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Spring-Summer 2000
Vol. 62, No. 3

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Class Notes--Undergraduate


CLASSES OF '50, '51, '52, '53, '54
OCTOBER 12-15, 2000

Class Correspondent
Kenneth Hubel
2562 Oak Circle N. E.
North Liberty, IA 52317
(319) 626-6562

Ken Button '52 (Mas) wrote an exuberant postcard from San Francisco saying: "My 24th International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves was a smash! I have been working on this most difficult technology (and many others) for 45 years and we finally cracked it. Last year in Colchester, now in Monterey; 2000 in Beijing, 2001 in Toulouse, 2002 in Florida, 2003 in Karlsruhe, Germany, and 2004 in Japan. We are on a roll! Warm regards. Ken (77 years old)." (He still lives at 2095 N. A1A Hwy., Indialantic, Fla., 32903-2514).

Arnold Van der Lande wrote from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands: "After graduation I went back to the Netherlands to work for the family business, which took me all over Europe and more especially Germany, where I was marketing and sales manager of a vegetable oil and chemical factory. After the family sold the business, I started my own business in refrigeration equipment." Ten years ago he retired and left the firm to two of his sons. He now spends most of his time at his home in the south of France, traveling, or with friends in Holland and Belgium. He is looking forward to seeing classmates at the coming reunion in October. (Post Box 10226, 7301 GE Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.; e-mail him at

He can count on seeing me there. I hope you'll be there, too, for this rare chance to see old friends.


CLASSES OF '50, '51, '52, '53, '54
OCTOBER 12-15, 2000


CLASSES OF '50, '51, '52, '53, '54
OCTOBER 12-15, 2000

Michael Telesca has been elected to the board of trustees of Nazareth College of Rochester. Telesca, a U.S. district judge, and his wife, Ethel, live in Rochester.


CLASSES OF '50, '51, '52, '53, '54
OCTOBER 12-15, 2000

Henry Beckler, founder and CEO of Wilmington, Del.-based Star Financial, has launched a new industrial development corporation, Star BIDCO, as a way to increase the financing options available to small businesses owned by minorities and women. Star BIDCO was granted a state charter as a regulated nonbank lendor, making it one of the first in the country to be eligible for backing from the U.S. Small Business Administration in a new initiative to target small companies that often have difficulty getting support from big lendors.


CLASSES OF '50, '51, '52, '53, '54
OCTOBER 12-15, 2000


OCTOBER 12-15, 2000


David and Elaine Hollander Benedict '59 write that they have retired and moved to Williamsburg, Va. Last summer they moved into their newly constructed house in a subdivision called Ford's Colony. "We enjoy sailing a sloop on the Chesapeake Bay and being community volunteers," they write. . . . Donald Hultquist '62M (PhD) sends an update: He has been a faculty member at the University of Michigan Medical School for the past 36 years, teaching, administering the Ph.D. program in biological chemistry, and studying redox enzymes and the role of vitamins as therapeutic agents preventing oxidative damage. He writes that he plans to step down from his position as associate chair this year. He adds: "I look forward to eventual retirement in the Finger Lakes region and the opportunity to write and become politically active." . . . Norman, chairman and co-CEO of Home Properties of New York, Inc., and Nelson Leenhouts, president and co-CEO of Home Properties, were profiled in the Rochester Business Journal last fall. The twins started the company --the first publicly traded real estate investment trust in Upstate New York--five years ago after leading Home Leasing Corp. for 20 years, and at an age when most executives are thinking of retirement, the newspaper notes. . . . David Skinner '80 (HNR) was elected to the board of directors of Medix Resources, Inc., a provider of Internet-based healthcare services software.


Robert and Gail Paxson Mates '60 e-mail that they have sold their house and plan to travel full time in a motor home.


Class Correspondent
John Rathbone
RD 2, Box 55
Hamilton, NY 13346

In the last issue, we wrote that we needed e-mail addresses from those classmates who had corresponded with us in the past because of a loss of files. We have heard from several classmates, but not from the ones whom I know we lost contact with. Again, if you sent an e-mail to me sometime after January 1999 and have not heard from me since, please send me your e-mail address again! You can contact me at

Dave and Ellie Peters announced the arrival of their first grandchild and enjoy their new role in life. After a springtime traveling to the west for hiking and rafting, they settled down into renovating an old camp next to their home into a rental property.

Dick and Margaret Vidale wrote about their "European Vacation V" to visit their daughter in Geneva and tour Norway, Denmark, and Holland. At the end of the summer, they took a weekend to Cape Cod and enjoyed a pleasant sailing experience. In September, it was back to work for them both: Margaret with her English as a Second Language and Dick in his penultimate year at Boston University, starting this year on half time, which seems attractive to Dick.

Meanwhile, up in New Hampshire, Dick and Joan DeBrine write that Dick has been hard at work gathering stone so they could construct a New England stone wall at their B&B, Maplehedge. Having completed the wall, they drove to California for the holidays with their family. The DeBrines also have a Web page at Dick has been very active in local affairs, especially with their historical society, and was project manager for the purchase and relocation of a 225-year-old schoolhouse. Joan keeps busy with the B&B, the Rotary Club, church activities, and as publisher of the town's monthly newspaper. Both are gradually training their replacements so they can devote more time to travel.

Dick and Jane Wedemeyer are also trying to cut back on work as they try to make time for grandparenting--1999 presented them with two granddaughters. The Wedemeyers also found time for trips to Spain, New York City, Amsterdam, and Birmingham. They also hope to have more time to travel and visit old friends and want to know if they should park their RV in your driveway or on the street.

Nancy Kelts Rice wrote to report that classmate George Branch died on December 17 after several months' illness. George had retired from his local pediatric practice of 29 years and enjoyed an enviable reputation as a man of dignity, courage, good humor, and love for his family. After retirement, he served as a locum tenens physician in several locations around the U.S. He is survived by his wife, Arlene (Sue), three children, and four grandchildren. If anyone wishes to make a contribution in his memory, please send it to the Children's Hospital at Strong, 300 E. River Road, P.O. Box 278996, Rochester, N.Y. 14627.

As we go to press, Mary Robinson Grow and husband, Jack, have just returned from a trip to Israel. Mary writes that she now has an e-mail address.

Dottie Wynne sent a message that she wants to be added to the class e-mail list: "Although I left in my junior year and have attended only one reunion, I stay interested in the activities of my former classmates." A resident of Buffalo for the past 37 years, Dottie worked at the University at Buffalo for 30 years. Now happily retired, she is volunteering and taking painting and writing classes and has had a few items published. Last year, Dottie went to Greece with a University group and enjoyed it very much. Dottie would be "happy to hear from anyone from the class."

Peter Tarrant wrote that he had moved into new digs in Putnam Valley and was anticipating another consulting trip overseas to Kyrgyzstan, when that trip was postponed a few months. Instead, he hoped to visit family in Melbourne in January and take his trip to Kyrgyzstan later in the winter.

Dick VanDerMeid sent his season's greetings and would like to touch base with the DeBrines, Sid Shaw, Mike Dunn, and Bob Hohlstein. We were able to accommodate Dick with two of the e-mail addresses.

Dick and Brenda Miller Thalacker '60 wrote (electronically) that Dick was elated when it was finally getting cold and when snow had arrived at last. Then, Dick could spend his time on the snow, teaching and patrolling.

Ben and Maureen (Moe) McGuigan Baldwin '60 sent along an e-mail and said that they are still working together as a team at Baldwin Financial Systems, Inc., and having a great time of it.

Susan Storing Maybeck wrote that she is in the "countdown to retirement" process, but that she and Ed will not be leaving Pittsford.

Joe Steinman was a bit philosophical in his recent epistle, noting how time changes one's perspective. His last 13 years in Switzerland have changed him from a "city person" to a confirmed lover of life in a small village. Joe described the surroundings of his new home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., and it sounds like an ideal place to begin to wind down from 65-hour work weeks. Joe anticipates keeping busy doing some graduate-level teaching and executive seminar work--and hitting the golf courses and tennis courts more frequently than he now does. He also sent a great joke about golfing and firemen.


Karl Nelson writes that he is the administrator of the Brooklyn Methodist Church Home for the Aged in Brooklyn. A fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, he serves on the congressional council of St. Peter's Evangelical Church in Huntington Station, N.Y., where he also sings in the cathedral choir and is an occasional soloist.

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