Lifelong Learning Advisory Council

Lifelong Learning

The Lifelong Learning Council evolved from the Slater Council. The Lifelong Learning Advisory Council is constituted by senior alumni volunteers who support and provide counsel on programs such as the Rochester Forum and other learning opportunities.

The Office of Alumni Relations would like to thank its current Lifelong Learning Advisory Council members:

  • Barbara Baer `65
  • Diane Boni `84
  • David Boyer `70 (MS)
  • Gloriela Burns `74N
  • Joanne Corsica `64, `66 (MA)
  • Claudette Entenberg `67 (MA), `74 (PHD)
  • Joyce Gilbert `58
  • Virendra K Gupta `80S (MBA), P`87, P`90, P`91
  • George Hood `69
  • Bob Kelly `69, `80S (MBA)
  • Karen Kosoff-Roth `78
  • Ramona Moore `75
  • Barnett Parker `72S (MS), `76S (PhD)
  • Vivian Palladoro `76W (MS), `97W (EdD)
  • Kathleen C. Plum `73, `76N (MS), `93N (PhD)
  • Richard Rasmussen `72, `79W (MS), `97W (EdD), P`01, P`02, P`09, P`12, Co-Chair
  • Werner Schenk `76S (MBA)
  • Susan Surasky `83
  • Ronna Treier `72 (MS)
  • Sally Turner `61E
  • Jane Tuttle `79N, `84N (MS), Co-Chair
  • Gene Ulterino `63, P`91
  • Elizabeth Kellogg Walker `62N, `73N (MS), `81 (MA), `86 (PhD)
  • Lynn Yeaw `65, `65W (MS)
  • Marty Zemel `63, `65W (MA)

Interested in hearing more about this volunteer opportunity? Contact Stephanie Case, assistant director, at

*Last updated May 4, 2021

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