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Student Life

Your Rochester experience goes beyond the classroom

We’re here to help you make the most of your University of Rochester experience.

We’ve compiled some resources below that are focused on graduate students. However, you can explore a general overview of campus life, and discover what makes Rochester unique.

We also recommend downloading the UR Mobile app, which provides on-the-go access to the latest updates, events, resources like campus maps, and more.

Housing and transportation

There are on-campus solutions and off-campus housing support available for our graduate student community. And, if you need help getting around campus, we’ve compiled some helpful transportation and parking resources.

On-campus housing

The University maintains three on-campus apartment complexes that serve graduate students, medical students, and postgraduate trainees. These are Whipple Park, Goler House, and University Park.

Each complex is staffed with Graduate Community Assistants (GCAs) to assist new residents, provide activities, and to help foster a community atmosphere.

Visit the Office of Residential Life website, which is a helpful starting point to understanding your housing options. Or, if you need more assistance, contact the Office of Residential Life.

Off-campus housing

Visit the Off-Campus Living Program page for additional support, including getting help finding a home and finding roommates.

Parking and transportation

The Department of Transportation and Parking Management is your go-to resource for parking support on-campus.

Log into the Parking Portal to purchase a pass, view any citations, and change your vehicle details.

You can also navigate around campus using University shuttles and buses. See the shuttle schedule, and reference the City of Rochester bus services website.

If you’re planning on bringing a bicycle to campus, visit the biking page to see rules, access maps, understand where you can ride and park your bike, and more. You can also register your bike for free as an added layer of safety.

Health and wellness support services

The health and well-being of our graduate community is a crucial part of our mission. We know that there are unique stresses and challenges associated with graduate study. The University resources below are ready to help.

For general medical resources and care, you can visit University Health Services.

Emergency support

If you need emergency mental health support, crisis resources are available 24/7 through the University Counseling Center.

Public Safety can help in the event of a crime or other emergency.

Mental health support

The University Counseling Center has additional support services available, including:

The CARE Network also lets you submit a support request, whether it’s for yourself or for a fellow peer that you think might be struggling with mental health issues.

GradGroups spring 2022 UCC workshops

 GradGroups. Facilitators from UCC will share emotional problem-solving skills on relevant topics in collaboration with the University Office of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs, the goal is to address concerns of many University of Rochester graduate students. Grounded in therapeutic skills and supports, we aim to bring sensitivity to the unique struggles of graduate students and aim to equip our students with new frameworks and skill sets to live their best lives. It will be a place to connect with fellow students while learning from our trained facilitators some practices that will help participants navigate the graduate terrain.

Join us this spring for three workshops designed for those seeking discussion and connections relevant to graduate student needs. Grounded in therapeutic skills and supports, we aim to bring sensitivity to the unique struggles of graduate students.

The topics and dates are

  • Advisor Relations & Interpersonal Effectiveness– 2/17/22 [Register]
  • Graduate Education & Distress Tolerance– 3/17/22 [Register]
  • The Meliora Ethos & Resilience– 4/14/22 [Register]

All workshops are held from 12noon to 12:45pm on a Thursday.

Advisor Relations & Interpersonal Effectiveness. The advisor-student is often a long-term relationship, and can be a source of support and stress. There are social dynamics and power differentials embedded in interactions. We highlight interpersonal effectiveness skills which emphasize how you can get what you need from others more often while considering objective effectiveness, relationship effectiveness and self-respect effectiveness.

Thursday, Feb. 17, 2022 from 12-12:45pm

Register here:

Graduate Education & Distress Tolerance. Graduate school is usually a stressful process between academics, financial stresses, and high demands on time and energy. We turn to distress tolerance skills to avoid unhelpful coping behaviors, tolerate negative emotions, and manage a crisis. All great skills for graduate students to have!

Thursday, March 17, 2022 from 12-12:45pm

Register here:

 The Meliora Ethos & Resilience. The Rochester motto, Meliora, means ‘ever better’ and that phrase certainly impacts students at the University of Rochester. But what does meliora mean for graduate students? And how is it reflected in the many facets of graduate education at UR? We draw from resilience skills to promote using positive experiences to decrease vulnerability to negative emotions, and teach ourselves how to more easily bounce back from an unpleasant experience.

Thursday,  April 14, 2022 from 12-12:45pm

Register here:

Questions, reach out to

Facilitator Bios

 Sofia Falco is currently completing her pre-doctoral internship at the U of R’s University Counseling Center. She is grateful for the many opportunities she has had to do clinical work and assessment in both educational and community-based settings in Rochester. She will be graduating with her Psy.D. in Clinical and School Psychology from Roberts Wesleyan College in May 2022.

David “Alec” Wierzbicki, PsyD is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Rochester Counseling Center and a graduate of the clinical psychology program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  He recently completed his doctoral internship at the University of Connecticut Student Health and Wellness Center and has worked in many roles in college counseling centers over the past three years.  Alec enjoys the collaborative and diverse nature of working with college students and young adults.  His interests include clinical risk assessment, mindfulness, and existential therapy.  He enjoys creative writing and poetry, quiet coffee shops, and hiking.

Liz Daniele, MS currently serves as Director of Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Affairs at the University of Rochester. Her professional background is in educational access and equity, which reflects her studies in sociology. She is pleased to continue meeting and learning from UR graduate students, whom she considers among the best and brightest.

International student support

Adjusting to academic life for international students can be particularly challenging. The International Services Office (ISO) has dedicated resources that can help, including cultural adjustment support.

Explore the ISO services that are available

Conflict management

The Center for Student Conflict Management can help students work through conflict resolution processes between students, providing facilitators if needed.

In addition, the University Ombuds office can also help resolve problems, including departmental and workplace-related issues.

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