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Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

The University of Rochester is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where all members of our community are treated with dignity and respect.

Here you will find information and resources available on campus and beyond to anyone who has experienced sex or gender discrimination, including sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and intimate partner violence.

If you need immediate help regarding an incident of sexual misconduct, seek assistance:

Emergency Response

  • Call University Public Safety(585) 275-3333 (24 hours)
  • Dial #13 on campus blue phones
  • Call 911 (Police Dispatch, Monroe County Emergency Communications)

Health and Safety

Designated Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Centers (SAFE) provide medical treatment and forensic exams:

  • Emergency Department at Strong Memorial Hospital, 601 Elmwood Ave., Rochester, NY 14642
    • Department of Public Safety can provide free transportation
  • Emergency Department at Rochester General Hospital, 1425 Portland Ave., Rochester, NY 14621
  • Emergency Department at Unity Hospital, 1555 Long Pond Road, Rochester, NY 14626

In New York, it is the consenting patient's choice whether to involve law enforcement personnel or not. However, medical providers who treat a physical injury sustained from an assault, physical or sexual, are required by state law to report the assault to law enforcement.

24-hour Confidential Resources: 

  • University Counseling Center
    Available to University students. Outside of UCC office hours, there is a UCC professional on-call to address urgent mental health crises and emergencies. 
  • RESTORE Sexual Assault Services
    Accessible 24 hours every day to provide confidential crisis support and access to resource options. Can accompany survivors to the hospital for a medical examination. RESTORE is not affiliated with the University of Rochester. Anything shared with staff at RESTORE is confidential and will not be shared with the University.
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Student Bill of Rights (NYS Education Law Article 129-B)

  1. Make a report to local law enforcement and/or State Police;
  2. Have disclosures of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault treated seriously;
  3. Make a decision about whether or not to disclose a crime or violation and participate in the judicial or conduct process and/or criminal justice process free from pressure by the institution;
  4. Participate in a process that is fair, impartial, and provides adequate notice and a meaningful opportunity to be heard;
  5. Be treated with dignity and to receive from the institution courteous, fair, and respectful health care and counseling services where available;
  6. Be free from any suggestion that the reporting individual is at fault when these crimes and violations are committed, or should have acted in a different manner to avoid such crimes or violations;
  7. Describe the incident to as few institution representatives as practicable and not be required to unnecessarily repeat a description of the incident;
  8. Be protected from retaliation by the institution, any student, the accused and/or the respondent, and/or their friends, family and acquaintances within the jurisdiction of the institution;
  9. Access to at least one level of appeal of a determination;
  10. Be accompanied by an advisor of choice who may assist and advise a reporting individual, accused, or respondent throughout the judicial or conduct process including during all meetings and hearings related to such process; and
  11. Exercise civil rights and practice of religion without interference by the investigative, criminal justice, or judicial or conduct process of the institution.

Form to Report Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Dating/Domestic Violence, Stalking, or Sexual Exploitation

Students, faculty, staff, visitors, and others may use this form to file a report about sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. You may fill this form out anonymously, which allows the University to capture information about what happened in case you wish to make a formal report in the future.

File an Initial Report

Contact the Title IX Office

To contact the Title IX Office, please send an email to The inbox is checked from 9 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday (not checked on weekends or holidays).

The Title IX Office is part of the University of Rochester’s Office of Equity and Inclusion

Title IX Coordinators

The University has a designated Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators who can answer questions and assist you with reporting options and resources. You are welcome to contact any of the coordinators, even if the person is in a different school or unit than you.

Please note that Title IX Coordinators and Deputy Coordinators are private but not confidential resources. They will address your complaint with sensitivity and keep your information as private as possible. For confidential resources, please contact a confidential counselor or file an anonymous report.


Resources and Procedures for reporting sexual misconduct

Learn what to do and who to contact if you or someone you know has experienced sexual misconduct.