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Summer-Fall 2001
Vol. 64, No. 1

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Ever prolific, Rochester's faculty published several new books during 2000-01, writing works for both scholarly and general audiences. Here's a sample:

Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture, by Lisa Cartwright, associate professor of English and visual and cultural studies, and Marita Sturken (Oxford University Press)

A Guide for the Young Economist, by William Thomson, professor of economics (M.I.T. Press)

Aristotle on the Necessity of Public Education, by Randall Curren, associate professor, Warner School (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing)

Congress of the Grassroots: Representational Change in the South, 1970- 1998, by Richard F. Fenno, Jr., Distinguished University Professor and Kenan Professor of Political Science (University of North Carolina Press)

Spirit Beings and Sun Dancers: Black Hawk's Vision of the Lakota World, by Janet Berlo, the Susan B. Anthony Professor of Gender and Women's Studies and professor of art and art history (George Braziller, Inc.), and Quilting Lessons: Notes from the Scrap Bag of a Writer and Quilter, by Berlo (University of Nebraska Press)

Applications in Nonlinear Fiber Optics, by Govind Agrawal, professor, Institute of Optics (Academic Press)

Love and Honor in the Himalayas, by Ernestine McHugh, associate professor of humanities, the Eastman School (University of Pennsylvania Press)

Writing in Light: The Silent Scenario and the Japanese Pure Film Movement, by Joanne Bernardi, associate professor of Japanese (Wayne State University Press)

Sampling Methodologies with Applications, by S. R. S. Rao Poduri, professor of mathematics (Chapman & Hall/CRC Press)

Umar Ibn Al-Farid: Sufi Verse, Saintly Life, translated and introduced by Emil Homerin, chair and professor of religion and classics (Paulist Press)

Aristotle's Theory of Language and Meaning, by Deborah Modrak, professor of philosophy (Cambridge University Press)

Slavery: A Reader, edited by Stanley Engerman, professor of economics and history, Seymour Drescher, and Robert Paquette (Oxford University Press)

Why Government Succeeds and Why It Fails, by Lawrence Rothenberg, professor of political science and director of the W. Allen Wallis Institute of Political Economy, and Amihai Glazer (Harvard University Press)



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