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Internal Resources


Providing University of Rochester innovators with educational, administrative, and financial resources.

Funding Resources

Technology Development Fund

Administered by URVentures, the Technology Development Fund makes awards of up to $100K for researchers to develop a technology to a more commercial endpoint.

Drug Development Pilot Award

The Drug Development Pilot Award supports projects in drug development research that result in technology development, extramural funding, and commercialization.

Clinical & Translational Science Institute Pilot Studies Program

The Pilot Studies Program provides seed funding for highly innovative translational and clinical research that addresses translational research questions, and provides insights generalizable to other projects.

Center for Emerging & Innovative Sciences

The Center for Emerging & Innovative Sciences administers two awards: The Collaborative Innovative Research (CIR) award and the Short Term Applied Research (STAR) award. CIR funding is up to $30K and requires a minimum 2:1 company match, and STAR funding is up to $5K and requires a 1:1 match.

University Research Awards

The University Research Awards (URA) provide seed grants for high promising, high-risk projects.

Empire Discovery Institute

The Empire Discovery Institute (EDI) is a drug discovery partnership between the University of Rochester, the University of Buffalo, and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. EDI is designed to help overcome key challenges typically faced by life science researchers in academia – lack of external funding to continue research efforts and lack of pharmaceutical industry expertise to advance these programs to fruition. Learn more about the EDI Medicines Discovery Award Program. 

NSF I-Corps Site Training & Grants

The National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corps Site program provides entrepreneurial training and modest grant funding to University students, faculty, staff and alumni interested in commercializing a technical (STEM) business idea. Program participants can apply for up to $3,000 in grant funding to conduct customer discovery, market research or purchase supplies to create a prototype.

Furth Fund

The Valerie and Frank Furth Fund provides $12,500 awards to help foster the development of promising scientists in the natural and biological sciences.

Administrative Resources

 Office of Research and Project Administration

The Office of Research and Project Administration (ORPA) provides support for obtaining sponsored research funds and managing sponsored program activity.

Center for Business Engagement

The Center for Business Engagement (CBE) builds and enhances the University’s relationships with industry partners. If you want to work with industry, but do not know where to start, contact the CBE.

 Office for Human Subject Protection

The Office for Human Subject Protection (OHSP) website contains information regarding research education requirements, human subject protection regulations and policies, and information about the Research Quality Improvement program with resources (templates and forms) available to assist in conducting research.

Clinical & Translational Science Institute

The Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) helps research teams produce results better, faster and cheaper, with the ultimate goal of improving the health of communities and populations. They link researchers with the connections, resources and education they need for success.

Office of Biomedical Research Development (BRDO)

The BRDO’s charter is to improve human health and welfare through biomedical research innovation and commercialization by researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center (“URMC”). Working closely with URVenture’s, BRDO educates, assists, and supports faculty navigating the pathway from IP to commercialization, and facilitates the formation of joint ventures with the public and private sectors.

Center for Health & Technology

The Center for Health & Technology (CHET) accelerates clinical trials by increasing design effectiveness and efficiency. CHET provides disease-modeling services, clinical pharmacology service, data visualization, clinical trials management and supply services.

Educational Resources

 Ain Center for Entrepreneurship

The Ain Center is an interdisciplinary center that educates the University and Rochester communities on how to transform ideas into enterprises that create value via training programs, competitions and challenges, and creative community collaborations.

 BRDO MyPath Module Series – Path from IP to Commercialization

The Office of Biomedical Research Development (BRDO) has created a MyPath series consisting of 5 individual modules focused on each step along the path from IP to commercialization. Each module takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Technology Development Fund
Drug Development Pilot Award
Empire Discovery Institute