University of Rochester

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Code of Conduct for Business Activities

I. A) Preamble

The University of Rochester is committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. The Board of Trustees and the executive leadership expect that each individual conducting business on behalf of the University will adhere to those standards in the performance of her/his duties.

It is the responsibility of each individual—faculty or staff member, student employee, or volunteer acting on behalf of the University—to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures that apply to her/his particular duties. In addition, it is the responsibility of supervisors both to see that staff in their areas receive adequate information and training to permit full compliance and to monitor compliance.

This Code of Conduct is intended to remind members of the University community of the importance of adhering to University policies as well as those that are specific to particular administrative areas or functions (e.g. finance). It is intended to supplement and promote compliance with existing policies and not to change or replace them. Any conflicts or inconsistencies between this policy and more specific ones shall be controlled by the more specific statement.

There may be instances when a policy or regulation appears difficult to interpret or to apply. In those cases, clarification should be sought through the normal supervisory channels. If necessary, further questions should be directed to the administrative office that has responsibility for the oversight of that policy or to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, Office of University Counsel, or Office of University Audit.

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