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New Recycling Containers Arrive

August 2010

yellow Planet Aid clothing box
A load of 300 containers & lids arrive in the stock room to be sorted, labeled, and put out into the buildings.
While most students are still away from Rochester enjoying the summer, preparations are being made to get the River Campus ready for when they will soon again fill the halls.  In the spirit of Meliora ("ever better") more recycling containers were recommended by Amy Kadrie, Recycling Coordinator, and have now arrived. A total of about 300 containers will be labeled and placed in the academic and residential buildings.

In these last few remaining weeks of summer, the residential life buildings are receiving particular attention. In addition to getting the new bins, framed educational posters are being hung in the buildings’ main recycling areas. Studies show that good recycling habits begin at home and once these habits have been formed people are more likely to carry them out in their daily lives. Taking this theory a step further in a college campus setting, is the idea of getting new freshmen to develop good green habits from the start so that they will carry these habits with them throughout their time at the University. All freshmen this year will receive a door hanger version of the educational poster to keep for reference. Recycling may seem like an elementary piece of sustainability, but our students come from all over the country and the world where recycling rules and standards may be different. So, education is the key. The EcoReps program is in place for its second year (yes!) to help guide new freshmen into living sustainable lives.

yellow Planet Aid clothing box
Student Recycling Coordinator Assistant (and former EcoRep), Joey Griggs, getting new containers ready with the standard labels.

Not to forget upperclassmen, there will be one more new piece of educational material in the form of what is known as an “inStallment”. The inSTALLments will be placed in the bathroom stalls of each residential building as another way to get the word out on the recycling basics, as well as inform students of the more detailed information (such as how to handle CFL’s, ink cartridges, and electronics).

Outdoor containers will be coming soon as well. Early in the semester you will find a couple different models of collection containers on the grounds. Once the containers arrive, you can expect to hear a lot more about the details. Stay tuned!