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University of Rochester graduate students sitting outside on the steps to campus, laughing

Graduate student resources

Helping University of Rochester graduate students and postdocs succeed in their research, classwork, and beyond

The goal of the University Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs office is to support our graduate students through all their endeavors. From support in the classroom and life outside the classroom, financial resources to professional development, and more.

This website serves as a comprehensive resource for our current master’s students, postdoctoral associates, and others in our graduate student community.

Still making your graduate school decision? We encourage you to visit the University’s primary Admissions, Academics, and Programs pages to learn more about what Rochester has to offer.


Richard Libby headshot

Leadership message

“At a Research 1 institution like the University of Rochester, graduate students are not just participants; they are indispensable to our academic vitality and research excellence. Their diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and specialized knowledge enrich our intellectual community and drive forward our research endeavors.

Through groundbreaking research and scholarly contributions, they expand the boundaries of knowledge in their respective fields. They are the future leaders, educators, and innovators who will shape their disciplines and contribute significantly to society. Embrace Meliora with us as we celebrate the vital role of graduate students in advancing research and academic excellence.”

—Richard Libby, Interim Vice Provost and Interim University Dean of Graduate Education

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