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Additional Work and Additional Compensation

This policy applies to: Regular full-time and part-time staff. (Individuals represented by a bargaining unit are paid in accordance with their contract agreement.)

I. Policy

A. Additional Work for Hourly Paid Staff

Hourly paid staff can perform work in addition to or in place of their primary appointment on a short-term basis (up to four weeks). For work that will last more than four weeks contact Human Resources to discuss alternatives. Note: Hourly paid staff must be paid for all time worked in a workweek; discretion is advised in permitting an employee to work more than 40 hours per week as it would result in overtime.

B. Additional Work for Exempt Salaried Paid Staff

Exempt Staff who are paid on a salaried basis are generally not entitled to receive additional compensation above their regular base salary and are not entitled to overtime pay, shift differential, on-call, or call-in premiums.

II. Guidelines

A. Additional Work for Hourly Paid Staff

On occasion, hourly paid staff may be required to work outside of their current classification or assume additional responsibilities for a short-term period of up to four weeks. The work to be performed must be documented and reviewed by Human Resources and approval from the primary department must be obtained prior to a commitment being made. Consistent with applicable labor laws, an hourly rate must be established and a record of all time worked be maintained. If appropriate, overtime pay applies and will be charged to the department account where the additional work is performed.

B. Additional Compensation for Salaried Paid Positions

The nature of salaried paid positions often requires commitments to meet job responsibilities that extend beyond the typical forty-hour workweek. The extra time and effort required normally increases with the level of the position within the University and this commitment is reflected in the base salary for the position.

Exceptions: Exceptions to this policy are approved by Human Resources only in instances where special services are required of a salaried paid staff member. These services normally involve prolonged/unique commitments of time and effort to meet special and usually temporary University needs. If the work being performed is outside of the employee’s primary department, approval must be obtained from the primary department prior to any work performed. Where special services are of a continuing nature and become a normal responsibility of the job, these extra responsibilities should be taken into account in the base salary (rather than compensated by extra pay).

III. Procedures

A. Additional Work for Hourly Paid Staff

  1. Additional work needs to be approved in advance by the primary department if it is to be performed outside of the primary department and then sent to Human Resources for review and approval prior to any commitment being made or work being performed.
  2. Use a 220 Form to request extra compensation for an hourly paid staff member for work to be performed outside of the primary department or outside the primary classification for a period of up to four weeks.
  3. Complete a 220 Form as follows:

Department where additional work is being performed initiates the 220 Form (completing the section denoted as such as follows) after discussion with Human Resources has occurred:

  • Enter the Department Name and ID #
  • Enter the beginning and end dates of the additional work (up to four weeks).
  • Enter pay rate for additional work.
  • Show account(s) to which the additional work will be charged and, if more than one, percent to be charged to each.
  • Provide a brief description of the additional work and show the classification if different from the primary classification.
  • Provide a signature for confirmation of work performed
  • Complete the time sheet on the back of the 220 Form.
  • If the additional work results in the hourly paid staff member working more than 40 hours for the work week, overtime must be factored into the payment.
  • A representative from the department where the additional work is being performed gets the 220 Form signed by the staff members primary department (only if the work is being performed outside of the primary department) and Human Resources prior to sending to Payroll for processing.

Primary Department completes the 220 Form as follows:

  • Enter the name of the employee the request is for
  • Enter the Employee ID (Emplid) &, Employee Record # (Empl Rec #)
  • Enter Current Pay Rate
  • Union code if represented by a Bargaining Unit
  • Enter the staff member’s primary Department ID# and Department Name.
  • Enter the staff members pay group
  • Provide a signature for consent to additional work if outside Primary Department.

B. Additional Compensation for Salaried Paid Staff

Requests for exceptions to this policy must be:

  1. Approved in advance by the Dean, Director or Vice President and forwarded to Human Resources for review and approval before any commitment is made to the employee. If the work being performed is outside of the primary department, approval must also be obtained from the primary department.
  2. The department should determine a lump sum value to be placed on the work to be performed versus identifying an hourly rate and keeping track of hours worked. Factors to consider are the scope and level of the work to be done, the skill level required, and the length of the commitment.
  3. When an exception is approved (by both the primary department and Human Resources), the “approved” 211 Form should be signed off by Human Resources prior to being sent to Payroll for processing.
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