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New and Changed Positions

This policy applies to: All University staff

I. Policy

Newly established positions or significantly changed existing positions will be classified by Human Resources. The appropriate position code and pay/salary grade will be assigned based on an analysis of the documented duties and responsibilities.

II. Definition and Guidelines

A. A “position” is a group of duties and responsibilities in a particular department normally requiring the services of one person.

B. A “classification” is a group of positions sufficiently similar in content of duties and responsibilities, which are assigned the same University title, position code, and pay grade.

C. To “classify” is to assign a position to a particular classification based on duties and responsibilities.

D. To “reclassify” is to assign an existing position to another classification based on evolved/evolving duties and responsibilities. Typically change occurs over a period of at least 1 year.

E. New or existing positions are classified at the request of the department and with the endorsement of their appropriate Dean, Director, or Vice President, or designee.

F. A staff member who feels his or her position has changed significantly may request a review of his/her position classification by contacting his/her supervisor.

G. Positions may only be established or changed with review by Human Resources and approval by the appropriate departmental budget authority. A supervisor may request guidance in the procedures of a position review by contacting Human Resources.

H. No appointment or commitment for appointment or transfer to a position may be made prior to the position being established or changed as described in G.

III. Procedures

Departments wishing to establish a new position or change an existing position must consult Human Resources prior to doing so. Departments with employees represented by a collective bargaining unit should refer to their contract for additional information.

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