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Time Management and Attendance Records

This policy applies to: All staff

I. Policy

Orderly pay and benefits administration as well as compliance with State and Federal regulations require that a record of actual hours worked be maintained on a daily basis for all nonexempt (hourly-paid) staff. Accurate records of paid non-work time (with the exception of sick time, unless it is the beginning of a disability) must also be maintained for exempt (salaried) staff.

II. Guidelines

A. Time Report Records

Departments are required to record in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) Time Management System work time for hourly paid employees which includes the actual start time and end time for all hours worked, and other paid time including, vacation, PTO, if applicable, sick time, short term sick leave disability or Workers’ Compensation.

B. Intentional False Reports

Any individual falsely reporting time worked, or intentionally misusing the time clock systems, will be subject to disciplinary action including discharge.

C. Corrections

Supervisors should inform staff members promptly if changes are required to correct time report records.

III. Procedure

A. Nonexempt Staff

Employees or department timekeepers will record and approve actual hours worked and paid non-work time in the HRMS Time Management System.

B. Exempt Staff

Departments will maintain a record of each day not worked and the reason for the absence (with the exception of sick time unless it is the beginning of a disability) for each exempt PAS staff member in either the HRMS Time Management system or manually within their department. (The HRMS system will only hold the record of the non-worked time and will not generate any action related to pay from this record).

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