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Meet the University’s alumni board

Representing all of the University’s schools and the College, this diverse group focuses on career placement, professional development, and creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive University community.

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In October of 2017, a group of alumni leaders formed the University of Rochester Alumni Board with the purpose of engaging all alumni and students in a lifelong connection with one another and with the University. This group, comprised of individuals from a variety of schools, class years, and backgrounds, serves as a voice for the more than 115,000 graduates that make up our global network.

In practice, the Board advises and partners with the University to shape and implement its alumni and constituent engagement strategy. Our work complements that of other volunteer organizations, such as the Diversity Advisory Council, school alumni councils, class programs, and regional network leadership cabinets. Together, our efforts continually strengthen and expand our vibrant alumni community, and ensure an ever better future for our alma mater.



The majority of students—past, present, and future—actively pursue a lifelong relationship with the University of Rochester and its alumni network.


To partner with staff and volunteers to engage all University of Rochester alumni and students in a lifelong connection with one another and with the University, providing value and fostering support to advance the University’s eminence for generations to come.


To realize this vision, the Board partners with Alumni Relations to:

• Increase measurable engagement between the University and its alumni and students.
• Provide counsel to Alumni Relations and Constituent Engagement and the Associate Vice President of Alumni and Constituent Relations.
• Help define short- and long-term engagement priorities, goals, and metrics.
• Coordinate with and foster collaboration with other leadership volunteers.
• Advocate for and represent the entire University of Rochester, including all schools, units, groups, and constituents the members represent.
• Recognize and cultivate volunteer leaders.

Executive committee

Lizette Pérez-Deisboeck ’87

Adam Konowe ’90, P’21
Vice Chair

Mark Goldstein ’78
Vice Chair


Dr. Erika F. Augustine `14M (MS), `03M (MD)
Dr. Kamila J. Barnes `11N (MS), `13N (DNP)
Kirstin Barry ’10
Jason A. Buitrago `07, `14W (MS)
Tanatchaya Chanphanitpornkit `15E
Dion A. Chay `98S (MBA)
Jane Z. Cohen `67
Anthony S. Graham ’81, P’15, P’18
Dr. Carl M. Grant ’90
Dr. Douglas S. Holden ’86, ’16S (MS), ’18S (MBA)
Valeria E. Lopez Aldaco ’14
Joel Luks ’99E
Dr. Drew M. Mittelman ’68, P’05
Cristin J. Monahan ’11
Ilmar Norvik ’13S (MBA)
Nathan Novosel-Lingat ’12
Raquel Ruiz ’99, ’20S (MBA)
Jason E. Smith ’03, ’08W (MS)
Kayleigh R. Stampfler ’08
Abigail L. Zabrodsky ’14, ’19S (MBA)

Chair Emeritus

Carol Karp ’74, P’11

Emeritus Members

Farrell E. Cooke ’14, ’19N
Dr. Edward J. Fox ’91, ’95M (MD)
John LaBoda III ’02
Noah Pizmony-Levy Drezner ’00
Dr. Michael Schneider ’73, ’77M (MD)
Eric Weissmann ’10

Nominations committee

Mark Goldstein ’78, Chair
Kirstin Barry ’10
Jason Buitrago ’07, ’14W (MS)
Tanatchaya Chanphanitpornkit `15E
Carl Grant ’90
Drew Mittelman ’68, P’05
Ilmar Norvik ’13S (MBA)
Nathan Novosel-Lingat ’12
Kayleigh Rae Stampfler ’08
Abigail L. Zabrodsky ’14, ’19S (MBA)

Communications committee

Adam Konowe ’90, P’21, Chair
Kamila Barnes ’11N(MS), ’13N (DNP)
Jane Z. Cohen ’67
Val Lopez ’14
Joel Luks ’99E
Lisa De Tora ’96 (MA), ’00 (PhD)
Tony Graham ’81, P’15, P’18
Noah Pizmony-Levy Drezner ’00

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