student place his face behind a round cloaking device and his eye appears to disappear

‘Cloaking’ device uses ordinary lenses to hide objects across range of angles

Scientists have recently developed several ways—some simple and some involving new technologies—to hide objects from view. The latest effort, developed by physics professor John Howell and graduate student Joseph Choi, not only overcomes some limitations of previous devices, but uses inexpensive, readily available materials in a new way. “This is the first device that we know of that can do three-dimensional, continuously multidirectional cloaking,” said Choi.

September 25, 2014

In the Headlines

logo for Time Magazine

This discovery brings us one step closer to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak

It’s like a very small invisibility cloak made of glass.

Researchers at the University of Rochester seem to be taking the words of science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke’s to heart: “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

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September 28, 2014
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UR researcher on short list for Nobel winners

University of Rochester faculty member Ching W. Tang and a former Eastman Kodak Co. colleague have been named to a short list of likely Nobel winners for their work inventing the organic light-emitting diode.

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September 26, 2014
logo for NBC news

Scientists show you how to make an invisibility cloak (sort of)

Physicists have figured out the optical parameters for a magic trick they characterize as a kind of “invisibility cloak” — and unlike most magicians, they’re only too willing to show you how it’s done. “We just figured a very simple way of doing that can just be using standard lenses, and things that we normally find in the lab,” physics professor John Howell said in a video explaining the setup.

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September 24, 2014

Science & Technology

close-up photo of elderly person's hands

Medical Center joins NIH network to fight arthritis, lupus

The National Institutes of Health has invited the Medical Center to join the NIH Accelerating Medicines Partnership in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus Network. Made up of 11 research groups from around the country, its aim is to develop new treatments for patients with the conditions.

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September 25, 2014
diagram of SIRT6 protein

Parasitic DNA stops “jumping” when protein takes charge

Biology researchers Vera Gorbunova and Andrei Seluanov report that the “jumping genes” in mice become active as the mice age when a multi-function protein stops keeping them in check in order to take on another role. A protein called Sirt6 is needed to keep the jumping genes—technically known as retrotransposons—inactive.

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September 23, 2014
cancer patient in bed, smiling

Cancer researcher awarded $18M to study cancer-related side effects

The National Cancer Institute grant, award to Principal Investigator Gary R. Morrow, funds a leadership role in a nationwide clinical research network to investigate cancer-related side effects.

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September 18, 2014

Society & Culture

detail image of abook cover illustration shows the silhouette of a man falling off a boat

Acclaimed author’s new novel steeped in family mystery

As a child, professor and noted author Joanna Scott played with figurines collected by her great-grandfather, Armand de Potter. After unearthing a trunk filled with diaries and documents, Scott realized her great-grandfather wasn’t the man he seemed. This disquieting discovery became the basis for her new novel, De Potter’s Grand Tour.

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September 16, 2014
Robert Doran

Comparative literature professor explores concept of ‘the sublime’

Robert Doran looks at the intense interest in the “sublime” as an aesthetic concept — distinct from and even surpassing “beauty” — in his forthcoming book The Theory of the Sublime from Longinus to Kant.

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September 12, 2014
Andre Marquis

Warner School professor promotes understanding of psychopathology

A new book, co-authored by Andre Marquis, associate professor of counseling and human development, closely examines the causes of, and treatments for, mental health disorders from various psychological and social perspectives.

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September 12, 2014

Photo of the Week

groups of students sitting on a stage holding laptops

Laptop Orchestra combines music, science at Fringe

September 23, 2014

The Rochester Laptop Orchestra performs “Viral Composition” at the annual Rochester Fringe Festival. The group is composed of students at the University of Rochester and Eastman School of Music who compose and perform unique, interactive compositions controlled by Wiimotes, Kinect sensors, genetic sequences, and other custom sensors.

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Student Life

group of 10 students holding award plagues

Ten honored as Garnish scholar-athletes

Ten student-athletes representing the highest achievement in academic performance and athletic skill were presented with the University’s Garnish Scholar Awards at halftime of the September 20 football game against Gallaudet University.

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September 25, 2014
Vic Mensa

UR fall concert series features Vic Mensa and Asher Roth

Chicago native Vic Mensa is an independent rap artist who recently began a solo career after the breakup of his rap-rock band Kids These Days. Asher Roth is best known for his hit single “I Love College”, which reached number 12 on the US Billboard Music Charts.

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September 15, 2014
man on stage talking in mic

Yellowjacket weekend brings Michael Ian Black to Rochester

Comedians Ron Funches, Nick Vatterott, and Michael Ian Black will perform this weekend for students and the Rochester community as part of Yellowjacket Weekend, which celebrates the start of the academic year.

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September 4, 2014

The Arts

Francesca Zambello

National Opera director to lecture on pop culture versus art

Francesca Zambello, artistic director of the Washington National Opera and artistic and general director of the Glimmerglass Opera, will give the Eastman School of Music’s 2014 Glenn Watkins Lecture on Friday, Oct. 3, at 3 p.m. in the school’s Hatch Recital Hall.

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September 25, 2014
Craighead-Saunders Organ

New “Tuesday Pipes” series shares organ music with community

Each concert will run for approximately 25 minutes and showcase the Craighead-Saunders Organ and Hook & Hastings Organ. Performances offer an effort to bring organ music to local audiences while connecting Eastman students, faculty, and alumni with the wider community.

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September 22, 2014
André Previn

Wind Ensemble celebrates André Previn with world premiere

The ensemble will perform Music for Wind Orchestra (No Strings Attached) as part of an all-Previn program featuring several of the composer’s chamber music pieces. Previn will be at Eastman and will receive an Honorary Doctor of Music degree.

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September 19, 2014

University News

Andrew Barowsky

Foundation commits $1 million, endows Andrew P. Barowsky fellowship

Andrew P. Barowsky ’72, president of the Barowsky Foundation, has committed $1 million to create a path for students at Dominican University of California aspiring to attend graduate school at Rochester.

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September 26, 2014
Ching Tang

Researcher honored as Thomson Reuters Citation Laureate

Ching Tang, a professor of chemical engineering at the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is being recognized as one of the most influential researchers in the field of chemistry. Thomson Reuters has named Tang one of this year’s 26 Citation Laureates for his role in inventing the organic light-emitting diode (OLED).

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September 25, 2014

New entrance ramp from Kendrick to I-390 opens

This new connection to I-390, along with the newly built direct access from East River Road is expected to improve safety, reduce congestion, and provide the access necessary for the University to expand.

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September 23, 2014
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