Page 4 - Wilson Society Six Strategies - Spring 2023 | University of Rochester
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Member Spotlight


          The University of Rochester transformed the lives of Lori
          Josephson ’78 and Richard Josephson ’77. In addition to meeting
           each other on campus through a high school friend of Lori’s (who
           was also a college friend of Rich’s), their educational experiences
           inside and outside the classrooms at Rochester profoundly
           affected their professional paths.

           Rich credits Rochester with his development as a lifelong
           learner and keen student, which has served him well
           throughout his graduate studies and career as a cardiologist.
           He stated, “Educationally, I left the University of Rochester
           a markedly different person than when I entered.”

           Both Lori and Rich benefitted from the financial aid and
           stipends they received, which allowed them to participate
           in valuable summer internships and research experiences
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