Young Alumni Council

Young Alumni Council

The Young Alumni Council (YAC) is a leadership organization dedicated to fostering and sustaining relationships with graduates from the College of the last decade to keep them engaged and actively involved with the University. The YAC advises the Office of Alumni Relations and assists with developing programs and communications tailored to the newest alumni. The YAC also acts to shepherd the development of volunteers and future leaders in ways that deepen their commitment to the University and prepare them for active alumni leadership roles.


The YAC is comprised of 50 to 60 College alumni from the 10 most recently graduated classes. Members serve a two-year term, with possible extension to a third. Two members are selected by the Office of Alumni Relations to serve as co-chairs, and one member from each of the major cities is selected to serve as a Regional Point of Contact. Both positions are also a two-year commitment with possible extension.

Member Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Participate in at least one of two All-Council conference calls and regional planning gatherings.
  • Actively participate in at least 50 percent of Council-related activities and Alumni Relations programming (typically 4 to 6 events are planned in each city per year).
  • Assist with the planning, peer-to-peer marketing, and execution of Council-organized events and activities (typically 3-4 Council-organized events are planned in each city per year). 
  • Help steward first-time young alumni donors by writing thank you notes twice a year. 
  • Assist in the identification and recruitment of new volunteers and encourage participation in programming.
  • Support the University annually by making a gift to the Annual Fund and/or becoming a George Eastman Circle member.
  • Represent the YAC, the Office of Alumni Relations, and the University on campus or in your respective community.

Please contact Lauren Bradley '11W (MS), associate director of reunion and class programs at should you have questions about the YAC or young alumni programming.

Current Members

Beth Coughlin '12
Scott Lamm '16
Wesline Manuelpillai '16
Tate Richards '17
Jennifer Roach '11 (RPOC)
Susan Talbot '16
Steven Torrisi '16

Nick Benjamin '14 (Co-RPOC)
Hilarie Henry '10
Caitlin Rioux '11
Abby Zabrodsky '14 (Co-RPOC)

Zachary Arnold '17
Brittany Hopkins '14 (RPOC)
Cat Iribarne '12
Lauren Kee '15
Asher Perzigian '09

Antonio Cardenas '17
Farrell Cooke '14 (RPOC)
Lauren Forbes '12, '13 (MS)
Emily Hart '12 (Co-Chair)
Matt Hershfield '15
Max Kinder '15
Samantha Lish '16
Josh McGough '17
Nick Mulford '15
Emily Osmanski '15
Susannah Scheffler '16
Anthony Wesley '13

Michaela Cronin '16
Candice Frazer '10
Jessica Rose '16
Betsy Swovick '10
Matt Watman '12 (RPOC)

Zach Armstrong '12
Grant Dever '16
Evalyn Gleason '13
Dan Gorman '14
Caitlin Olfano '12 
Nicole St. James '12 (RPOC)
Kayleigh Stampfler '08 (Co-Chair)

Kaitlin Carragher '12
Shaina Epstein '09
Zachary Kimball '10
Lauren Sacks '10 (RPOC)
Melissa Stern '13 
Arden Witheford '12
Natalie Yragui '14

Nazmia Alqadi Comrie '08 (Past Co-Chair/Advisor)
Kelsey Griswold '11
Jonathan LoTempio '14 (RPOC)
Alyson Manning '14
Donald Polaski '11
Emma Pollock '16
Laurana Ryback '11, '12 (MS)
Shilpa Topudurti '14