Graduate Students of Color

One of our key objectives is to expand the intellectual community of underrepresented graduate students. Graduate students of color may be only or one of few persons of their heritage background in their academic department. We host events each where graduate students of color can connect with new colleagues, meet potential collaborators, discover mentors, engage in stimulating conversation and find fellowship.

We support and nurture graduate students of color through their career of graduate study at Rochester. The group promotes and offers academic, professional, and social programming for graduate students from underrepresented heritage backgrounds, and provides a forum for topics addressing the racial and ethnic diversity of the Rochester graduate student population.

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We encourage students interested in pursuing the professoriate to take advantage of Future Faculty Workshops.

Other events are in the works, and we welcome suggestions!

GSOC students on fall hike in 2020 at Genesee Valley Park


The Kearns Center recognizes that graduate students are busy, driven, focused people with many demands and little free time. We recognize that the primary source of advising and mentoring for graduate students must come from their own departments. We also provide a listening ear, thoughtful discussion, and general guidance for successfully completing a graduate degree at the University and moving on to a fruitful and rewarding life post-degree. The assistant director for graduate programs, Liz Daniele, and other staff in the Kearns Center are available as a supportive resource in addition to a student’s home department.

Members of GSOC Leadership Council

Graciela Trujillo-Hernandez
PhD Student
Developmental Psychology

Reine Chabarika
PhD Student
Warner School of Education & Human Development

Antonio Williams
GSOC Advisor and Director for Graduate Diversity
The David T. Kearns Center


GSOC Leadership Council is always eager for new members. Join us or get more information by sending an email to Antonio Williams.