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Provost’s Fellowships

The Provost’s Fellowship is intended to bring to Rochester talented individuals who will broaden the diversity of those pursuing Ph.D. degrees at the University.  First awarded in 1990, it has provided stipend support to students in 30 different doctoral programs. 

Each year there is a University-wide competition for Provost’s Fellowships.  All Ph.D. programs may nominate students from among those who have applied for admission. Nominees for the Fellowship must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents.  Specific criteria for determining diversity can vary by discipline, but might include an applicant’s ethnicity, gender, cultural background or other life experiences. A committee of faculty members evaluates those nominated and the final decisions are made by the University Dean of Graduate Studies.

After earning their Ph.D. degrees, Provost’s Fellows have pursued a wide variety of careers.  Many now have positions in educational institutions (from universities and colleges to public and private K-12 schools). However, a substantial number are working in government and private research settings.

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