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Onboarding Program

This policy applies to: All University faculty and staff

I. Policy

General Welcome Session

Human Resources coordinates the University’s General Onboarding Program for staff. This onboarding program is mandatory for all new staff and those who have been rehired. Those employees changing from non-bargaining unit positions into bargaining unit positions will need to attend the session related to their bargaining unit. Faculty members may attend the general onboarding program upon request.

Department Onboarding

Departments have the additional responsibility of orienting faculty and staff to their new environment by addressing the roles and responsibilities of both the respective faculty/staff member and the department. Additional, required training will be available through the MyPath learning system.

II. Guidelines

A. The General Welcome Session provides

  1. A broad overview of the University and our mission, vision, values and core culture.
  2. An introduction to the Universities culture of engagement, diversity and inclusion, healthy workforce and workplace (which includes an introduction to workplace safety and emergency preparedness) and organizational stewardship.
  3. Additional, required information is provided to all employees in divisions 40, 50, 90, 91, and 92 as well as employees with patient contact or access to patient information via our MyPath learning system and divisional training sessions

B. Department Roles and Responsibilities

Department heads and supervisors are responsible for onboarding staff and faculty to the department. The department orientation should complement and enhance the information provided in the general welcome session. Department onboarding should include, but is not limited to:

  1. A review of the MyPath system to ensure all mandatory trainings are completed.
  2. A review of the expectations and objectives of the employee’s position, including a copy of the job description.
  3. A description of the department organizational structure, objectives, functions, policies, and procedures.
  4. A description of any known hazards in the work environment (i.e., chemicals, machinery, etc.), department specific emergency procedures and safety requirements.
  5. An outline of the standards of performance and job training that will be provided.
  6. A review of University benefits and policies – as needed.
  7. An explanation of the first paycheck – as needed.
  8. A description of work schedules, time reporting, meal and rest periods.
  9. A tour of various departmental and University services and facilities, such as locker room, eating facilities and rest rooms.
  10. An introduction to other employees in the department.
  11. Access to all systems and entry ways.

A departmental onboarding tool is available to supervisors on the orientation website.

III. Procedures

A. Staff

When an individual is offered a staff position, Human Resources advises the prospective staff member of the date, time and location of the scheduled onboarding welcome session. An informational University benefits packet is also provided to employees hired for regular full and part-time positions.

B. Faculty

Upon receipt of the Faculty Appointment Form regarding a regular full-time or part-time faculty member, HR sends the individual a letter regarding benefits along with necessary information to review. The new faculty member is advised in writing of enrollment deadlines, resources, and Benefits Office contacts. In addition, the new faculty member is invited to attend a benefit overview session.

Faculty members are referred to the ID and Parking Offices for an Employee Identification Card and parking lot assignment, if appropriate. Providers in the Medical Center are scheduled to attend the University orientation.

Any questions regarding Onboarding should be directed to the HR Service Center (585) 275-7040.

Additional details regarding Onboarding are available at the Employee Orientation website.

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