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Microform Recycling

January 2010
University Recycling Coordinator Amy Kadrie is currently collecting microforms for secure disposal and recycling.  For those who don’t know, microforms are small reproductions of documents, usually on film.  Microform was one of the most commonly used ways to archive large amounts of documents in a small space before computers.  Microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards are the most common forms of microform.

Now that most documents are archived on computers, the need for microforms has decreased significantly.  However, since some have sensitive or confidential information on them, they cannot simply be thrown away.  Luckily, the University has partnered once again with Waste Management and Monroe County to safely and securely recycle microforms.  The microforms are chopped up and chemically stripped so there is no chance of information remaining on them.  A Certificate of Destruction can be provided if needed.  So far, 434 lbs of microforms have been collected.

If your department has old microforms that need to be disposed of, contact Amy Kadrie at 362-5739 or