• The College Board—Allows for high school students to conduct college searches and provides information on SAT/ACT, tips on how to prepare for college, the college application process and timeline, advanced placement examinations, and scholarship search/financial aid information.
  • The Education Planner—Covers preparing for college with timeline for high school seniors, college search and application, how to choose a college/university, career choice, and how to write a resume.
  • Peterson’sProvides college timeline and preparation information, college search engine, preparing for entrance exams, and how to pay for school. Peterson’s includes information on majors and programs at colleges. In addition, there is information on application essays and how to write an essay.
  • Next Step Magazine—An online magazine that allows for college searches, college planning, and career information. It also contains articles with personal accounts from high school and college students.
  • The Princeton Review—Website includes a college match/search, information on entrance examinations, and careers along with majors. There is a section dedicated to scholarship and financial aid information. There is a bookstore online that provides information on books with advice on college preparation.