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University of Rochester alumni are everywhere—across the United States and around the world—working in many different industries and sectors, providing a wide range of services and resources. The Alumni Online Business Directory, seeks to promote and amplify alumni business information to maximize University of Rochester connections. Strengthen the network and find a UR alumni connected business today!


NeighborWorks Rochester has partnered with the University of Rochester to provide services and opportunities to alumni, as well as current employees of the University and its subsidiaries. Serving the entire City of Rochester and those living throughout Monroe County, NeighborWorks Rochester offers home ownership classes, strategic lending practices, and energy conservation services that can help buy your first home or maintain the one you own.

ROC Department of Neighborhood and Business Development

The City of Rochester has partnered with the University of Rochester to offer opportunities for new business for grants, loans, regulatory approval assistance, site selection, and other services to help your local business grow.

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Small business insurance

As part of our suite of insurance products, we offer small business insurance for employers and employees to designate and manage contributions and enrollments in medical ancillary, and volunteer plans—all in one place.

Greater ROC Remote

The University is partnering with Greater ROC Remote, an incentive-based program that is looking for the best and brightest remote workers and companies to move to the Greater Rochester area. If you’re a full-time remote worker or a company looking for your next big move, explore this exciting opportunity.