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Inkjet Cartridge Recycling? Where!?

October 2010

As you may know, inkjet and laser printer cartridges are recyclable at the University of Rochester. There are drop off locations on River Campus and at the Medical Center. The drop off locations may be found on the downloadable posters, see below.

But the easiest way to recycle is to drop them into the mail! Simply send your used cartridges to PO Box 270001 and let University Mail Services take care of it for you!

Did you know that one new toner cartridge could take up to 1,000 years to break down in a landfill? Instead of sitting empty in a landfill, our cartridges are collected, refilled, and redistributed as refurbished cartridges to be used again. Whether you send it to the PO Box or drop it off at a collection point, if you’re recycling printer cartridges you’re helping reduce waste, and make our landfills just a little less full!

Within the first six months of 2010, University faculty and staff recycled 1,643 cartridges. Let’s see if with the upcoming New Year, we can make our first months of 2011 be our new record high!

Mail Services also accepts cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players and other small electronics for recycling through the same PO Box number. As always, this is a free service, but make sure there isn’t confidential information on these devices before dropping them in the bins!

University Facilities and Services would like to thank everyone that has sent in an ink cartridge. You are helping to make the University a more sustainable place! For more information about inkjet recycling, check out our inkjet recycling webpage. Downloadable posters are available for information about our program for both the Medical Center and River Campus. Print and hang them up in your office to help us spread the word!

Medical Center ink cartridge recycling Medical Center poster River Campus ink cartridge recyclingRiver Campus poster