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  • Tyrell Jackson, Italy, Class of 2015"Painting the horizon on the Accademia dell'Arte's balcony in Arezzo for class—putting my art skills to the test!"
  • Vivica Smith and Aaron Schaffer, Istanbul, Turkey, Class of 2016"Walking along the streets of Istanbul, part of our group met locals who spoke to us about their lives in Turkey and the political situations in neighboring countries."
  • Keyu Song, Belgium, Class of 2015"I interned for the summer at the European Parliament in Brussels. This Italian attorney was working with the EU-Canada Free Trade Zone Hearing for progress updates in the negotiations."
  • Rebecca Royzer, Israel, Class of 2016"Hiking in Sartaba, a beautiful area in the desert north of the Dead Sea. A full day of uphill climbing was well worth it for the view."
  • Regina Fabio, Singapore, Class of 2016"Biking on Pulau Ubin, as small island off the coast of Singapore, a popular spot for camping and hiking. Here with some other exchange students from the US and Australia, and a local student we met."
  • Brian Levine, Hong Kong, Class of 2015"One of my favorite aspects of Hong Kong besides the skyscrapers and big city life was the peace and tranquility of the New Territories. I loved getting lost in a hike along the MacLehose Trail where I could even take a break and cool down at a beach by swimming in the ocean."
  • Brian Grip, Sydney, Australia, Class of 2015
  • Jacqueline Carpentier, Israel France, Class of 2013"It hit me that I was in the Middle East when working late on a paper, I heard the 4AM call to prayer. Over the course of my five months in Jerusalem, that sound quickly replaced the tolling of the Rush Rhees bells in my mind."
  • Gabrielle Cornish (right), Russia, Class of 2013"After spending my time in Saint Petersburg, I now can't imagine my life without learning Russian language, history, culture, and politics, and I envision using my knowledge and skills gained from study abroad in my future endeavors."
  • Toni Iyoha, South Africa, Class of 2013“I learned history and culture through IES, my classes, and in my the interactions with children and adults alike. All this has reshaped the way I learn and see the world.”
  • Maia Ashman, Denmark, Class of 2013“It is a widespread misconception that if you are a science student, you won't have time to study abroad. Even though I am a Biology major, I knew I needed to find a way to study abroad.”
  • Annalise Baird, Denmark, Class of 2013“The most amazing part of my experience was living with a host family. It was both infinitely more challenging and infinitely more rewarding than I had anticipated.”
  • Adam Bossert, Australia, Class of 2013“If you are thinking about studying abroad, just say yes. Take advantage of the opportunity to do something unique and spice up your life.”
  • Janise Carmichael, Argentina, Class of 2013“If you are considering studying abroad to fine-tune your language skills consider taking classes at a partner university if it is an option.”

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