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University of Rochester

Emerging Leaders

A University of Rochester resource group for staff and faculty interested in professional development, growth, and leadership.

Cheers to the growth and development of University of Rochester staff and faculty

The Emerging Leaders group at the University of Rochester was created to support the growth and professional development of University staff and faculty of all backgrounds, ages, and levels.

At times, it may seem as though University of Rochester employees operate in separate worlds. However, all 31,000 of us are on the same team. From Gibbs Street to the banks of the Genesee River to patient rooms, we are all one University of Rochester community.

The Emerging Leaders group aims to help strengthen workplace effectiveness through professional development programs and events, enhance leadership abilities, and achieve career growth and success within the University.

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Our network of Emerging Leaders is over 600 members strong. Become a member, and you will be the first to hear about new programs, events, and resources targeted for the next generation of Rochester leaders.

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Portrait of Allyson Fess


Allyson Fess

Director of Research, Department of Neurology

Allyson Fess is the Director of Research for the Department of Neurology at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Her journey in the department began almost a decade ago as an undergraduate student office assistant. After graduation, she worked her way up, transitioning first to a full-time bookkeeper, staff accountant, and then senior accountant.

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The Rochester Effect

An ever better work force

University of Rochester staff and faculty members are special. We work every day to become better, persevering until we reach our best. That’s the Rochester Effect.

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