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E-Waste Recycling Event

October 2010

bucket loader with dead computers
Loading recycled computer monitors
Do you have old computers, laptops, telephones or other electronic equipment sitting around your basement, garage, or dorm room? Have you been meaning to get rid of them but just haven’t found the time?

The University of Rochester and electronics recycler, Sunnking, are here to help!

On Friday, October 29th, 2010 from 6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., drop off your unwanted household electronics in Park Lot.

Sunnking will provide free environmentally responsible disposal and recycling! If you’re a University of Rochester student or employee, you can bring anything from your old laptop to broken digital cameras, keyboards, stereos, PDA’s, and speakers.  We will accept anything with computer chip - with one notable exception; because of the increased price associated with the disposal of old TVs, we won’t be accepting them at this event.

Worried about confidential information? Your secrets are safe with us! With any electronics we collect, storage devices (like the hard drives in computers) are destroyed, and the metals from them are recycled. Even if a piece of equipment is sold for reuse, the hard drives are replaced and the old ones are dismantled and destroyed to prevent identity theft.

Click here for a full poster to print out and share with your colleagues!

Don’t know how to get to Park Lot? Click here for a map with directions.