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RecycleMania 2010 Results Posted

RecycleMania logoMay 2010

The results of RecycleMania are in, and the University of Rochester made a strong showing this year!

Competition 2010 Ranking
Per Capita Classic 30 out of 346
Gorilla Prize 23 out of 346
Targeted Material – Paper 19 out of 223
Targeted Material – Corrugated Cardboard 31 out of 231
Targeted Material – Bottles and Cans 10 out of 223
Targeted Materials – Food Service Organics 93 out of 127
Grand Champion 107 out of 267

Though we didn’t win any of the competitions, we had strong showings in almost all the categories, and we made some improvements from last year’s competition.  Our weekly recycling rate increased from, on average, 28.39% to 29.91%.  Our average weekly pounds of recycling per person increased from 3.04lbs to 3.54lbs.  And, overall, we recycled 80,000 more pounds during the competition this year than last year!

We would like to thank all of you for your participation this year—you’re a huge part of the reason we were so successful! 

Don’t forget, though, it’s important to keep on recycling and reducing waste.  Just think of it as training for next year’s competition so we can go for the win!

 To view the full results visit the RecycleMania web page.