa requirements, crime and security information, health and medical considerations and more).
  • The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate).

Additional Resources