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Code of Conduct for Business Activities

II. B) Conflict of Commitment

1. Policy

The University recognizes the right of University staff to engage in employment opportunities outside the University. Outside employment must not conflict with the duties, responsibilities, and regular periods of work of the staff member at the University. The University relies on the judgment and integrity of the staff member to avoid conflicts with the staff member's commitment to the University.

2. Guidelines

a). Employment at the University is considered to be the primary appointment and employment elsewhere should not interfere with this primary job commitment.

b). Staff who accept employment elsewhere in addition to University employment must be aware of any University requirement to work extra hours at scheduled or unscheduled times. The University expects employees to meet these requirements in spite of other employment commitments.

c). Staff are encouraged to discuss outside employment opportunities with their supervisors. Specific University approval of outside employment is not required unless the proposed outside employer engages in business transactions with the University and the employee would be in a position to influence either employer in connection with those transactions. In such cases, written department head approval (with a copy to the Dean, Director or Vice President) is required before the employee may accept the outside position.

d). Staff may use accrued vacation and holidays for outside employment if the time off is approved and does not interfere with the normal operations of the department.

e). Staff may not use University facilities, staff or other resources in performing work for another employer.

f). Some departments may choose to establish more stringent outside employment policies due to special obligations and responsibilities of those departments. These policies, as well as any other special arrangements on outside employment, should be coordinated with the Associate Vice President of Human Resources in advance of implementation.

g). Questions should be referred to the Office of Human Resources.

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