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Graduate Studies

Welcome from the Dean

Margaret Kearney

Margaret H. Kearney
Vice Provost & Dean of Graduate Studies

Graduate school is a life-changing experience. You transform from a generalist to a specialist in your field. You learn hands-on skills and techniques for practicing your profession or conducting research in your discipline. You refine your ability to build an argument and communicate your ideas in dialogue and writing. These are the tools for success in our global economy and complex society.

Graduate students must be independent and self-directed. You are pursuing goals of your own making, and your success depends on you alone. Many graduate students relocate to new countries and cities to pursue their specialized study. It can be an isolating experience. This may be a bit different from your undergraduate years. You will need to take the initiative to develop strong relationships with mentors and student colleagues.

The faculty and staff of the University of Rochester are here to help you reach the high level of achievement that is our standard. They will guide you and give feedback on your performance, direct you to resources and colleagues, listen to your concerns and suggest new strategies.

Your greatest assets are your student colleagues. The individuals in your program of study share your commitment to your discipline and your challenges in mastering it. They will be important contacts long after you earn your degree.

Make connections outside your program as well. The over 4,500 graduate students here can enrich your life with perspectives from other fields and other nations. Be part of the UR community, whether you live on campus or beyond it. I wish you great success and personal satisfaction as you join the wider world of advanced scholars.