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Wallis Hall Event Kicks Off
“Clean & Go Green”

University administrators get into the spirit of the first-annual "Clean & Go Green" event in Wallis Hall on August 19. University General Counsel Sue Stewart, CFO Ronald Paprocki, and President Joel Seligman (left to right) have a laugh—at Provost Ralph Kuncl's expense. All kidding aside, they encourage the entire University community to join the effort and make a clean start this fall.

The hallways of Wallis Hall were a maze of recycling bins and pallets as the University's "Clean & Go Green" campaign got under way on August 19. As part of the effort, Wallis Hall residents recycled non-confidential paper that is no longer needed, cleaned out desk drawers, deleted old e-mails, and discarded out-dated equipment.

The program's goals are to make sure data and confidential materials, both electronic and hardcopy, are disposed of properly, and to recycle out-of-date equipment. The effort, which was initiated by the Provost's Data Security Committee, is also designed to encourage faculty and staff to clean out electronic clutter by deleting old files and e-mails, which reduces storage needs and improves system efficiency.

By the end of the day, Wallis Hall residents—including (above from left) University General Counsel Sue Stewart, CFO Ronald Paprocki, Provost Ralph Kuncl, and President Joel Seligman—had purged enough material to fill 21 large (recycle, secure recycle, garbage) bins and three computer/electronic equipment pallets. Staff also purged hundreds of three-ring binders, which were then redistributed to departments in need and donated to local organizations.

The Clean & Go Green team, a partnership between University IT, Facilities and Services, and University Leadership, has developed education and awareness materials to share with the University community and plans to host additional "Clean & Go Green" events throughout the year.

If you would like to do some "cleaning" of your own, you can access the PDF tutorials below for tips on copying and moving electronic files, and for deleting e-mail and calendar items in Outlook and Entourage.

For more information on how to protect yourself, your data, and your computer visit

Look for additional updates this fall on "Clean & Go Green" events.