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PHOTO GALLERY: Dandelion Day 2017

April 30, 2017

Carnival rides, live music, food trucks, goats and bunnies, and perfect weather: once again, Dandelion Day put smiles on the faces of all who attended.

(University photos / J. Adam Fenster)


The petting zoo is a perennial Dandelion Day favorite.

Food and sunshine were plentiful.

man scooping up fries in a food truck

Adam Scheffler and Lizzie Clapp of Le Petit Poutine serve up their main dish.

a couple embracing

Noah Hammes, left and Lydia Currie, both of the Class of 2020, found a bit of private time amidst the revelry.

A birds-eye view before the crowds filled in.

We’re sure discussions of torque, centripetal force and centrifugal force came into play on this ride. We are, after all, Rochester.

guy in sunglasses eating fried dough

Brendan Chin ’18 digs into some fried dough.

girl wearing a gold pompom on her head

Madeline Ciocanu shows off appropriate Dandelion Day attire.

people on a spin ride, with one not looking happy

Everyone loves the carnival rides. Some more than others.

Connor Izard of Catch the Maniac entertains the crowd.

man eating ice cream wearing a squid hat

Conrad Holzemer ’19 and his cephalopod friend enjoy a frozen treat.


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