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Recruitment and Selection

This policy applies to: All staff. (Individuals covered by collective bargaining agreements should refer to their collective bargaining agreements.)

I. Policy

The determination of each operating unit’s staff requirements, and the designation of jobs in their units including vacancies to be filled, are responsibilities of the dean, director, and department head. The Office of Human Resources has general responsibility for facilitating the hiring process.

II. Guidelines

A. Job Vacancies

All job vacancy notices for staff positions must be sent to the Human Resource Service Center via an approved requisition.

Positions suitable for University of Rochester students are to be listed with the Student Employment Office on the River Campus.

B. Priority for Filling Job Vacancies

Is given to qualified persons in the following categories:

  1. Staff members who are to be placed on layoff or staff members who are on layoff status.
  2. Staff members returning from military service who worked at the University immediately prior to induction.
  3. Staff members for whom appointment to a vacant position would represent a promotion or transfer opportunity.

C. Posting Requirements

All vacancies must be posted through the Human Resource Service Center. This requirement complies with federal regulations.

  1. Internal Candidate Identified: If a department has identified an internal University candidate, a notice of position vacancy is required to be posted within the department for three business days before an offer can be extended. This posting can be done simultaneously as the requisition is being processed and forwarded to the Human Resource Service Center.
  2. External Candidate Identified: If a department identifies a candidate external to the University, a notice of position vacancy is required to be posted by the Human Resource Service Center on the University Job Board for four business days, prior to an offer being extended.
  3. No Candidate Identified: The Human Resource Service Center will post all such vacancies on the University Job Board upon receipt of the approved requisition.

D. University Faculty/Staff Referrals

The University encourages faculty and staff to refer qualified persons to The Human Resource Service Center for consideration. Employment decisions will be made based on the individual’s qualifications and the University’s current vacancies.

E. Individuals Who Return to University Employment

The University recognizes that individuals, including University retirees, may have a desire to return to employment at the University. Appointments to active positions should be processed using the appropriate Personnel Action Form (PAF). Individuals returning to University employment, including University retirees, should consult with the Benefits Division of the Office of Human Resources prior to their return to work at the University to discuss the impact on their benefit plan coverage.

Severance from employment from the University and members of its controlled group*

IRS prohibits the voluntary termination of employment by an individual with the intent to be rehired simply to access funds in the Retirement Program of the University or members of its controlled group. All rehires will need to be reviewed by the Benefits Division of the Office of Human Resources prior to reemployment.

Controlled group

Any entity in which the University of Rochester, directly or indirectly, owns a controlling interest in or any tax-exempt organization(s) that is under “common control” with the University based on 80% of the directors or trustees being either representatives of or directly or indirectly controlled by the University of Rochester. As of July 1, 2009, members of the controlled group of the University of Rochester include: Highland Hospital, Highlands at Brighton, Highlands at Pittsford, Highlands Living Center, Visiting Nurse Service (VNS), Visiting Nurse Signature Care and High Tech Rochester.

F. Advertisements

Recruitment advertisements for staff positions should not occur unless an approved requisition has been processed by HR. Coordination of advertisements are to be done by the department. The hiring department pays associated costs. Record of all employment ads should be kept in the department for three (3) years.

G. Public Employment Agencies

Federal executive orders require job vacancies of three or more days in duration, paying less than $25,000 per year and not expected to be filled by transfer applicants from within the University, to be listed with the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL). The Office of Human Resources lists such vacancies and provides the NYSDOL with the required reports of University hiring activity.

H. Private Employment Agencies

The University does not normally utilize employment agencies. To fill certain positions, however, the services of a private employment agency (search firm) may be necessary. In such cases, the Office of Human Resources may consult with the department regarding selecting and contacting appropriate agencies and negotiating an agreement regarding any department-paid fees.

I. Professional Organizations and Non-Profit Placement and Community Agencies

The Office of Human Resources encourages departments having vacancies requiring specialized skills to make use of non-profit professional organizations and placement agencies. Use of such agencies should be coordinated through the Office of Human Resources.

J. Strong Staffing

When departments have temporary staffing needs, they should call Strong Staffing to receive a temporary employee. All temporary staffing needs must be coordinated through Strong Staffing.

III. Procedures

(A full outline of the employment process can be found in the Supervisor’ Guide to Hiring Process.)

A. Staff Requisitions

Should be submitted to the Human Resource Service Center with the appropriate approval signatures. An ADA Job Description form must also be completed/updated and maintained in the department file.

  1. When an internal University or external candidate has been identified to fill a vacancy, it should be noted on the requisition with the candidate name.
    • SIC=Strong Internal Candidate, Candidate within the University.
    • SCI=Strong Candidate Identified, Candidate external to the University.
  2. Once the requisition is received in the Human Resource Service Center, it will be assigned to a Human Resource Liaison who will contact the hiring department to discuss the hiring process.

B. Applicant Information

Federal regulations under the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) require the University, as a federal contractor, to collect demographic information from each applicant as well as maintain records regarding who applied for each position and the outcome of their candidacy. It is preferred that hiring managers encourage all applicants to utilize the HRMS system when applying for jobs at the University to ensure compliance. If utilizing the system is not possible in a recruitment effort, then the department will need to maintain all recruitment records at the department level for three (3) years to include all advertisements/outreach efforts, all applicants who offer an expression of interest (qualified or not) and their demographic information. In addition, the department will need to keep record of all searches and the related criteria for each search when using job boards (, Career builder, etc.). Because compliance is critical, the Human Resource Service Center or Human Resource Business Partner should be consulted in these cases to ensure the process is compliant with federal regulations.

C. Referrals

Applicants can be viewed by hiring managers in the HRMS system using Manager Self Service. Applicants referred by internal or external parties should apply in the applicant tracking system (HRMS) to be officially considered as an applicant.

D. Interviews

Departments should schedule interviews with candidates directly. In interviews with each candidate, the supervisor should outline specific duties and responsibilities of the job, discuss the special knowledge and skills required to perform the job, and the candidate’s qualifications for the position.

E. Tests

Any test a department wishes to use as a tool in determining the applicant’s ability and knowledge must be validated by the Office of Human Resources prior to being administered. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for determining the validity of tests and their relationship to vacancies and technical compliance with EEO guidelines.

F. References

The hiring department has the primary responsibility for collection of professional references prior to extending any offer of employment. The Office of Human Resources can assist in developing a tool for collecting references.

G. Employment Selection

The hiring department has the primary responsibility for making the final candidate selection. The Office of Human Resources can assist in assessing candidate skills and offer recommendations as needed. All employment decisions are based solely upon the individual’s qualifications for, and ability to perform the essential functions of the position being filled, with or without reasonable accommodation and without regard to the applicants protected status as per Policy 102: Affirmative Action Policy for Minorities, Women, Disabled Individuals and Protected Veterans.

H. Special Degree or Licensure Requirements

There are some positions within the University that require a specific degree or license. If specific credentials are required, the department should discuss this with the Office of Human Resources representative when the recruitment begins. The department should also indicate the requirement on the staff requisition. The Office of Human Resources will verify the education and/or license of the final candidate. All offers will be contingent upon successful verification of education or license.

In cases where licensure needs to be checked on an on-going basis the department will perform such tasks and keep record of the verification in the department file.

Transcripts are not required for jobs where a bachelors or higher degree is required unless the department specifically asks that they be collected. If so, this information should be discussed with the Human Resources representative and included in the job posting. NOTE: If departments request transcripts they should be collected for all applicants.

I. Offers of Employment

Offers of employment are coordinated with the Human Resource Service Center. Offers cannot be made without the prior review and approval of Human Resources. An offer made by anyone without the express approval from the Office of Human Resources will not be considered an official offer of employment with the University.

J. Collection of I-9s

The Human Resource Service Center is responsible for collecting an I-9 form (required by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services) to verify an employee’s identity and to determine eligibility to work in the United States. The employee must complete section one of form I-9 no later than the first day of work. Section 2 of form I-9 must be completed no later than the third day of work. If appropriate documentation is not provided by the employee by the third day of work the employee will be terminated.

K. Criminal Background Check

The Human Resource Service Center conducts criminal background checks on all final external candidates. All offers are contingent upon successful completion of the pre-placement requirements.

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