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Providing References

This policy applies to: All current and former staff.

I. Policy

The responsibility for sharing information must be centralized and controlled to minimize the University’s risk of liability for release of inappropriate information. All requests for references from sources outside the University pertaining to a current or former employee should be directed to THE WORK NUMBER. Supervisors may provide reference information to internal University sources only.

Note: The University reserves the right to use an individual’s name, University department, title, office location and telephone extension, as may be necessary for University business.

II. Guidelines/Procedures

All inquiries for references (written or oral) from sources outside the University should be referred to THE WORK NUMBER. The following outlines the procedures to follow.

A. The verifying company must access THE WORK NUMBER via the web or call (800) 367-5690.

  1. To obtain employment information the verifier will need:
    1. The employee’s social security number
    2. The University Employer Code: 11968
  2. To obtain income information the verifier will need:
    1. The employee’s social security number
    2. The employee’s salary key (a code the employee obtains from the work number which authorizes the release of this information; details outlined at the Employment Verification webpage.
    3. The University Employer Code: 11968

B. Current Employees: Employees who are looking for positions outside the University and who ask their supervisor to provide a reference should be informed of the policy as stated above. If a current employee is seeking a transfer within the University, the hiring supervisor should contact the employee’s current supervisor to discuss his or her ability to perform in the position. The employee’s current supervisor should provide relevant, documented, job-related information. In addition, the hiring supervisor will work with Office of Human Resources and a HR representative will share the last two performance reviews as well as letters of commendation and/or disciplinary action in the individual’s personnel file.

C. Former Employees: Former employees who request a supervisor’s reference should be informed that supervisors are not authorized to provide a reference either by phone or in writing. If supervisors receive calls or written requests from prospective employers, the inquiries must be referred to THE WORK NUMBER. Release of information will be under the conditions described in II. A.

III. For additional information on providing reference checks for current or former employees

Contact the HR Service Center at (585) 275-8747.

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