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UR Ventures Technology Review

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Previous Issues

Issue 16, June 2017
•Bringing Clarity to Ultrasound Images . . . with Color
Efferent Labs Partners with Evotec to Advance Biosensor Technology
•Adarza Biosystems, Inc. and Clerio Vision, Inc. Featured in Latest Report from The Science Coalition

Issue 15, February 2017
•Health Care Originals named finalist in 2017 Internet of Things Innovation World Cup
•Adarza Biosystems successfully completes Series C closing
•Dog Flu vaccine shows promise
•Lynne Maquat, Ph.D. receives Lifetime Achievement Award in Science

Issue 14, November 2016
Ehsan Hoque and Human-Computer Interaction
•PharmAdva markets device to assist patients remember their medication
Technology Commercialization Expo celebrates Rochester innovation


Issue 13, September/October 2016
Koning Corporation receives awards from Frost & Sullivan and the Gallen Foundation
•Rochester researchers develop needle-free system for drug delivery
Technology Commercialization Expo announced for Meliora Weekend
•Technology Development Fund announces new round


Issue 12, July/August 2016
WebWork, an internationally recognized online homework system began at Rochester more than 20 years ago
•The National Academy of Inventors names Rochester on the list of top recipients of U.S. patents in 2015
•UR Ventures connects with CROs to advance promising technologies


Issue 11, June 2016
•JazzTech 2016 Attracts Investors and Entrepreneurs from across the Region and around the Country
•JazzTech 2016 Showcases Promising Startups
•Startup Champions New Technology that Reduces Healing Time by as Much as 25%


Issue 10, April/May 2016

•Crowdfunding Technology Development
•Why a Crowdfunding Campaign? Part I, the Need
•Why a Crowdfunding Campaign? Part II, Lessons to Be Learned


Issue 9, March 2016

•Researchers Close in on Vaccine against Arenaviruses
•Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award to Fund Muscular Dystrophy Research
•Adarza Biosystems Completes a $5 Million Series-B Closing
•UR Ventures’ Lisa Peck Wins 2016 Witmer Award


 Issue 8, February 2016

•Four Projects Awarded TDF Funding
Health Care Originals Wins Big at Wearables Innovation World Cup
A New Generation of Shape-Memory Polymers
Student Company Debuts Haptic Suit


Issue 7, January 2016

•Koning Corporation Launches New Product
MLK-3 Inhibitor Shows Promise in Fighting HIV
Patent Detailing Compounds and Methods to Treat Staph Infections Granted


Issue 6, November 2015

•Rochester Researchers Develop Dog Flu Vaccine
Rochester Ranked Among the Most Innovative Universities in the World
Clinical Trials Testing Possible Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy 1

 Issue 5, October 2015

•Novo Nordisk Award to Fund Development of Anti-Obesity Drug
•Eagle Dream Health Announces Exclusive Partnership with Medline

New Compound to Treat Neurocognitive Disorders


 Issue 4, September 2015

•Clerio Vision Revolutionizing Vision Correction
•Doing the Impossible: Healing Cartilage
•Giants Walk Among Us


Issue 3, August 2015

•Rochester Researchers Develop Method to Create Hydrophobic Metals
•Fund Helps Develop University Technologies to Become Market-Ready
•Health Care Originals Uses Wearable Technology to Assist Asthma Sufferers

July 2015

Issue 2, July 2015

•JazzTech 2015 Highlights Exciting New University Startups
•EagleDream Health Uses Health Analytics to Improve Outcomes
•3-D Volumetric Display about to Become a Reality

June 2015

Issue 1, June 2015

•Community Forensic Interventions Breaks the Cycle for Mentally Ill in the Criminal Justice System
•Light-Controlled Immunotherapy May Have Broad Applications in Fighting Cancer
University of Rochester Embraces the Future with Data Science Initiatives