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Whether you’re from Los Angeles or just moved to the area, you are part of a proud network including more than 2,409 alumni and even more students, family members, and friends. While we may not be around the corner from Rush Rhees Library or the Eastman Theatre, our community is dedicated to bringing the spirit of Meliora and Rochester pride to you. We hope you will connect with your fellow Yellowjackets and help make our community ever better.

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Los Angeles network leadership co-chairs

Los Angeles network leadership council

Lawrence Cohen ’66

Radhika Dewan Fliegel ’03

Wallis Nash ’15

Jane Z. Cohen ’67

Genessis Galindo ’20

Evans Lam ’83, ’84S (MBA)

Davis Nguyen ’99M (MD)

Klemens Gowin ’18

Dinny Lesser ’77

Bo Wang ’10

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Patrick Lutz

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