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on campus. Because of their positive experiences with co-
           curricular activities, Lori and Rich decided to establish a term
          Charitable Remainder Trust, ultimately supporting Rochester
           undergraduate students in experiential learning initiatives. They
           chose a term Charitable Remainder Trust, (CRT) since it served
           the dual purposes of benefitting the University in perpetuity and
           providing an income stream between retirement in their mid-60s
           and later social security and retirement plan distributions. Rich
           stated, “We can donate the funds via appreciated securities
           while we are in a high-income tax bracket, which has a financial
           advantage. There is enough money to fund significant student
           experiences and projects, and we get some income for a few
           years when we need it most. All the stars were aligned.”

          To Lori and Rich, legacy and the University of Rochester are
           interconnected. When two of their children chose to attend the
           University, Lori and Rich were excited for the opportunity to
           reconnect with their alma mater through the next generation.They
           felt confident that their children would have stellar educational
           experiences. The continuation of the University of Rochester
           legacy served as an added bonus. Lori asserted, “The mission of
          ‘Meliora’ is important to both of us in all facets of life. We want our
           children and grandchildren to understand the notions of always
           wanting to do better, thereby helping the world to be better.”


             We were pleased to see the variety of options for donating
               to the University of Rochester. For people who feel like
              supporting the mission and the enterprise, the University
              almost certainly has a mechanism that will optimize it for
             both the University and the individual alumni. The Office of
            Advancement was a pleasure to work with. They informed us
            of many creative options and provided assistance every step
                                   of the way.”
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