Career Conversations 

Led by alumni entrepreneurs, faculty, and Career Coaches, these convenient webinars offer valuable tools and strategies for every industry, background, and level of experience—helping you feel empowered and supported throughout your career journey.

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Upcoming Webinars:

Job Search Secrets for College Students

Wednesday, October 16
12-1 p.m. (EDT)

Tune in online as Daniel J. Troup ’86S (MBA) shares the secrets behind securing a first full-time job! Dan will explain how to build a winning 4-year plan that starts the day students arrive on campus and incorporates the activities and skills needed for college graduates (and their families) to cross the commencement stage with confidence. If you’re a current college student or the parent of one, don’t miss this opportunity to get an advantage on starting a career with the right job search process.

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WRUR Chat with Chris Antola ’98, ’05S (MBA)

Friday, November 15
1-2 p.m. (EDT)

Tune in online as Christopher Antola ’98, ’05S (MBA) (left), senior vice president of strategic programming at FX Networks, is interviewed by Adam Konowe ’90, P’21 (right), vice president of client strategy at TMP Worldwide. Christopher will share how his WRUR experiences as a student influenced his career path and helped him become successful in his industry. The two will offer insight on how WRUR, communications, and media students and alumni can leverage their skills to find opportunities in the broadcasting and entertainment industries.

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Creating an Inclusive Work Environment

Wednesday, December 11
12-1pm (EDT)

Can you bring your “whole self” to work? Learn more about what really makes a space inclusive in this workshop, presented by Jessica Guzmán-Rea ’10W (EdD), director of the Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center and chair of the College Diversity Roundtable, and Colleen Raimond, LGBTQ coordinator of the Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center. Jessica and Colleen will lead a lively conversation and provide suggestions for steps you can take to immediately help others feel welcomed, valued, and respected in the workplace.

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LinkedIn for Personal Branding

Wednesday, January 8
12-1 p.m. (EDT)

“Power up” your personal brand with a fresh approach to your LinkedIn presence for meaningful connections. Don’t miss this masterclass from Sandra Long ’79, owner of Post Road Consulting and author of LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide, as she shares the secrets behind putting your best professional foot forward using the right profile and special platform features.

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Salary Negotiation Strategies & Advocacy

Tuesday, February 11
12-1 p.m. (EDT)

Whether you're negotiating for a first job, a new job, or a raise or promotion, learn how to earn what you deserve in this interactive workshop, led by alumna and faculty member Rachel Roberts ’03E. Rachel will share strategies and helpful resources for preparation, walk you through a mock salary negotiation experience, and discuss approaches to advocating for gender wage equality.


Whispering Warriors—How Introverts Can Survive and Thrive in the Workplace

Wednesday, March 11
12-1 p.m. (EDT)

Good news, self-described introverts! You don’t need to change who you are in order to be successful. Get the respect and recognition you deserve by leveraging your unique strengths and taking a few tips from extroverts along the way, learn top strategies, tools, and inspiring success stories from Jane Finkle ’86W (Mas), owner of Jane Finkle Career Coaching and author of The Introvert’s Complete Career Guide. Jane’s expertise has also been featured in the Rochester Review magazine as part of the Master Class series.


Career Shifting: From Music to Beyond

Wednesday, April 8
12-1 p.m. (EDT)

Brittany Harrington ’10E, life coach and owner of You Do You, has successfully navigated the transitions and transformations that often occur with careers in the arts. Whether you’re curious about exploring fields outside of music or looking to do a complete professional pivot, discover how to broaden your horizons and use transferable skills to find a fulfilling, exciting career.