University of Rochester

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Code of Conduct for Business Activities

II. G) Financial Transactions and Reporting

1. General Policy

University resources must be used only for legitimate University purposes, and proper documentation must be kept for all charges and expenses.

All University accounts, financial reports, tax returns, expense reimbursements, time sheets and other documents, including those submitted to government agencies, must be accurate, clear and complete. All entries in the University's books and records, including departmental accounts and individual expense reports, must accurately reflect each transaction.

2. Proper Recording, Allocation, and Charging of Cost

a). Appropriate Accounts: Care should be taken to ensure proper recording and charging of all costs to the appropriate account. It is important that costs are accurately recorded so that the University of Rochester's direct and indirect charges to the government are accurate and that unallowable costs are not charged to the government. If there are any questions about proper treatment of costs, contact the Controller's Office, the Office of Research Accounting and Costing Standards, or the Office of Research and Project Administration.

b). Reasonable and Allowable Costs: Reimbursement from the government shall be requested only for costs that are reasonable in amount, and which are allowable under government regulations. If there are any questions as to what is reasonable, consult with any of the offices listed in the section above on "Compliance with Contractual and Grant Obligations" for additional information.

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