Global Day of Service

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Global Day of Service

Making A Difference

Global Day of Service is an opportunity for University of Rochester alumni, parents, and friends to make a difference in their local communities through a variety of community service opportunities led by Rochester volunteers that take place across the country and the world.

Help us continue the tradition of service at Rochester and strengthen the University’s impact by hosting or participating in this worldwide effort to elicit change in your own backyard!

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Join a project to make an impact close to home
as part of this worldwide effort.

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"Giving to one’s community through sweat equity touches so many lives in uncountable ways and provides us with the opportunity to embody the University’s motto of Meliora, in striving for an ever better and complete life.
In the words of George Eastman: 'What we do during our working hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are.'

—Heath Rosenblat '95
Global Day of Service Chair
Metro New York City

A Rich History


During first-year orientation, undergraduate students at both the River Campus and Eastman School of Music quickly learn the University motto of Meliora, meaning “ever better” through participation in a day of service in the Rochester community.

Known on the River Campus since 1988 as Wilson Day, named after the family of Joseph C. Wilson ’31, and George Eastman Day of Service at the Eastman School of Music after George Eastman, this has instilled a tradition of service within the University community.