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14 students selected for Take Five Program

June 21, 2017

Fourteen undergraduate students were selected in the most recent round of admissions to the Take Five Scholars program. They join 34 students who were admitted into the program earlier this year. Altogether, 65 students will begin Take Five programs this fall.

Take Five, unique to the University of Rochester, provides a tuition-free additional year of academic study to selected undergraduate students in Arts, Sciences & Engineering and the Eastman School of Music. To be considered, a student must develop a two-semester program of related courses which, taken together, address an overarching question or explore a topic from the perspective of multiple disciplines. The Take Five Scholars program rewards intellectual curiosity; course programs must be outside a student’s major, and Take Five courses cannot be counted toward an additional major, minor, or certificate.

Since the program was initiated in 1986, more than 1,100 students have been named Take Five Scholars. Here are the newest scholars, along with the title of their program of courses:


  • Michael Bastedo ’18: The Justification of Violence in Medieval and Modern Europe
  • Andreanna Bowers ’19: Religious Diversity in American Culture
  • Amanda Cabal ’19: The Evolution of English Poetry, Middle Ages to the Modern Day
  • Jaclyn Capita ’19: Neo-French Philosophy, French Nationalism, and the European Union
  • Nicholas Frankiewicz ’19: Regional Effects of Colonialism on African Culture and Political Systems
  • Arif Kodza ’19: Contemporary Islamic Studies
  • Timothy Kwan ’19: Saving Green by Being Green: Connecting Environmental Economics to Sustainability
  • Dusty Levenson ’19: The Embodiment of Race: Defining the Black Body in America and West Africa
  • Gianna Macri ’19: Intercultural Contact and its Effects on Indigenous Language and Culture in Peru
  • Graeme McGuire ’19: The History of Nationalism and the Nation-State
  • Eibhlin Regan ’18: The History of Violence and Conflict in Europe Through a Religious Lens
  • Samantha Turley ’19: City Structures and Urban Planning in Modern South America
  • Rachel Yang ’19: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: A Reflection of Social Injustices Through Artistic Expression
  • Jinyeong Yim ’19: Exploring the Modernity of East Asia





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