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The Power and Promise of Group Coaching

Wednesday, May 4
Noon–1 p.m. ET (UTC-5)

When it comes to job searches and career transitions, many feel the pressure to strengthen skills, expand networks, and stay on top of industry trends while juggling ongoing personal and professional responsibilities. But taking on your career development alone doesn’t align with how we live our lives, or the way today’s organizations are looking for and competing for talent.

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The Match Game: Enjoying (Not Just Surviving) the Interview Process

Wednesday, March 30
Noon–1 p.m. ET (UTC-5)

An interview is an exciting and critical step in your job search. With the right knowledge of how to present yourself, this often-stressful process can be enjoyable, informative, and can lead to your “perfect match.” Learn how to prepare, sharpen your skills, and put your best foot forward.

“Kissing Frogs:” Conducting a Job Search

Wednesday, March 23
Noon–1 p.m. ET (UTC-5)

The search for a new job often comes with a few misses before finding the right fit. With a better understanding of how and where to focus your energy, you can go from perusing postings to applying with confidence. Learn how to really read position descriptions, make a game plan, and find the job you want.

It’s Not a Formula, It’s a Conversation: Creating an Authentic Resume

Wednesday, March 16
Noon–1 p.m. ET (UTC-5)

The right resume effectively captures your experiences, accomplishments, and can help land your next interview or opportunity. To truly stand out, you need to create a compelling narrative on what matters most: you. Let your authentic self shine through by learning how to identify what you want to communicate, tell an impactful story using your unique strengths, and include “must haves” while sidestepping common pitfalls.

What’s Next? Tackling Career Transitions

Wednesday, March 9
Noon–1 p.m. ET (UTC-5)

Are you considering a career change, but feel overwhelmed, stressed, or stuck? It’s not always easy to take the next step on your professional path, but taking the mystery out of the process can help get you from where you are to where you want to be. Learn how to identify your priorities, articulate who you are and what you want, and make a case for what you can bring to something new.

Identifying Career Goals and Creating a Professional Development Plan

Wednesday, February 2
Noon–1 p.m. ET (UTC-5)

As the workforce continues to evolve, more people are evaluating their career goals and trying to determine the best next move. Where should you begin, and how can you make sure that what comes next delivers what you want while prioritizing your self-care needs?

Join Jonathan Meagher-Zayas ’13, social worker, equity warrior, and career coach, for a workshop focused on identifying career goals and creating a professional development plan to achieve them. By focusing on your unique strengths and opportunities, attendees at every career stage will leave with the tools needed to advance personal and professional objectives.

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A Holistic Lens to Career Transitions and Job Searches

Wednesday, January 5
Noon–1 p.m. ET (UTC-5)

Are you considering a career change, but feel overwhelmed, stressed, or stuck? Have you been thinking about what a “perfect job” means to you, but feel like something is missing? It’s not always easy to take the next step on your professional path, but a holistic approach to career transitions and job searches can make it the best one yet.

Join Cassandra Herbert ’95, ’95N, a board-certified holistic nurse and health and wellness coach, as she shares insights on the seven systems of health and how they impact your career. You will learn how to identify the roadblocks to your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, nourish your health systems through intentional activities, and live the life of your dreams both on and off the clock.

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Selling You: The AdvantEdge Job Search Process

Wednesday, December 1
Noon–1 p.m. ET (UTC-5)

When many applications lead to few interviews and no offers, your job search has stalled. The good news? It’s not you, it’s your process­­—and you can fix it.

Join Daniel J. Troup ‘86S (MBA), certified career coach and managing director of AdvantEdge Careers, as he shares insights on using the power of sales and marketing to navigate the job search. You will leave with everything you need to take control of your search, gain an edge over the competition, and land a winning job offer.

The Future of Work: Going Global

Wednesday, November 3
7–8:15 p.m. ET (UTC-5)

The world we live in is increasingly interconnected, with a growing global workforce that is pressured to keep up with the evolving needs of employers across all industries. You’re invited to join us for an insider’s look at the future of navigating careers across different countries and cultures.

This interactive program will start with a special presentation from Joe Testani, associate provost for career education initiatives and executive director of the Gwen M. Greene Center for Career Education and Connections, and LaTanya Johns, assistant dean of Simon Business School’s Benet Career Management Center. A panel of alumni professionals will then answer questions, share experiences, and offer advice on “going global” in their respective industries.

Purpose is the New Competitive Advantage 

Wednesday, October 14
Noon–1 p.m. (ET)

Purposeful leadership is an emerging idea which enables leaders and their organizations to harness the power and resources of their employees, customers, vendors, and champions. Join Owner and Strategic Consultant of Ratoff Consulting, Paul Ratoff ’67 as he discusses Purposeful Leadership, how it works, and why it is so successful in many organizations. Whether you are early in your career, or a seasoned professional, get one step ahead and learn to identify this type of leadership so that you can work together to improve your organization’s purpose and amplify its mission.

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Salary Negotiation Workshop

Tuesday, September 22
5-7 p.m. (ET)

Learn how to research your target salary, highlight your accomplishments, and find the right words—and confidence—to negotiate for better benefits and pay. This interactive webinar will be led by alumna and faculty member Rachel Roberts ’03E. Rachel will share strategies and helpful resources for anyone looking to improve their earning potential and will discuss approaches to advocating for gender wage equality.

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It’s not a Formula, it’s a Discussion—Creating an Authentic Resume

Tuesday, September 15
12-1 p.m. (ET)

In today’s job market, your resume needs to be authentic to stand out from the crowd. Husband and wife team, and co-founders of Paradigm Partners, Barbara Grossman ’77, PP’10 and Jay Berger PP’10, will help you take your resume to the next level. With more than two decades of experience in executive recruitment and hiring both on Wall Street and in cutting edge technology, you’re invited to join Barbara and Jay to learn how to craft your own personal narrative and elevate your resume from reading like a job description to sharing your glowing career achievements.

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Understanding the Gender Wage Gap and How to Prepare for Salary Negotiations

Wednesday, September 1
Noon–1 p.m. ET (UTC-5)

In recent decades, American women have made significant strides toward economic equality: They make up nearly half the U.S. workforce, and two-thirds of women are their family's primary or co-breadwinner. Still, men continue to earn more money—and accumulate more wealth—than women do.

Join Rachel Roberts ’03E, director of the Institute for Music Leadership and associate professor of Music Leadership at the Eastman School of Music for this interactive virtual event to gain a better understanding of the pay gap, learn how to determine your own personal value, and develop techniques for salary negotiation.

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