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Congratulations on celebrating a milestone
              reunion at the University of Rochester!

              For generations, the University of Rochester has benefited
              from the generosity of alumni who invest their time,
              financial resources, and talents in support of its mission to
              provide world-class teaching, research, and a rich learning
              environment for Rochester students.

              The reasons for planning a legacy gift are different for
              each person: to express gratitude for an excellent
              education; to ensure that new generations of students
              have access to world-class faculty and extraordinary
              experiences; to honor the memory of a loved one; to
              sustain and grow programs, cutting-edge research, or
              construct the finest facilities.

              Regardless of the reason, your thoughtful gift plan can
              provide a fulfilling personal legacy, help pave the way for
              an even brighter future at the University, and potentially
              provide benefits for you and your family members.

              Throughout this brochure, you will find a number of ways
              that can help you make an enormous difference.

             To learn more about your class gift campaign, visit:
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